Hello Everybody ! Welcome ! Come on inside !

Welcome to my new Photojournalist blog, with its history and origins from my old blog. 

7th October marks the dawn of a new era, A New Hope ……. in my journey, in my blogging and my photography and writing adventures, to a higher level of excellence, passion and professionalism.

There is still some work to be done before it would be broadcast for Official Launch !

Thank You and hope you all enjoy my first few test posts !

5 thoughts on “Hello Everybody ! Welcome ! Come on inside !”

  1. Hello Geng Hui!! Am I the first one to comment on your new blog? XD

    I believe you are still improving on the design of this blog right? Cos it seems that the photos on ur landing page are over stretched and the texts are not clear.

    Do you need me to change your old url to this one? Pls advise me on which url I should replace for this new one.

  2. Hi Eunice !

    Yes …. You are the 1st person to comment on my newly revamped and migrated photo blog !

    Still have more improvements to be done, I am still in the process of troubleshooting the photos on the landing page, kind of tricky here 🙂

    With regards to the URL links exchange, please kindly change to the new URL above …. 🙂

    Thank you very much !

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