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Anime Festival Asia 2013

Anime Festival Asia 2013, a fun and exciting event, a gathering of many people who loved the world of manga, comics, cartoons and anime. Anime Festival Asia 2013 Singapore was held from 8th to 10th November 2013, at the Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre, over the 3 days event, it was packed with many fans and followers of anime, along with a big turnout of cosplay parade as well outside the convention halls.


Inside the convention halls, there were many exhibitors showcasing their a range of anime, comics, collections, cosplay wear. There were many visitors to the Anime Festival Asia 2013 and it was like the turnout of our regular quarterly IT Show! This was also a time for the artists to showcase their talents in their comics drawings, networking with fellow anime artists, anime arts and crafts too! I do love the anime figurines on display, especially the robots! The newer anime robots reminded me of my childhood days following science fiction anime series Robotech! Other anime series that I followed vigorously last time were Samurai X and Ranma 1/2. While I am a bit lost behind with the current anime circle of happenings and shows, I always love the anime cartoon series, comics and cosplay, they are just so much fun, interesting and colourful! It’s not just about the exhibition and cosplay, there were guest and celebrities flown in from overseas to grace the event and meet the fans too! There were concert performances too during Anime Festival Asia 2013 Singapore!


The open area outside the convention halls on the third floor were packed with lots of action too! It was a haven for photographers, some bringing their portable lighting systems – lighting stand, soft box and flash! There were many enthusiastic and fun loving anime fans in their favourite anime character costumes! The cosplay scene here is pretty good and has a good following/gathering too! The cosplay characters will be more than happy to pose for you and get their cosplay photographs taken by photographers! It can be quite crowded on the third floor with many photographers wanting to take photographs of the many different cosplay displays! Do check out my Anime Festival Asia 2013 Singapore photographs here on Flickr!


Do follow Anime Festival Asia on

Anime Festival Asia Facebook Page

– Anime Festival Asia on Twiiter 

It was a fun time there, huge crowds and lots of interesting cosplay characters! I look forward to future Anime Festival Asia events and enjoy catching up on the anime scene!

Canon is a major sponsor for Anime Festival Asia 2013 Singapore and I would like to thank Canon for the opportunity to visit Anime Festival Asia 2013 Singapore!

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Let’s Stand Together against CyberShock!

CyberShock! There is a cyber-attack attacking our cyber networks and our national essential services! Are you ready to stand together against CyberShock and defend  THE NATION?


In our highly connected internet and social media networking lifestyle today, with many IT gadgets and running a web of technology lifestyle. The importance and significance of Cyber Defence, education and awareness just got even bigger and to be a part of our Total Defence and National Security. CyberShock is a fun and interesting event that aims to awaken Singaporeans to the likelihood of a cyber-attack affecting our lives in Singapore. This event bridges the gap between the virtual and physical worlds with the help of a LEGO city called THE NATION and a digital game. National Security is an abstract concept that encompasses many different things, Cyber Defence/Cyber Security is just one of the pillars of National Security.




At the CyberShock event currently held at Suntec City West Atrium, there are over 168,277 LEGO pieces that forms THE NATION , comprising of The City Centre with five essential services namely (1) The Airport, (2) The Water Works, (3) The Federal Bank, (4) The Telecommunications Centre and (5) The Electricity Board. Being a LEGO fan, I really loved how the LEGO was used to build THE NATION! Once you are at CyberShock, play the various games there! By simulating a cyber-attack on essential services within a fictional environment, the game echoes the rallying cry “Let’s Stand Together”, as players solve a variety of puzzles to restore THE NATION’s five crippled essential services. Educational elements are also woven into the game in the form of booster questions. Oh, play the games, and you might win some attractive prizes, visit CyberShock and find out more!


Share CyberShock with your friends, both online and offline, the importance and significance of Cyber Defence. Open up the minds of your family, relatives, loved ones and friends about Cyber Security, Cyber Defence and how everybody’s collective action “Let’s Stand Together” can help to prevent a cyber-attack! Given our current sophisticated and social media connectivity lifestyle, we are always on our smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, both at work and leisure. Cyber Security affects everybody and it is not just the role of the Government to protect and defend our Cyber Security. You can play a part too and this is the time to share and Pass It On, the knowledge, importance and significance of Cyber Security and Cyber Defence!

Key Information and Event Details of CyberShock

Website: Let’s Stand Together

Facebook Page: Let’s Stand Together

Dates: 4th to 6th October 2013

Location: Suntec City West Atrium

Time: 11am to 8pm

Share it with your friends, drop by Suntec City West Atrium and visit CyberShock! For the Parents, do bring your children down to CyberShock, share with them and let them understand more about Cyber Defence.

