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Bought and Sold: Voices of human trafficking

In an earlier introductory post of a photography exhibition on my personal blog, Bought and Sold : Voices of human trafficking. I shared with my readers on the topic of slavery and human trafficking. They are an example of something that we human beings thought/assumed that it has improved yet it is still a big issue in the modern society today. “Bought & Sold” is a powerful photographic art exhibition on human trafficking by award winning photographer Kay Chernush. It is organised by Singapore-based anti-trafficking organisation EmancipAsia, together with ArtWorks for Freedom Singapore, to raise awareness of forced labour and sexual exploitation in Asia Pacific.

Are there still people in slavery today around the world ? Based on the research and statistics here on theEmancipAsia website, there are an estimated 27 million people in slavery today around the world. Can you do something? Yes, you can play a part to help by spreading the awareness of slavery and human trafficking that is still lingering in our world today, EmancipAsia’s link on “What Can You Do” will certainly be useful.

Here are the details of the photography exhibition –

Date: 13th July – 2nd September 2012
Venue: Walkway in front of Mandarin Gallery, Orchard Road
Cost: Free

Date: 3rd – 21st September 2012
Venue: Main Library and U-Town, National University of Singapore
Cost: Free

I decided to make a trip down to the photography exhibition myself, to visit and have a feel of the topics and issues raised with the topic of slavery and human trafficking. At the walkway in front of Mandarin Gallery at Orchard Road, there were many artworks on display, quite a number were more abstract artwork / painting as compared to a photograph. I continued walking, viewing each artwork carefully and I found a photograph in each of them, very abstract at times. Inside each artwork photograph, tells the story beside inside the artwork photograph.

The stories complement the abstract photographic artwork, they convey strong powerful and meaningful messages to all of us, living in a safe and prosperous country, the issues of slavery and human trafficking still remains a big issue in our modern society today all around the world. I strongly encourage all of you to go down to the photography exhibition, view the artistic photographs and read the stories.

Phrases such as “The Price of Freedom” and “Somebody’s Sister Daughter Mother”, might not mean a lot to us in our safe and prosperous society, yet such phrases will mean a lot to those people being forced into slavery or human trafficking.

Support Habitat-Barclays Bare Your Sole 2012 on 2nd June !

Everyday, we are walking to and fro, from places to places, whether it’s for work, studies or leisure and recreational activities, we will be wearing our comfortable and beautiful shoes, heels, sandals, slippers, something that covers both our feet. Walking with shoes is now a basic necessity in our life here in Singapore, yet, it is a luxury for people who are less well off in other parts of the world, who walk barefoot because they cannot afford basic necessities beyond having a pair of shoes.

On the 2nd June 2012, Habitat-Barclays Bare Your Sole is a meaningful and noble walking event, walking barefoot for a short distance of 2.5km or 5km in Singapore on a Saturday morning in Singapore, all in the name of charity fund raising and awareness. Returning back on 2nd June 2012, to be held at the beautiful Gardens By the Bay East, Tanjong Rhu, spanned by the beautiful and gorgeous Marina Bay Waterfront behind the Gardens, Habitat-Barclays Bare Your Sole 2012 is hoping to attract more than 5,000 pairs of bare feet for Habitat-Barclays Bare Your Sole 2012, from the 4000 pairs of bare feet in 2011, do check out my walking barefoot for charity in 2011 !

Bare Your Sole 2011

It was a great humbling experience last year in 2011 to walk barefoot for a short distance, raising funds for a great and noble cause, remind myself of the blessings and opportunities that we have it here that others do not have. This would be a morning of fun for your family and friends to come together for a morning barefoot walk for a great noble cause.

By participating in this barefoot walk, YOU will help to raise funds for local and overseas beneficiaries while this event will also assist in raising awareness for Habitat for Humanity projects that build homes and fight poverty for the less fortunate across the Asia Pacific region.

Bare Your Sole 2011

Registration is now OPEN and Normal registration closes at midnight, 26 May, 2012 ! Head over to the Registration page and sign up for a noble heartwarming barefoot walk fund raising event !

About Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity International is a non-profit Christian housing organisation with a mission to eliminate poverty housing worldwide by building simple, decent houses. We build for people of all backgrounds, races and religions to provide needy families with a simple and decent place to live in.

