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Shanghai Holiday Day 3 ~ 1st February 2007 Afternoon

Zhu Jia Jiao Canal Town

After visiting Sheshan, we went to another canal town, known as Zhu Jiao Jiao, in the province of Shanghai. The canal town is similar to Zhou Zhuang Ancient Town in Jiangsu Province.

Zhu Jiao Jiao is one of the tourist attraction in the outskirts of Shanghai district that is not that well publicised. In a way, it can work both directions, not too many tourists overcrowding a historical heritage area while the tourists (domestic and international) revenue coming in would be beneficial to boost the town holistically and cultural and historical preservation.

While I was walking inside this canal town, I found that the houses were much “younger” than the houses in Zhou Zhuang Ancient Town. The houses were in better conditions and the canals were a lot wider. The bridges linking different banks of the canal town were a lot higher than the bridges in Zhou Zhuang. That could probably be due to the bigger rivers and tributaries flowing through the whole town.

As I mentioned earlier in my Zhou Zhuang posting, every country in the modern world needs to take steps preserving their history and heritage, irregardless how young or old their country is. Visiting Zhou Zhuang and Zhu Jia Jiao had left a deep impression on me, a rich cultural experience and exchange.

I made a quick walk around the Zhu Jia Jiao as I was packing my schedule to maximise my districts visit. Took some photographs before we moved on towards back to Songjiang, whereby the Shanghai Film Studio is located.

Shanghai Film Studio

Before I started writing on the Shanghai Film Studio, when you watched movies/dramas that portrayed Old Shanghai, have you ever wondered where it was being filmed? That’s where I went, located in Songjiang District, the Shanghai Film Studio. I was keen to go there and have a feel of the filming location.

It was not just a filming arena, they also had their restricted acess, probably production and editing areas. The buildings though used for filming, was a very close replica of Old Shanghai, felt like walking down memory lane. When I was there in the afternoon, there was a filming going on, they were lots of cantonese being spoken and I reckoned they were from Hong Kong. I couldn’t spot any movie stars and I couldn’t really walked around more with the filming going on. Luckily before they were filming, I had quickly walked and took the photos.

This was the end of my afternoon agenda and we proceed with an afternoon tea at one of the teahouses before heading back to my accommodation for a rest and wash up before my night trip.

Shanghai Holiday Day 2 ~ 31st January 2007

UNESCO Heritage Listed – Zhou Zhuang Ancient Township

Before I came over to Shanghai, this town was mentioned to me by my cousin, as a well-worthy place of visit. Upon hearing it, I went to read up on my Lonely Planet Shanghai book and found that it is a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) heritage listed venues in 1998.

They have a comprehensive webpage on Zhou Zhuang Township, please go take there to take a look and have a greater understanding on this remarkable ancient township Zhou Zhuang Ancient Township

Today, after having a hearty breakfast by dearest Auntie, we set off to our destination Zhou Zhuang Township. However, before we even reached 5km, we had to stop for an hour to fix a leaking and rusty water pipe in the car. Therefore, we stopped at a garage for an hour to get it fixed before driving to our destination.

Along the way to the destination, we passed by different parts of Shanghai, great massive lakes before entering Jiangsu Province, where Zhou Zhuang Ancient Township is located. By the time we reached, it was around 12pm and it’s time for lunch. Looking around, we just pop into a restaurant at the corner of a cross junction leading up to the entrance of the Ancient Township. We had a great lunch and the pork leg meat a.k.a. “ti pang”, a Jiangsu delicacy. The meat was great but it was a bit too big for the two of us.

Without further ado, we went into the ancient township and started my journey into another world of rich and strong heritage, culture and history. It doesn’t take too much time to realise why UNESCO had chosen Zhou Zhuang Township, once you are inside there, you felt that you had gone back in time. The water canals connecting the houses, the bridges across many different sides of the entire township, display of historical kitchens, items, different chambers within the big houses. Wooden boats parked at the side of the canals, boatman and woman rowing the boats inside the canals, wriggling their journey through the narrow straits, singing their local songs. The villagers preparing their food, washing their stuff etc etc, displaying their traditional goods and local food.

I took about 100 photographs in Zhou Zhuang, something that I felt I didn’t do enough justice to this beautiful ancient township. I hope that my selected photographs on display would show Zhou Zhuang its rich history and beauty to all folks who visited my blog.

I walked around pretty quick and covered pretty much most of the whole ancient township. Within the ancient township itself, there were many other mini-museums e.g. Zhang’s House and Shen’s House, two of the houses we visited and we had a greater understanding of the famous people during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, their family house, artwork and their contributions.

Looking back, in the face of modernisation, many countries in the world faces economic growth at the expense of losing historical venues, items, culture etc etc … A world citizen in the modern globalised world, can play a big part in preserving the history and culture of the countries they visit and the motherland they originated or presently residing.

Let’s all play a part. I hope my writing here would make a difference to you and me.