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Chris Ling Photography Workshop by 24seven

When I was visiting IAC with 24seven folks, Kris told me about a photography organised by Chris Ling and my first reaction was WOW & I signed up for the workshop !

For those into wedding photography (for to be married couples or fellow photographers), Chris Ling is a very talented wedding photographer whose reputation speaks for himself. Personally, I see Chris Ling as one of the pioneers in wedding photography and highly respect his photography artwork. Therefore, with this workshop, it was great to hear from Chris himself on his experiences, journey, photography skills, mindset and perspective sharing.

I had the honour, opportunities and privilege to learn from different professional photographers in my photojournalistic journey, Chris Ling Photography Workshop did give me a better understanding of wedding photography and photography business management. With fellow photography enthusiasts, it was fun sharing and learning from Chris himself, we also had the chance to explore his studio and setup, all of us had fun shooting, especially his special room of retro/vintage treasures that wedding couples could use for a retro/vintage photography shoot !

Had a great night of fun, sharing, learning and shooting photography ! A big thanks to Chris Ling, Claudia, Kris and Diana from 24seven for making this workshop possible ! Check out my other photos here on Flickr !

A Wedding Helper + Photography Journey (New Episode)

Jason, an old friend of mine, classmates since my our days in St Andrews Junior College, approached me to help out in his actual day wedding. Initially, I was afraid that my injuries would hinder me helping out in the brotherhood duties required in the morning segment of an actual day wedding gatecrashing, however, Jason was alright with me being on light duty and still able to go there support, participate and help him out.

It all happened on Thursday 10th June, picked up by Daniel & Irene, we reached Jason’s home for breakfast, waited for the rest of the entourage to arrive before proceeding to the bride’s home. Jason & Ling Ling, both spent time planning the schedule and details for execution, although the timing was a little bit late, the groom’s party managed to arrive and complete all gatecrashing tasks on hand.

Once the gatecrashing is over, there were less duties for the “brothers” and “sisters”, accompanying the wedding couple to shuttle from groom to bride to groom home, for the tea ceremony. The rest of the brothers and sisters helped to pack up their stuff to be ferried over to the hotel.

Returning home to rest, shower and change, I reached Grand Copthorne Waterfront for their solemnisation ceremony and attended their wedding dinner, catching up with classmates. My final duties of the brother was helping out in the yum seng and helping to arrange wedding tables for photo taking with the bride and groom.

It was a long day, quite fun too ! Wishing Jason & Ling Ling all the best in their newly wedded journey !
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My Journey & Thoughts During an AD Wedding Photography Shoot

On the 22nd Jan, I delivered my Actual Day (AD) Wedding photographs to my friend, which I covered recently over 2 days in December 2009. Mission officially accomplished with the delivery of photographs and I am finally allowed to release selected photographs of their AD Wedding day.

Let’s turn back the time, the groom is in the same alumni mata with me, we hail from the Dragon Chapter and Dragon Scout Group. The age difference is private 🙂

Upon meeting up with the couple, friendly and heartwarming, it was a rather quick and mutual agreement that I would be entrusted to take on their AD Wedding photography. That was in the 1st quarter of 2009 and fast forward 4th quarter 2009, their wedding journey began and so was my journey as an AD Wedding Photographer. How the whole AD Wedding went, from the start to the end, a brief synopsis of the entire event, could be found in an earlier post HERE !

Well, although the couple gave their permission to release the AD Wedding photographs for my portfolio and showcase, that would be certain photographs that would not be shown here, in order to respect the privacy of the couple. Having said that, some of the more fun photographs taken would be shown here and inside my Flickr !

As you walked through my AD Wedding Photographer journey, I hope you, my readers & followers would enjoy it ! Last but not least, a Big THANK YOU to Wei Liang & Denise, the lovely married couple !

Synopsis of Actual Day Wedding Photojournalistic Journey

In the last week of 2009, there were 2 days that had been reserved early in the first quarter of the year, an actual day (AD) wedding photography assignment for a couple, whom I personally know the groom. After some initial discussion, we decided to meet up and had a longer discussion with the couple and finally reached an agreement for me to take on their AD Wedding photography. Their belief and trust in me, taking on their AD Wedding photography is another wonderful opportunity to grow and expand my photography experiences and knowledge.

