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Sunset 13th January 2015

13th January 2015, just another Wednesday for many of us and myself too. Somehow or another, I decided that I needed a short time off, a few hours away from many things cropping up in my mind, both business/work and personal. Looking up at the skyline on the 13th January, I had a gut feeling that the sunset on that day would be something nice when the weather on that day was hot and humid the whole day round!


My work location for that day was close to home and I managed to get home a bit earlier, took my camera gear out and walked to West Coast Park that is always close to my home. I was not disappointed at all and I am very happy to be there, to capture a beautiful sunset in Singapore.

While waiting for the sunset, I took the time to think through many things and matters, clear my head and mind. That’s why I shared with many friends that photography is therapeutic for me.

This was also the kickstart for my 2015 photography journey, the start of a new photography adventure in 2015!

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A Carnival & Walkabout Day for the Dogs !

Doggies day out, a day of fun, play, running & networking for doggies, Singapore’s National Dog Walk and Carnival 2010, held at West Coast Park on 5th September 2010, was a fun day for all doggie lovers, owners and their beloved dogs! Although the day was rather wet from the early morning rain, it did not deter the owners and their dogs coming down for a day of fun and walk.

Since I lived near to West Coast Park and with my love for dogs, I packed up my gear and took a slow walk towards West Coast Park, caught the dogs in competitive action, enjoyed watching them. There were many different dog breeds, shapes and sizes, all really cute, adorable, playful and friendly. When the walk started, began walking with the main group as well, with my camera and not without my family dog, the Japanese Spitz.

However, after a short distance, I decided to head back to the start/end point, preparing to catch the dogs and their owners finishing their short walk and taking the chance to take more photos. The dogs were pretty tired after a short walk, some just lied down and didn’t move much while some dog owners brought them to the pool and play with water. The dog owners and dog lovers were crowding around and resting together, thus it was a great time for dogs photography !

While taking photos of different dogs, it was also an opportunity for me to be up close & friendly with some of those lovely furry and friendly dogs, patting them and playing with them, dogs are very good companions and whenever I am feeling down, they would always be there for you. Check out more of my National Dog Walk and Carnival photos here !

Singapore Sunset from West Coast Park

On this day 29th August 2009, I waited for the sunset to arrive at West Coast Park ….


Soon ……. it started arriving and the landscape started changing, the colours and the clouds ….


As the sun officially sets, the day of the 29th August 2009 ended and the night of 29th August 2009 started …


Kite Festival Singapore 2009

Kite flying is a popular cultural and recreational event in Asia, when I was a young school kid, I remembered making my own kite as part of my art and craft lesson ! Well, kite flying today has advanced as well and the designs were getting better, trendier and more colourful ! Kite flying is suitable for all ages and everybody, making it a fun and enjoyable event for all to enjoy !


The NTUC Income Kite Festival Singapore 2009 was presented by Act 3 International and it was held at West Coast Park on the 29th August and 30th August 2009. More details about the NTUC Income Kite Festival Singapore 2009 can be viewed HERE ! This event attracted a great turnout and the car parks were packed and fully occupied, it attracted people of all ages and nationalities, coming down together for 2 days of fun, kite flying and entertainment.


I went today to West Coast Park, 29th August 2009, and the beautiful clear blue sky were filled with many different types of kites and designs flying high up in the beautiful clear blue sky! The crowds and kites set the mood to be fun and enjoyable, along with performances and activities, for everybody. Regardless of kite size and design, it was the fun and atmosphere that made the NTUC Income Kite Festival 2009 a great event.


Moving around taking photos of different kites flying in the clear blue sky, nice weather for outdoor events, switching between my telephoto lense (70-200mm f4 L) and wide angle lense (17-40mm f4 L), it gave me a happy and relaxing feeling, back to my youngster days of fun and play ! Walking around happily snapping away beautiful memories, many participants there enjoying themselves too. Soon the kites filled up the sky and it was an awesome view !! Check out my Flickr set for more photos of NTUC Income Kite Festival Singapore 2009 !


After a few rounds of walking around, I went to sit down along the West Coast Park esplanade, enjoying the sun sets down on me while enjoying the kite flying in the sky, a tranquility of peace, fun and relaxation.


Hope you folks enjoy kite flying just  as I did today !

Dogs Day Out in the Park @ West Coast Park


It’s a great day for the friendly doggies and their mummies and daddies, coming together for a fun filled event, organised by AVA Singapore, National Parks Board of Singapore, pet and welfare organisations at West Coast Park, a park nearby my home whereby I can walk and reach in 10 minutes.


I went there with Jack and we walked around the booths and compound, enjoying the various cute and lovely doggies running around playing with their toys and their fellow doggies friends. We were there for a short time, taking photos of the doggies and patting the cute and lovely doggies of different breeds.