About Barclays

Barclays is a major global financial services provider engaged in retail banking, credit cards, corporate and investment banking and wealth management with an extensive international presence in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. With over 300 years of history and expertise in banking, Barclays operates in over 50 countries and employs over 140,000 people. Barclays moves, lends, invests and protects money for customers and clients worldwide. For further information about Barclays, please visit our website www.barclays.com.

Photos from Bare Your Sole 2011 

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The Search For Singapore’s Next Social Travel Star

On the evening of 23rd March 2012, I was invited to an evening of great fun, food and pampering, fitting of a leisure relaxing holiday trip overseas, the host was AsiaRooms.com and it was held at the Klapsons Hotel, a beautiful boutique hotel in the Central Business District of Singapore. While we ate, enjoyed, relaxed and being pampered, this was a great and fun time to catch up with friends from the social media circle, friendly hosts from AsiaRooms.com and PR folks from XPR. This event was also AsiaRooms launch of their Search for Singapore’s Next Social Travel Star!

Do you love to travel ? Are you active on the various social media channels ? How would you like the idea of YOU, being Singapore’s Next Social Travel Star ?

Look no further, there is something great coming up for you, the social media savvy active traveler!! AsiaRooms.com, a leading accommodation site, has launched a competition to look for Singapore’s next social travel stars – a pair of travel hosts – who will travel and review twelve unique hotels across four countries!! You might be asking, what do I need to do to be Singapore’s next social travel stars ? Here’s a short video to tell you more !

Here’s some quick notes for you readers !

– Winners of the competition will debut on AsiaRooms.com’s brand new YouTube channel with their very own series of room review videos. They also get to win up to $10,000 worth of cash and prizes.

– Participants must pair up to create and submit a video no longer than three minutes of their very own room review. The video needs to demonstrate their passion for travelling and eye for details that make a holiday and hotel room stay fun and memorable

– Deadline for the submission of videos is on 11 April 2012

For more information and updates, do visit Asia Rooms on their Facebook!!

With my original background in the tourism, travel, hospitality, leisure and recreation industries, I am still in touch with these industries and armed with the power and outreach of social media networks, platforms and channels. The role and honour of being Singapore’s Next Social Travel Star is going to be an exciting and fun adventure of travel and holidays, just like being a travel host on travel channels!

I look forward to YOU, being the next Singapore’s Social Travel Star ! 

OCBC Cycle 2012

3 days of riding festival, showcasing a popular sport, in Singapore, the OCBC Cycle Singapore 2012 was back in action from 2nd to 4th March 2012. It was a great weekend for both professional and leisure cyclists from around the world, showcasing Singapore to be a great venue/location for major sporing events, held around the Marina Bay region. Recalling my coverage during OCBC Cycle Singapore 2011, I was glad to be part of this wonderful event and covering this major cycling event again!

On Friday 2nd March, I photographed and covered the Professional Criterium from 8:30pm onwards, shooting from various locations around the circuit, giving my readers and followers different perspectives, angles and views of the professional cyclists in fast octane action! Since I am also a cyclist, I was happily admiring their professional, top-end and “powerful” road racing bikes and I hope my bike could be slowly improved and be upgraded too, down the road ! The racing was fast, competitive and under the night lights, it was fun to watch and photograph the professional riders zooming past you and feeling the wind across my face (that’s how fast the professional riders were riding!).

I was back on Sunday 4th March, to photograph and cover the Super Challenge, Challenge and Community Ride riders in action, looking at the number of riders and bikers along the roads, F1 Pit Stop Building and around Marina Bay area, it’s a testimonial on the popularity of cycling in Singapore, with the potential to become even bigger, with emphasis of leading a healthy and sporting recreational lifestyle in Singapore! It’s not just the young adults, we have a wide range of age group from the senior citizens to the young kids riding on Sunday! From the Channel News Asia report, there were over 10,000 riders in action on Sunday, reinforcing the growing participation and interest in cycling as a sporting, leisure and recreational activity in Singapore over the years! For more photos of OCBC Cycle 2012, check it out here on my Flickr !

Looking ahead in the future, let’s hope cycling gets more followers, riders and interest, with more Singaporeans adopting a healthy, active, sporting, leisure and recreational lifestyle in Singapore!

