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Star Wars Day 2017 in Singapore

Every year, Star Wars fans around the world mark May 4th as Star Wars Day, celebrating everything related to Star Wars. In Singapore, the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, was celebrated with a big three days event at Gardens By The Bay in Singapore.

May 4th, 2017 falls on a Thursday, with Gardens By The Bay turning into a Star Wars festival ground, ending off with the Star Wars run on 6th May 2017. While I didn’t participate in the Star Wars run, I visited Star Wars Day 2017 on May 4th and 5th at Gardens By The Bay, the SuperTree Grove at Gardens By The Bay turning into a Star Wars festival ground.

At the SuperTree Grove, there were booths showcasing Star Wars merchandise/toys for sale, memorabilia, charity photo booth, photography taking opportunities with Star Wars characters, the Star Wars AT-ST Walker making a guest appearance and getting a lot of fanfare! The charity photo booth was managed by fellow photographer friend Ted Chen Photography, a hardcore Star Wars fan, it was great catching up with Ted for a short time during my visit to Star Wars Day 2017 on May 4th.

In the night, the SuperTree Grove transformed into a magical night of lights and music display, presenting Garden Rhapsody: Star Wars edition. For the Star Wars fans, we all love this Garden Rhapsody: Star Wars edition! The SuperTree Grove became SaberTrees, shining high above into the Marina Bay skyline for three nights during Star Wars Day 2017 in Singapore from May 4th to May 6th. This was a magnificent sight for Star Wars fans as well as photographers, watching it from the grounds of Gardens By The Bay or from the Marina Bay Sands hotel linkway bridge to Gardens By The Bay.

Star Wars Day 2017 was really nice, with the bigger event space at SuperTree Grove, the Star Wars AT-ST Walker making an appearance and the SaberTrees shining high and bright into the Marina Bay skyline. They were some of the highlights that made Star Wars Day 2017 much more special and memorable! I hope that they can continue with it in Star Wars Day 2018!

Wishing all fellow Star Wars fans, May the 4th Be With You, Always! Looking forward to Star Wars VIII – The Last Jedi on 15th December 2017!

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The Force is Strong with Star Wars at Changi

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away …

For all the Star Wars fans out there, the new and younger ones, the older and loyal ones, everyone of us had been eagerly and anxiously waiting for the official launch of Star Wars VII – The Force Awakens in December 2015. Star Wars fans in Singapore were given an awesome surprise with Star Wars “flying” and landing inside Singapore Changi Airport! Two iconic and well known Star Wars starfighters made an appearance at Singapore Changi Airport, the X-Wing Starfighter at Terminal 3 and TIE Fighter at Terminal 2 for Star Wars at Changi!



A big time Star Wars fan like me, I was jumping with joy and excitement when I read the news of the life sized Star Wars fighters “flying” into Singapore! For many of the Star Wars fans, I am pretty sure they would make the trip to Changi Airport and photograph the X-Wing Starfighter and TIE Fighter! On a Saturday evening, I was going to send my friend Deborah off at the airport and decided to photograph the TIE Fighter and X-Wing Starfighter before meeting my friend Deborah.

It was an amazing experience, quite up close and personal to the life sized TIE Fighter and X-Wing Starfighter. While the background scenes weren’t exactly Hoth, Yavin or Endor, it felt great, nostalgic and exciting! There were quite a number of people at Terminal 2 and 3, taking photos of the TIE Fighter and X-Wing Starfighter, while waiting for their flight or just arriving into Singapore.



Sometimes, no words are needed for Star Wars fans. We just loved to be there and be up close to the two life sized Star Wars fighters. Let my Star Wars at Changi photographs collection do the talking!

May The Force Be With You! Always! 

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Star Wars™ Joins All-New Disney Infinity 3.0

Star Wars and gaming fans alert! Star Wars™ Joins Forces with Disney, Disney•Pixar and Marvel in the All-New Disney Infinity 3.0! Look at the Star Wars figures, would like to own them and have it in your home? Disney Infinity is an interactive gaming platform where players have unprecedented freedom and endless opportunity to create stories and play experience starring the beloved characters from across The Walt Disney Company.



