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Must Try Food : Old Tiong Bahru Roast Specialist

The lunch crowds at Tanjong Pagar Plaza are usually crowded and packed, with many people eating and queuing for their favourite food stalls. Among those stalls at Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market and Food Centre, there is roast meat specialist that stands out, with its queue, popularity and very yummy looking roast pork, char siew and roast duck.
This is the Old Tiong Bahru Roast Specialist and I tasted their Char Siew and Roast Pork combination with boiled egg. Nice meat portion sizes, tasty, the roast pork was tender and skin was crispy. It wasn’t too oily nor having too much fats either ! The gravy for the roast pork and char siew was sweet and the thickness is just nice for my liking an taste great on the rice.
Take a look at my Roast Pork and Char Siew Rice with egg ! Look at the Roast Pork !
Where are they located ? Information below :

Old Tiong Bahru Roast Specialist
Address: Tanjong PagarTanjong Pagar Plaza Market & Food Centre, Blk 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #02-39

Do drop by and visit them and find out more about their other dishes there !

Must Try Food : Issan Thai Food

A cosmopolitan city, a melting pot of cultures and people, east meets west, the fusion and mix of different culture’s food coming into Singapore, makes us a unique country of many different food varieties and specialities. Our favourite neighbour, the Land of Smiles, Thailand, has a great mix of Thai food and I am a big fan of Thai food.

Tucked away in one of Singapore’s oldest hawker centre, in the middle of the Central Business District, in the heart of the Tanjong Pagar, there is a Thai Food outlet, known as Issan Thai Food. It’s popular, delicious and you can see people queueing up for their food during lunch time. 2 of the food that I tasted were Phad Thai and Thai Green Curry, freshly cooked and hot.

Let me share my experiences on the Phad Thai first, it’s very nicely cooked, just nice and the right mix of seasoning and sauce, not too wet and oily and the prawns are fresh! Mix the crushed nuts, chili powder and squeeze the lime onto the Phad Thai, you are tasting an authentic Phad Thai !

Thai Green Curry (Chicken), another of my favourite Thai dish, love its taste and soup, not too spicy, not too thick, not too oily, fresh herbs filled the Green Curry and when you chew on them, the fragrance and freshness melts in your mouth, the power of the freshness and quality of the ingredients. Mix it with the rice and this is an awesome combination.

Do drop by Issan Thai Food and try their delicious authentic Thai Food !

Blk  6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market and Food Centre.

#02- 23

Delicious Thai Food, lovely and I would go back to try out their different Thai dishes !

Must Try Food : Soon Heng Food Delights Lor Mee

Lor Mee, probably one of Singapore’s favourite local food delights and definitely one of my favourite food delights. Soon Heng Food Delights Lor Mee, tucked away in one of Singapore’s oldest hawker centre, in the middle of the Central Business District, in the heart of the Tanjong Pagar.

What makes this Lor mee so special, popular and well liked ? Take a look !

Can you see the ingredients inside the bowl ? Did you see 2 deep fried “fish ball” ? Do you know what it is ? It’s not your average fish ball, it’s deep fried shark meat ball !! The Lor Mee soup/gravy base is not as thick, however, it is just as smooth, delicious and doesn’t turn soggy quickly, retaining its texture, smoothness and taste.

Their ingredients are a mixed of Ngoh Hiang a.k.a Wu Xiang and this make this Lor Mee special and unique. Their chili comes in 2 types, sliced chili and belacan chili, along with the nicely mashed garlic, put them together into the Lor Mee gravy/soup and you have a great combination !

This is the address of this delicious Lor Mee

Soon Heng Food Delights

Blk  6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market and Food Centre.

#02- 20

Alright foodies ! Do drop by and have a great Lor Mee meal !

Must Try Food : House of Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice, a dish, that is sometimes an integral part of Singapore’s food culture and history, very popular and well liked by Singaporeans and tourists, therefore there are quite a number of chicken rice stalls in Singapore, spread all over the island. Therefore, how does the Chicken Rice stall stands out ?

First and foremost, let me introduce to this eatery known as House of Chicken Rice, popular among the white collar workers of Tanjong Pagar CBD area and among the locals too. They have the roasted chicken and steamed chicken varieties, both tasted very nice and delicious, especially the sauce that the cook/chef would pour on your chicken meat when they serve it to you. Therefore, they do have a steady queue of people eating their chicken rice and their chickens are usually sold out ! That’s how popular and nice the House of Chicken Rice is !

Their fried bean curd taste nice too and you can order them as an additional side dish to complement your chicken rice set, the spices of chili, sweet thick soya sauce, green ginger/garlic paste (if I analysed it correctly) along with their soup, it makes your chicken rice meal experience awesome and wanting to come back for more !

Do visit the House of Chicken Rice, the address is as follows :

Blk 8 Tanjong Pagar Plaza

#02- (would find the unit number & update again)

p/s: I like the steamed chicken rice set 🙂

Must Try Food : Fish Slice Soup of Tanjong Pagar Plaza

Fish slice soup, Teochew style, hidden away in one of Singapore’s old district and rich heritage area. A stall without any signboard above, it just looked simple and faded away in history. Yet, this Teochew fish slice stall, has a rich and simple fish soup base that comes along with fresh fish slices and bitter gourd !

I was introduced to this fish slice stall by my senior from Gan Eng Seng School Dragon Scout Group, when we met up  together with other old boys of Dragon Scout Group for a lunch gathering at  Blk  6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market and Food Centre. The stall is managed by an old lady with her son (I presumed) and they are located on the 2nd floor, unit number 46.

They have fish slice soup and mixed fish soup, personally, I would go for their fish slice soup, love their simple and rich fish soup base with bitter gourd to “lower down the heat trapped inside you” and in Singapore’s hot and humid weather, it helps a lot and gives the soup a cooling and refreshing flavour too.

Look at the photos, it’s not oily at all and you would love the simplicity of the soup ! Once you have the soup and tasted the fish slices, you would definitely come back for more !