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Gallery After Hours at National Gallery Singapore

A night at the National Gallery Singapore, the After Hours packed with different interesting events beyond visiting the various art galleries inside there. Gallery After Hours happened on 29th April 2016 and it was a good time to visit the National Gallery Singapore again! I haven’t seen all the art exhibitions inside the various galleries of the National Gallery Singapore yet!


Food, drinks and music performances were the programme highlights of Gallery After Hours, there were French Wine and cheese tasting, I saw them from the outside and didn’t get to try it out at Gallery & Co, located at City Hall Building Level 1. I hope to attend the French Wine and cheese tasting in the future!


The glass enclosure segment that connects the City Hall Building and former Supreme Court, is going to be popular spot for photographers to capture different views of the amazing architectural facades of these two historical and iconic buildings. This is known as the Padang Atrium and during Gallery After Hours, there were electronic music performances held there. Visitors sat on the steps, watching and listening to the electronic music performances. While it is not an official performance ground, I reckon it will be a great outdoor performance area in an indoor enclosure!


On the Gallery After Hours night, I also visited its first international special exhibition, Reframing Modernism, co-curated and co-presented with Centre Pompidou, Paris. This is a very interesting and intriguing arts exhibition, showcasing more than 200 artworks from about 50 artists, with approximately half from Centre Pompidou and the other half from Southeast Asia. This special exhibition is also the inaugural exhibition at the Singtel Special Exhibition Gallery. Reframing Modernism challenges the existing paradigm on the presentation of the modern painting, visitors inside the Reframing Modernism exhibition are invited to connect with the artworks, to draw their own personal connections and conclusions, about the history of modernism and the development of art in Southeast Asia. This unique exhibition, Reframing Modernism, gave me a lot to view, think and connect. It felt mysterious, at times mind blowing, I hope to visit again and re-connect with the artworks again.


Reframing Modernism exhibition will be at the Singtel Special Exhibition Gallery, located at City Hall Building Level 3 until 17th July 2016. Admission charges into Reframing Modernism exhibition are at $15 and $25 for Singaporeans and Non-Singaporeans respectively. For more information, do visit the National Gallery Singapore website! I strongly encourage you to visit Reframing Modernism and the other art galleries as well!

After visiting Reframing Modernism, I went up to the roof top terrace on the 6th floor, namely Padang Deck and Coleman Deck. This two spots had some great views of both modern and historical Singapore. It’s simply amazing, it’s so beautiful. I want to come back again to the Padang Deck and Coleman Deck, to capture the views of modern and historical Singapore at different times of the day, morning, afternoon, evening sunset and night landscapes.


It was a fun night of Gallery After Hours at the National Gallery Singapore. Visiting art galleries, food, drinks and music performances, a fun time for friends to get together, visit National Gallery Singapore and have a fun night! I would plan and visit National Gallery Singapore again, for Reframing Modernism and landscape photography from the Padang and Coleman Decks.

I would like to thank National Gallery Singapore for the invitation to Gallery After Hours!

SingTel Flags Off 2013 Singapore GP Weekend!

The 2013 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix (GP) is back in Singapore and this year, in the 6th edition of the Singapore GP, there are many activities and events to Rev Up Singapore for the 2013 SingTel Singapore GP! On Thursday 19th September 2013, the “Rev Up Singapore” campaign by Singapore GP, opened up the famed Marina Bay Circuit Pit Lane and F1 village in Zone 1 to members of the public, generating a huge excitement leading up to the 2013 Formula 1 Singapore GP happening this weekend from Friday 20th September till Sunday 22nd September!

Gate 1 was opened at 7pm and the huge crowds started queueing up before the official opening time and they walked in to enjoy the Thursday Pit Lane Experience around  the F1 village in Zone 1. There were entertainment and performances on the Village Stage and around the F1 village, there were booths around the F1 village whereby you can buy F1 merchandise too. There was a major event for 2013 SingTel Singapore GP, with the crowning of the SingTel Grid Girl, held at the village stage. SingTel, Title Sponsor of the 2013 Singapore Grand Prix, unveiled Singapore’s top three Grid Girls at The Pit Lane Experience, just 24 hours before race weekend.