For gaming fans, Star Wars fans, cartoon fans, Disney Infinity gives you the gaming experience as well as the opportunity to own some very nice action figures (especially if you are a Star Wars fan!). At the launch of Disney Infinity 3.0,

The Disney Infinity 3.0 Starter Pack will be available from 1 September at a suggested retail price of SGD $99.90, and Disney Infinity 3.0 promises to deliver kids and families with a wider breadth of content and variety of gameplay than ever offered from Disney Infinity, including:  

  • Three Star Wars Play Sets, one set in the timeline of Episodes I-III, the second set during the original trilogy, Episodes IV-VI, and the third based onStar Wars™: The Force Awakens™
  • Additional Play Sets offering distinct gameplay and environments, including a Disney•Pixar Play Set based on the upcoming film Inside Out, and a Marvel Play Set featuring Hulkbuster Iron Man, Ultron, and other Marvel characters
  • A fully enhanced Toy Box with two new multiplayer Toy Box Expansion Games, Toy Box Speedway (kart racing) and Toy Box Takeover (action-adventure)
  • More figures of fan-favourite characters from across The Walt Disney Company, like Mickey and Minnie, Sam Flynn and Quorra from Tron: Legacy, Mulan and Olaf, among many others



For more information, here are some useful links for you to visit and check them out –

Disney Infinity website: www.disney.com/Infinity

YouTube: www.youtube.com/disneyinfinity

Disney Infinity Facebook Community: (www.facebook.com/disneyinfinity)

Google+ community: (plus.google.com/+DisneyInfinity)

Twitter: (www.twitter.com/disneyinfinity)

Instagram: (www.instagram.com/disneyinfinity).

* Information Courtesy of The Walt Disney Company (SEA) and IN.FOM *

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Star Wars 75078 Imperial Troop Transport

The Star Wars 75078 Imperial Troop Transport is one of the new set of Star Wars Lego series launched in the month of January 2015. This was one of the Star Wars Lego set that caught my attention, it’s not too expensive and I can take the opportunity to build up my stormtroopers collection.


When the Imperial Troop Transport was initially launched, it was very popular among Star Wars Lego collectors/fans. The initial demand was pretty strong and there were not enough supplies to meet the demands of the customers. I waited for a few weeks before I was able to get hold of them. Due to recent work commitments, I wasn’t able to open up my box and build them up.


However, with the Canon EOS M3 review camera available to me for two weeks, I decided to bring my Lego toy out of from my store room and used the Canon EOS M3 to take photographs of my Star Wars Lego building process. This was also a good time for me to test the capabilities of the Canon EOS M3 too!


The Imperial Troop Transport is based on the TV series Star Wars Rebels, tracking down rebels on Planet Lothal. It would be interesting to conceptualise some Star Wars Lego scenes with the Imperial Troop Transport, Stormtroopers and Rebels! Besides that, I am keen on collecting more Imperial Troop Transport and showcase a section size or platoon size of Imperial Troop Transport and Stormtroopers!


I hope that I can share more on the Star Wars Lego collection, conceptualising scenes, producing and photographing them! Keep a lookout!

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May the 4th Be With You (in Year 2015)

4th of May, a date that Star Wars fans worldwide unite to dedicate a day to the world of Star Wars, with the words May the 4th Be With You (May The Force Be With You). Being a big Star Wars fan, I still vividly remembered the Star Wars trilogy when I was a young kid (I think the first Star Wars movie that I watched was Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back)


May the 4th Be With You, Always! Attending May the 4th Be With You events in Singapore, it’s like making a pilgrimage to the world of Star Wars and where Star Wars fans gather together to celebrate everything Star Wars. Celebrate the Force with Star Wars Singapore! For the year 2015, Star Wars day in Singapore was held at Suntec City on 2nd and 3rd May 2015. I went on Saturday, 2nd May 2015 to soak in the atmosphere, admiring the various Star Wars toys on display and wondering which Star Wars Lego toy to buy next!


Looking at some of the artworks and photographs of Star Wars Lego/figurines in action, I was motivated to re-ignite my Star Wars Lego scenes conceptualisation and planning. Time to go back to my drawing board and plan my next few Star Wars Lego scenes projects!



The year 2015 is going to be a very exciting and highly anticipated year for Star Wars fans, with the Star Wars VII coming in December 2015! I am sure many of us Star Wars fans are very excited and looking forward to it!

For all Star Wars fans, May The Force Be With You, Always!