Remember! Everybody plays a part in Cyber Defence, no matter how big or small. Let’s Stand Together against CyberShock and build a very strong Cyber Defence and Cyber Security!

Canon PhotoMarathon (2013) XI

This was my fourth year participating in Canon PhotoMarathon event and I was glad to be back participating and having fun in the Canon PhotoMarathon 2013. As the years goes by, we can see more participants in Canon PhotoMarathon, along with more school children and teenagers too. This year, Canon PhotoMarathon 2013 welcomed a record breaking 2,518 photographers from all walks of life for a competitive yet fun community photography event in Singapore. The Canon PhotoMarathon is a fun time to come together with your photography kakis, make new photography kakis, have fun to shoot together, chit-chat about cameras and gears, borrow and try your friends camera lenses and gear.


Photo Courtesy of Canon Singapore

Canon PhotoMarathon is not just about photography competition. There is also a time for the Canon Experience – The Canon PhotoMarathon is a flagship event that engages shutterbugs from all walks of life and provides consumers with a positive Canon experience. Following the launch of the Canon Try and Buy Lens Programme in March this year, Canon is introducing to the Canon PhotoMarathon Try & Buy lens booth where participants get to rent and test out a wide range of Canon lenses. Furthermore, participants will also have a chance to take a look at rarely seen Canon medical equipment and enterprise products from other Canon business units.

The Canon PhotoMarathon allows me to train and hone my creativity in photography, within a stipulated time frame, brain and creativity juices flowing with adrenaline for each of the 3 themes announced during Canon PhotoMarathon. This year, I was shooting alone since my friends were in different groups throughout the event and I needed to drop by into office not too far away from Suntec City Convention Centre during the event itself and prepare some work matters while still competing in the Canon PhotoMarathon! Shooting alone this year helps me to shoot well, although it will be just as fun to have a group of photographer friends to go out and shoot with during Canon PhotoMarathon and having fun together!

What were the 3 themes for Canon PhotoMarathon 2013 and what did I submit for the 3 themes? Here are the 3 themes and my submissions:

Theme 1: Tradition


Theme 2: Communicate


Theme 3: Instant


Reflecting back on my submissions for Canon PhotoMarathon 2013, it will definitely add more to my accumulating photography experiences especially in finding creative angles/perspectives in a short stipulated time, this is something that will come in handy and useful when I am working on photography projects/assignments and there might be a need to think fast and furious in the shoot settings and conditions.

If you haven’t participated in a Canon PhotoMarathon before, I do encourage you to participate in Canon PhotoMarathon 2014 with your friends. It will be a fun experience for all of you to shoot together. Looking forward to see you all at Canon PhotoMarathon 2014!

Singapore Garden Festival 2012

A festival of many beautiful and spectacular garden landscapes by local designers and top award-winning designers from renowned garden shows around the world, lots and lots of different flora and fauna. This is my 3rd visit to Singapore Garden Festival and I have attended Singapore Garden Festival in 2008, 2010 and 2012!! Even though this was my 3rd Singapore Garden Festival, I am still amazed and mesmerised by the beauty of the whole event filled with many beautiful garden landscapes and many many flowers!

Taking a step back in time to revisit my previous Singapore Garden Festival adventures

2008 – Singapore Garden Festival 2008 and photos collection

2010 – Singapore Garden Festival 2010 and photos collection

This year Singapore Garden Festival 2012 – Asia’s Best Garden and Flower Show is in Full Bloom Again! This wonderful festival suits everybody from the young to the adults, from enthusiasts to the landscape gardening industry professional, there is something for everyone to relax and enjoy the flowers and greenery. Do check out Singapore Garden Festival Facebook site too for more news and updates of the event!

On level 6 of Suntec City Convention Centre, there’s where you can find the following

– Landscape and Fantasy Gardens

– Floral Windows to the World

– Balcony Gardens

On level 4 of Suntec City Convention Centre, there’s where you can find the following

– Singapore Orchid Show

– Garden Fiesta

– Vibrant Marketplace

My personal favourites of Singapore Garden Festival will definitely be the Landscape and Fantasy Gardens on level 6 !! There’s where I spent most of my time photographing from the wide angle to capture the entire garden view to using prime and telephoto for some close up shots of the gardens. The Singapore Garden Festival 2012 action on level 4 was great, the community engagement and participation were strong and vibrant, ranging from civic groups to schools participating and interacting with the visitors! There are opportunities for your children to be involved among the booths and displays,  getting to know more about flora and fauna. If you are looking to add something to your gardens or starting your own garden, head down to the marketplace!