The quote (via press release) by Mr Allen Lew, Country Chief Officer – Singapore, SingTel gave a great insight of the upcoming 6th edition of Formula 1 SingTel Singapore GP –

“Summing up this year’s Formula 1® Singapore Style race carnival, Mr Allen Lew, Country Chief Officer – Singapore, SingTel, said: “This being our sixth consecutive year of sponsorship, we had the opportunity to learn what people enjoy, so we went all out to create a Singapore-Style  Formula 1® experience for people from all walks of life. As a result, we are very happy to have seen a tremendous increase in public engagement; with close to a million votes for the Grid Girls, bigger crowds at the roadshows and over a thousand people signing up for The Big Race.

“We are delighted to have found the first Singaporean to take the chequered flag and thank everyone who participated in the activities. We look forward to an adrenaline-filled race weekend where we have also created a unique way for Singapore to show its support for the race – a specially-designed chequered flag which is available in both physical and digital form.”


Close to a million votes for this year’s SingTel Grid Girl

23-year-old student, Shannon Lim won the honour of holding the Singapore flag as this year’s top SingTel Grid Girl. She is one of three winning Grid Girls who will flag off the race this weekend. In second and third place were Jermayne Chow, 23 and Stacey Liu, 21, both also students.

The public got to know this year’s SingTel Grid Girl contenders via The Singapore Factor, a series of Singapore-style challenges that were designed to find Grid Girls who best epitomise the Formula 1® Singapore Style theme. Featuring favourite local pastimes like shopping and eating, the clips were available for viewing on www.singtelrace.com. The winners were determined via SMS and online votes by members of the public.

“Being a SingTel Grid Girl has been an amazing experience. The challenges truly highlighted our unique Singapore culture and I really enjoyed meeting all the F1 fans at the roadshows. I watch the race every year and still can’t quite believe that I will be the one holding the national flag on the starting grid this weekend,” said Miss Lim.


After catching the crowning of the SingTel Grid Girls, we continued exploring around the F1 village before queuing up to enter into the Pit Lane for the Pit Lane Walk Experience! The crowds were very enthusiastic and this was a highlight that they were looking forward to! The crowds walked along the famed Marina Bay Circuit, near to Turn 2 Grandstand, starting at Turn 3, walking towards Turn 2, then Turn 1 and straight road to the Start/End. Along the walk, you can see and sense the excitement with people taking many photographs on the Marina Bay Circuit track! As we continued walking into the Pit Lane area, looking at the F1 garages preparing their F1 cars for the 2013 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore GP! This rare photography opportunity to be up close to the F1 cars and Pit Garages was something that the participants could not resist and the photography went into overdrive mode, taking as many photographs as possible. Although we can’t visit the F1 garages, I am very happy that I was able to take photographs of the Pit Lane and the F1 cars being prepared for weekend racing action! Walking from one end of the Pit Lane to the other end of Pit Lane, we turned back and walked along the Marina Bay Circuit track, soaking in the atmosphere of the famed Marina Bay Circuit. The Pit Lane  Experience walk feeling was great and enjoyable, it’s building up to the race weekend in Singapore!



The 2013 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore GP is starting tonight at the Marina Bay Circuit, I am looking forward to my 6th edition of Singapore GP and adding it to my Singapore GP collection! Do check out Singapore GP website for more information and updates! Enjoy and have fun at the Singapore GP this weekend!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

* Press release/information Courtesy of SingTel and Ogilvy Public Relations *

2NE1 Surprise Pre-Concert in Singapore!

A famous Korean superstar girl band, arriving in Singapore recently to give their fans an unexpected surprise amazing concert performance. Knowing the K-Pop craziness and following in Singapore, Singtel brought in Korean Superstars 2NE1 into Singapore and they gave an awesome live performance at the Read Bridge in the Clarke Quay area.

