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A Spectacular Night at Singapore River Festival 2010 !

An awesome night of performance, across the Singapore River, in between Clarke Quay and the Central. The Singapore River Festival 2010 kicked off with a great bang with a magical performance known as AIR – A Spectacular by the River.

Combining the elements of air and water, along with aerial acrobatics and beautiful choreography, this wonderful performance showcase the essence and history of Singapore River, from its days of an international port to the present hip and happening dining and entertainment belt along the Singapore River. Combining the 2 elements of air and water, it’s like a combination of East meets West, that is a cosmopolitan of rich cultures and diversities all coming together, that made Singapore today, with the Singapore River playing a huge part in the history and economical development of modern cosmopolitan Singapore.

As the performance got underway, it was very entertaining and amazing, let my photos bring you through the journey of a spectacular night at Singapore River Festival 2010 !

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Mid Autumn Festival by the River – 6th September 2008

After my adventure at the NBA Madness that was held at Marina Square, had dinner with Ray and Vik before we all split up to do our own stuff.
For me, I had planned to visit Mid Autumn Festival by the River, whereby the lanterns and lights were on display beside The Central and opposite Clarke Quay, along the Singapore River. When I reached there, there were quite a crowd of people of all ages, both locals and tourists, soaking in the event.
The Mid Autumn Festival is a significant day in the Chinese Lunar Calender, with history and origins from folklore, myths and history. Wikipedia does an excellent job to summarise on The Mid Autumn Festival, do drop by their site to read on the different versions on the history of The Mid Autumn Festival
Another key component of this wonderful event is Mooncakes, whereby there were many different varieties and styles evolved over modernisation and they were getting more interesting, I am not the biggest fan of Mooncakes, however, if I had the opportunity, I would do a special blog post on the various mooncakes. 
Back to the festival, there were many different light ups along the river, 12 Chinese Zodiac animals, deities, myths and folklore, history. It was a great family festival and if you are touring Singapore, do drop by and take a look ! There was also an awesome performance by a Shanghai Martial Arts Performing Troupe, that I didn’t manage to get information on, performing outside The Central shopping mall. When I was there, it was raining heavily and I couldn’t manage to get a good location to take nice photos of their wonderful performances, in the midst of difficult conditions and non-ideal shooting location.
Do drop by my flickr site for more photos ! 
Oh, let’s start counting down to the 15th day of the 8th Lunar Month ! Bring out your lanterns and start lighting up the sky !

2008 Spring/Summer Fashion Show – Flora Revival @ Central

The Singapore Fashion Festival 2008 is coming to town and it will be held from 28th March to 6th April 2008. Besides the glamorous fashion events, shows and displays, major shopping centres and fashion brands also take the opportunity to showcase their latest range of fashion design.


The Central organised an arts and fashion event and there was the Spring/Summer Fashion Show – Flora Revival, showcasing feminine floral prints on beautiful dresses and blouses, that could worn for both office or casual.

It was a very fun event, great to back shooting models walking down on the catwalk and it wasn’t too crowded, managed to get a good location without being squeezed out. However, while I was happily taking photos of the models, my flash became cranky and gave me quite a number of problems. Therefore, some of my photos didn’t come out that well and would need more attention in post-processing.

More photos can be viewed here !