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My Cousin’s Wedding in Bukit Pasir, Muar

Last weekend, my parents, my grandaunt and myself went back to my grandmother’s hometown, Bukit Pasir, Muar, in Malaysia, to attend my younger cousin’s wedding. It was a good time to catch up with other relatives too, especially meeting and catching up with my grandmother, do read about her story here.

It was planned to be a simple wedding dinner affair, buffet style, outside my auntie’s home. We went there in the afternoon for the tea ceremony first and mingle around with the relatives from the bride’s side. We stayed for a while before going back to rest before my parents went out sightseeing and shopping while I stayed in my grandmother’s home to chat with my grandmother, uncle, aunties and cousins.

In the evening, we went back to my cousin’s home for the wedding dinner function. Although simple, it was a more cosy and family feeling, village style or kampung style as it is known among us. There were many senior relatives coming down for the wedding dinner function too, it was great to see them. Caught up with my cousins and chatted, it was great to be back there with them.

After a few drinks there, went back to my uncle’s home to rest for the night.

Wedding Dinner & Solemnisation of my old friend at Seafood Villa Galleria, Labrador Park

My old friend from my UQ days, house mate, Matthew, knew him since 1999, got married on 26th January 2008. I was invited by him to his solemnisation ceremony and wedding dinner at Seafood Villa Galleria located at Labrador Park, operated by Singapore Explorer.

It was an honour to be invited to his wedding because it was kept small and special, only close friends and relatives were invited. When Matthew asked me to be his ROM solemnisation ceremony and dinner photographer, I agreed without hesitation. I do not actively accept and take up wedding assignments even though I had the experience to do so. However, for an old friend who put so much trust in my photography skills and expertise, I had to do something special for him.

There I was, ready to make sure everything goes well for Matthew and Chen Mei, his lovely wife. I arrived at about an hour earlier, preparing my equipment setup and getting the couple to walk around and take photos of the couple at the beautiful restaurant. This would add up to their portfolio as they had not taken their pre-wedding photoshoot yet. Thereafter, the couple took photos with their family and relatives at the restaurant compound. Soon, the close friends started streaming in and it was getting lively with the beautiful sunset settling in.

Once the crowds settled in, we strolled down the steps to the small pool with a beautiful glasshouse in the middle, where the ROM solemnisation ceremony was held. Most of the friends and relatives managed to squeeze inside the beautiful glassroom to witness the exchange of vows and rings, officiated and witnessed by a Justice of Peace. Everybody there was happy for the couple !

After the ROM ceremony, the crowds stayed around the pool area, enjoying and catching old friendship and relaxing with the couple and friends. Soon, we moved up to the restaurant for the wedding dinner. It was 8 course dinner and I had to say, the selection of dishes were really awesome and unique, not the type of “normal or standard” wedding dinner menu you would find in a hotel ballroom.

The wedding dinner was very different, very cosy and friendly and all of us there were very happy for Matthew and Chen Mei. Lots of interaction, great food and relaxing pace.

Wishing Matthew & Chen Mei all the best in their new life ahead !

Jason & Fenny Wedding Lunch – Raffles City Ballroom on 25th November 2006

25th November 2006 would be a rather special day in my life. I got to attend 2 weddings in 1 day, lunch and dinner. From my earlier posting, the wedding dinner was my UQ juniors Alvin and Liz @ Raffles Marina.

As for the wedding lunch , the honour goes to my Cousin Jason and Fenny ! 1st time I attended wedding lunch and it was an eye-opener. There were quite a number of our cousins getting married in the past year. Probably there might (will) be a gap after Cousin Jason’s wedding lunch ……….

Managed to contact Jason as he was in honeymoon land somewhere out there for 2 weeks (I think diving somewhere), had a chat and got his permission to write and post some selected photographs on my blog ! Cheers, Cousin Jason ! I would be dropping by their new love nest, pass them their photo CD and view their cosy home.

Cousin Joel & Lydia

The wedding lunch was very similar to his brother , Joel when he held his wedding dinner in 2005. Cousin Joel and Lydia were there too and they were having lots of fun around mingling with friends and relatives. It was really great to see relatives and cousins gathering together for a joyous event.

I had lots of fun taking photos for Cousin Jason and Fenny, as I did for Cousin Joel and Lydia, using a (their) Nikon DSLR and my own Canon DSLR setup. Really challenging and fun with 2 DSLRs swinging left and right on my shoulders. It was fun debating on which brand of camera is the best with Albert , the Official Wedding Photographer (who was using the Olympus DSLR), serious photographers (semi-pro or professional or hardcore supporter) always strive to find the certain “elements” to make their photographs better (something we photographers ourselves know) and it is more than just comparing camera equipments and setup.

Alright , enough of my photography philosophy preaching …..

Alvin & Elizabeth Wedding Dinner – Raffles Marina on 25th November 2006

Alvin & Liz, a great couple, knew them when they were fresh undergrads entering the University of Queensland and I somehow became their “Big Brother” and took care of them (my juniors) during their initial months of transition from a rat race country to a laid back country.

From knowing them, helping them and watching them how they became a couple till their wedding day, it had been a great journey of friendship and fun, becoming a tour guide (bringing them to tour around Queensland), display model answers (university assignments). I was honoured to be invited for their wedding dinner on 25th November 2006, witnessing their solemnisation with their fellow peers, Seb and Ally, at Raffles Marina.

Raffles Marina (foreground) and Tuas Checkpoint (background)

A Beautiful Sunset for Alvin & Liz

I also took the opportunity to help this lovely couple to shoot photographs, for them to have extra memories of their “Big Day”. With the couple’s kind permission, I would be displaying some of my humble photographs.

Dedicated to a lovely and friendly couple, Alvin & Liz !

Seb, Liz, Alvin & Ally

Liz, Alvin & myself

Best wishes to Alvin & Liz! Hope you 2 enjoy this “Exclusive Special Photojournalism Coverage”!