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Canon announced Speedlite 600EX II-RT

Canon recently announced a new flash to their line up of photography accessories, the Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT. A speedlite flash is very useful and a very essential photography accessory for the photographer (leisure or professional).  The new multi-functional and powerful Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT is definitely a worthy consideration for the photographer to add on to their photography setup.

For my current setup, I owned a Canon Speedlite 580EX II, it is a useful photography accessory for my photography shoot and it is an essential tool for my events photography shoot as well as strobist lighting photography shoot. The new Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT is in my consideration and plans for an upgrade from the 580EX II to 600EX II-RT.

Let me share with you more information on the Canon Speedlite 600EX II RT from the press release information below ~

Canon announced the launch of Speedlite 600EX II-RT, the multi-functional flash is designed to meet the needs of professional users such as wedding photographers, photojournalists and studio photographers. The Speedlite 600EX II-RT offers impressive continuous firing function and ease of operation, with new features such as the battery charge level indicator. It also comes bundled with a bounce adaptor and a set of colour filters.

“The Speedlite 600EX II-RT reinforces our commitment to consistently provide innovative and effective products for our customers. With this new flash, users benefit from features that deliver quality performance, and greater usability for professional photographers.” said Edwin Teoh, Head of Marketing, Singapore Operations, Canon Singapore.


Improved Ease of Use in Outdoor Environment

With the Speedlite 600EX II-RT’s new charge level indicator on the display panel of the master flash unit, flash-readiness of both master and slave unit can immediately be recognised when shooting in radio-transmission wireless mode. When operating with multiple flash units while flash mode is set up in a group-by-group manner, the flash-readiness of each group is also displayed. In addition, the selection of flash modes and wireless modes have been improved to prevents accidental mode changes caused by an unintended operation of the mode button.

With exterior airtight sealing and dust/drip proof rubber adapter, users can also count on the reliability and durability of the Speedlite 600EX II-RT in difficult weather scenarios.

Radio Transmission for Wireless Flash Shooting

Unlike optical transmission, radio transmission is not easily affected by physical obstacles as there is no line of sight required for signal transmission. In addition, the wireless receptor of the slave unit is not required to face the main master unit. With a maximum sync distance of approximately 30m, slave unit cameras can be placed in wide physical areas and used for multi-angle shooting. Hence, the built-in radio transmission feature enables Speedlite 600EX II-RT to synchronise with multiple flashes and allows master-linked shooting with multiple cameras.

Bundled Accessories for Better Performance

The Speedlite 600EX II-RT comes with a complimentary bounce adaptor, SBA-E3, which disperses and softens the illumination of flash and suppresses shadows around the subject when shooting with the bounce flash technique. A newly-designed coloured filter set, SCF-E3, is also supplied, which helps to compensate for bluish flash illumination and optimise balance between indoor lighting and flash output.

Enhanced Compact Battery Pack

The new Speedlite 600EX II-RT compact battery pack, which is sold separately, offers a remarkable 65% more battery life[1]. It has improved reliability with better heat dissipation properties and an increased maximum continuous flash output of approximately 100 times when paired with the Speedlite 600EX II-RT.

External battery packs come in handy for heavy-duty users such as photojournalists and wedding photographers where there is a need to fire flashes in quick succession. An added convenience is being able to use AA batteries as a power source as well.

Pricing and availability

The pricing and availability of the Speedlite 600EX II-RT will be advised at a later date

[1] This is approximately 65% more than the previous battery pack.

Product Specifications

Speedlite 600EX II-RT

Guide Number (Wide Panel): 60 (15)*

Dimensions: Approx. 78.7 x 143.2 x 122.7 mm

Weight: Approx. 435g (excluding batteries)

Multi flash shooting: Radio and optical transmission

LCD Panel: 172 x 104 dot display

Power source: 4 x AA/HR6 Ni-MH batteries

*ISO 100, in meters (Approx)

*Information and picture Courtesy of Canon Singapore and Ogilvy Public Relations*

My Profoto B2 250 Air TTL experiences with Poisonous.Biz

During my learning journey of shooting with strobist lights, setup and building my own lighting photography setup. I started learning, researching and getting hands on with lighting setup. One of the brands that I had my very first hands on was the Profoto brand, with the Profoto B1 500 Air TTL, loaned for a short period of time for a test and review by Poisonous.Biz, an online photography boutique store. During that time, I was still a newbie in strobist/lighting photography; nevertheless, I was impressed with the functions and capabilities of the Profoto B1 500 Air TTL.


The Profoto B1 500 Air TTL was done in January 2014, fast forward to the March 2015. Profoto launched a new addition to their lineup, the Profoto B2 250 Air TTL! There were pretty awesome, great publicity, marketing, branding and awareness videos and reviews of the Profoto B2 250 Air TTL by various photographers around the world on the official launch of the Profoto B2 250 Air TTL. The Profoto B2 250 Air TTL left a good impression on me, the small size of the light, portability and the technical specifications.


