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Keith Crackling Roast – One of the Best!

The slogan on Keith Crackling Roast menu says it all “The Best Crackling Pork Roast on the Island”. Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce to you, Keith Crackling Roast, a specialist in roast and they are one the best in their business of roasting, if not, the best.

I recently started a personal photography project to take photographs, write and share about fellow friends who are entrepreneurs operating in various businesses and industries. Depending on their type of businesses, I will conceptualise and plan my own unique and personal photojournalistic story telling and approach to showcase their businesses and the entrepreneur themselves. This was something personal that I wanted to do and to give back via my photography.


Keith is a friend that I knew from alumni networking via Australian Alumni Singapore. He’s from Macquarie University while I am from the University of Queensland and we met during networking functions through Jude, a graduate from Macquarie University. I had a taste of Keith Crackling Roast during my University of Queensland Alumni Association of Singapore (UQAAS) AGM and instead of listening; I was guilty of eating a lot of the absolutely delicious Keith Crackling Roast.


I had a chat with Jude, who helped me to liaise and linked up with Keith. Soon, my plan kicked into action, with Jude helping me as my photographer assistant and my Creative Director (for food styling and arrangement). Even though there were space constraints around the stall, we managed to get the Keith Crackling Roast shoot transforming into a fun and enjoyable photo shoot of the roast, Keith the entrepreneur and their food outlet.


Keith Crackling Roast, their roast pork and honey roast strips, don’t really need any food reviews at all. You may be asking why? It’s simply so delicious that when you look at the photographs that I shot, you will want to go down and taste it for yourself personally! Yes, it’s really that awesome, delicious and addictive! Once you tasted Keith Crackling Roast, you want to go back for more!

Visit Keith Crackling Roast and try out their roast, you will not regret! The information and details of Keith Crackling Roast are below –

Keith Crackling Roast

Address: Pasar Bella @ The Grandstand, 200 Turf Club Road, #02-37 Singapore 287994

Contact: 91195994

Email: enquiry@keithkin.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/roast.host.keith.kin

Opening Hours: Mon to Fri: 1030hrs to 2000hrs, Sat to Sun: 1030hrs to 2030hrs

I would like to thank Keith of Keith Crackling Roast for the time and opportunity to photograph him and his delicious roast food business! There is also friendly mate, Jude for liaising and helping me during the shoot!


Oh, before I forget, you can also order Keith Crackling Roast for your home party event too! Remember to book in advance!

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10 Steps to Photographic Fulfillment

A photographer’s journey is just like a life growing process and journey. We all start from the bottom, learning how to crawl, followed by walking and running. My photography journey has been part of me since about 25-30 years ago when I played with my first camera, a Pentax ME Super SLR camera that belongs to my Dad. While it wasn’t the smoothest and everything photography all the way from then, somehow or another, it had always been a part of me (although it left for a while and came back to me). Reflecting and looking back, I had learned and improved and I am still learning and hopefully improving!


While I was reading Outdoor Photographer Magazine (one of my favourite photography magazines) recently, the July 2013 edition. I read an article by George D. Lepp, under Tech Tips “10 Steps to Photographic Fulfillment“. His words, wisdom and sharing struck me really deep in the heart and got me thinking hard and reflecting about my photography again. From George’s 10 Steps to Photographic Fulfillment, I decided to use his 10 Steps for my own sharing and reflection on my photography journey.

Step 1 – Photograph With A Purpose

There were times earlier in my photography days that I pretty much shoot anything that interests me and I got bored after some time, to the extent that I said there were nothing more interesting to shoot. This was also a turning point for me when I started to start looking more in-depth into my surroundings, my purpose and what I actually plan or/and want to photograph. Along with life changing incidents and growing older in age, I started to look at things differently and also looking back in time. One key area was the loss of things/culture/landmarks from my childhood and growing up years, that propelled me into Photographing With A Purpose – to document, photograph and share Old Places in Singapore. Photographing and documenting Old Places had been an on-going personal project for past few years and it allowed me to know many more new photographer friends with the same frequency. While my personal project is still on-going, for future photography adventures, I will make a point that I Photograph With A Purpose.