Due to the number of photographs required for post processing, the selected photographs displayed would not contain any of the couple nor their family, relatives or friends. In this post, selected abstract/still wedding photographs would be showcased. This AD Wedding stretched over two days because we had to travel into Malaysia, whereby the Groom would receive the Bride from her hometown before returning back to Singapore. The Groom’s contingent of best men and helpers went in earlier to prepare and the early adventure started very early in the morning whereby all of us didn’t get much sleep.

0345 hrs – Woke up, washed up and started the AD Wedding Photojournalistic Journey for the wedding couple. Groom was helped on to his jacket by a senior member of his family and after capturing the shots, off I went to the Bride’s home with the videographer.

0445 hrs – Reached the Bride’s home, started shooting the Bridal make up by the makeup artist, putting on the veil by the parents, parents prayers to heaven and preparing to welcome the Groom’s contingent.

0600 hrs – Groom arrived to pick up his Bride and the action goes into full swing ! Photography swung into action and the guys were made to go through different tasks and challenges, “food tasting”, singing, games, giving red packets before reaching the Bride’s room and fetching the Bride. Formalities followed, with prayers to the heavens and ancestors before the traditional tea ceremony to the parents and relatives. Once completed, group photography followed and all of us had the time to rest for food and drinks.

0800 hrs – Departure of the wedding contingent returning to Singapore, a bit of traveling time, everything was smooth except for a bit of morning peak hour traffic.

1000 hrs – Arrival at the Groom’s home, now for the other side of the wedding formalities, traditional tea ceremony, group photography taking before adjourning to the newly wedded room for more photography taking, with the veil being removed by the Groom and more photo taking, along with food and drinks.

1300 hrs – Went to the hotel with the wedding contingent, finalised the schedule for the night before returning home for a short rest, downloading of the couple’s morning and afternoon wedding photojournalistic journey and adventure.

1600 hrs – Returned back to hotel, showed the couple and their family, relatives and close friends in the hotel room the photos on my macbook, apparently the power of digital photography, there were a lot more photographs taken without fear of wastage (a plus and negative point in photography). Glad that the parents enjoyed watching the slideshow of the wedding photography.

1700 hrs – Rehearsals and coordination with Groom, Masters of Ceremony, banquet manager and videographer, final preparation.

1830 hrs – Solemnisation of the Wedding couple, smooth sailing without hiccups.

1930 hrs – Wedding dinner starts and another round of AD Wedding Photojournalistic Journey began ! Once the guests settled down to enjoy, the wedding couple went around to mingle with their relatives, colleagues and close friends, thanking them and I was taking many group/friends photographs.

2300 hrs – At this time, the wedding dinner had wrapped up and everything was great. Chatted with the wedding couple for a while and arranged to meet them soon and deliver their AD Wedding photographs.

Looking back at my AD Wedding Photojournalistic Journey/Adventure with the couple, it was a really wonderful experience since I knew the Groom personally and it dawned upon me that I was more than just a Wedding Photographer, I became a helper too ! The friendly and heartwarming couple makes it easier for me to do my main task on hand, their trust and faith in me.

This synopsis seems to be a lengthy post …… If you are still reading this line …… Thank You for your support !! The portfolio of the AD Wedding Photography is up after approval from the newly wedded couple. Check it out below !

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A Wedding Helper + Photography Journey

An old friend of many years, good old Nicholas, knew him till date, of 19 years friendship since 1990 when we were Boy Scouts in Dragon Scout Group, settled down with his lovely partner, Shirley and after months of preparations, the wedding day finally arrived with close friends coming forward to help out in his wedding day.


Since I was asked to be part of the “Brother” contingent of 10 close friends of Nicholas, a.k.a helper, runner, best man…. We put our life, blood, sweat, tears, stomach, physical, mental, negotiation, friendship, hardship, fun, pain ….. all in the aid of Nicholas & Shirley to make their Actual Day Wedding a great event for them !