Fellow photography partner, Poisonous.Biz, was also involved in the launch of the Profoto B2 250 Air TTL action too! Check out their videos of the Profoto B2 250 Air TTL in action here in Singapore! Poisonous.Biz organised an event to introduce the Profoto B2 250 Air TTL and I was there to get my hands on with it and play with this new toy on the block! At the event, new light shaping tools by Profoto was also introduced and shown to the guests at the event.


I was playing with the Profoto B2 with my Canon EOS 70D and captured them in action, by holding the Profoto B2 on my left hand and DSLR on the right hand.


Photograph taken by Weili of Poisonous.Biz using the Profoto B2 and OCF 2″ Octa Softbox and I was “the voice activated light stand”

It was a pretty much hands on session with the Profoto B2 250 Air TTL lights with the new light shaping tools. There was also a Profoto B1 500 Air TTL available for us to try out too! The guests at the event brought their cameras and they went hands on with it, doing indoor and outdoor shoot with two beautiful lady models.


I had my short hands on experiences with the Profoto B2 250 Air TTL. Can you ever imagine holding a strobe light in one hand and your camera in the other hand to take photographs? The Profoto B2 250 Air TTL might just be the answer!


Here are my thoughts/views/opinions on the Profoto B2 250 Air TTL during my short hands on experience at Poisonous.Biz event –

  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Sturdy and solid built
  • Powerful light from a small strobe
  • With TTL, it’s useful and works pretty good
  • Ideal for photographers doing outdoor location shoots and also traveling overseas for wedding/portraits assignments
  • A good complement to existing Profoto B1 500 Air TTL users
  • The photographer can hold the Profoto B2 250 Air TTL in one hand and the camera in the other hand to take photographs
  • It can be an On camera flash or Off camera flash
  • Consistent lighting output
  • If you are shooting alone without an assistant, you have to sling and carry the battery pack with the B2 carrying bag.

More information on the Profoto B2 250 Air TTL can be found here on their website! If you are keen to own the Profoto B2 250 Air TTL, check out the packages from Poisonous.Biz! The Profoto B2 250 Air TTL might just suit your professional photography requirements and needs!

Strobist Lighting (2 Speedlites) Photography Experiences

My strobist lighting adventure has been a very fun and interesting experience over the past few months, since I started learning and adding photography accessories such as radio triggers, transceivers, light stands and umbrellas. My maiden lighting experience was with the Profoto B1 500 Air TTL and prior to that, I helped out Weili of Posionous Online Photography Store as his photographer assistant in his studio dance shoot. The learning experience was great and it  reinforced my photography philosophy that there is always something new to learn in photography and we can never stop learning in life and in our photography journey as well!

After these 2 initial experiences, I slowly added a few more accessories, with 2 units of PocketWizard Multi-Max transceivers and my friend Dave Koh Photograph loaned me his light stand and 2-in-1 Softbox Umbrella.

My current Basic Lighting Photography Setup is as follows – 

– 1 x Stand
– 1 x Adaptor
– 1 x Canon 580EX2
– 1 x  2-in-1 Black Reflective + White Umbrella
– 1 x Trans-receiver FlexTT5 & 1 x Transmitter MiniTT1 (Pocket Wizard)
– 2 x Pocket Wizard MultiMax Radio Trigger
– 1 x 2-in-1 SoftBox + Umbrella + 1 x adaptor + 1 x stand (On T-loan)
I recently did 3 personal projects using a 1 x speedlite strobist setup with Poisonous Online Photography Store – Strobist Photography Starter Kit, kindly loaned to me for a review. Stay tuned to my upcoming review and sharing of my personal projects too!
From my 1 speedlite strobist photography to 2 speedlite strobist photography, I still have a lot to learn and I am grateful to David Tay of WK Photography for allowing me to follow along his recce and test shoot for his upcoming corporate shoot assignments. I learned more strobist lighting techniques, tips, tricks and a great exchange of different photographer’s views, perspectives and compositions. The recce and test shoot was a great time to bounce off ideas and perspectives and it’s a Win-Win for both of us! Here are 2 of the photographs that were shot during the recce shoot!
Here’s the EXIF Info
Aperture: f/11
Shutter: 1/60s
ISO: 100
The lighting diagram setup by SyLights was very useful to take down notes and remember the strobist lighting setup that was used in taking the photograph. The 2 speedlites were on full power, no TTL and there were no modifiers attached to the 2 speedlites. When the shot was taken and the photograph was produced, I was happy with the artwork, the impact and the two interesting shadows! This could be a future location for some interesting/special corporate photograph shoot, during the evening sunset timing!
There are still a lot more for me to learn, improve and try out! I am looking forward to sharing more stories and photographs of my strobist photography adventures and experiences!

