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Geylang International FC renews sponsorship with Epson & announces 2017 S-League squad

On 10th February 2017, Geylang International FC (GIFC) officially announced that they will be partnering with Epson for another year. With this extension, Geylang International FC will be able to see increased partnership between the football club and Epson Singapore, the club’s Platinum sponsor.

It’s really great and wonderful to see Epson Singapore playing an important role in the outreach efforts for the local community and development of the sports scene in Singapore. Although there are government support, the sports scene still need the public and commercial entities support to help bring the sports to the next level.

Epson Singapore and GIFC has a commitment to develop youths through football, whereby talented youth footballers from GIFC are sent to for a training stint with Matsumoto Yamagata FC later this year. As a football fan, this is great news, to send young footballers overseas for training and exposure. The Epson Singapore Cup 2017 is taking place later this year, co-organised by GIFC and Epson, I am looking forward to this football competition for the youth in 2017.

At the official signing ceremony, we witnessed Mr Toshimitsu Tanaka, Managing Director (Southeast Asia) of Epson Singapore, and Mr Ben Teng, Chairman of GIFC, signing off and marking the start of another year of sponsorship and partnership.

After the official signing ceremony, GIFC also presented their 2017 S-League team line up, with an individual introduction of each team member being presented to the media and guests present at the event. Keep a lookout for some new faces. Fahrish Khan and Umar Akhbar who have moved up from the Prime League squad of 2016, Japanese centre-back Yuki Ichikawa, Victor Coto, Coasta Rican-born striker and Argentine attacking midfielder Ricardo.

Good luck to Geylang International FC for the S-League 2017 season and I am looking forward to hear more and cover on the youth football development between GIFC and Epson in Singapore!

Epson Singapore Cup 2016

The inaugural Epson Singapore Cup, a grassroots football competition for the Under-15 age group, took place over two weekends on the 3rd and 10th September 2016 at SAFRA Tampines. The U-15 preliminary matches took place on the 3rd September 2016 and the quarter finals, semi finals and final took place on the 10th September 2016. Due to insufficient qualified entries, the proposed U-17 preliminary matches that were supposed to be played on 4th September 2016 were cancelled.


Football is not just a sport that I played when I was growing up as a young kid, playing under the common corridor ground floor of the HDB block, basketball courts, schools and fields, football meant a lot to me, as a fan and supporter of this sport. When I knew about Epson organising the inaugural Singapore Cup, bringing grassroots football back to the community as part of their corporate service responsibility (CSR) initiatives, I was happy to hear about what they were planning to do for the youth and the football community in Singapore.


I went down on 3rd September, covering and photographing the preliminary matches by the U-15 teams. The Epson Singapore Cup in 2016 was their maiden debut , there were 10 U-15 teams playing it out for the knock out rounds next week on the 10th September. Although there were not too many football teams participating, it was still a good competition whereby the boys had fun and enjoyed themselves on the football fields.


When I was watching the boys playing football on the football pitches, it brought me back to my school days, when I just loved playing football after school and even during recess time (primary school days). This was also the time when I really enjoyed playing football, fun and carefree.


Due to a clash of events and a photography assignment on 10th September, I wasn’t able to come down to watch, document and photograph the knock out matches. I would share some photographs and updates provided by Epson Singapore and Asia PR Werkz for the coverage on 10th September.

How did the knock out matches leading to the final turned out on 10th September? Let me share with you some of the key points –

The morning started with a briefing from Head Coach of Geylang International FC (GIFC) Hasrin Jailani, who advised them to watch the shape and formation of their teams as they play, balance between playing as a team and showcasing their individual skills, and display good sportsmanship. GIFC players Isa Halim and Mark Hartmann spoke to the teams, encouraging them to go the extra mile to push themselves to win, respect the officials and other teams, and enjoy the game. Teams who made it to the quarter finals were subsequently briefed by local football legends Lionel Lewis and S Subramani, to better prepare them for the matches. Team “Valentia C.F” emerged the winner after a nail-biting battle with hot favourites “Team Alpha” tied at 0:0, and a penalty shootout of 3:2 ensued.

epson-sg-cup-match-shots-2 Photo courtesy of Epson Singapore

Title Sponsor Epson Singapore was encouraged by the results of the tournament. “As our first Epson Singapore Cup, we are encouraged and impressed by the mettle, skills and sportsmanship the teams have shown on the field. For our young champion, I wish them all the best and may the training stint bring them a step closer towards excellence in football. For the rest of the participants, I believe their dedication will not go unnoticed, and continue to pursue their passion and dreams in football,” said Ms. Tan May Lin, Epson Singapore’s General Manager (Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Division).