Reporting in the morning around 7am at Nicholas home, the contingent drove over to Shirley’s home, whereby Nicholas the Groom would pick up his bride, Shirley. However, before Nicholas can do so, he had to go through very severe tests, obstacles and challenges first, since we the “Brothers” are helpers, the various tasks, tests, challenges fall upon us to share Nicholas burden. Some would call it wedding traditions, although truthfully speaking, it wasn’t an old tradition but more of modernisation.

Some tests, challenges include

– Drinking a concoction of Sour 酸, Sweet 甜, Bitter 苦, Spicy 辣 juices

– “Brothers” leg hair were plucked a.k.a exfoliation

– Push Ups

– Giving Red Packets to allow the door “managed” by the “Sisters” contingent to be opened


Even though I was a “Brother”, there were times whereby I was able to capture photographs for fun and beautiful “painful” memories. Once the challenges were completed, the wedding couple would proceed to Nicholas family home for the traditional tea ceremony, to the grandparents, parents and relatives of Nicholas family. For the brothers, our main tasks were completed and we get to enjoy the food, drinks and hospitality. After the formalities were done, the wedding couple would return to Shirley’s home again for tea ceremony to the grandparents, parents and relatives of Shirley’s family. With that completed, the 1st half of the Actual Wedding day is completed.


I went over to Fullerton Hotel with the wedding couple along with Sam, to continue preparation for the wedding dinner in the night, as I am in charge of music and sound for the solemnisation and wedding dinner, the songs were already chosen by Shirley, who spent a lot of time and effort in the planning of their wedding day. After rehearsals and coordinations with the wedding couple, master of ceremony, banquet managers and hotel staff, it was a Go Go Go !! They were finally, legally and officially a married couple !!


The wedding dinner went smoothly with a little bit of time overshot, the food was great, the ambience and decoration were awesome and very beautiful. By the time the dinner was over, I was very tired and my Canon 30D broke down again, with the pop up flash stuck, it’s back to Canon service centre soon. I wasn’t able to take the night scenes of the Marina Bay from their suite 881 at Fullerton Hotel, just the day scenery. Do check out some of their wedding photos HERE !


After some rest and chatting, we left for home ….. My heartfelt congrats and best wishes to the newly wedded couple, Nicholas & Shirley !

Wedding Photographer in Lijiang

I was reading through Clubsnap forums and came across a post by Lijiang Photography on their portfolio and services, looking at their photos and locations, I was mesmerised by their works.

I pop over to their website and take a more in-depth research into their portfolio and services. They are based in Lijiang, Yunnan and this is a region that I am planning to visit and take photographs some time in the near future. Their combination of the natural sceneries in Yunnan and wedding photography is really inspiring and a great role model to emulate and improve my photography (and knowing where would be excellent locations to take landscape sceneries)

Do drop into their site and take a look !!

Ramblings on (my) Photography

Just ramblings on my photography, a number of thoughts on photography related matters running inside my brain now, good to write down and share and not to forget things to do also.

DSLR enquiries

As many as 3 friends asking me on DSLR photography within a night, coincidence ?

Actual Day Wedding Photography enquiry

I haven’t make an appointment to chat and discuss with the couple, need to arrange it soon.

Teaching Photography

Just taught my friend 2 hrs crash course on Actual Day Wedding, think it works out alright (hopefully) 🙂

Had a few people enquiring on teaching them photography, yet to start anything nor prepare any materials, it might take a while before it officially kick starts.

Looking out for a 2nd hand professional series DSLR

It’s time …… I would love and already planning to get a 2nd hand Canon EOS 1DMkII 

Seeking to go newer and higher levels of photography

Planning to do overseas wedding shoot, any takers for a greenhorn like me ?

Learning studio portrait photography, setup and lighting

Exploring exotic locations and emulate National Geographic standards (Inspired by iWalk,U2

Visiting areas and using my photography to help them (also inspired by iWalk,U2)

Shooting a ballet charity concert

Becoming a sports photographer and photojournalist

Interestingly, I was approached recently to shoot amateur football games, I didn’t go down nor ask for further details due to schedule constraints, however, I always love football and sports photography, worth a shot ?

Buying/Upgrading new accessories/toys

A very “infectious disease” a.k.a BUY BUY BUY syndrome for serious photographers, looking at a portrait lense, Macro lense, 2 new flash units.  