Step 2 – Do Your Research  

Doing research is an integral part of photography, from learning new photography techniques to understanding animals behaviour (for wildlife photography) or where/when to travel for landscape sceneries  shoot. There’s lots of planning and it only helps in your photography adventure and experiences. This would also allows you to enjoy your photography better and it can be a more fun time for you.

Step 3 – Invest Wisely In Equipment

There are always new toys and accessories in the market that is always enticing and attracting you to buy. It can be very tempting but we have to seriously ask ourselves, what kind of photography am I shooting and do I really need this new toy or accessories? Once we decided on a particular field of photography, we shouldn’t rush into buying all the new toys and accessories immediately. Personally, I encourage you all to explore and master your new toy (e.g. lens) and its capabilities and limitations before adding on the accessories to achieve the specialisation that you wanted in your photography. Sharing my own personal experiences, I started sports photography with my Canon EOS30D and EF 70-200mm f/4 L lens and I used this combination for about 3-4 years, shooting Rugby 7s and Singapore GP, before upgrading to a Canon EOS 1D Mark III and most recently adding the EF 300mm f/2.8 L lens. All this was done over a period of 5 years.

Step 4 – Embrace Education

Education, is and should be lifelong and ongoing, never-ending, regardless of whether it is about your work/professional career or hobby such as photography. For myself, photography was a lot about self-learning and exploration, coupled with some guide books, internet resources and one of the most important education that I ever received and I am still receiving was learning from photography seniors/masters/mentors. I am blessed by some bits and pieces of mentoring by different photographers and I am very grateful to them for passing down/sharing their photography tips, techniques, experiences and wisdom with me during my photography journey. While I am still learning the wonders of education in Photography, I am embracing sharing and mentoring through my own photography education and experiences, by teaching photography, I will be able to improve my level of photography knowledge and education.

Step 5 – Pursue Your Project

This is all about making and taking the First big step, in whatever you do. When you decided on your Photography Purpose, it’s now about execution and doing it! There will be ups and downs, it’s all part of your photography journey and do not give up! Just Do It and Keep It Going!

Step 6 – Adjust and Adapt 

While we are make plans to complete an assignment/project/goal, things are never smooth and there will be ups and downs along the way. Therefore, while we all make good plans, we must always be ready for changes and unforseen things happening. We need to be able and ready to adjust and adapt according to the situations, it can be adding/doing extra things into your existing project or taking away some of the things you are doing. Just like taking photographs, we always have to be ready to adjust and adapt to weather, lighting and situational conditions.

Step 7 – Follow Through At The Computer

Post processing initially was never part of my photography workflow. I confessed I was lazy,  I don’t have the expertise, knowledge and software. I was stubborn and  ignorant. After years, I slowly learned more about the scientific aspects behind those camera sensors and how different camera brands design/program them. There is a need for post processing and I began to adopt a simple post processing workflow into my photography recently using Aperture. In my photography adventure, I will ensure that the photographs that I take do not need too much post-processing by getting it close to “correct” based on the situation.

Step 8 – Invite Criticism

One of the human race worst flaw in my personal opinion is not able to take criticism in life. In life, criticisms (that are constructive) help us to improve in the things that we do, in work/career and our hobbies too. While criticisms can be painful at times (and your ego severely deflated), if the criticisms are unbiased, informed, constructive, meaningful and helpful, in the direction of  helping you improve your photography techniques, composition etc … All photographers can take back something constructive from it and move on to improve their photography skills and techniques.

Step 9 – Use Your Work

Share your works, with friends, photography enthusiasts, your local community and people around the world. Your works can be for sale or it can be part of a greater contribution to a social movement cause. Your photography works can make an impact and difference to the society around you and the world as well. I shared my photography works in various capacities and my photography experiences at alumni organisations and school. I have a Facebook Page for my Photography adventures and has a summary of my photography adventures to date. Some of  my personal photography projects are Old Places and The Green Corridor.

Step 10 – Share Your Knowledge

I believe in this personal philosophy Pay-It-Forward, this brings me back to ground level and start giving back to where I learned and started from. That is why I am active in my alumni mater activities and events, going back to my roots and giving it back something meaningful to them (as much as possible) , they are my Dragon Scout Group family and University of Queensland Alumni Association of Singapore. I also personally believe that sharing and passing on my photography knowledge as a mentor would help me in attaining higher levels of photography as I continued shooting and learning new things in photography. Start sharing your photography and Pay-It-Forward, to the wider local and international community out there!