Source: Epson Singapore press release


Photo courtesy of Epson Singapore

The organisers will be reviewing the tournament and will announce subsequently if they will continue with this competition for next year. On a personal note, I really hope they will continue with the Epson Singapore Cup for year 2017. I support this grassroots level football competition, it’s an excellent initiative to grow our local football scene, and we need the changes to our local Singapore football scene. Starting from the grassroots, the foundation and base of the Singapore society, this is where we should and we must start from.


Photo courtesy of Epson Singapore

Oh yes, I would to congratulate Team Valentia C.F for winning the inaugural Epson Singapore Cup! Have a fun learning and training stint experience at the prestigious Valencia C.F Soccer School in Singapore.

Celebrate 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil action with McDonald’s!

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil action is now moving into an exciting stage, group matches had just concluded and the Round of 16 is coming up next! World Cup football is one of the biggest sporting events worldwide and has a enormous following of football fanatic supporters. For us football fans here in Singapore, the live World Cup matches are played during midnight and early morning Singapore time. When we are watching World Cup football matches, we definitely need some food to accompany us throughout the excitement of World Cup football action!


Photo Courtesy of McDonald’s Singapore

McDonald’s is playing a big part in 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, bringing in fun, excitement, passion and food to the football fans in Singapore, through different new and well-loved initiatives! The iconic McDonald’s fry has 12 original street artworks, selected from the works of over 500 professionally well known to newly discovered artists around the world! When you are dining at McDonald’s restaurants, do keep a look out for them! The specially designed fry boxes are also part of McDonald’s mobile app, McDonald’s GOL!, a new innovative augmented reality mobile gaming application that you can enjoy and have fun among your friends while watching Live World Cup football action at selected McDonald’s restaurants (38 of them) and enjoying Brazilian menu flavours concurrently!


When you visit McDonald’s restaurants, there are special new menu items featuring tantalizing Brazilian flavours and they are also available via McDelivery! You have to check out and try the Spicy Brazilian Beef Picante Burger and Sweet Chilli Lime Crispy Chicken Caramba Burger, available from $7.60 for an Extra Value Meal, while stocks last! Beside the two special burgers, there are the refreshing Fiesta Lime McFizz, Samba Spicy Drumlets, hot toasty Copa-Banana Pie and Brasilia green cone! Have them all together to have a Brazilian food experience to accompany you watching 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil! If you ordering McDelivery, there is a chance to win $1,000 in weekly draws! This promotion is applicable for orders made online and via the McDelivery app, at least $20 spent on food and drinks in a single receipt using a local Citibank Visa Card from 5th June to 16th July!



There will be a McDonald’s 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil weekend carnival happening on the 28th June 2014 at McDonald’s West Coast Park! Customers visiting the weekend carnival can get to watch drum and passita performances, football juggling challenges and futsal competitions! Do bring your children to have fun and enjoy the weekend carnival, there are exciting prizes to be won too!



Have fun watching the rest of 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil football action and celebrate it with McDonald’s! For more information, check out McDonald’s Singapore website for more details!

* I would like to thank McDonald’s Singapore and Golin Harris for inviting and hosting us to a fun 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil football carnival weekend! *

Enjoy World Cup 2014 action with CP Foods latest quick bites!

World Cup 2014 is now starting to enter into its Round of 16 soon with the final few Group matches going to be played in the next few days. This World Cup 2014 had been exciting and fun, with many goals scored along with some surprises and disappointments! With World Cup 2014 being played in Brazil, the match timings are very late at night around 12am or 4am, moving ahead into Round of 16 and beyond. When the football fanatic fan is going to stay up and watch World Cup 2014 matches, it will be nice to have some food, snack quick bites, delicious and easy to prepare, that can accompany you watching the football action all the way!



Let me introduce CP Foods latest quick bites, ideal for the football fanatic fans! They are easy to cook and can be bought from nearby convenience stores and supermarkets! You can eat the various sausages on its own or you can wrap it up with bread and make into a sandwich! I was recently sent a nice gift of CP Foods latest quick bites to accompany me during World Cup 2014 and here are more information on the various CP Foods latest quick bites offer!

What are the foods that make up CP Foods latest quick bites that you can enjoy World Cup 2014 football action with?

