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“Demoncracy” arrives at Universal Studios Singapore for Halloween Horror Nights 4!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise and welcome Minister Jonah Goodwill for the inauguration ceremony! The Minister of Evil is going to take office and unleash to you, the scariest nightmares to life once again! The Minister of Evil is taking office for Halloween Horror Nights 4 and they will deliver the most number of event nights, the most number of haunted houses and scare zones for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore!


Minister Jonah Goodwill is not unleashing Democracy but “Demoncracy”, it’s a new social order, an uprising of a something very special. The demons will be awakened, clowns and fairy tales will turn loony and urban legends come alive. When the Minister of Evil unleashes “Demoncracy” upon the park, the guests will have nowhere to hide!

Will you be ready for FOUR haunted houses and FOUR immersive scare zones for Halloween Horror Nights 4 this year? The haunted houses will be located across New York Zone and Lost World Zone. Coulrophobia strikes as guests enter the world of a loony killer clown at Jack’s 3-Dementia; bullying in school takes a nasty twist when the victim returns to torment any who walk through the corridors at Jing’s Revenge; soldiers are put through sadistic training at Mati Camp and to top things off, evil aliens designed to extinguish the human race are born in test tubes at The L.A.B(Laboratory of Alien Breeding).


More details and back stories of the haunted houses and scare zones will be unveiled over the next few days on the event website at www.halloweenhorrornights.com.sg. Not only will you, the fans of Halloween Horror Nights 4 have sneak peeks, you stand to win horrific prizes on their social media platforms.

Have you marked down the dates and details for Halloween Horror Nights 4? Here are the details below –

Halloween Horror Nights 4 runs for 13 nights over five weekends, from 3 – 5 October, 10 – 11 October, 17 – 18 October, 22 – 25 October, 31 October and 1 November 2014, from 7.30pm to 1.30am each evening. The theme park will close earlier at 6.00pm on event nights.

Selected rides and attractions will be open during the event, including TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle and Shrek 4-D Adventure for guests looking to extend their day experience.


Early-bird special tickets, priced at S$60 (usual price S$68), will be available from 25 July onwards. To enhance the experience of the event, guests can choose to skip the queues with the premiere R.I.P Tour, escorted by a personal guide. Limited Early-bird R.I.P Tour packages are available at S$158 (usual price S$198), as well. The Frequent Fear Pass will also be making a comeback this year. Frequent Fear Passholders can revisit the event as many times as they like, on 7 of the 13 event nights (3 – 5, 10, 17, 22, 23 October) at a price of S$118.

Special pricing is also available for Resorts World Sentosa hotel guests, corporate and bulk purchases, Universal Studios Singapore Annual Passholders and daytime theme park guests. RWS INVITES members enjoy an exclusive ticket price of S$50, as well as a priority admission into the park.

** Halloween Horror Nights is a separately ticketed event and is not included with regular day admission to the theme park. Daytime guests who desire to “Stay & Scream” at Halloween Horror Nights 4 on the same evening may choose to upgrade their admission tickets at an additional S$50. **

For the convenience of outbound guests, RWS 8 shuttle bus services will be extended to 3.30am on event nights. Night Rider services continue to operate during weekends.

Advance purchase is strongly recommended and tickets are available from 25 July at   www.halloweenhorrornights.com.sg, www.rwsentosa.com, or call +65 6577 8899.


As we now officially welcome our new Minister Jonah Goodwill, the Minister of Evil for “Demoncracy” at Universal Studios Singapore, for Halloween Horror Nights 4. Are you ready to visit “Demoncracy”?

I would like to thank Resorts World Singapore for the invitation to Minister Jonah Goodwill inauguration ceremony! Do check out the photos here on my Flickr collection!

* Information and Details Courtesy of Resorts World Sentosa *

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Exploring Scenes and Traveling with Star Wars Lego Toys!

The fun and adventure with my Star Wars Lego had been a pretty good start to A New Hope, from documenting and photographing my Star Wars Lego toys construction, it progressed towards a fun personal project with my Star Wars AT-RT, titled “Lego Star Wars AT-RT Goes Exploring!”, bringing out the AT-RT to locations in Singapore and taking photographs of the AT-RT exploring!


With the addition of the Star Wars Lego Snowspeeder into my collection, I was inspired by my AT-RT goes exploring and decided to create another fun personal project along with my AT-RT goes exploring with “Lego Star Wars Snowspeeder Goes Exploring!“. Therefore, I might be bringing out both the AT-RT and Snowspeeder out together to explore and take photographs of the Star Wars Lego toys exploring different parts of Singapore and different parts of the world (hopefully!).


In my earlier posts relating to Star Wars Lego toys, there were inspirations from photographers who were Lego and Star Wars fanatics and they produced some excellent scenes and composition with them! I observed their photographs, compositions and ideas for inspirations and ideas, along with re-collecting Star Wars movie I to VI trilogy scenes and planning on how I can produce/construct Star Wars scenes with the Lego toys right here in Singapore! Along with fellow photographer friend and also a Star Wars Lego fan, Marcus, we brought out some of our Star Wars Lego toys on a Saturday morning to do a “test shot” and create some of our own Star Wars scenes! I brought out AT-RT, Snowspeeder and various Star Wars Lego mini figurines while Marcus brought out AT-AT, Snowspeeder, AT-RT and Snowtroopers! Check out Marcus’s Lego Star Wars @ West Coast Park collection and my Star Wars Lego Scenes on Flickr!


Planning ahead into the near future, I hope to add a few more Star Wars Lego toys to my collection first, I am looking at the X-Wing, AT-AT and Millennium Falcon! While waiting to own my Star Wars Lego wish list, I am conceptualising future scenes for my Star Wars Lego along with my photographer and Star Wars Lego friends!

