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A Christmas Gathering & Feasting

Christmas, the festive season, a time for many gatherings and feasting. Organised by Amanda, a few of us came down and had dinner at Tonkichi, Orchard Central. The food there was pretty good especially for their Tonkatsu and if I am going back to eat again, it will be Tonkatsu meal with rice.

Within these group of friends at this dinner, it’s their first time seeing and knowing each other, since they might only be chatting and interacting on the twitter, facebook or blogging arenas, while some of us had met before quite a number of times. There were Clayton, Christopher, Leon, Jerrick, Amanda, Sue and Daphne.

Introduction to those who haven’t met before, chatting away and sharing their professional work experiences, who they are on the twitterverse and blogging arena. With many of us being photographers, there was quite a lot of topics on photography and playing with each other DSLRs and lens, shooting away freely. It was also my first revelation of my Canon 1D Mk 3 to some of them and it became a toy to test the power of 10 fps 🙂

Finishing off the dinner there with a chocolate log cake, the meal was filling and feeling quite full on the tummy. A short walk to find an ice cream place proved Mission Impossible due to the massive crowds at  Orchard Road and we settled for Hereen Basement for McDonald drinks and continued chatting away, with Renhao, coming in to join us for the drinks.

A fun night of eating, chatting, relaxing and playing with toys. Oh yeah, maybe we should take group photos next time !

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TweetMeetSG on 26th June !

Mark this down ! TweetMeetSG on 26th June ! On the 26th June 2010, at the SMU Campus Green from 4pm to 6pm, there is a Mass Tweet Up Picnic, a time for gathering and fun, food, music and making new friends from the twitter and blogsphere ! Visit them here – Tweet Meet Facebook http://pea.to/IACtms !

From this event, you would get the chance to know more about the power of the information technology, how the digital divide can be bridged by enabling people with different disabilities through technology. Take a stand, support this great cause, help those people affected by different disabilities to equip themselves with professional skills and knowledge in information technology.

Let us all help those with different types of disabilities to grow, introducing them to the power of information technology, making a difference in their life, pay it forward and help them to SOW their growth path !

Folks, look no further !! Join the #TweetMeetSG this coming 26th of June!!! http://pea.to/iactm

ShootUrTweeple ! A Fun Photography Walkabout Event !

With the growth and expansion of social media networking such as Twitter, the interaction between people, friends and business partners took on a new playing arena, increasing networking and exchanges between them. Using Twitter, I got to know a lot more photographers, bloggers and micro-bloggers (Twitter), attended different events that brought different people from different or common interests together.

What  is ShootUrTweeple ? Organised by Kevin,” … of this tweetup, photography, fun and getting to walk through places where in our daily lives we would otherwise not normally tread…” For me, I totally agree with his view and it gave everyone of us here in Singapore, locals and tourists alike, how often have we walked past or rushed past a street, road to get from Point A to B or from office to shopping or office to home ? Are we missing the little things around us that is rich in history and culture ?

We started off, meeting at Farrer Park MRT Station, meeting many new photographers, bloggers and micro-bloggers for the first time and although I didn’t manage to chat with all, hope to catch up you folks in other tweetup events ! The drizzle delayed our journey into Little India and we being photographers started to entertain and ShootUrTweeple !

The route was pretty interesting, even though I walked around Little India before, visiting one of the Hindu temple around the area for my ex-colleague’s Hindu Wedding and also my previous office being near there too, I had my walkabout experiences around in the area. Nevertheless, how often I walked slowly, enjoyed the atmosphere and culture, looked the different shophouses of different designs, colours and conditions ? They do gave us many different photography opportunities !

Walking, taking photographs, lots of fun and sharing, making new friends. Shot only with my 50mm f1.8, something that I don’t usually do ! A different challenge yet it was very fun for me and got used to it in quick time ! After walking around in different routes, our end point is Zsofi Tapas Bar at 68 Dunlop Street for beers and pizzas. A great place to rest, great ambience, delicious pizzas, friendly staff ! Nice place to chill out for all of the ShootUrTweeple people ! With beers and pizzas, chatting and relaxing !! If not for me having to rush off to the Airport picking up my parents, I would definitely be staying longer !

Do check out more photos here on Flickr ! I would also be adding more fellow ShootUrTweeple blog posts here too !

~ Lennel Tan “#shooturtweeple Little India edition

~ Smith Leong “#shooturtweeple Awards Night

Thanks a lot to the organisers, Kevin , Callan for this wonder ShootUrTweeple ! A big Hello to the ShootUrTweeple that I met for the first time too !!