After reading this article on Outdoor Photographer, it just impacted me a lot and reflect deeply. There are still many things for me to learn in photography and I am enjoying photography a lot more than the time when I said to myself “I have nothing interesting to shoot”. Today, I am not only photographing with a purpose, I am also embracing education to learn new photography skills and knowledge.

Moving ahead, I am planning to photograph more different areas and document more photographic stories to tell life stories and I like you to walk this photography journey with me!

“Your First 10,000 Photographs Are Your Worst” – Henri Cartier-Bresson

UQ Open Day 2012 and Alumni Events

In the month of September 2012, it was a pretty fun time for our University of Queensland Alumni Association of Singapore (UQAAS) with interesting activities and events.

UQ Open Day 2012

There was an University of Queensland (UQ) Open Day 2012 held at the Ritz Carlton Millenia on 1st September 2012 for potential students and their parents to pose questions for the staff and academia regarding courses and admissions. The UQAAS Ex-Co and fellow alumnus from the UQAAS community were there to show support and assistance for the Open Day 2012. The alumnus and UQAAS Ex-Co chaired an alumni discussion and sharing panel for the potential students and their parents to hear first hand stories and experiences on studying at University of Queensland and living in Brisbane. It was a very enriching sharing by our panel of 4 UQ graduates, their stories and experiences bringing back memories of our uni days in UQ and living in Brisbane.

I was only there for the last 2 hours of the Open Day to capture some of the action and the alumni panel discussion and sharing session due to commitments elsewhere before the UQ Open Day 2012. It was great to see the UQAAS Ex-Co very active and engaging and this promises to be more exciting and fun for future UQAAS events.

UQ 2012 Celebration of Giving Reception Singapore 

On the 12th September 2012, there was an alumni event where the University of Queensland celebrated the power and impact of philanthropy and volunteering. The University of Queensland also honoured a very distinguished alumnus, Dr Lee Boon Yang, a former Member of Parliament in Singapore, with an Honorary Doctorate for his distinguished and highest contributions to public service in Singapore during the Celebration of Giving Reception. Dr Lee shared with the guests at the Celebration of Giving Reception on his university experiences, how it helped him during his civil service and contribution to the people of Singapore when he was a Member of Parliament. Dr Lee’s rich sharing, experiences and wisdom left with us great respect and admiration on what we can do above and beyond for people and community.

UQ Global Leadership Series – Leading Innovation: Strategies of Sustainable Entrepreneurs

On the 13th September 2012, The University of Queensland held a Global Leadership Series – Leading Innovation : Strategies for Sustainable Entrepreneurs in Singapore with a distinguished panel of speakers. It was a lively program, sharing, discussion, engagement and networking with the speakers and audience. The speakers were –

Edwin Khew
Chairman & CEO, Waztec Pty Ltd.
2011 UQ International Alumnus of the Year

Kumaran Pillai
Chief Editor, The Online Citizen; Advisory Council Member, Tampines Junior College

Nigel Hembrow
Corporate Sustainability, ESD & Energy Efficiency – Asia, Amida Recruitment; Founding Member, The Hub Singapore

Professor José L. Torero (Moderator)
Head of School, Civil Engineering,
The University of Queensland

The topic was “As an innovation hub for clean technologies, Singapore is leading the way to encourage sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation and highlight the relationship between these fields. But how can corporations contribute to sustainable development? And is the role of the entrepreneur the key to their success? Hear three distinguished speakers provide their key insights on the topic, exploring both opportunities and obstacles for sustainable entrepreneurs in the region.”

The sharing by the distinguished speakers were awesome, I am planning to share more on the topics and discussions in a later write up, especially in the area of entrepreneurship and being an entrepreneur (something that I can relate to closely to my heart). It was enriching and engaging, from different perspectives and viewpoints, from different generations (of the speakers). The Global Leadership Series will definitely be better with more interesting and diverse global matters, topics and discussions when they travel around the world to places where UQ Graduates are. I am looking forward to their return back to Singapore!

