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Personal Time on Boxing Day Sunset

A long weekend holiday, starting with Christmas Day on Friday, I was having high hope that I can enjoy my long weekend with my own leisure activities. Instead, it turned into rest and recovery for me on Friday and Saturday, while I was physically tired out, suffering from fatigue, the worst enemy was my mental exhaustion. I realised that it had drained me out pretty badly over the year 2015 and not having a real and proper holiday break away from all these things placed me into burnt out mode with physical fatigue.

On a Saturday afternoon, after another day of rest, I decided to head out for my personal time and a time with my camera. The Boxing Day afternoon was beautiful, the late afternoon blue skyline, the white fluffy clouds. I knew I that I would be able to capture blue sky, white clouds and a nice sunset today.


The time spent alone with my camera was therapeutic, I can’t describe it more in words. While I had a number of photographs from my personal time on Boxing Day sunset, I would just choose one photo from the batch to share it here. Sunsets never fail to mesmerise me, it’s one of my favourite time and that I like to photograph, especially when the weather is great to produce some awesome sunset scenes.

The sunset rays shining through the clouds, on the ocean, illuminating the background orange in colour. The gorgeous sunset, the sunset rays that shine through, relaxed my mind, my thoughts, my soul. This was something I badly needed and this is something very unique and powerful that photography provides me with.

Sunset 13th January 2015

13th January 2015, just another Wednesday for many of us and myself too. Somehow or another, I decided that I needed a short time off, a few hours away from many things cropping up in my mind, both business/work and personal. Looking up at the skyline on the 13th January, I had a gut feeling that the sunset on that day would be something nice when the weather on that day was hot and humid the whole day round!


My work location for that day was close to home and I managed to get home a bit earlier, took my camera gear out and walked to West Coast Park that is always close to my home. I was not disappointed at all and I am very happy to be there, to capture a beautiful sunset in Singapore.

While waiting for the sunset, I took the time to think through many things and matters, clear my head and mind. That’s why I shared with many friends that photography is therapeutic for me.

This was also the kickstart for my 2015 photography journey, the start of a new photography adventure in 2015!

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Central/Eastern Hokkaido Day 1 – Utoro

This marked the start of my awesome travel photography experience of a lifetime with newfound photography friends for Central/Eastern Hokkaido Familiarisation Trip (Photographers Invitation Program). Meeting at Changi Airport Terminal 1, I got to meet this special band of photographers that were going together on this big adventure.

Moe Anan – our beautiful and kawaii tour coordinator, translator

Dennis Seow of Superadrianme.com

Jensen Chua of Jensen Chua Photography

Yip Weng Seng of YipWengSeng Photography

Manami Iwatani, the pretty and bubbly Ran-san of Ninja Girls

Departing on Japan Airlines JL36 to Haneda Airport, Tokyo at 2200hrs Singapore time, we arrived at Haneda Airport at around 0530hrs Japan time. It was a pretty smooth flight to Tokyo and we cleared immigration and customs, proceed to domestic flights section for a bus ride to the domestic terminal at Haneda Airport for Japan Airlines JL1183 to Memambetsu Airport in Hokkaido at 0700hrs Japan time. The domestic flight from Tokyo to Hokkaido was smooth, arriving at around 0830hrs Japan time. During our descent to Memambetsu Airport, we had our first glimpse of the beautiful Hokkaido from the air! Walking out of the plane onto the aerobridge, we can feel the chilly cold autumn transiting into winter weather. The warmth inside Memambetsu Airport was most welcome for us!

At the arrival hall, our local Japanese hosts met us for our Central/Eastern Hokkaido Familiarisation Trip –

Mr. Higasa Kazuma – General Manager, International Travel Division of Nippon Travel Agency Hokkaido Co Ltd.

Mr. Tsuyoshi Kato – Hokkaido Photo Guide, Travel Planner, Photographer, Translator and Driver.

We went to the washroom and change to warm winter attire first before we formally exchanged greetings, formalities and name cards with Mr Higasa Kazuma and Mr Tsuyoshi Kato. After the introduction and briefing, we loaded our luggage into the mini bus for our start to Central/Eastern Hokkaido photography exploration! Our first destination was the Utoro area in the Northeastern part of Hokkaido, the journey from Memambetsu Aiport was around two hours and this was our first taste of long travel between destinations that we were visiting in Hokkaido. During our drive to Utoro, we were introduced to Mt. Shari-dake, with the peak at 1,545m!

Lunch was a quick pit stop at a local 7-11 convenience store in a small town along the route to Utoro. We had to rush over to Utoro since we had a professional Japanese Photographer, Mr Junichi Yamamoto, waiting for us at Utoro to bring us around Shiretoko National Park!