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Epson Projector Launch

Epson,  a world leader in digital imaging and they are the top projector manufacturer in the industry, hosted us on a friday evening, 16th December 2011, at Talent Cafe in the Tanjong Pagar area. It was an evening of fun, technology presentation, reviews, hands on experience with some of the Epson projectors on display during the Epson Projector event.

Photograph Courtesy of Epson Singapore and XPR.

A great time to catch up with old blogger/social media/photography friends, network with the friendly and hospitable Epson Singapore staff and of course, the friendly folks from XPR. Nice food with drinks in a cosy and comfortable environment, it was a nice location to know more about the projectors!

There were 3 projectors showcased during the evening

 MG 850 HD 

Photograph Courtesy of Epson Singapore and XPR.


Photograph Courtesy of Epson Singapore and XPR.


Photograph Courtesy of Epson Singapore and XPR.

After a short presentation, we tried and tested the 3 different projectors and had our dinner, drinks and back to testing the projectors. The projectors showcased were targeted for different purposes and usage, a small technical review is available on my personal blog post!

Photograph Courtesy of Epson Singapore and XPR.

Photograph Courtesy of Epson Singapore and XPR.

Beside the projectors, we had fun being photographed and had our photos printed by our lovely hosts Epson Singapore and XPR, using the Epson portable photo printer, for us to bring back home! The Epson projectors are state of the art, modern and powerful projectors, do check them out and you might find a projector that suits your needs and budget!

Panasonic Asia – You Are Under Arrest Launch !

On the 3rd of September, I was “ordered to attend a court session” to face “my charges” for not being eco-friendly and responsible enough to the environment, at 1100 hours was our hearing …

Before I proceed further, I will like to assure all that I am not attending court, this was part of Panasonic Asia awareness program and campaign towards protecting and be friendly/concerned towards the society and environment. A group of bloggers were invited down to the You Are Under Arrest Launch, for an awareness campaign on being environmentally friendly and what we can do to save electricity, water, carbon dioxide emission and do our part to help save our precious Mother Earth. This new campaign by Panasonic Asia showcases that consumers should lead a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle and it can be done!

The You Are Under Arrest campaign is engaging and having more fans to their fans and supporters on the social media channels, do follow Panasonic Asia on Facebook , on Twitter and their Channel e website! Tell your friends, share and spread the noble cause, pay it forward, we all can do our part to save and protect our Mother Earth! You can also play “You Are Under Arrest” too, just follow the link here and “file charges” against your friends for not protecting the environment!

Overall, it was a great time to network with blogging and social media community friends, catch up and concurrently, to learn about how to lead a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle as shown by Panasonic Asia, from saving water to reducing electricity usage. Do check out some of the photos taken at the event! More photos on Facebook too!

These serve as a good reminder to us here and I will continue to spread the word, to be more environmentally friendly. Today, everyone of us here can take the first step to make a difference to the future of our home, Mother Earth!


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2 weeks with EPSON Stylus Photo TX720WD

During a short period of 2 weeks, I was given an opportunity to test and review the EPSON Stylus Photo TX720WD by XPR, it was a good experience for me as an avid photographer to test out a photo printer for home usage and admiring my works produced and printed out on EPSON glossy premium photo paper to share with my friends, supporters and business/social media partners.

Photographs courtesy of EPSON

Do check out my introduction and short technical specifications post here and the review post which I did recently after completing my 2 weeks review of the photo printer. Overall, it was a great experience and I am happy with my photography print outs and sharing around!

Dell Access Official Launch

On the 8th July 2011, a new exclusive community was born and I was honoured to be invited by Dell Singapore and XPR, to be part of this community known as Dell Access. This community brings together people and friends to form a synergy for passion and interest in the digital devices and social media networking, to come together, exchanging ideas, discuss trends and keeping up to date with the latest developments from Dell.

Photographs courtesy of XPR

Held at the Art Trove, it was a great night of fun, entertainment, great food and drinks, networking with bloggers, social media, media and publications from both local and regional areas. We were introduced to a display of various series of Dell’s laptops, from the lightweight to the heavy duty gamers laptops. Besides that, we were treated to a great unplugged rock music performance by Randolf Arriola, showcasing the usage of the Dell Streak and Dell laptops with his guitars. Do check out his music works too! TraseOne was there too, with their beautiful and colourful artwork to welcome the Dell Access Official Launch!