I was invited by Singtel and was very honoured to be part of this awesome surprise and special performance, close to the stage and watching the beautiful 2NE1 gave an outstanding and rocking outdoor performance. The atmosphere was amazing, many 2NE1 fans packed on the Read Bridge at Clarke Quay, screaming and singing along with 2NE1 songs. This performance by 2NE1 was unannounced and as word of 2NE1’s appearance quickly spread online, more than 1000 excited K-Pop fans flocked to the bridge to watch their idols perform a high-energy set, which included smash hits: I Love You, Fire, I Don’t Care, Can’t Nobody and Clap Your Hands. Crowds also gathered to watch the performance live on giant outdoor screens at Knightsbridge, Bugis Junction, JCube and Toa Payoh Hub.

This surprise concert was broadcasted live too with the use of apps and social media. SingTel leveraged its multimedia capabilities to stream live footage of the performance through its new Amazapp mobile app (You can download them on iTunes or Google Play). The cutting-edge app also offers exclusive unreleased videos that give fans a behind-the-scenes peek into the lives of band members. SingTel also aired the showcase live via mio TV, as well as its website and Facebook page, thus providing fans with several ways to experience the event. Fans can download recordings of the performance through SingTel’s award-winning AMPed music service, as well as a variety of mobile ringtones and wallpaper.

Photographing a Korean Pop music concert was a first time for me! It was very fun and challenging with the space constraints, nevertheless, I enjoyed the concert by 2NE1 a lot and managed to get some nice photographs of 2NE1 superstars singing and dancing! During the performance, the leader of 2NE1, CL, asked the fans to jump and wave while singing along! The bridge was rocking to 2NE1’s magical performance and her fans dancing along with the beat and flow! Dara/ 다라 of superstars 2NE1 was performing quite a lot in front of where I was standing, therefore, I was able to capture quite a number of beautiful photographs of her!

2NE1’s surprise concert performance was magical and amazing, when they are back on 1st December for their first full concert tour in Singapore, I am sure they will rock the world and bring the house down! Stay tuned to the Singtel Facebook Page for more Amazing updates!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Kick Off – Singtel TGIS Season 2 !

Singtel’s TGIS Season 2 kicks off with a big bang after a highly successful Season 1 with a popular lifestyle series on YouTube that garnered many followers.

Photograph Courtesy of Singtel 

I was recently invited by Singtel to their event that kicks off Singtel TGIS Season 2 and I got the chance the beautiful host Joanne-Marie Sim (from Season 1 and she’s hosting Season 2!), listening to her stories and adventures in filming TGIS Season 1. Before I proceed further, check out this video clip on TGIS Season 1 –

TGIS Season 2 promises to be more entertaining and fun, providing young Singaporeans on infotainment news with local and international flavour. TGIS Season 2 kicks off on 8th August 2012 with a National Day Special episode featuring popular Singapore artists and personalities such as Hossan Leong, Tay Kewei, Ginette Chittick and Alvelyn Alko. On the show, they shared their views on what it means to be Singaporean and also their fields of work. Here’s the video clip on TGIS Season 2 National Day Special –

Looking ahead into TGIS Season 2, it would feature things that Singaporeans are passionate about and interested in. Viewers would be able to learn more about the world of gadgets, social media and technology and how it would help them in their daily life and work. The second episode of Singtel TGIS Season 2 will go live on 29th August 2012, keep a lookout for it!  Here are some photos of Singtel TGIS filming in action!

Photographs Courtesy of Singtel

Keep up to date with Singtel TGIS by bookmarking these links –

–  SingTel’s Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/singtel)

– YouTube page (www.youtube.com/singtel)

Looking forward to Singtel TGIS Season 2 ! 

Sharing on “Home Without Walls” Photo Contest Professional Category

Home Without Walls, first thing first, what comes into your mind ? Is it family first or something else ?  The Home Without Walls by Singtel is about making amazing connections at home with your family and loved ones, through the power of photography and sharing of your beautiful loving stories.

Following the journey of Home Without Walls from the Professional Category whereby I attended a sharing by master photographer Kay Chin. The words, wisdom, experiences and knowledge shared by Kay Chin was very enlightening and helpful to me in my photography journey and I wrote down my experiences here in an earlier post – Learning “Shooting From The Heart”.