With 10 offerings of tantalizing flavours, the newly-launched CP Foods cold cuts will provide you with the convenience and good taste as you cheer on your favourite teams. They are specially packed in microwavable bags to ease your convenience in food preparation ensuring you catch all the action on screen. The formidable line-up includes

CP Jumbo Bologna : Smooth and tasty ham made from fine selection of chicken meat

CP Black Pepper Bologna 220x150mm OL.ai

CP Smoked Chicken Cocktail : Bite-sized sausages that would be the perfect pairing with other food and snacks

CP Black Pepper Sausage 220mmx100mm OL.ai

CP Pizza Cocktail : Juicy chicken sausages that are marinated with high quality Italian spices and mixed with cheddar cheese

CP Black Pepper Sausage 220mmx100mm OL.ai

CP Chili Bologna : Tender chicken ham mixed with high quality spices and fresh chili peppers

CP Black Pepper Bologna 220x150mm OL.ai

CP Cheese Sausage : Chicken sausage firmly stuffed with cheddar cheese that oozes out a rich and tangy goodness with every bite

CP Black Pepper Sausage 220mmx100mm OL.ai

CP Smoked Chicken Frankfurter : Appetizing chicken sausages that comes with great taste and a subtle smoky flavour

CP Black Pepper Sausage 220mmx100mm OL.ai

CP Chicken Vienna : Full-flavoured of high quality chicken meat marinated in aromatic spices

CP Black Pepper Sausage 220mmx100mm OL.ai

CP Chicken Sandwich : Savoury ham made from fresh chicken meat

CP Black Pepper Bologna 220x150mm OL.ai

CP Shoyu Sausage : Chunky Japanese-style sausage marinated with traditional Japanese soy sauce Shoyu and smoked with real Beechwood for an authentic Japanese flavour

CP Japanese Classic Pork Sausage : Chunky pork sausages seasoned with ginger and white pepper, smoked with real Beechwood for a rich and mouth-watering flavour

* Individual pictures of CP Foods courtesy of CP Foods Singapore and Vibes Communication  *

Stocking up on these delicious snacks and other trusted CP products is an easy win. CP Jumbo Bologna, Smoked Chicken Cocktail and Pizza Cocktail are sold exclusively at 7-Eleven outlets, while the remaining items are available at major supermarkets islandwide. For more information on CP Foods, you can check out their website and Facebook Page for more information and details of their various food range and varieties!

If you are looking for quick bites and food snacks to keep you and your friends company during World Cup 2014, do check out CP Foods latest quick bites!

* I would like to say Thank You to CP Foods Singapore for this special World Cup quick bites and Vibes Communications for the arrangement!*


Canon Lion City Cup 2013

The Canon Lion City Cup is one of the oldest and prestigious youth football competition with the roots dating back to 1977. For a  football fan in Singapore, I remembered growing up watching local football heroes such as Fandi Ahmad and V.Sundramoorty in the Malaysia Cup. The Lion City Cup was where our local football heroes such as Fandi and Sundram were unearthed.


Watching the Canon Lion City Cup for the past 2 years, 2011 and 2012, they were great and exciting to watch them in action, even though it was a youth football competition. Our local boys definitely benefited from playing with their counterparts from different continents, Europe, England and South America, and they will get more football experiences by playing with different opponents. During the matches, we can see the local boys playing their hearts, pride and passion out against their counterparts (that maybe more technically talented and physically bigger in size than them). I believed that our local boys playing in front of their home crowds at Jalan Besar Stadium, with the local Lions supporters cheering for them, played their hearts out even bigger.


I went to the opening matches on Day 1, watching from the Grandstand of Jalan Besar Stadium. While our local boys lost to their opponents, we take pride that they played with guts and went all out. Shooting from the Grandstand was going to be interesting since we are not really at the ground level of the field and there were more obstructions too. Nevertheless, I had a fun time shooting football matches from a different perspective. On the final day, I managed to gain access with a media pass from Canon Singapore via Canon EOS World and I was able to shoot the Canon Lion City Cup 2013 Finals between PSV versus Corinthians and Singapore NFA U16 versus Singapore U15. I have always loved sports photography and it was awesome to shoot from the sidelines since my stint in 2011 shooting Canon Lion Cup 2011 from the sidelines with the media pass. I confessed that I was a bit rusty in shooting football matches and it took me some time during the match playing time to adjust and adapt again into a sports photographer for football matches. The Canon Lion City Cup Final 2013 played between PSV and Corinthians were evenly matched and great to watch. For a football fan and sports photographer at the same time, I do face the dilemma when I was watching the match from the sidelines more than getting ready to press my shutter to capture the football moments!


In a sporting match, the actions and moments do not stop at the competition ground itself after the match is over. During Canon Lion City Cup 2013 Final, when the teams were playing for the winner via a penalty shoot out. The atmosphere was tense and we can see it from the sidelines, their behaviour and reactions. When the winning goal was shot and the winners Corinthians jumped and danced in euphoria, the losers PSV were dejected.

In a competitive football final, there is only 1 winner and 1 loser on the football pitch. A victory is well celebrated by all while a loss is sometimes alone. Corinthians beat PSV in Canon Lion City Cup 2013 Final, while Corinthians players huddle in a circle, united by their hands together and started praying, a PSV player sat down with his head down.The moment between a winner and a loser is seen here in my photograph on 500px.