Photographs courtesy of XPR 

With the birth of Dell Access community, this shows the commitments and strong relationship that Dell has created with their customers, supporters and followers, listening to them and staying constantly engaged in and with this networking community, building up towards more innovative and beautifully designed digital devices for the future. Take a look at one of the Dell laptops that caught my attention, sleek, light, slim and beautiful, Dell Vostro V130!

Photograph courtesy of XPR

Stayed tuned for more Dell Access!

Channel e – Beauty & Beast Photojournalist

In a recent brunch event organised by Panasonic Asia and I was introduced to the world of Channel e, it’s not a tv channel by the way. Channel e is also not just about electronics products by Panasonic, it’s about caring for the Environment, focusing on eco-friendly products for the environment, a channel that can unite everybody and a voice for all to hear, feel and care for the environment. How dedicated and committed is Panasonic is, towards the Environment? Look no further, it’s here! My thoughts of the brunch event here and do check out Panasonic Asia Facebook Page and Channel e website for more information!

We can all make a difference to the world today and start sharing with people, how beautiful and wonderful how Mother Earth is and not forgetting how much damage we have inflicted on our Mother Earth. On Channel e, there are 2 interesting sections that you can contribute, show the world and make a difference, by being a Beauty or Beast or Beauty and Beast Photojournalist.

Beauty Photojournalist – Show the world what a Beautiful World our planet Earth is

Beast Photojournalist – Show the world what damages have been inflicted to our plant Earth

Go out, walk around, explore the beautiful greenery around you, the freshness and peacefulness. Be a Beauty and Beast Photojournalist of Channel e ! Share with your loved ones, friends and people around the world ! This is what Keropokman and myself feel about spreading the message to save the environment.


A Picture speaks a Thousand Words, bringing and spreading across powerful messages across and around the world. Today you can make a difference and influence others to do the same and make a difference. Take your camera out, start capturing your surroundings and together we all can make a difference to the world we are living in, our beautiful Mother Earth, it’s not just for us, it’s for our future generations too!

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OCBC Cycle 2011

A big cycling event and carnival in Singapore, OCBC Cycle 2011, into its 3 year since its birth in 2009, a time of cycling fun for the community, promoting healthy and active lifestyle, from the big turnout of cyclists for the 60km, 40km and 20km routes. The professional racers too were in the thick of action, with a night Criterium race on Saturday.

With my media pass, courtesy of Spectrum Worldwide and thePRelement, I was able to get close to the racing/cycling action, wearing a media vest and becoming a sports photojournalist. Overall, it was a great learning experience for my sports photography, learning the ropes on being part of media, interacting with fellow media, photographers and PR staff. Many thanks to Ben & Kelvin of thePRelement for their assistance and support during OCBC Cycle 2011.


On Saturday 5th March 2011, covering the different criterium races, giving me a chance to learn more about professional cycling competition, it is a great spectacle too! Cycling is not just your road cycling or off-road cycling events, that’s a lot more! Watching the professional riders, racing in the night, under the flood lights around the F1 Pit Stop Building and Singapore Flyer, it’s a mini F1 race. The kids races in the afternoon were of great fun and joy, capturing the various happy, carefree, cute and funny faces of the kids cycling. It’s awesome and wonderful that these kids learn and have fun with cycling as a sports and recreational activity.

On Sunday 6th March 2011, with the exception of the 60km route, the 40km, 20km and iFlyForHope races were community based, that emphasis on active healthy and sporting lifestyle and the overall turnout was awesome. The riders were split into different waves, avoiding “riders/cyclists bicycle jams” and that was a great idea by the organisers. The atmosphere and spirit was nice, with good vocal support from the sidelines.

A special mention to the iFly Singapore Cycle of Hope race, a fund raising ride organised along with National Cancer Centre, to spread the awareness on cancer patients, cancer treatment and their experiences they went through. This special race was graced, participated and supported by staff of National Cancer Centre, cancer survivors and supporters for the fund raising event. Among the supporters was Dr William Tan, a person who is a great role model despite his physical and medical condition. It’s great to see OCBC Cycle, a major sporting event in Singapore, supporting a noble social cause and their movement.

Looking forward to another great OCBC Cycling event in 2012 !

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