Furepe Waterfall (フレペの滝)/ Mt Rausu-dake (羅臼岳)

Our first stop was Furepe Waterfall; it was a short trek inside to the edge of the cliff/plateau, through the forest. During this short trek, we were able to view the beautiful and grand Mt Rausu-dake, standing at a height of 1,661m, with the peaks and ridgelines covered with snow! The landscape was amazing and very beautiful, snow white peaks, blue sky, amazing cloud formations and the foreground of trees, and grassland in autumn weather conditions.



When we reached to the edge of the cliff, there was a lookout point/hut that visitors can go up to catch a better view of the Furepe Waterfall. Initially, I couldn’t see any river flowing down the cliff forming the waterfall. Where is Furepe Waterfall, I ask myself? Soon, it dawned upon me with words from photographer friend of Yamamoto Sensei, who explained to us that the waterfall was from the underneath the rocks formation! Zooming in close with my telephoto lens (Canon EF 70-200mm f4 L USM), I saw for myself Furepe Waterfall!


Mr Yamamoto Sensei brought us to the next destination, not too far away from Furepe Waterfall. While trekking through the forested area, we managed to spot wildlife, the deer! Being in the wild, the animals were very sensitive to human beings and once they sensed us moving close towards them, they would start to move away to somewhere else. It was a very fun experience to be that close to the deer grazing and my Canon EOS 7D Mark II with 70-200mm f/4 L USM is perfect for photographing wildlife while on the move!


Yunohana Waterfall (湯の華の滝)

We continued with our photography and travel exploration to Yunohana Waterfall, not too far down the road from Furepe Waterfall. Trekking to Yunohana Waterfall was very interesting whereby we spotted more wildlife in the forested area. Yunohana Waterfall is very similar to Furepe Waterfall, the waterfall is from the underneath the rocks formation! Mr Yamamoto Sensei was really very nice and showed us good photography spots to take photographs of the Yunohana Waterfall, besides that, Mr Yamamoto Sensei was sharing with us his local knowledge of the wildlife and vegetation, it was very useful learning and very interesting!



Oshinkoshin Waterfall (オシンコシンの滝)

This is a very beautiful waterfall, along the costal road of Utoro. When we reached there, it was getting close to sunset and the sunrays that shined brightly on the slopes of the waterfall, giving it a golden brown landscape and waterfall. At Oshinkoshin Waterfall, we started to experience the cold winter weather coming in and we can feel the coldness! From the steps leading up to Oshinkoshin Waterfall, we were able to have a nice view of the sea and the upcoming Hokkaido sunset. Oshinkoshin Waterfall is really beautiful and we spent a bit more time there!


Hokkaido Sunset (Route 334 between ‘Oronko Rock’ and ‘Base of the Setting Sun’)

I am a photographer that loves taking photographs of sunsets especially when visiting different countries. When I saw the incoming Hokkaido Sunset at Oshinkoshin Waterfall, we knew we were going to get a beautiful Hokkaido Sunset and we were all looking forward to it! There was a bit of rush to this location along Route 334 between ‘Oronko Rock’ and ‘Base of the Setting Sun’. Once we disembarked, the band of photographers started firing away with their cameras. I was very happy to capture a beautiful Hokkaido Sunset and the Hokkaido Sunset memories still stays inside me today!

Landscape photography tips: I shot the Hokkaido Sunset at Utoro using 2 Canon DSLR bodies setup, namely Canon EOS 5D Mark III with EF 16-35mm f4 L IS USM and Canon EOS 7D Mark II with EF 70-200mm f4 L USM. The Canon EOS 5D Mark III combination caters for a really wide angle landscape view while the Canon EOS 7D Mark II caters for a tighter crop landscape photograph especially when the landscape scene is very big!


We said Sayonara to Mr Yamamoto Sensei for spending precious time with us that evening, each of us got nice Hokkaido photography postcards from Mr Yamamoto Sensei for memories! We took a group photograph with Mr Yamamoto Sensei before going to our hotel Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel.

Before we could setup our group photo shot, a Hokkaido wildlife animal came pretty close to us, watching and observing the whole group of us in action, the fox was curious at us human beings and observed us for a while with cute mesmerizing eyes. With the fox that near to us and we all photographers could not resist concentrating our cameras on the fox!

I wonder what did the Hokkaido Fox say?


Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel (知床第一ホテル)

The Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel is a beautiful hotel, nice and comfortable! Love the view from my hotel room! The Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel was also where I experienced Onsen for the first time in my life and wearing a Yukata to dinner and Onsen! The buffet dinner was delicious and there was a widespread of local and international cuisines! I am grateful to Mr Kato-san for sharing with me how to wear a Yukata properly for the very first time!