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Star Wars 75049 Snowspeeder

When I re-started upon my chosen way, back into the good side of Lego, particularly Star Wars Lego collection, there was no turning back. It had been many fun and interesting adventures to build, photograph and document the Star Wars Lego construction process. Thereafter, producing my own Star Wars scenes with my Lego toys. From my Star Wars 75045 Republic AV-7 Anti-Vehicle Cannon, Star Wars 75044 Droid Tri-Fighter to Star Wars 75022 AT-RT, every Star Wars Lego toy carries a story, photography and documentation of their respective construction process.


I remembered watching Star Wars when I was a young kid and my first Star Wars movie was probably Star Wars VI Return of the Jedi, when I was young enough to understand and watch a movie! Like many others, we were mesmerised by Star Wars and still are mesmerised as of today. One of the scenes that I really like a lot was the Battle of Hoth in Star Wars V The Empire Strikes Back, the Galactic Empire AT-AT Walkers launching an assault on Rebel Alliance Echo Base and it was good to watch the fighting scenes between the Snowspeeder Rouge Group led by Commander Luke Skywalker attacking the AT-AT Walkers. When Lego recently released Star Wars Lego 75049 Snowspeeder and Star Wars 75054 AT-AT, I told myself that I wanted to get these 2 Star Wars Lego toys!


One day, I decided that I will add the Star Wars Lego 75049 Snowspeeder to my collection first and bought it at a bit of discount with my $20 shopping vouchers. While constructing the Snowspeeder, I finally have both the Old Republic and New Republic Star Wars Lego and I am looking forward to owning more of them! Inside my mind, I am planning some Lego scenes with my various Star Wars toys, with the future Star Wars AT-AT, X-Wing Fighter, Millennium Falcon! Oh, did I just said out my Star Wars Lego wish list?


I had already begun a small personal fun photography project with my Star Wars AT-RT Exploration, inspired by Star Wars Lego fans and other Lego fans (Lego Travellers was an inspiration!) when they brought out their Lego figurines/toys around when they went out or when they travel around the world! They are currently being curated on my Facebook Page – TanGengHui Photography and will be up on my Flickr Star Wars collection!


Keep a lookout here! Star Wars Lego scenes project with fellow photographers who are Star Wars Lego fans are coming soon! Combining our pool of Star Wars Lego toys (resources) to produce some interesting scenes and stories with our Star Wars Lego! May The Force Be With You!

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Sony Reveals New Cyber-Shot Cameras and External Flash

Sony recently announced new Cyber-Shot Cameras and external flash to their line-up of cameras. They are the Sony CyberShot RX 100 II and Sony CyberShot RX 1R, that improved from last year’s impressive releases. There is also the HVL-F43M external flash that is compatible with many of the latest cameras and camcorders from Sony. The Sony RX 100 II and RX 1R builds on their predecessors and they are pretty popular among the compact digital camera users. Let me share with you more on the the new Sony Cyber-Shot cameras and External Flash.

Cyber-shot™ RX100 II

The new Cyber-shot™ RX100 II builds on the popular Cyber-shot™ RX100, with enhanced picture quality and convenient new features such as Wi-Fi and easy One-touch smartphone connection with NFC. The RX100 II possesses increased sensor sensitivity with 20.2 effective megapixel back-illuminated Exmor R™ 1.0-type CMOS sensor, delivering DSLR-style shots regardless of the shooting situation. It is also the first ever camera from Sony with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, enabling One-touch connectivity with Android smartphones and tablets. It even allows you to snap images remotely from your smartphone. The new RX100 II comes with a bright, detail-packed 3.0-type White Magic™ LCD that tilts up and down, giving users even more creativity when composing their shots. The new Cyber-shot™ RX100 II digital compact camera from Sony will be available at selected Sony stores and authorised outlets from August 2013.

 RX100 II with accessories

Cyber-shot™ RX1R

Sony is bringing pixel-perfect picture quality to a whole new level with the introduction of the new full-frame compact camera Cyber-shot™ RX1R. The sister version of the image-powerful Cyber-shot™ RX1, the RX1R removes the optical low-pass filter (OLPF) found in front of the RX1’s sensor, enabling flawless capture of fine details without any distortions. This makes it ideal when taking landscape and other high-detail scenes. The camera’s compatibility with TRILUMINOS™ Colour technology ensures richer, more natural colours when viewing stills and video on the latest generation of BRAVIA™ televisions with TRILUMINOS™ Display. The new Cyber-shot™ RX1R full-frame digital compact camera from Sony will be available at selected Sony stores and authorised outlets from August 2013.


HVL-F43M external flash

Designed for use with the latest Sony A-mount SLT, E-mount cameras, camcorders and Cyber-shot™ models that have the Multi Interface Shoe, the versatile HVL-F43M combines smart, compact design with bright GN43 flash output, Quick Shift Bounce and dust/moisture resistant design. Users of the HVL-F43M can even shoot Full HD videos in the dark with its powerful LED video light, while other smart functions such as Auto White Balance adjustment with colour temperature information ensures consistent natural-looking images under any lighting conditions. The new HVL-F43M external flash from Sony will be available at all Sony stores and authorised outlets from mid July 2013.

HVL-F43M (high-res)

Pricing and Availability

The Sony CyberShot RX 1R and RX 100 II will be available at selected Sony stores and authorised outlets from August 2013 onwards.

Model Recommended Retail Price
Cyber-shot™ RX1R S$3,999
Cyber-shot™ RX100 II S$999

 For your information, with effect from 1st July 2013, the Cyber-shot™ DSC-RX100 will retail at a reduced price of S$849 (original price was S$999).

 Information and Photographs Courtesy of Sony Singapore.