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Photos From Super Import Nights 2009 !!!

In a country that many of its people want to own a car and unique car regulations in the world, coupled with the incoming Singapore F1 GP, we are kind of car fanatics and there are definitely a group of people out there who love the sports car and auto styling area of cars.


Super Import Nights 2009, in its 3rd year, was back again from the 18th September to 21st September 2009 at the Singapore Expo, and being a sports car fanatic, I went on the last day to enjoy myself watching the drift session, look at the different sports cars on display and of course, the beautiful and stunning race queens from Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and USA !


The drifting actions and performances were pretty good, and it was great to watch them perform since I am a drift fan since watching Initial D. Inside the Expo Hall, there were different companies there, ranging from performance tuning, styling, accessories, sports cars sales etc etc …. There were some interesting designs and it was an eye opener !


As for the main hot octane action, the crowd pullers were definitely the race queens and I believed there could be a group of photographers who had been regularly going there for the past 3-4 days from gates open to gates closing !! Having went to the previous 2 Super Import Nights, I had a very good idea on how their actions, patterns, movements would be like !! It was fun watching and observing other photographers 🙂


The race queens were hot and definitely entertained the guys out there, there were more action such as pole dancing and bikini babe contest that I wasn’t able to capture as I wasn’t around when they were performing. There could be some interesting debates and discussions on which country’s race queens were better, prettier etc etc …. For me, all of them were really great and we all must applaud them for being professional, lovely, pretty and lighting up the event !



For more photos of Super Import Nights 2009, do drop by my Flickr and enjoy the photos ! Hope you folks enjoy Super Import Nights 2009 !! Let’s all look forward to the Singapore F1 GP !!

Race Queens of Super Import Nights

You had heard of them, you had been there to support them and it’s part of the reasons you visit Super Import Nights, to give yourself an opportunity to take photographs of the beautiful race queens.

During Super Import Nights 2007, this carnival was blessed with local and overseas models, all beautiful and elegant. It was really great fun taking photos of them posing with the sports cars. I would like to highlight their invaluable contributions to the carnival and the lovely race queens deserve a big round of applause for their beautiful and sweet smiles that leaves a huge impression in me.

I was there on the 3rd day and it was a huge challenge to take the photographs of the overseas models because I was beaten by other fellow photographers to the frontline. Therefore, I wasn’t able to capture many photographs of them.

Thank you to all the models who graced the Super Import Nights !

p/s: I would upload selected photos of the Race Queens into my flickr in due time…. do keep a lookout !

Super Import Nights Chapter 2 – Day & Night Drifting

The art of car drifting is something special, that requires a high technical and driving skills level and the car you are drifting should be properly tuned and maintained. It’s an art and showmanship as well, sports cars love to appreciate this form of talent and driving art, along with other driving such as high speed racing (e.g. F1), drag racing or WRC rally driving.

Super Import Nights carnival showcased our local drifters in action, in the day and night. Nissan S13 & S14 are the famous sports cars used by drifters worldwide, as shown in the drifting display here in Super Import Nights. There were also other sports cars as well and it was an exciting time to watch them show the high levels of technical driving.

Drifting should be learned and driven properly and we drivers must learn to conduct ourselves properly without jepardising our life and other people life. As much we dream to become Fujiwara Takumi of Initial D, we need to take it one step at a time.

Hope you folks enjoy the drifting !

Super Import Nights Chapter 1 – Sports Cars , Autostyling and modifications


Owning a car in Singapore can be very expensive, not to mention our additional costs to running and maintaining a car. When I was studying in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, I saw how much they were able to put into their cars in the areas of modifications and styling because the purchase of a car is not expensive.

While I was at the Super Import Nights, I was amazed at how some of the car owners in Singapore had invested into their beloved cars. Some of them chose to do performance modifications especially with sports cars, while others chose styling and their cars were given a great new look ! There were also some cars who were a hybrid of both styles and it was truly fun for me to walk around and admire their artwork.

Being a sports car fanatic, I was always looking inside many different WRX and EVO engines, analysing how their engines are modified and what are the different accessories fitted inside. The new Mitsubishi Evolution X was on display at the carnival and it looked different from the past few Evolution generations.


Let’s take time to enjoy the cars on display here !

HOT Octane Action – Super Import Nights 2007


You have seen my earlier posting on the Super Import Nights Roadshow and now, I am sharing with you on my fun and adventures at the Singapore Expo for this wonderful sports cars, accessories, racing and beautiful models event.

This is not your usual motorshow whereby new family sedans or MPV or SUV etc etc are launched or marketed. If you are into modified sports cars, autostyling, racing and high octane action and not forgetting the beautiful ladies gracing the occasion, such specialised motorshows are the types for you.

Although the exhibition space wasn’t that big, it packed many different companies displaying their new sports cars e.g. Mitsubishi Evolution X, accessories and tuning processes. On top of that, there were overseas race queens along with our local race queens, giving this carnival fun and joy. There were also drifting cars display by our Singapore sports cars and they gave everybody there a wonderful technical skillful display of precision driving, techniques and high octane action + burning rubber tyres + smoke.

Over the next few posts, I would share with you folks coming into my blog on my adventures at Super Import Nights on 10th November, it would be something like this:

(1) Sports cars, Engines and Autostyling
(2) Drifting
(3) Race Queens

Meanwhile, hope you folks enjoy the initial selected set of photos here !

Super Imports Night Roadshow @ Cineleisure

In November 2007, from 8th to 11th at the Singapore Expo, there is a sports cars exhibition for all sports cars enthusiasts:

Super Import Nights — Hot Babes, Wild Rides

I am looking foward to this event, always been a fan of sports cars, modified, racing cars (F1 & JGTC), heavily influenced by Formula 1, Initial D & 2 Fast 2 Furious.

After the fashion shoot at Takashimaya, I walked down to Cineleisure and looked around the some of the sports cars on display. A glimpse into the fun we can expect during the event:

Do check out their official website (from the link above) for more information. It’s time to be a sports and racing cars events (& also portraits) photojournalist.