Do check out UQAAS Facebook Page and Facebook Group for more updates on UQ events and activities! See you soon, fellow UQ Alumnus!

Australian Alumni Singapore 57th Anniversary Dinner

The Australian Alumni Singapore (AAS) celebrated her 57th Anniversary Dinner recently at Orchard Hotel on the 24th August 2012. The AAS 57th Anniversary Dinner was a great time my alumni mata, the University of Queensland Association of Singapore (UQAAS) to meet with new and old friends from the University of Queensland community. Besides, it was a great networking and catching up with fellow alumnus from fellow graduates from other universities from Australia, through AAS events and activities organised for their members. This was my 3rd AAS Anniversary Dinner and I had been covering them for the past 3 years from 2010 (55th Anniversary) t0 2012 (57th Anniversary). Here’s my write up and photos from the Australian Alumni Singapore 56th Anniversary Dinner.

The AAS 57th Anniversary Dinner was graced by the two Guest-of-Honour and VIPs, His Excellency Mr Doug Chester, Australia High Commissioner and Mr Khaw Boon Wan, Minister for National Development, a graduate from one of the universities in Australia. His Excellency Mr Doug Chester had served finished his tour of duty and would be returning back to Australia soon, therefore the 57th AAS Anniversary Dinner was a farewell dinner and gathering for him too! During the dinner, in the company of nice food, speech by His Excellency Mr Doug Chester, we had entertainment, performances and lucky draw too!

I was the official photographer for this year’s 57th Anniversary Dinner (and actually covered 55th and 56th Anniversary Dinner too) therefore, I would always gather and round up my alumni mata UQAAS friends to take more fun and group photos too! We had fun when I dropped by their tables, chatted with them and take candid photos! UQAAS had 2 tables at the 57th Anniversary Dinner and that’s a pretty good turnout! We had quite a few fun photos of the UQAAS community!

If you are a graduate from one of the universities in Australia, do join and connect with AAS here on Facebook! If you are a University of Queensland graduate, do connect with fellow alumnus of UQ with the UQAAS community here on Facebook – UQ Graduates in Singapore and University of Queensland Alumni Association of Singapore (UQAAS)! Check out our UQAAS events photographs here on my Flickr collection!

Photography Outing with UQAAS – Fireworks + Food

An evening of fun, filled with chatting, sharing my fireworks photography tips and lots of food. This was the outing that we held recently for University of Queensland Alumni Association of Singapore (UQAAS) on 4th August 2012 at the Marina Bay area, between the Marina Promontory and Marina Bay City Gallery. I decided to organise a small outing for my alumni and I chose the National Day Parade (NDP) 2012 preview rehearsal to conduct a fireworks photography tips session and the hardworking UQAAS Ex-Co organised the food eating segment after that.

While some of us set up our equipment for the fireworks, the rest were relaxing, chatting away and enjoying the weekend atmosphere around the Marina Bay, watching the rehearsal performance by the Singapore State Flag flypast and the fighter jets performing above the Marina Bay skyline. I had a enjoyable time chatting away while waiting in between the performances at Marina Bay, sharing my photography adventures, the fireworks photography tips and ideas on how I can conduct other photography related events in the future for UQAAS. Oh yes, do check out my Fireworks collection here on Flickr! This was a great experience for me too, teaching and sharing my photography tips that I gained/learned over the years to friends, will help me too. In any forms of training and learning, if you are able to share/teach what you have learned or your expertise to others, you can improve better!

The lovely folks from UQAAS Ex-Co were also busy networking and sharing with fellow alumnus on their upcoming events and activities they would be organising or events that UQAAS would be supporting and participating at Australian Alumni Singapore (AAS) or University of Queensland (UQ) initiative events. Do check them out for more details of events! After capturing and watching the NDP 2012 Preview Rehearsal fireworks, we packed up and headed towards 7 Storey Restaurant for lots of good food, located at the Marina Barrage, we had the Hainanese chicken rice, Hainanese pork chop, charcoal steamboat. While eating, it was relaxing and chatting way, sharing stories of our UQ study and living experiences and not to forget sharing about our favourite topic at the dinning table – Food !

