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Singapore Heritage Festival 2008 – Vintage Cars

In conjunction with the National Parade month in August, Singapore had been organising for the past 5 years, an event that attracts both the young and old, locals and overseas visitors. The event is our Singapore Heritage Festival.

There are many different events happening at the Singapore Heritage Festival 2008, do drop by their website and read about their various events and activities. Do join in the fun too !

As for me, being a photography and car lover, the vintage cars from Singapore and Malaysia and other countries too, came together as part of the Singapore Heritage Festival Vintage Cars Grand Prix and Concours display at the Raffles Landing site on 27th July 2008. I was a bit late therefore, I couldn’t catch them racing in action on the road (within speed limits).

I remember viewing the vintage cars at the National Museum Singapore and could identify some of the vintage cars. However, there were more different vintage cars on display at the 2008 event ! Sometimes, they do not need more words and introduction, admiring their classic beauty and racing power of the vintage cars are an art by itself.

Do drop by my flickr site and enjoy viewing the vintage cars !

Vintage Car Showcase – Retro Equipment

The Vintage Car Showcase displayed great treasures of great racing cars and it was an eye opener to look at their interiors, dashboard and other details inside the legendary cars themselves.

Racing Clutch with Handbrake

A Retro Racing Dashboard

Retro Speedometer

Rear View Mirror on Dasboard

An inspiration to be a passionate sports car owner with my racing guages and meters on the dashboard.

Vintage Car Showcase – Singapore Heritage Festival 2007

Smile ! Welcome to Vintage Car Showcase

The Singapore Heritage Festival 2007, part of National Day Celebrations 2007, held a vintage car showcase as part of its festival highlights at the National Museum of Singapore on 22nd July 2007.

There were many historical vintage cars on display, some were meant to be limousines, a handful were vintage sports cars and I was amazed to see MG sports cars that were very well preserved and taken care of. Those were the F1 sports cars of their generation.

Some photographs of cool retro vintage cars

Interesting parts belonging to the vintage cars

Awesome vintage cars, in a class of their own, respected and appreciated.