Star Wars Lego Microfighters Series 2 – 75075 AT-AT

The Star Wars Lego Microfighter Series was one of the first few Star Wars Lego that brought me back to the Way of The Force and the Power of the Force, a world that I “went away” for a period of time. It recalled me back to the World of Star Wars and there was no turning back! In the year 2015, there is a new Star Wars Lego Microfighters Series and inside this year’s collection, there were some pretty interesting and nice Microfighters Series!


One of the more popular toys in my personal opinion would be the 75075 AT-AT, the mini version of the bigger size 75075 AT-AT (one of the Star Wars Lego toys that I was planning to add on to my collection). The Star Wars Lego Microfighters Series are good for people to start off in their Star Wars Lego collection journey! It’s a must buy!


The process to building Star Wars Lego Microfighter Series 2 75075 AT-AT is easy and very fun, great for both children and adults! Look no further, come towards the Way of The Force, the Force of Star Wars Lego!

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Star Wars Lego 75089 Geonosis Troopers

Star Wars and Lego fans, the year 2015 is going to be an exciting year! With Star Wars Episode VII : The Force Awakens coming to the screens in December 2015, every Star Wars fan must be eagerly looking forward to this new movie! Along with this excitement, we are all very curious on the new Star Wars vehicles/fighters/machinery in the new movie!


At the start of the year 2015, Lego launched a new series of Star Wars Lego toys collection and it’s currently very popular in the market! I am looking for Star Wars Lego 75078 Imperial Troop Transport, collect a number of the boxes and build up my Stormtroopers collection to produce Star Wars Lego scenes! However, it’s really popular and getting hard to find them!


The other Star Wars Lego 2015 collection that caught my attention was the Star Wars Lego 75089 Geonosis  Troopers! I added them to my personal Star Wars Lego collection! I am still planning how I can create Star Wars scenes with the Geonosis Troopers and I might be getting a few of them! The Star Wars Lego 75089 Geonosis Troopers is easy to build and you can collect 2 types of Lego Mini-figurines – 2 Geonosis Clone Troopers and 2 Geonosis Airborne Clone Troopers!


It’s the start of the new year 2015 and let’s get my Star Wars Lego scenes back up and running again!

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Star Wars Lego 7965 Millennium Falcon

The Star Wars Millennium Falcon, is probably one of the most iconic and important Star Wars starships, you can’t miss it and it’s probably a hot favourite among the Star Wars fans too! The Millennium Falcon is definitely my favourite Star Wars starships, followed by the X-Wing Starfighter! Getting the Star Wars Lego 7965 Millennium Falcon was hot on my list and when I finally got my hands on it, I was very happy!


This Star Wars Lego 7965 Millennium Falcon has 1254 pieces and I had to confess that it took me a bit longer than usual to finish constructing the Millennium Falcon! There were 6 Star Wars Lego mini figurines and they will make great addition to my Star Wars Lego collection! Hopefully in the future, I am able to own the Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) 10179 Star Wars Lego Millennium Falcon, I do need the space (and savings to purchase it) to put it on display!


As I slowly added more Star Wars Lego to my collection, I am able to proceed and plan more Star Wars scenes with my Lego toys, some are from the trilogy, some are from my own ideas and inspirations! In the months ahead, I hope to share more stories and photographs from my Star Wars scenes build up such as Battle of Hoth from Star Wars V – Empire Strikes Back (with my Echo Base, X-Wing Starfighter and I need to add the AT-AT and more Snowtroopers to my collection first!)


Do keep a lookout for my upcoming stories on my Star Wars Lego scenes adventures! It’s going to be a mix of scenes from Star Wars Trilogy, my own ideas and inspirations! I am also planning to find fellow photographer friends who are also Star Wars Lego fans to “combine resources” together to create bigger Star Wars scenes with our Lego toys!

May The Force Be With You, Always! 

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Star Wars Rebels

In a Galaxy Far Far Away, there lie many stories and adventures between two of the biggest and greatest Star Wars saga of the prequel trilogy (Star Wars IV, V and VI) and original trilogy (Star Wars I, II and III). For Star Wars Saga fans whom followed faithfully the Star Wars timeline, this is something that will keep you glued to the world of Star Wars Saga again with a new animated action series – Star Wars Rebels.



