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Smile Arts Dental Studio Grand Opening Ceremony 1st July 2006

Edwin with our flower arrangement

Smile Arts Dental Studio was opened by my very old friend Edwin (since our Boy Scout days with Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scouts) & his 2 other partners, Jeremy and Kenny.

1st July 2006, was the official Grand Opening Ceremony for Smile Arts Dental Studio. We (Mon, KK & myself) went down to his clinic and joined in the fun and gathering. Our other bunch of old mates send their regards with our flower arrangement and best wishes card (by Mon from Tink Cards).

Our own flower arrangement

Best Wishes Card – Prepared by Mon, Tink Cards !

It was a family carnival atmosphere equiped with a “flower boutique opening” (the number of flower arrangements were awesome, many different types and sizes). I prepared a photo album of their “models” (album selected was from Gloryworkz and recommended by Mon), tested and printed out postcards prototype that consists of their company icon and a picture collage of their “models”. It was from a moment of trial and error and printer testing that the postcards came about, probably we might see further changes to it and Smile Arts Dental Studio could be it to use in their business empire.

Happy Family!

On behalf of our elite group of old boys (all of us from the same batch of Dragon Scout Dragon Scouts), best wishes to Edwin in his business empire

My first photoshoot assignment !

8th June 2006

On this day, I took my first step into the world of semi-professional photography. I was very honoured to be asked by my old friend, Edwin, to take protrait photos of the clinic’s patients (consisting of their family members, relatives, friends) that would be displayed in their lounge area.

First and foremost, let me introduce this dental clinic

Smile Arts Dental Studio
Block 81 #01-632
Marine Parade Central
Singapore 440081
Tel: 6348 0824 Fax: 6348 0139
Email: smilearts@gmail.com

Before going over on 8th June, I went and consulted my “teachers”; Jeff from The Photographers Gallery, Big Cousin Choo Eng and Daniel from The Camera Workshop. They were very helpful to guide me on photography techniques for this particular kind of assignments. A big thanks to Jeff for calibrating my laptop.

On the assignment itself, it was really fun shooting beautiful people with their lovely faces along with a big smile and great set of teeth ! It was a challenge to take the photos while trying to make them relax and give me a big smile. After a while, it was easier as the models and myself were more relaxed.

At the end, it was really fun and enjoyable. I would really like to thank the “models” for gracing the occasion and be part of Smile Arts Dental Studio and my first photography assignment so memorable !