Check my Singapore Garden Festival 2012 photos collection here! Pack your cameras and come down to Singapore Garden Festival 2012 at Suntec City! Here’s some information that will be useful for you –

Venue : Suntec Singapore

Opening Hours : 10am to 10pm daily

From : 7th July 2012 to 15th July 2012

Ticket Prices :


Adult – $10

Concession (Child, Student, Senior Citizen) – $5

Family (2 Adults and 3 Concession) – $20


Adult – $14

Concession (Child, Student, Senior Citizen) – $8

Family (2 Adults and 3 Concession) – $38

Take many photos at Singapore Garden Festival 2012 and share with your family members, loved ones, friends and colleagues! There’s a photography competition too and great prizes awaits you! Check out their page for more information! See you there at Singapore Garden Festival 2012 !!

I would like to thank Marina Bay Division and GolinHarris for the invitation, warm hospitality and hosting!

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Singapore Garden Festival 2010

A Garden City, a tag that describes Singapore, a cosmop0litan city with flora and fauna complementing her urban and high rise buildings. The Singapore Garden Festival 2010 reinforces its status as a Garden City and it was an event that showcase my different garden and floral designers under one roof, and of course, lots of flowers, plants, leaves !

The Singapore Garden Festival 2010 is in its 3rd year, with the previous 2 held in 2006 and 2008. When I read that it would be back this year, I was looking forward in excitement because this would a great opportunity to take many different photographs of flowers from Singapore and different parts of the world.

Inside the exhibition, the Landscape and Fantasy Gardens never fail to amaze me ! Their designs and layout are very interesting and mesmerising, by local and international designers of Garden Shows around the world. Crowds were drawn to the Landscape and Fantasy Gardens and many visitors were seen snapping photographs of different flowers and designs.

The Singapore Orchid Show at the Garden Festival is another great time and opportunity to capture orchids (many varieties) , showcasing our National flower, how rich and diverse the Orchid is. I would be able to start an Orchid collection on my Flickr soon ! Besides that, there were other segments such as Market Place and interactive area for the children by National Parks Singapore and National Environmental Agency.

The Singapore Garden Festival 2010 is held from 15th July 2010 to 22nd July 2010 from 10am to 10pm at Suntec Singapore. There are a few more days till the event ends, do drop by for a visit to Singapore Garden Festival 2010 !

Do drop by my Flickr for more photos ! Hope you all enjoy viewing the beautiful flowers !

Little Nonya Thank You Roadshow @ Suntec City – 31st Jan 2009

Most people in Singapore and her neighbours would have heard and watched Singapore’s local drama series, The Little Nonya, that became a big hit recently with the drama reaching its end and climax. I wasn’t able to catch it all on television due to work commitments and could only catch in bits and pieces.

The Little Nonya had organised a few roadshows to thank their fans at various locations in Singapore and the turnout was very warm and very crowded. They had a Thank You Roadshow at Suntec City on 31st Jan 2009 and I decided to pop down and take a look before I went to the Chingay Parade.

The Thank You Roadshow was indeed crowded, although maybe not as crowded as the other previous roadshow, however, it was still very difficult to get a spot to capture photos of them due to the constraints in retail mall space and the design of the stage itself. Well, captured some photos before proceeding to The Camera Workshop and Chingay Parade.

More on the Chingay Parade 2009 soon !

2 Books from BookFest@Singapore 2008

On this saturday today, I was initially planning to go the Big Eat Out at the Peranakan Museum in the afternoon, due to some things held up, I didn’t drop by for the food feast…..

Well, at a later time around late afternoon, I went to Suntec City for the BookFest@ Singapore 2008, looked around and viewed the various books and magazines on display there. The Chinese Language books were quite interesting ! 

I found many different travel guides and photography guides, there were even the famous Lonely Planet Guide Books in Chinese !!!! Well, I didn’t buy them, out of the many collection of books there, I chose to buy these 2,

1 Magazine –Popular Photography from China

1 Travel Guide – China on Foot – Yunnan

This Popular Photography had a great write up on Wedding Photography and outdoor wedding location shoots in China and great insights and photos too of other landscapes photos too ! 

As for the travel guide on China, I am a big fan/follower of iWalkU2, an awesome travel blog, especially on her photos and travel within China and many different parts of the world. Do check out her blog, very interesting and informative ! Gradually, I was fascinated by her adventures and decided to plan a photography shooting trip to Shangri-La, in Yunnan, one of my long list of locations/mountains to travel and take photos !

Now, I am going back to read my 2 new books !

Singapore Garden Festival 2008

In the month of July and August, they would be the 2 months whereby we would be to participate and enjoy many different types of events in Singapore.

One of them was the Singapore Garden Festival, well, before I write further, I have to thank my cousin Ching Ching for giving me a weekend ticket to the Singapore Garden Festival, the Singapore Garden Festival really blew me off, 2 floors of the Suntec City Convention Centre and the whole convention hall space was occupied.

