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Smarty (prescription) Sunglasses for my photography and outdoors

Sunglasses, how does come into the picture for my photography website? This accessory is not directly linked to photography and mainstream photography accessories. The sunglasses is more of an apparel, essential and important especially for those who spent time outdoors in their work and leisure. A pair of sunglasses in my personal humble opinion is very useful and important for photographers like me who are taking photographs in the outdoors (events, wildlife, travel) and also for those who love the great outdoors!

Nowadays, there are many more sunglasses brands, models and designs available in the market. I owned other sunglasses previously and still have them today but they were not prescribed to my short sighted eyes. I have been searching for prescription sunglasses and couldn’t really find suitable ones over the years. When I read about Smarty Sunglasses by The Lens Men, I decided to read up and research more about Smarty Sunglasses and they were able to do a prescription sunglasses!

There are other alternatives too e.g. wearing contact lenses or going for lasik surgery. After weighing the options available and based on my personal preferences, I chose the prescription sunglasses method. Therefore, I decided to visit my friendly and trusted optometrist The Lens Men (my last two pair of spectacles were with them). Prior to going down, I had a chat with The Lens Men via Facebook and they were responsive to my queries.

I was lucky that The Lens Men happened to run a promotion program – Sporty September on their Facebook page in the month of September 2016 with custom Rx packages featuring Essilor’s Crizal Xperio are 30% off, I managed to make an appointment the final week of September and get my Smarty prescription sunglasses, at The Eye Site, sister company of The Lens Men! Some might feel that it’s a bit pricey for a prescription sunglasses, I view it as an investment for my photography and outdoors. I managed to raise some funds for my Smarty prescription sunglasses from selling off old smartphones during my de-cluttering process.

Smarty Sunglasses S14516
Smarty Sunglasses S14516

When I was at The Eye Site getting my Smarty sunglasses done up, I initially wanted the model S14509 because I really liked this design. However, the friendly folks at The Eye Site advised me that based on my the degrees for both my eyes, it is highly not recommended because the prescription lens will look really thick and not suitable for that particular frame. After listening to their professional and detailed explanation, I looked at other alternative models and I chose S14516 instead. I waited for about 1 week+, I was finally able to collect my Smarty Sunglasses and I realised why the folks at The Eye Site / The Lens Men advised me not to go for the initial model S14509 because my lens would be quite thick!

With photography master Yip (centre) and photography master Jensen Chua (right) at Singapore Zoo

Finally, after searching for some time, I finally have a prescription sunglasses for my photography and great outdoors. I brought it to Hokkaido recently in October and it came in very handy when I was on Mount Tokachi, with snow on their slopes (while it is still autumn season), facing the sun and snow, my Smarty sunglasses really helped me a lot, protecting my eyes too! Although I have to lift up my Smarty sunglasses to view the photos on my LCD screen on my camera, it’s just a minor action to do and I can live with this action, as long as my eyes are protected from the glaring sun.

As a person who love the great outdoors, a photographer who shoots quite a lot outdoors too (wildlife, events, sports), a pair of sunglasses to me is a must have. Add in a prescription based sunglasses, it’s really ideal for me! I found this prescription sunglasses with the Smarty Sunglasses via The Lens Men and The Eye Site, friendly, professional and knowledgable folks, this is my third pair of glasses with them!

Time to explore more outdoors and taking photos with my prescription Smarty Sunglasses!

The Moonlight Frame from The Lens Men

The time has come, I needed a new pair of spectacle frame and I didn’t know when was the last time I changed my spectacle frame that the one I was wearing prior to this change. I was following The Lens Men on Instagram and my previous spectacle was from them, one fine day, I spotted this nice blue colour spectacle frame series known as Moonlight. When I first saw the blue colour Moonlight series frame, my mind was more or less decided, to change my spectacle frame to that blue Moonlight series spectacle frame!


Corresponding with The Lens Men on Instagram via the comments, I got to know more about their Moonlight series frames, it’s their in-house label, lightweight, flexible, durable and in a variety of colours, more information can be found here on The Lens Men website. Since I was planning to change a new pair of spectacle frame and it fitted in nicely with Great Singapore Sale 2014, I decided to go down The Lens Men outlet at JEM and finally made the order for a new pair of spectacle frame. When I saw the blue colour Moonlight frame and the other colourful combinations of the Moonlight series, it was not hard for me to make a quick and fast decision, I chose the blue colour Moonlight frame that I first saw on Instgram! Since I was a return customer, The Lens Men still have my record and was able to tell me when I got my spectacle frame from them. It was 4 years ago and as I was writing up this article, I dug up my archives and found my post here when I had my first spectacle frame from The Lens Men in June 2010!


The Lens Men carries a wide variety of spectacle frames and collections, do check out their website and Instagram for more details! While I am not the type who change a new pair of spectacle frames every year, they have been a trusted brand with great customer service and professionalism. That’s why I do not hesitate to return back to The Lens Men for my new pair of spectacle frame after 4 years. This pair of Moonlight spectacle frame also marks a new chapter and journey for me, it’s a new start, a new beginning and a new journey ahead for my entrepreneurship direction! Maybe I will get myself a new corporate profile shot with my new Moonlight series spectacle frame!


Oh yes, The Lens Men is having a Great Singapore Sale 2014, I will let you visit them and check out their collection and GSS 2014 Promotion!

A New Specs = A New Portrait !

4 years or even longer, that’s the possibility of how long I had my previous spectacles for. With corrosion and scratched lens on my spectacles, I was pondering on a new spectacles, to get a fresh and new look, giving myself a new beginning again, after my horrific accident and now on the route to recovery.

With a voucher given by The Lens Men that was inside 24seven Christmas Party in December 2009, I waited the very last day of the voucher and headed down to Centrepoint  branch of The Lens Men and decided to go for my spectacles makeover. The excellent service and professionalism by Farah, the optometrist who attended to me and helped me with my spectacles selection and eye testing.

Dear readers, presenting a rare appearance of my portrait ! A New Spectacles ! A New Portrait ! Thanks to Amanda for taking my portrait photo with my iPhone !

Do check out the extensive and wonderful collection of The Lens Men and I am looking forward to purchase another pair of spectacles from The Lens Men, known as the Traction Production 🙂