When the Old Republic fell and the evil Galactic Empire took over, unleashing a dark time with its tightening of power on the Galaxy. The Imperial Forces have occupied a remote planet and are destroying the lives of its people. There was an amazing group of characters, motley but clever crew of the starship Ghost, namely cowboy Jedi Kanan, ace pilot Hera, street smart teenager Ezra, muscle Zeb, the beautiful warrior fireband Sabine and of course, how can we miss the astromech droid Chopper. Together, this brave group of warriors stood together and fights vigilantly against the evil Galactic Empire and protects the innocent. They will encounter many exciting adventures; they will face threatening new villains, encounter colourful new adversaries. Join this amazing group of warriors on their thrilling, amazing, exciting and breath-taking adventures in their journey to become heroes with the power to ignite a rebellion, for A New Hope.




This band of rebel warriors, Kanan, Hera, Ezra, Zeb, Sabine and Chopper, all have their own interesting stories, history and background behind them. They all have something unique and special behind their characters. From the Star Wars Rebels animated series, we can know, learn and understand more about them. In a world of heroes, there is also the world of villains, keep a lookout for Agent Kallus – Imperial Enforcer and Inquisitor – Jedi Hunter!


In the one hour Star Wars Rebel Special, you will be able to feel the Force (and love for Star Wars) in you again! It surrounds you and your family. The Star Wars Rebels is in a unique and ideal position to bridge the gap between the prequel trilogy and original trilogy both aesthetically and generationally. The adult Star Wars fans will love it; your children will also fall in love with it, joining you in learning and understanding the way of the Force, of the Star Wars Saga.

The Star Wars Rebels will premiere as a one-hour Star Wars Rebels Special on Disney Channel on 4th October at 11am and on Disney XD on 5th October at 8am. The Star Wars Rebels Special will usher in the Star Wars Rebels series beginning on 29th November, 12pm on Disney Channel and 30th November at 8:30am on Disney XD.

Star Wars fans, you can’t miss this!


May The Force Be With You, Always.


Here are some sneak previews of Star Wars Rebels from Star Wars YouTube Channel!

* I would like to thank Disney Channels Southeast Asia for the invitation to Star Wars Rebels Preview Screening and providing information and pictures from the Star Wars Rebels series! *

Star Wars Lego 9493 X-Wing Starfighter

The X-Wing, for any Star Wars fans, you can’t miss this iconic fighter plane that Luke Skywalker flew in Star Wars IV – A New Hope. It is probably one of the most favourite Star Wars Starships among the Star Wars fans, the other hot favourite among Star Wars fans, in my opinion is probably the Millennium Falcon! The Star Wars X-Wing is one of my favourite Star Wars starships, I can’t forget the scene when the X-Wing fighters formed up to attack the Death Star I in Star Wars IV – A New Hope.


I was slowly building up my Star Wars Lego collection, selecting those that are my favourites, recreating Star Wars movies scenes and creating my own Star Wars Lego scenes of my own world. When I got hold of the Star Wars Lego 9493 X-Wing Starfighter, I was very excited to start building it! The 9493 X-Wing is really cool and fun, there is R2D2 to accompany Luke Skywalker mini-figurine! My cousin Joel, a real big time Lego + Star Wars Lego fanatic (I can’t chase/match up to his level of collection!) advised me that the smaller 9493 X-Wing is more suitable for my scenes creation versus getting the Star Wars Lego Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) 10240 Red Five X-Wing Starfighter (that is something it is on my mind too, planning to get the UCS X-Wing Starfighter in the future!).


Building the Lego 9493 X-Wing Starfighter wasn’t too difficult, it just might be a bit more lengthy in time with the number of bricks and parts. On top of that, I had been regularly taking photographs of each step in building the X-Wing and some of the steps might take a bit more time with the knob, mechanism, gears and nuts that allow the X-Wing to open up their wings for attack mode, remember the words “Lock S-foils in attack position”!


When I finished building the Star Wars Lego 9493 X-Wing Starfighter, I was very happy and excited, just like the young kid in me again! Right after that, I placed the X-Wing beside my Echo Base gun turret and Snowspeeder, preparing/visualising for my Battle of Hoth scenes in Star Wars V – Empire Strikes Back that I was planning to create!


In my own world of Lego and Star Wars, I combined the world of Star Wars together, out of the original Star Wars Trilogy, my own Star Wars Lego Scenes. This was very fun and interesting for me as I create something out of the original story/history line! Do remember to check out my Star Wars Collection on Flickr for more updates!

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