Building my Portfolio Photography Album

Very guilty, been talking about it for a period of time and no action taken. Online photos hosted at flickr not sufficient for detailed viewing. Time for action to be taken.

Hmmm ……. Well …… These look like a long list 🙂

My Cousin’s Wedding in Bukit Pasir, Muar

Last weekend, my parents, my grandaunt and myself went back to my grandmother’s hometown, Bukit Pasir, Muar, in Malaysia, to attend my younger cousin’s wedding. It was a good time to catch up with other relatives too, especially meeting and catching up with my grandmother, do read about her story here.

It was planned to be a simple wedding dinner affair, buffet style, outside my auntie’s home. We went there in the afternoon for the tea ceremony first and mingle around with the relatives from the bride’s side. We stayed for a while before going back to rest before my parents went out sightseeing and shopping while I stayed in my grandmother’s home to chat with my grandmother, uncle, aunties and cousins.

In the evening, we went back to my cousin’s home for the wedding dinner function. Although simple, it was a more cosy and family feeling, village style or kampung style as it is known among us. There were many senior relatives coming down for the wedding dinner function too, it was great to see them. Caught up with my cousins and chatted, it was great to be back there with them.

After a few drinks there, went back to my uncle’s home to rest for the night.

Dave Koh Photography

Dave, a professional photographer, whom I had the honour and time to work with him on various projects in the past 2 years. He’s also skilled in videography and post photography editing too !

I used to support Dave in his projects as a back-up photographer and when he recently decided to revamp and rebrand his site, I waited eagerly for his new site to be up and indeed, it was something different and unique. Being a fellow photographer and helper, I would take this opportunity to showcase my support and give him the heads up in marketing and publicity.

Dave has a more artistic style of photography compared to my photojournalistic and events style photography. Do drop by into his website and take a look at his portfolio, even though we have 2 different photography styles, to create a unique photo album, it takes 2 different styles of photography to bring out the wonderful and beautiful memories and photos captured for the loving couple.

Ladies and Gentleman, presenting Dave Koh Photography

Congratulations, Dave ! All the best !

James & Shirley ROM Solemnisation Photoshoot

James, a very old friend of mine of 18 years till date (since 1990), together since our days in Gan Eng School Dragon Scout Group, one of those who cannot resist making fun of me, along with our other fellow same batch of Dragon Scouts family.

When he approached me to help him in his solemnisation ceremony, I didn’t hesitate to help him since I had experience in such assignments before. Prior a week before that, met the couple, James and Shirley with regards to the schedule and guest list. It was a mainly family and relatives invitation, there were only 3 friends invited and both were key helpers !

On the 25th October, James and Shirley picked me up and we went to the make-up artist home at Mei Ling Street, where I started photographing the make-up process. In a bedroom, there would always be space constraints, luckily, there weren’t many people present inside and equipment in the room. Once I got started, it was a breeze for me and managed to capture about 142 photographs of the make-up session. I told Shirley, stayed relax facing the mirror and don’t worry about me !

When the make-up session was over, we made our way to Pasir Ris Park, whereby the couple booked a big chalet for their solemnisation. Once the couple changed to their gowns, we started to take a short walk around Pasir Ris Park and beach, for a short outdoor photo shoot session that would complement their solemnisation day, the couple were great to shoot, a joy for photographer, spontaneous and fun loving. Shirley is very photogenic while James can think of different themes and poses. We did the “Titanic” theme on the breakwater, “coconut tree” proposal and walking through “retro” times between a path of palm tress.

After that, we returned back to the chalet, rest and cool ourselves down before the solemnisation ceremony. After the Justice of Peace arrived, the ceremony started with the family members and relatives surrounding the table. It might be just another solemnisation ceremony for some, however, it was very touching to see and feel the happiness and emotions of James and Shirley.

Soon after, the party began, with the delicious Thai buffet and alcoholic beverages. The atmosphere was fun and friendly. The newly wedded couple were entertaining their relatives and busy interacting. Nevertheless, there were moments to capture too !

Thanks to James and Shirley for giving me the opportunity and the belief in my photography !

My heartiest congratulations to James and Shirley !