My first ever Onsen, at Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel, was simply magical, the experience was unforgettable, therapeutic and relaxing! With the conclusion of my first ever Onsen experience, it also marked the end of Day 1 of our Hokkaido Photographer Invitation Program.

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Sunset on 11th Feb 2012

For the past few weeks, I had been busy with my work and personal photojournalism projects, although I had been walking around and taking photographs, they were not uploaded or shared with my readers yet, some are for upcoming release, leading up to the launch of 1 of my personal photojournalism project, slated for first week of March release.

In the midst of research and exploring, I found a new location to take sunset in Singapore –

Here’s more of the sunset photos taken today on 11th February 2012 !! Have a great weekend, stay tuned for more exciting photography and photojournalism adventures from me!!


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Sunset in Singapore

Sunset photography – one of my favourite photography themes that I loved taking on a regular basis as far as possible and I would always be mesmerised by sunsets from different parts of the world. The weather plays a critical part on how the sunset would turn out. With the weather in Singapore recently hot in the mornings and afternoons before raining in the late afternoon to evening, sunsets in Singapore wasn’t that ideal for photography.

We met fellow bloggers of 24seven at Downtown East on 22nd May 2010 after a full day of photography taking, the evening weather was looking not too bad and I decided to hike to nearby Pasir Ris Park for sunset photography. Amanda was free and she came along with me, Xinyun and Leon wasn’t able to join me because they had something on.

Even though the sunset on 22nd May 2010 wasn’t that great, the time waiting and relaxing while waiting for the sunset was really nice, enjoying the winds and waves along the beach and breakwater. When I go on my photography walkabout journeys next time, alone or leading group of friends/bloggers, I would love the Singapore weather and skyline to be good for me and us to take beautiful sunsets of Singapore to share with my readers here.

Singapore Sunset from West Coast Park

On this day 29th August 2009, I waited for the sunset to arrive at West Coast Park ….


Soon ……. it started arriving and the landscape started changing, the colours and the clouds ….


As the sun officially sets, the day of the 29th August 2009 ended and the night of 29th August 2009 started …


A Sunset From Marina Barrage

The Marina Barrage is one of Singapore’s latest icon in the downtown area of the Marina Bay Front, an engineering masterpiece, a great place for relaxation and part of the future Marina South parks and gardens sector along with water activities. 


Since my first trip to the Marina Barrage during its opening, I haven’t been back there to capture photos especially the sunset sceneries of the Marina Bay Front. When Dave Koh, asked me whether I am keen to go for a sunset/night photo shoot, I suggested Marina Barrage and we went there on 9th May, a public holiday in Singapore.


Being a public holiday and a weekend as well, there were quite a number of people there, families with their young children, playing with the water around the Marina Barrage and there’s a lot of people having picnics, gatherings and flying kites. Well, not to forget photographers like us who were there to relax and capturing moments.


As sunset approached, I was at the roof terrace, at the corner, facing the Marina Bay Front and happily snapping away while the sun slowly sets into the darkness of the night. I love taking sunset photos, and always amazed by many different sunset photos around the world.


A great saturday evening of relaxation …… looking forward to taking more photos and capturing moments. Check out more photos here !

A 7:07:59pm Sunset in Singapore

This sunset was taken from Faber Point, at 7:07:59pm on 17th January 2009, Mount Faber in Singapore, overlooking the southern part of Singapore. I was there with my alumni group, the Dragon Scout Group who were there at the top of Mount Faber, for the end point for their amazing race event.

I would be writing up on the Dragon Scout Group Amazing Race 2009 soon ! Keep a look out here !

Meanwhile, do drop by my flickr for more photos of the sunset from Mount Faber !

Bird’s Eye View of Singapore Sunset

The Singapore Flyer, a new icon of Singapore, has its fair share of praises and criticisms. There were skeptics, there were supporters and during Singapore Formula One Night Race, it blended perfectly with the circuit lighting and the Singapore financial district and Marina Bay, her image and aura were showcased to many many people in many many different parts of the world.

After visiting the National Bikers Weekend held at the Singapore Flyer compound, I proceed to collect my ticket booking for my 1900hrs flight time to capture the Singapore Sunset from the top of the world. It was a group purchase and I got a discount using my Passion Card, the other time I went up on the Singapore Flyer was during its Official Opening Ceremony, that was in the night, a very beautiful night scene too.

Once the ride began, I started “firing away”, capturing many different landscape photos of Singapore at different altitudes. It was a top of the world feeling and a bird’s eye view of the Singapore sunset.

Do drop by my flickr for more photos ! When in Singapore, do visit and take a ride on the Singapore Flyer ! An adventure not to be missed !