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All hands on deck Audi Ultra Super Maxi Yacht!

When you were walking around the Marina Bay recently, did you spot a beautiful yacht sailing around the Marina Bay or the yacht moored at one of the Marina Bay jetty, near Marina Bay City Gallery and Marina Bay Sands ? This is something special, that would bring help promote sailing and its participation, along with the growth of water activities at Marina Bay, sailing would be a more common sight, leisure, recreational and sporting event among Singaporeans.

I was kindly invited by the Marina Bay Division of Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) for a day of social, leisure and recreational activities on 24th September 2011 and it was a dream coming true when I was able to board the beautiful and magnificent Audi Ultra Super Maxi Yacht for a short trip on the Marina Bay waters!! Alright, before I go further into my adventure story telling, here’s more information on the Audi Ultra Racing Team. Here’s the technical details of the yacht and it’s an awesome sight to be on this gorgeous yacht! Check out them on Audi Ultra Racing Team on Facebook too!

With a great crew to sail us around the Marina Bay, explaining to us the history, specifications, power and capabilities of this yacht. We were given a taste of her strengths and unique feature of the canting keel! Sailing around the Marina Bay is very fun and I am looking forward to the future when there are more water activities on the Marina Bay, giving this beautiful Bay area, an even greater leisure and recreational environment! Sailing around the Bay, taking photographs from the heart of the Marina Bay waters, this experience is priceless. The group of visitors on the yacht were also given a tour of the deck below the yacht, having a first hand glimpse of how yacht living is like, it’s an eye-opener!

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Jerome Lim

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While it was only a short trip around the Marina Bay, it was absolutely great fun, I got myself behind the steering wheel and acted like the captain of the yacht! Returning back to shore, I was very happy to say that I was on board a modern, powerful, sporting competition yacht, the Audi Ultra Super Maxi Yacht!  This would not have been possible with the special arrangement by Juliana Tan of Marina Bay Division and the wonderful crew of the Audi Ultra Racing Team. Thank you all for this special sailing event! Check out my sailing adventures photos here!

The Audi Ultra Super Maxi Yacht is now on its way for more adventures & competitions! Wishing her crew all the best and good luck!! Hope to catch you all again at Marina Bay !!

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Boat Asia 2011 – Marina Bay

A world class harbour, situated in the cross-roads of the East and West and one of the world’s busiest ports (if not the world’s busiest) Singapore has always been closely associated with the shipping and sea-faring routes, services and business. With growing prosperity, wealth and economic growth over the years, there are more facilities and opportunities available for the leisure boats, crafts and marinas in Singapore recently over the past few years.

Boat Asia, was held to cater for this growing market, for the leisure users and business relating to/or inside this industry. Boat Asia was held at 2 locations, Marina Promontory and Keppel Bay Marina, I was kindly invited by Marina Bay Singapore to visit the Boat Asia on the weekends, thank you very much to Marina Bay Singapore for the invitation to Boat Asia!

Due to my time and schedule constraints, I was only able to visit 1 location at Marina Bay Promontory and I was able to capture part of the Bay Challenge too, watching from the sides of Marina Bay and One Fullerton stretch. While at the Marina Promontory, it’s interesting to see the various vendors, activities and services, providing information on sea-faring activities to marina clubs and of course, nice yachts of different sizes.

With the wonder development and expansion of Marina Bay, I am looking forward to future boating/sailing events at Marina Bay, I reckon it’s a matter of time before Marina Bay is bustling with more leisure and recreational activities when it has finished building up (that’s still Bay South – Gardens by the Bay) and Marina Bay Financial District sector, to make it an all-in-one location consisting of many business, leisure and recreation activities and lifestyle in the Marina Bay Hub!

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