A 7:07:59pm Sunset in Singapore

This sunset was taken from Faber Point, at 7:07:59pm on 17th January 2009, Mount Faber in Singapore, overlooking the southern part of Singapore. I was there with my alumni group, the Dragon Scout Group who were there at the top of Mount Faber, for the end point for their amazing race event.

I would be writing up on the Dragon Scout Group Amazing Race 2009 soon ! Keep a look out here !

Meanwhile, do drop by my flickr for more photos of the sunset from Mount Faber !

14 thoughts on “A 7:07:59pm Sunset in Singapore”

  1. Hi earthtoholly

    Thanks for dropping by here and leaving your kind comments !

    I loved the sunset too ….. & yes ….. you spotted the birds !

  2. Hi iWalk

    Just pop by into my blog & flickr and you get lots of sunshine !

    Spending time with your family during this Chinese Lunar New Year will bring you the sunshine in winter ! 😉

  3. Hi miah

    Thanks for dropping by !!! It was a lovely sunset indeed, i was admiring the sunset while busily snapping away !

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