Although it was a short time there, I had a great time with the doggies and wondering where was my Princess Spitz, looking at the other Japanese Spitz there, my princess would probably be outstanding due to her furry coat and overweight size and very friendly nature.

Do enjoy the other photos here too at my Flickr !

National Dog Walk 2008 ~ 3rd August

What do you get when you have many dog owners bringing their dogs out to the park ? You get a fun day of carnival, gatherings, dog grooming, competitions and many happy dogs running around, making new friends.

It was the National Dog Walk 2008, organised by Noah’s Ark CARES, held at the West Coast Park Dog Run compound, the event started from 10am and ended 7pm. I only got there at around 4pm, hoping to catch the dog walk charity event at 430pm and take photos of the different breeds of dogs in playful action. 
Well, I found myself at the dog running compound, enjoying watching the different types of dogs playing with their owners, fellow doggies, and strangers. There were also a competition to test the dog’s capabilities such as agility and speed, with a well-designed circuit for the dog to go through with their owner. It was fun watching them in action especially the Siberian Husky completing the circuit in hot Singapore weather ! 
In between, it was very fun and also very challenging to take the dogs in action around the other parts of the field, whether playing with their toys or with their new found friends. Their movements and actions were very fast and changing direction very rapidly, however, there were also the lovely and peace loving doggies that would sit down on the chair or lie down on the grass patch and let you take their photos ! 
Oh, by the way, my lovely Japanese Spitz was very tired from her morning adventure at the National Dog Walk and couldn’t go back for the walk at 430pm. She’s kind of overweight and it affected her 4 skinny legs. She needs slimming class………

Evening @ West Coast Park

It was a wednesday evening, around 5pm, I decided to grab my DSLR and my “Book of the Moment” and walked to West Coast Park.

I always had been going there in the night and had not returned back there to enjoy the sunset sceneries (along with the harbour and shipyards) for sometime already. While I walked around the park and relaxing my mind and soul, I snapped different photos from around the park.

Thereafter, I went towards the Promenade and sat down, enjoying the sunset while reading my book. It was really peaceful and I am slowly programmed by the wisdom of the mighty book while busking myself in the evening sun.


Do check out my flickr for more photos of West Coast Park !

Different types of fires for Mid Autumn Festival

There were a few methods to light up the event (and lanterns) during Mid Autumn Lantern Festival, that I encountered during my tour of West Coast Park.

Multiple Birthday Cake Candles

Cluster of wax

Fireworks sticks with dry leaves

A fire is an excellent tool/help to us yet it can also be dangerous as well if it is not handled/utilised properly.

Somehow, it must be my scouting roots and outdoor adventures experiences. I always love the warmth of a campfire with friends sitting around the fire, chatting and relaxing, miss the good old days.

West Coast Park Night Landscapes

I have lived in the West area of Singapore for 30 years and there are many shipyards that can be seen from the West Coast Park promenade. The shipyards haven’t changed much but West Coast Park, the nearby surroundings and the beach had changed significantly.
Showing different views of West Coast Park and its surroundings: 

A straight powerful guiding light from Pasir Panjang Terminal towards me. 

Night Panoramic Landscape of the busy Southern Islands.

A lonely broom under a bright lamp, waiting for day break to continue their service.

Row, Row, Row your sampan, gently down the sea, going to find his bumboat

Singapore is a small country yet it has its own treasures, beauty, landscapes and characteristics and West Coast Park does have its own beauty and unique attractions.

Mid Autumn Festival 2007 @ West Coast Park

中秋节 25th September 2007 


The night was brightly lighted up with a full moon in the dark sky, 25th September is 2007 Mid Autumn Festival. It was a time whereby there would be many different lanterns and mooncakes available for all to enjoy. Mid Autumn Festival celebrations have changed with time, the lanterns today are very fanciful with many different designs and patterns. Mooncakes have become more unique, packing in many different styles, types, packaging and tastes.

It’s been a while since I was writing & posting something here, this evening, I went to my neighbourhood park, West Coast Park and there were quite a number of people of all ages, happily playing with their lanterns and having a nice evening chill out/family gathering/couples time under the bright full moon. There were families, friends in different size groups, couples and a soloist like me lugging a DSLR w/ my Crumpler sling bag.

It was a quiet and fruitful time for me, being able to take photographs again, had been caught up with my work and strategic planning/mind mapping for the past few weeks. West Coast Park had transformed into a peaceful environment for me to relax and relieve stress and pressure. The former beach had been transformed into a beautiful promenade made up of breakwater granite boulders. When I go for my night running, I would always head towards there to cool down and enjoy the sea breeze and night scenery. Currently, it is about 80% complete, there is still another segment of the promenade path leading towards the jetty that is still under construction and the shelters along the promenade are almost completed.

Hope everybody had a fun Mid Autumn Festival 2007 with lots of mooncakes and lanterns!