In a competitive sports game, there is definitely a winner and loser. While losing is painful and winning is sweet, there is definitely room for sportsmanship and friendship after the match and off the pitch. During Canon Lion City Cup 2013 Final, Corinthians beat PSV. Both teams congratulate each other on a match that was well played by both sides. While the agony of defeat can be seen and felt, there were also hugs, congratulations and consoling. That is the spirit of sportsmanship reflected in my photograph on 500px.

My sports photography collection/portfolio on Flickr and 500px had been built over the past 6 years since 2007 and being a sports enthusiast (and when I used to play more sports), I am looking forward to adding more sports photography into my portfolio and collection. As Canon Lion City Cup 2013 comes to an end, let’s look forward to Canon Lion City Cup 2014!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Canon Lion City Cup 2011 – 3rd/4th & Final Games

After a week of intense football action, the Canon Lion City Cup 2011 were drawn to a close with the grand finale, the 3rd and 4th placing and the final itself. The teams that came to Singapore maybe youngsters, yet they provided with nice football skills and play, from the various football clubs around the world, it  was an eye-opener for the football  fans here in Singapore and a great competition to give our young Singapore U15 and U16 boys a chance to learn and play with/against players of their age range from different parts of the world. This would only serve them to improve their footballing skills and experiences!

The crowds were great, simply awesome and it was vocal and loud, giving the Singapore U15 and U16 teams great support during the entire matches. I was there again, to capture a piece of the action from the 3rd and 4th placing and the final, shooting from the sidelines of the Jalan Besar football field, as I was part of the 25 selected participants from the sports photography workshop to take photographs of the Canon Lion City Cup matches and a chance to win the prize of Canon 600D too!

I was lucky that I was able to loan a 300mm f4 prime telephoto lens from the event organiser and it was my first time using the 300mm prime lens! A great experience overall, although, it took me 1 game, the 3rd and 4th place game between Singapore U15 and Juventus U15 before I got the hang of it, just in time for the 2nd game, the final between Singapore U16 and Flamengo U15. Being up close to the action was great, fun and an enriching experience, adding more to my sports photography portfolio.

Both the Singapore U15 and U16 teams played well through out the tournament, giving their counterparts a run for their money and a great platform to showcase their skills and potential. From these matches, we might be seeing future rising football stars of our nation! The Singapore U15 beat Juventus U15 for 3rd place while Singapore U16 lost to Flamengo U15 for the final, regardless the results, the young boys had done really well! Let’s all wish them all the best for their footballing future!

The Canon Lion City Cup 2011 is over, let me bring you through the photographic memories and moments of the 3rd/4th placing and Final –

3rd/4th Placing – Singapore U15 versus Juventus U15


Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Final – Singapore U16 versus Flamengo U15

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Canon Lion City Cup – Newcastle U15 vs Singapore U15

The Canon Lion City Cup 2011 kicked off with a great bang, a great match, end to end action till the last 5 minutes of injury time, bringing back the Singapore supporters roar into the Jalan Besar Stadium. This was the opening match between Newcastle Under-15 and Singapore Under-15.

Even though they were kids, under the age of 15 playing with each other, they definitely live up to playing attacking flowing football, with beautiful passing and shots on goal, with the usual footballers’ mistakes that were committed in the match (even by professional footballers). Lots of shouts, ooh, ah, words, encouragement, cheering and singing, the atmosphere was great, almost back to the days of Malaysia Cup! These boys gave us a great spectacle to watch and something to cheer them for, the passion and love for football rekindled.

Singapore U15 boys played like Lion Hearts, not intimidated by their counterparts from Newcastle, England, bigger in size and height, they fight for the football and played their guts out, encouraging the fans at Jalan Besar Stadium to cheer for them even louder and more passionate, and in turn, encouraging them to play even better and harder when the chips were down at 3-1, odds against the local boys. The never-die Lion Hearts inside them, with tactical substitutions playing a key  role, with the super-subs, making the comeback complete with a final score of 4-3 after 5 minutes of injury time played!

When the boys equalised and leveled the scoreline at 3-3, the stadium stood up and cheered for the boys loudly, lots of singing and cheering, you can see the teamwork and comradeship inside them, running towards the bench to celebrate with their other team mates, coaches and support staff. The unity and unison, the huddle and group celebration, demonstrated their togetherness and team spirit. At the final minute of injury time, when the winning goal was scored by the Singapore boys, it was the euphoria that sent the entire stadium into eruption of joy and emotions, the boys celebrating together on the field, simply ignite the stadium even further.

A great game, a great start, if you think watching the Singapore U15 boys would not be fun or exciting, do drop by their games during the Canon Lion City Cup and be amazed, mesmerised and motivated by them, to cheer and support local football again! Good luck to the Singapore U15 and U16 teams and Go Singapore!


Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.