The exhibition on the 6th Floor were divided into:

Level 6
Landscape and Fantasy Gardens
Featuring creations by local designers and top award-winning garden designers from around the world including Australia, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden, South Africa, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States of America.
Floral Windows to the World
Featuring colourful and vibrant cut-flower displays and floral masterpieces with stunning set design and lighting by floral designers from Belgium, France, India, Norway, Macau and more.

It was a real eye-opener, t here were so many many beautiful landscape designers from different parts of the world, that graced this wonderful event and showcased their world class landscape designs and horticulture. I really had a wonderful time taking phot os, there were some outstanding displays that caught my attention –

(1) Touching the Tulip by Nico Wissing
(2) Painting with Nature: An Everchanging Landscape by Dimitri Xenakis & Maro Avrabou
(3) Seeking Shangri-La by Peter Cheok
(4) IMBIZO yase Afrika by David Davidson

The above were my personal favourites and there were still many world class displays there too, the whole 6th floor of the convention hall was filled up and I was moving very fast to move around the various displays to take as many different photos.

I used my EF 17-40mm F4 L initially to capture most of my “landscape” photos first before switching to my EF 70- 200 F4 L for my “portrait” flowers photo shoot, trying to produce macro flowers using my telephoto lense 😉

Thereafter, I went down to the 4th floor and it was another set of flowers display –

Level 4
Singapore Orchid Show

Showcasing Southeast Asia’s rich and diverse heritage of orchids. A dazzling display of the most diverse botanical family and the most important plant group in the international floriculture industry.
Garden Fiesta
Offering educational, recreational and entertainment activities catering to the public, families, serious gardeners as well as hobbyists.
Vibrant MarketPlace

Offering a wide array of plants, gardening and landscape products and services, and arts & craft – all under one roof

s Learning Garden
Here, children will get to learn through fun and games to love and respect Nature by being more aware of and making every effort to reduce their carbon footprint.

It was simply orchids and orchids, well, majority of them;) ….. It was a venue whereby I was asking myself, there were so many different breeds and varieties of orchids ? I threw my

self a challenge, to take as many different photos of the orchids on display there.

It had been quite a long time since I went to take photos of flora and fauna, used to love taking photos as it gave me a very quiet time to enjoy and improve my photography while enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature.

Do drop by my Flickr Set for more photos !

After an enjoyable photo taking session, I proceed on to my next event destination, K1 Grand Finale Day 1 at F1 Pit Building, with Isaac and Collin.
Stay tuned !

A Wet Rehearsal on 19th July 2008

For those readers who had been following my photoblog postings, I had been attending the NDP 2008 Rehearsals, taking photos from different locations and angles. Personally, I found it to be very interesting, great opportunites to take photos, examining and analysing different shooting locations for the various performances from the land, air and sea.

There is always something new, something different. Before this rehearsal, it came to my attention that my friend was part of the Guard of Honour marching contingent. Decided to meet my old friend and catch up with him at Suntec City before the Ceremonial Flags uncasing ceremony. Took some photos for him, chit chat before he went to prepare and I went down to get into a position for the Ceremonial Flags uncasing ceremony, that was available to be watched by members of the public.

The uncasing ceremony is a very important and solemn ceremony for the military forces and especially during our National Day Parade, whereby we would be to view the various military formations. As I was brought up in a environment whereby I learned the importance of maintaining and following traditions, since my scouting days. The Ceremonial Flags uncasing ceremony is very important and solemn, I strongly urge the public viewers to show the utmost respect for the ceremony when the ceremony is being conducted.

Thereafter, I walked over to the Esplanade to catch the pre-parade segment, and I realised that if I wanted to catch the pre-parade after catching the Ceremonial Flags uncasing ceremony, you might be missing out on them if you do not walked fast enough over in time and it might be very crowded on the actual day itself.

The weather was very dark, a wet weather evening. The F16s Black Knights air display was changed from the past few rehearsals and it was a very refreshing, new and challenging perspective to take photos of them in top class action, given the dark gloomy rain clouds.

While waiting for the fireworks to arrive, the rain started pouring down on us, it wasn’t heavy rain but the winds were a little bit strong and blowing into our face, I was at the Esplanade Bridge and I was quite wet eventually. A lot of people started leaving due to the rain, I persisted, praying for rain to stop. It didn’t but I continued and took the first set of fireworks. By then, I decided that I needed to pack up and rush over to SMU & National Museum for the Singapore Night Festival and I needed to get myself dry first.

And off I went ……… to the Singapore Night Festival @ SMU and National Museum …….. coming up in the next post !

Stay tuned !