Since we ate quite a lot of nice delicious food, we didn’t go home immediately after that. Instead, we walked around the dam, enjoying the evening stroll and beautiful Marina Bay skyline, taking (touristy) group photos. Yes, lots of fun taking touristy shots though! Looking ahead, more UQAAS activities coming up, when would I be organising another photography event? I am still in the process of planning something, thinking of a theme, maybe local Singapore hawker food photography touring ? I also have to check on the timing and schedule of the other events to ensure no clashes with the other UQAAS events too.

Thanks to my UQAAS alumnus friends for coming down, taking photographs, chatting, sharing of our UQ study/living days and food of course!

April Drinks with UQAAS at 1 Altitude !

On a Friday 13th April 2012, an evening of gathering, networking, making new & more friends from the University of Queensland (UQ) community in Singapore. Organised by University of Queensland Alumni Association of Singapore (UQAAS), it was a night to beat the Friday the 13th blues and join fellow UQ buddies for April drinks! It was held at 1-Altitude which is the world’s highest al fresco bar, the view was awesome and it was a great time to chill out, catch up and make new friends from UQ !

The response was great, with many new faces joining the UQ community in Singapore, a good mix of graduates from the new graduates to those with years of working experience, awesome opportunities for networking and sharing, from industry knowledge sharing to mesmerizing good old UQ Uni days in Brisbane! UQAAS is led by Tammie, the President of the UQAAS Ex-Co and well supported by enthusiastic members Shawn, Chrissy, Paul, David, Sara and new upcoming young faces into the UQAAS Ex-Co.

If you are a UQ Graduate, do keep in touch here with the UQAAS, do check out them on Facebook, subscribe to the emailing list and updates on Facebook.

University of Queensland Alumni Association of Singapore (UQAAS) Facebook Page

UQ Graduates in Singapore Facebook Group 

There will be lots of interesting activities, organised by UQAAS and we also support our bigger alumni body, Australian Association Singapore (AAS) activities and events too, by joining and participating in their events and activities too! Do check out some of our past UQAAS activities here on my Flickr collection ! Here’s some of the photos taken at 1-Altitude on my Facebook photos collection!

Australian Alumni Singapore 56th Anniversary Dinner

The Australian Alumni Singapore (AAS), the alumni body that takes care of the graduates from the various Australian Universities, now in its 56th year. AAS organised their anniversary dinner and it was a great turn-out and participation from the various different Australian Universities, a chance for fellow friends to catch up, mix around and networking.

My alumni mata, The University of Queensland, was there too, participating at the AAS 56th Anniversary Dinner, held at Raffles Town Club, held on the 26th October 2011. Our local alumni body, University of Queensland Alumni Association of Singapore (UQAAS), were there and we had 2 tables, with a great of mix of recent graduates and those who had been working for a number of years to those senior alumni graduates from University of Queensland. This dinner was graced by the President of Singapore, His Excellency, Dr Tony Tan and Mrs Tan, along with the Australian High Commissioner, His Excellency, Mr Doug Chester and Mrs Chester.

Accompanied by the beautiful classical music and singing, it was good to catch up with fellow graduates and chat with the recent graduates, social networking and exchange. Besides, it’s also good to find other fellow friends from Australian Universities graduates and catch up too!

While I was going around taking photographs, I took the time to chat with my UQAAS friends and took many more photographs of them and getting the other photographers to help too (with me inside the group photos!). Do check out some of the selected photos taken here on Flickr ! If you are a University of Queensland graduate, do check out the activities by UQAAS and by AAS too ! Check out our past UQAAS activities and events photographs here on Flickr !


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UQAAS Christmas Brunch at Artichoke Cafe & Bar

With the year 2010 coming close to an end, in the festive month of December, with all the year end celebrations, Christmas and gatherings, the friendly folks of University of Queensland Alumni Association of Singapore (UQAAS) organised a Christmas Brunch, a warm, fun and relaxed event at Artichoke Cafe & Bar, opened by a fellow University of Queensland graduate too! Do check out their facebook page too !