Star Wars Lego 75045 Republic AV-7 Anti-Vehicle Cannon

The trilogy and journey of my Star Wars Lego continues with the recent addition of the Star Wars Lego 75045 Republic AV-7 Anti-Vehicle Cannon. I had already started planning and ordered my next few Star Wars Lego purchases for my own Star Wars Lego collection and photography scenes shoot. I discovered the Republic AV-7 Anti-Vehicle Cannon when it was on sale at Raffles City by Robinsons. Shopping Centre and upon spotting a good discounted price, I bought it!

2T2J7575 - Version 2

Different photographers such as Vesa Lehtimaki, jooka5000, Jerac, Dave Hudecity and Ric Tse Legography inspired me in combining Lego and photography.  There are also many other Lego fans on The Brothers Brick and MOCpages. I decided to take a few steps further into my Star Wars Lego photography with the following new and additional measures –

–       Taking photographs of the step by step construction of my Star Wars Lego 75045 Republic AV-7 Anti-Vehicle Cannon

–       Strobist lighting with my Canon speedlite 580ex2 with PocketWizard MiniTT1 transmitter and FlexTT5 radio trans-receiver with softbox umbrella reflector and light stand

–       A make shift backdrop using a blue fabric cloth

The above measures gave me a good on the job photography learning experience, putting my strobist lighting knowledge to practical application, doing photography product shoot using Star Wars Lego toys.



The experiences and fun of building Star Wars Lego were much better and enriching, allowing me to appreciate the step-by-step construction process. I am looking forward to enhance and fine-tune my workflow when future Star Wars Lego toys arrive!

What are my plans ahead for my Star Wars Lego collection and photography shoot? First and foremost, I am planning to bring out my Star Wars Lego toys for an outdoor scene shoot, using Old Playgrounds in Singapore as my photography shoot scene with the Republic AV-7 Anti-Vehicle Cannon, Utapau Troopers and AAT microfighter. Stay tuned and I hope to share my stories, setup and Star Wars Lego photography scenes soon!

May The Force Be With You!

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Profoto B1 500 Air TTL Experience

A photographer’s journey is full of learning, playing and enjoying the art and beauty of photography. As the photographer goes on in their photography exploration and experimentation, they will enter into the world of flash photography. When I started learning flash photography a few years ago, it was quite a challenge and a bit of a steep learning experience. One of my mentors, Daniel from The Camera Workshop taught me very basics of flash photography, it had been a fun learning hands on journey with speedlight photography.


 As I take the next step into advanced flash photography, it started with using 3 Canon Speedlite 580ex2 to light up my alumni mater Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group Anniversary Dinner Group Photograph in the school hall. It got me started to learn more about using off camera flash and multiple flashes. I slowly read up and researched by reading photography sites, youtube videos and e-guides. One of the key sites was strobist where I started learning basics and built up my basic lighting photography setup kit. During that time, I chanced upon 2 e-guides by Profoto, titled “The Profoto Advantage: For Wedding and Portrait Photographers”. The 2 e-guides introduced Profoto products such as the Profoto D1, modifiers and accessories. There is an article inside titled “Profoto D1 vs Speedlights” and it gets me thinking ahead.


My strobist flash photography journey gets more interesting and exciting after working with Weili, photographer and owner of Poisonous Online Boutique Store. Weili is very knowledgeable and experienced with strobist/studio lighting photography using Profoto lights. I learned a lot from him by asking him questions and learning from him over coffee sessions. Recently, I was given the opportunity to be his photographer assistant for his Dance Photography Shoot and this was my miaden entry into strobist lighting photography. The experience was great, nothing beats being hands on learning from the expert!

The highlight and euphoria for me came when I was invited by Weili, the golden opportunity to loan and review Profoto latest technology, the Profoto B1 Off-Camera Flash for 2 days over the weekend. This was an excellent and golden opportunity that I grabbed with both hands eagerly! I brought the Profoto B1 out for 2 days and I had a very fun self learning, testing and sharing with fellow social media friends and photographers on the Profoto B1.

What are my thoughts and views of the Profoto B1 during the 2 days review period? Here they are below –


–       Not too heavy and easily portable

–       Versatile for different photography needs, indoors and outdoors, portraits, products, pets, fast action photography

–       Powerful ~ 500Ws

–       Energy Range ~ 9 f-stops

–       Compact and cordless

–       Good battery life

–       Consistent lighting output

–       Good recycling time for quick burst shoot

–       High speed sync

–       Profoto Air Remote is versatile and can be used on different cameras

–       If equipped with the Air Remote TTL-C for Canon, makes it easier for photographers to carry out their assignment faster.

