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Volunteering & Blogging @ TweetMeetSG 2011

Volunteering and helping out at non-profit organisations and charitites, I had done it for quite a number of years since my scouting days with Dragon Scout Group. Therefore, when I was invited by Claudia & Kris of Dice Studio and Infocomm Accessibility Centre (IAC) to be part of their TweetMeetSG event, helping out as a volunteer and social media enthusiast/blogger concurrently, I took it up without hesitation, glad to help out in whatever way possible, paying it forward to the community and helping people.

I was paired up with my great blogger friend, the legendary Keropokman, to visit a friend somewhere in Singapore, armed with a donated NetBook and Microsoft Software. We headed towards our friend’s home somewhere in Singapore on a Saturday morning, helping him to setup his NetBook, guiding him along to connect himself with/to the world of internet and social media, with Windows Live, Facebook and Skype. After a hearty breakfast in a neighbourhood hawker centre, Keropokman and myself were ready to move out for our volunteering expedition!

We were welcomed by our friendly and heartwarming friend, whom we slowly break the ice, interacted and chatted away. Keropokman and myself took turns to do the setup, guiding him through the various social media channels, what to do and how to move around them, points and tips to look out for. Our friend was happily taking the whole setup through and we did not rush him, taking it slowly and patiently, one small step at a time. During this sharing session, while one of us was helping and guiding our friend through the setup, the other teammate would be doing live social media updates via Instagram and Twitter, bringing live updates to the Nothing Less movement and broadcasting the TweetMeetSG movement, sharing with the social media community what this noble and wonderful event was all about.

Once the Facebook and Skype were setup, our friend tried conversing, interacting and chatting with friends from the social media community and our friendly folks from the IAC was there to chat with him too! Looking at his happy face, full of smile, happy to receive this small wonderful gift from IAC. We were very happy that we were able to make a difference to his life, helping him breach the gap between the social media/internet and himself, connecting him together and also his family, relatives and friends too!

What’s the TweetMeetSG all about? What’s Nothing Less all about? Check out my deep inner thoughts on NOTHING LESS to Help Them Reach Their Full Potential!

Skype at CommunicAsia 2010

CommunicAsia 2010, an event held in Singapore, with exhibitors from all over the world, coming together at the Singapore Expo, showcasing the latest convergent technologies and applications, attracting many buyers and sellers to showcase here.

This is my 2nd visit to CommunicAsia, last year 2009, I was invited by XPR in conjunction with the LG Viewty Smart and this year 2010, I was invited once again by Daphne of XPR to attend “Come Experience the Joy of Conversations with Skype” whereby Peter Parkes, the Social Media Lead at Skype hosted us. There was a group of bloggers invited for this event and it was great to see Smith and Amanda there.

Once we got our Trade Visitor Pass, we went in and Peter Parkes hosted us and walked us around the Skype booth, it was beautiful and eye-catching due to the design setup of rainbow and clouds ! We had a fun guided tour and it was a great experience to see Skype being more actively used than just calling from your computer to another computer or mobile phone or land line. With the latest mobile phones that support video conferencing, using Skype is cool and easy ! The integration of Skype into modern television brings the tech geek out of me and I am sure this movement by Skype into television would be very useful especially for the older folks who had difficulties mastering computer and internet. The future looks so much more technology defined and powerful !

It was not all just about technology and appliances, we had slurpee courtesy of Skype and a specially designed and produced Skype iPhone casing ! Do check out Skype, it’s something that is already a part of our life, in leisure or work and moving forward into the future, it promises to be more exciting and powerful !