The brunch was great, the folks there were lovely, relaxed and chatty, having fun with my camera for my friends. A nice time to get together for the UQAAS Ex-Co members to discuss ideas, plans and activities for the year 2011. Moving forward in 2011, UQAAS will be planning more interesting activities and events for the graduates/members of University of Queensland.

On a personal note, there has been an increase in enquiries for my photography sharing/teaching and walkabout trips, looking at the response and camera playing from the UQAAS Ex-Co and during my networking sessions. Therefore, I am looking forward to plan such sharing and walkabout trips for the graduates/members of UQAAS.

As 2010 draws to a close, I would like to wish all my readers/followers and fellow Graduates of UQAAS, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ! Stay tuned for more UQAAS events & activities !

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University of Queensland Centenary Celebrations (Singapore)

100 and not out, this is the University of Queensland’s Centenary Celebrations, the year 2010. A year of celebrations to mark the achievements, awards and networks of her current students and past alumni graduates, back in Brisbane and in many parts of the world whereby University of Queensland (UQ)has an alumni presence.

The University of Queensland Alumni Association of Singapore (UQAAS) organised the Centenary Celebrations in Singapore, with a wonderful and fun night at the China Club, located in the heart of the Tanjong Pagar, Singapore’s Central Business District, overlooking the harbour and business offices. The ambience was great and the decorations were really beautiful, elegant and posh and the sceneries were simply beautiful. The master of ceremony was Saravanan, who hosted and opened the event, Dr Angelo Venardos, the President of UQAAS, giving a short speech and introducing the UQAAS Ex-Co members.

The buffet was really nice and had a nice spread of different dishes, everybody there enjoyed the food. Thereafter, they began to hang around, chatting and networking together. Graduates of different era coming together, of young and old, networking and sharing their UQ experiences in studies and living abroad. Wee Tong who went back to Brisbane in July 2010 for the UQ Centenary Celebrations, also shared his story too.

Led by Paul and Tammie of UQAAS Ex-Co, sharing The University of Queensland’s achievements and glories, stories of their University days, toasting to a beautiful centenary celebration, supported by the other UQAAS Ex-Co members Eric, Saravanan, Adam and Victor, who further toasted UQ 100 years with uniquely Singapore Yum Seng ! The crowds joined in too and it was really a night of fun and cheering !

There were also a great sharing by distinguished UQ alumnus Mr Loh Hoon Sun, his sharing was appreciated by those present there. The night had to come to a close, Eric, the Vice-President of UQAAS, thanked all for coming to attend the Centenary Celebrations. New friendships were made, networking between UQ Graduates of different generations, a night of fun, great food, atmosphere and ambience. This is a fitting tribute to UQ Centenary Celebrations !

Happy 100 years old to University of Queensland !

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Fun & Cosy Christmas Dinner of QLD Universities Alumni !

The month of December is always a festive month of fun, celebrations, gatherings and dinners leading up to the Christmas period. This year, it was no exception and it takes on a bigger significance since the year 2009 was a very difficult year for everybody, things had started to turn and change for the better slightly and slowly.


The University of Queensland Alumni Association of Singapore, UQAAS, organised and led a fun and cosy Christmas Dinner event with other universities from the state of Queensland at the Sheraton Towers Singapore. The night was filled with great food, nice and cosy atmosphere with interesting games organised by the Ex-Co, starting with an interesting ice-breaker “local landmarks style” to form groups, gathering graduates from different eras together, followed by an Aussie / Queenslander  quiz for all to take on together with all teams getting the same score lines !


Lastly, the highlight of the games/activities segment, a beer drinking competition from the 3 different groups, each with a lady and gentleman to drink down the beer in the fastest time. Individual lady and gentleman winner from the beer drinking took home a special surprise gift of a sponsored bottle of wine from one of fellow alumni graduate, Mr Frankie Tan.


Was it the end of the fun ? Oh no, Eric took the lead and got more excess beer cans and the rest of the crowds joined in for the fun of beer drinking to see who was the fastest beer drinker without the prize !! The atmosphere was fun, the spirit was great and lively and we left for home with chocolate goodies. For more photos of our wonderful and fun and cosy Christmas Dinner, do check out the photos on Flickr !


Well done UQAAS Ex-Co for this wonderful Christmas Dinner !! Wishing all the alumni members from QLD state a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !