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Visiting RSS Intrepid – Navy@Vivo

RSS Intrepid, a frigate from The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) sailed into Vivo City Promenade from 15th March to 17th March 2013, giving the public a chance to visit and explore the frigate RSS Intrepid, understanding more about her history, operations and contributions to the defence of Singapore and helping out in an international role as she was recently being deployed for counter-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden, flying the Singapore flag high and proud by playing an important role during her tour in the Gulf of Aden.


Along with my friends from the social media, we went aboard RSS Intrepid, hosted by experienced RSN personnel along with Mindef Public Affairs personnel, of a tour of RSS Intrepid. This was a mini Open House, a glimpse of the Republic of Singapore Navy modern naval ships and their capabilities. Our great friendly RSN hosts shared with us their stories during their recent counter-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden, what they do and how the crew lives during that period. It was an eye-opener to hear first hand stories from the men and women themselves that served in the Gulf of Aden, the men and women of RSS Intrepid were our international ambassadors during that time!


We were brought to a tour of the frigate RSS Intrepid, exploring various segments of the frigate –

  • Hangar
  • Surface-to-Surface Missile (SSM) Deck
  • Bridge
  • Torp Store
  • Accommodation spaces for the crew
  • Wardroom
  • Combat Information Centre (CIC)
  • Dining room

Due to time and crowd constraints, there were many many enthusiastic members of the public, from the young kids to adults, wanting a piece of the action to take many many photographs and explore the RSS Intrepid. Therefore, we missed out some of the segments such as accommodation spaces and dining room. Nevertheless, we had a good time walking and exploring around, the steep ladders around the various segments of the RSS Intrepid made it fun and challenging for us to be careful when climbing up and down the flight of steps, ensuring we don’t knock our heads!


At each location, our friendly and experienced RSN hosts shared with us many different stories, what they do, the equipment used and the technology that they used during the frigate operations. Being an NS man (in the Army/Infantry), we would be interested to know what our fellow counterparts in the Navy does, their equipment, weapons, how they live, how they operate and what they do. We all had a better understanding of how modern technology has helped and improved the fighting and defence capabilities of the Republic of Singapore Navy. The RSS Intrepid belongs to the Formidable-Class Frigates and you can find out more information about them here on the Republic of Singapore Navy website!


During the Navy@Vivo open house, there is an important event that I was really looking forward to, the Naval Ceremonial Sunset onboard RSS Intrepid at 1915hrs. This is a naval tradition maintained by navies throughout the world. In their proud and formal military uniforms, at this moment in time, they were preparing for the lowering of the ship ensign, the harbour ensign and the jack at 1915hrs daily, accompanied by the bugle, a brass instrument. The beautiful Singapore sunset and blue evening skyline on the 15th March accompanies the naval ceremonial sunset on RSS Intrepid, witnessed by the public on board visiting RSS Intrepid and the general public around the Vivo City vicinity.

Navy@Vivo is a prelude to the Navy Open House coming soon in the month of May 2013, do keep a lookout for more information via the Navy Open House Facebook Page! Here’s some of my photographs taken during Navy Open House 2010 and my Navy Open House 2010 write up here! I am looking forward to Navy Open House 2013 and it would be my third time to Navy Open House! Stay tuned and keep a look out for Navy Open House 2013 !

I would like to thank Mindef Public Affairs for this exciting visit and the crew of RSS Intrepid for hosting and bringing us around!

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RED – Stalker Theatre Company (Australia)

The Singapore Arts Festival 2009 is back in full force, even though I missed the Opening Ceremony at the Marina Barrage, I checked out their website and looked out for their Outreach events, marked down the various performers, venues and dates for the segment of Special Events. From there, I went for my 1st event of Singapore Arts Festival 2009 known as RED.


I went on saturday 23rd May, held at Vivo City, The Plaza, at 8pm. The crowds were great and many sat down, waiting patiently for the performance to start, although I arrived early, I decided not to sit down and decided to move around searching for my ideal location to capture the photos.


RED – is a production by Stalker Theatre Company from Australia and prior to the start of the performance, the artistic director, David Clarkson stepped forward and gave a quick insight on the performance called RED, for more information, do drop by their site and read on the write up of their current production RED.


“A unique hybrid piece comprising dance theatre, live music and circus-style arts, RED forms the second part of a triptych of performances. While the first part of the triptych (Four Riders) sees the apocalyptical end of the Christian world according to the Revelations, REDexplores the end of the world as foreseen by western science and science fiction: 

Imagine the Earth in several billion years, faced with an imminent collision with the sun. What forms will humans take? What will be our obsessions and desires as we prepare for the earth to fall into the sun? How do we dance goodbye to the Earth we once knew? 

Exploring the texture and ephemeral nature of falling, suspension and gravity, RED is an extreme movement work of frenetic beauty portraying a journey to the end of time, into the remote landscape of the imagination.”

– Source : Singapore Arts Festival 2009 website 

When it started, the crowds were mesmerised by the arts and performance, lighting was tricky and it was a challenge for us photographers, with dim light and flashing lights at different segments of the performance. 45 minutes of artistic and dynamic performance, I would let my photos here do the talking, enter the world of RED.

At the end of their wonderful performance, a warm round of applause were showered upon them by the crowds…….



More photos from this performance can be viewed at my Flickr !

Vivo City Christmas Tree 2008

For the past few years, I would always take time off during the month of December to go around Singapore and take photos of the Christmas Trees and lighting around Singapore. However, this year 2008, it was a difficult last quarter 2008 and taking photos of the Christmas lights and trees went off my radar.

Today, on Christmas Day itself, I decided to go out and take my 1st Christmas Tree shoot for December 2008, with my friends, Dave Koh, Joel Leong and Dewei at Vivo City. Do check out the difference between the Vivo City Christmas Tree in 2008 and 2007

The Vivo City Christmas Tree is still very popular and when we were there, many people were crowding around the Christmas Tree, capturing a piece of its beauty, soaking in the festive holiday season. 

Visit by Pallada from Russia

Being a world class harbour and trading port (in its early days), ships from many parts of the world do drop by Singapore on their way around the world.

Last weekend, Pallada from Russia, a Sailing Tall Ship, used for the training of cadets, arrived in Singapore for a visit and it was moored outside Vivo City. It was in the local news and there were coverage on that tall sailing ship, currently on a 9 months trip around the world. It was great to see something different sailing into Singapore, the last being the Gotheborg in January 2007.

Seeking new photography experiences and objects to take, I went down to Vivo City and explored the might Sailing Tall Ship Pallada from the outside, moving from her bow to stern and going up to the 2nd and 3rd floors of Vivo City, taking photos of the ship.

While I was taking photos on the 3rd floor, trying to take photos of the observation platform on the ship mast and pulleys and guylines, something that most people may not be too interested to take photos of. I got to know Francis, who is currently working as a full-time photographer, had a very interesting and interactive chat with him, ranging from views of photography to selling photos online.

Please do drop by my Flickr site for more photos of Pallada !

It’s interesting to know more people who loves photography yet have their own field of expertise and preference. I still love the area of photojournalism !

Next stop, National Education Show 1 at the Esplanade, coming up shortly………….

Creatively Thai 2008 Street Fashion Runway @ Vivo City

On 14th June 2008, after finishing my advisory and consultancy appointment with my client and his family at Vivo City, I went to walk around and discovered a fashion showcase event in the Central Court and South Avenue on Level 1.

Being curious, I decided to pop down and found about this fashion event called Creatively Thai 2008, showcasing young designers from Thailand with their unique and eye-catching designs. Moreover, on 14th June itself, there were 3 street fashion shows on 1pm, 4pm and 7pm, with models strutting down the stage showcasing various different fashion designers awesome designs.

Somehow, I didn’t know about this event until I was inside Vivo City, well, can’t resist the chance to do fashion photo shoot, therefore, I caught the 4pm and 7pm fashion show. It was very nice to see a new and unique style of fashion designs, although I am not a fashionable person at all and my selection of clothes would probably be classified as poor….. LOL …. In between 4pm and 7pm, caught up with Raymond and had coffee and snacks while he tried out my Macbook without much songs or photos added. Would let Raymond try out more when I get my transfer of data, information and stuff transferred across from my old laptop to new Macbook.

Anyway, back to the fashion show, at the 7pm time slot, it was getting crowded and I didn’t manage to get a good location to position myself, end up standing behind photographers and some of my photos were blocked by their heads, DSLRs and flashes ! Nevertheless, I still managed to get a few decent shots and it was enjoyable.

At the end of the show, I managed to get to know photographers there who were also photographing the 7pm fashion show, nice to chat with you George and the other fellow photographers there too !

Oh, this event was jointly presented by DEP – Thai Trade Center, Singapore and supported by Vivo City and the best surprise for me was having a chat with Thailand Tourism Embassy staff who were there for the 7pm fashion show ….. Nice to talk to you folks !

Hope you all enjoy the photos and more photos can be viewed at my flickr site ! Let’s support the fashion designers from Thailand too !

29th Dec 2007 – Esplanade & Vivo City Photoshoot + Location Recce

On the 29th December, I went to The Camera Workshop to get my tripod head base plate changed/fixed up but it was closed for the festive season leading towards New Year Day. Thereafter, I decided to shop around before heading towards the Esplanade to recce potential locations for shooting fireworks on New Year Eve Countdown.

I also had a good glimpse of the floating pontoons in Marina Bay whereby the fireworks would be firing up into the Central Business District skyline, 8 minutes of fireworks display, I am looking foward to shooting fireworks again !

After having some ideas on potential shooting locations, I went inside to the Esplanade and was entertained by a trio of young guitarists & singer performances at the concourse, jamming rock ballads on their acoustic guitars, rock ballads that I identified easily because I grew up in the rock ballads era. The boys are 12 & 13 years old and they possess a great level of talent for playing the guitar extremely well, let alone performing rock ballads in front of an audience. There was a singer who sang really well too, she had a great voice and she is a real talent for singing !

After watching the performance, I walked towards Clifford Pier to catch a bus to Vivo City, meeting Dave Koh of Espoir Bridal for photo taking and drinks. While I was crossing the Esplanade Bridge, I saw the Singapore Flyer lighted up !

Vivo City is in the midst of preparations for New Year Eve Countdown Concert and there are still many people post-Christmas shopping mood. The lights are still in place and the big and bright Christmas tree still stands tall and proud. Moving around to explore and take photos of Vivo City, enjoying the relaxing pace of photography.

Year 2007 is coming to a close and counting down to welcome 2008 !

Christmas Lights Shoot @ Vivo City – 20th Dec 2007

Today is a public holiday, everybody seems to be out shopping and relaxing, preparing for the upcoming Christmas holiday. I was in Orchard area walking around, haven’t done so for quite sometime and it was chaotic and crowded. Before that I was talking to Dave of Espoir Bridal, discussing and analysing on our recent triple-photographers pre-wedding photo portfolio project.

Met up with Scoutmaster Sterling Yong from Hawaii Troop 42, along with my seniors Jeff and Vinnie at Meritus Mandarin. Got nice Christmas gifts from Scoutmaster Sterling, would post my new toys when I take a product shoot on them !

Thereafter, went to Vivo City to meet Dave for a night Christmas Lights Shoot @ Vivo City. It was really nice to see a big Christmas Tree besides the usual tree we usually see in Ngee Ann City, took photos of the Christmas Tree reflections off the water surface.


Hope you folks enjoy the photos !

Counting down to Christmas and a new year 2008 !

24th July 2007 ~ Hawaiian friends visiting Vivo City for dinner and shopping

Our Hawaiian friends had about 2 hours of rest, washing up and preparing for their first adventure in Singapore : Shopping and Eating.

Hongliang, Xiao Tian, Kevin & myself had a short afternoon tea break during their 2 hours rest and we soon rejoined them at Hotel Phoenix. The boys were ready, along with their scoutmasters and the parents that came along with them, board the coach and head towards our “new kid on the block”, Vivo City.

We alighted at the bus stop near the fountain and we could see that our guests really liked Vivo City, soon the cameras were out and they were snapping away and taking photos together.

Dinner was at the food court below in the basement, whereby our Dragon Scouts were waiting for them to arrive. Lots of friendly exchanges and catch up, our boys and girls playing great hosts and showing great hospitality, bringing our Hawaiian friends around the food stalls, assisting them in the selection of their dinner. We had quite a big bunch of our people around and the teachers, leaders and old boys could interact more with the parents.

It was an interesting and hilarious food eating cultural experience for our Hawaiian friends, especially dealing with spicy food and local Asian flavour food e.g. prawn paste used in rojak. Nevertheless, the boys had fun trying out many different types of meals. As for the parents and scout masters, they won’t miss out the fun too and they tasted many different food as well.

After dinner, we brought them up to the 3rd floor viewing area, looking at Sentosa, container terminal and part of our Singapore Harbour. The Hawaiian boys were later given time to shop and look around Vivo City with our Dragon Scouts, the parents went shopping on their own and the Hawaiian scout masters with our Singapore counterparts went to have coffee and discuss on the schedule ahead. Jeff dropped by and met up with us, catching up old times.

Finally, after an hour of shopping (for most of them) and discussion, we regrouped and they proceed for their future adventures ahead, while I returned home, finishing my PR/Helper/Photographer/Liason role for the day.

Due to work commitments, I wasn’t able to join in their entire schedule that was really wonderful and fun (I wished I was able to be with them throughout the entire schedule). Nevertheless, it was really great fun for me, probably due to the international scouting friendship bond that was built 13 years ago.

Some things never change……