–       No electrical cords


–       Price is on the high side for the Profoto B1 light (standalone)

–       Addition of accessories will add up the cost further e.g. remote, modifiers, accessories

–       Too good and smart with the Air-Remote TTL-C feature, that might make photographers lazy


During the 2 days with the Profoto B1, I went to test and get hands on feel of the Profoto B1 personally, starting with my family dog at home and at the office furniture showroom before meeting my friends later. I had a fun photography testing and sharing session with fellow social media friends/photographers DK and Ridz on a Saturday night at the Esplanade area. The Saturday night shoot and sharing with DK and Ridz was fun and we were able to see for ourselves how 1 off camera flash such as the Profoto B1 can have the impacts to portrait photography!


Model: Ridz

Photographer: DK

Photographer Assistant: Myself (holding the Profoto B1)

On the Sunday afternoon, I met fellow photographer friend David Tay from David Tay Photography for outdoor portrait photography. We took turns being the photographer and model, exchanging tips, posing, camera settings adjustments while experimenting with the Profoto B1. During this shoot, I had a better understanding and control of the Profoto B1 that gave me two nice portraits that I really like, check them out here on 500px!


Photographer: David Tay

Model: Myself

If you are looking to buy a studio light or planning to upgrade your studio light, the Profoto B1 Off-Camera flash definitely should be part of your choices for selection. The Profoto B1 can be purchased via Poisonous Online Boutique Store; check out the single unit Profoto B1 or the dual travel kit Profoto B1 package! 

You get what you pay for and for the amount of money invested in the Profoto B1, it’s definitely worth it. Their marketing slogan from Profoto website “Once You Try It, It Changes Everything”, definitely lives up to their branding, marketing and publicity. From a photographer who just entered into advanced strobist lighting and having the Profoto B1 for 2 days, the Profoto B1 lives up to its reputation and quality. I am pretty confident that I am able to tap on the full maximum potential of the Profoto B1, shooting with multiple B1 lights in the future with the TTL capability. The Profoto B1 sounds like an excellent investment for me in the future when I do sports photography shoot/portraits!

I would like to thank Weili from Poisonous Online Boutique Store for the Profoto B1 loan review opportunity.

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My Basic Lighting Photography Setup

The art and world of photography is diverse and exciting with many different photography fields that a photographer will choose to embark on, to learn another skill segment or able to be specialised in that particular field of photography. In my long years of photography shooting, adventure and learning, this particular field of photography, is an area that I wanted to start learning a few years ago from my mentor, yet due to un-forseen circumstances during that point in time, I wasn’t able to learn the art of lighting photography from my mentor. This was thus delayed until I made plans to begin my basic lighting photography setup, after reading and researching on basic lighting, advanced lighting, indoor, outdoor, shooting with strobes, shooting with speed-lights to looking at 3-4 advanced lighting setup by professional photographers that I found in Profoto lighting books such as The Profoto Advantage: For Wedding and Portrait Photographers.

I started saving money, while reading and researching, on how to go about doing it, with tips from a fellow photographer Weili, a knowledgable, highly experienced and expert lighting photographer, who gave me a lot of help and advice on how to plan my basic lighting photography setup. I also received a lot of help and advice from the friendly folks at The Camera Workshop, Daniel and Uncle Nelson, who helped me in getting the whole setup done and giving me advice along the way. As I plan to learn and try out basic lighting photography, learning from my mistakes and accumulating my experiences, I hope to move upwards into advanced lighting photography, with 2-3 speedlights or strobes. This journey is probably going to take 1-2 years depending on how fast and the number of portrait shoots that I am able to do.



Therefore, what are the items inside my Basic Lighting Photography Setup ?

– 1 x Light Stand
– 1 x Umbrella Swivel Adaptor
– 1 x  2-in-1 Black Reflective + White Umbrella
– 1 x Luxi Incidental Light Meter (via Kickstarter)
– 1 x Canon 580EX2
– 1 x Trans-receiver FlexTT5 & 1 x Transmitter MiniTT1 by Pocket Wizard (Second Hand)
I was fortunate to find good quality second hand Pocket Wizard Trans-receiver FlexTT5 and Transmitter MiniTT1 at half their prices, the Luxi Incidental Light Meter was funded via Kickstarter, my Canon 580EX2 was bought sometime back and finally, my light stand, umbrella swivel adaptor and 2-in-1 Black Reflective + White Umbrella were new. My basic lighting photography setup took me a while because I haven’t decided on the transmitter and trans-receiver brand and model, however, it took off when my Luxi arrived and I found Pocket Wizard at second hand prices!
My Basic Lighting Photography learning journey had just begun, there is always something new and fun to learn in photography. I am planning to share my photographs and my experiences with my Basic Lighting Photography setup, hoping to encourage fellow photographers to go explore and learn new photography fields too!
Here are some of the links and videos that I used in my learning of basic lighting photography –
Adorama  TV – Small Studio Flash Tips