Viewing the wonderful photographic works by the winners of the Professional Category winners, they were of very high standards and powerful images that portray the essence of Home Without Walls, the family bonding, love, relationship, connections and stories that each photograph tells everyone of us. The Grand Prize Winner is by Mr. Suhaimi Bin Abdullah submitted under the theme “Networks” with the caption “All For One, One For All”. The award winning photo by Mr Suhaimi is below –

Photograph Courtesy of Singtel and Ogilvy Public Relations Singapore

My first impression was WOW WOW WOW … A powerful photograph worthy of the theme Home Without Walls. This image is powerful and it conveys many messages, the magical moment in a childbirth, the love and happiness of the parents, the doctor and medical team working tirelessly in their own roles and functions to ensure the smooth delivery of the baby into this world. This photograph has the ability to connect with everybody and anybody anywhere and everywhere around the world.

Photography can be very encouraging and inspiring to everybody in taking it up to photograph something different and unique. The Home Without Walls by Singtel now has the Open Category that I mentioned earlier in my post. Here’s how you can take part in this wonderful competition by submitting your photo entries under the following four themes relating to precious family moments with various members that make up the family:

– Father Figures (Fathers)

– Grand for a Reason(Grandparents)

– Mum’s the Word (Mothers)

– Just Kidding (Children)

The Grand Prize winner for the Open Category contest will walk away with S$2,500, and the individual winners for each of the four category themes will enjoy S$500 in cash prize.This photo contest is open to all Singaporeans and submission is done through the SingTel FaceBook page. Photographs can be taken with any camera, including mobile devices. Selected entries will be collated into a set of limited edition postcards which will be distributed at a later stage.

Go ahead, take your camera out, start photographing your loved ones at home without the walls, your loved ones in your bigger extended family network and share them here on Home Without Walls. As for me, I am bringing my camera out to capture the moment too and I will try to capture as many priceless moments for memories sake.

Singtel “Home Without Walls” Photo Contest

The role and importance of the family unit is an integral key foundation for all societies in the world. Over many centuries while many things have changed in terms of technology and modern development, the core values and importance of the family unit as a building block in a society never changes. Our Home is more than just a place to eat, sleep, feeling the love, comfort and acceptance in the family. Home is where our lives intertwine and interconnect, making stories and sharing our experiences. Our home is the place to bond and connect, every different home story is unique and special with our dreams, aspirations, experiences and connections.

Unique and special memories of the family are best captured down in memories via photography, for the current generation and the future generations as well. SingTel wants to inspire Singaporeans to connect with their families and forge stronger bonds with their loved ones with this photo contest open to all Singaporeans to take part in from 23 June to 5 August. This photo contest is Home Without Walls and the Open Category is for all Singaporeans.

Singaporeans are encouraged to submit photo entries under the following four themes relating to precious family moments with various members that make up the family: Father Figures (Fathers), Grand for a Reason(Grandparents), Mum’s the Word (Mothers), Just Kidding (Children). The Grand Prize winner for the Open Category contest will walk away with S$2,500, and the individual winners for each of the four category themes will enjoy S$500 in cash prize.
Today on the 23rd June 2012, there is the National Family Day Out Carnival 2o12 at Waterfront Promenade at the Marina Bay. Many exciting activities awaits us there and more details can be found on their website! Singtel is launching the Open Category photo contest to coincide with the Family Day Out Carnival today at this year’s National Family Celebrations. At the National Family Day Celebrations today, there is a photo contest for you all to take part. It’s the Instagram contest where participants are encouraged to take part in and hashtag #homewithoutwalls when uploading their own photographs taken at the event on Instagram. The theme of the contest is “Family Connections”. Winner will walk away with 4 x F1 Premier Walkabout tickets!
A photograph speaks a thousand words, these words of wisdom stood the test of time. The memories from a photograph lasts forever that can be passed down from generations to generations. Taking photographs of your family, the love, bonding and experiences will ensure a lasting priceless legacy for yourself and future generations. Take your camera out, start photographing your family and share here with Singtel’s Home Without Walls campaign.

Learning “Shooting From the Heart” with Tay Kay Chin

There is a personal mantra, my personal philosophy that I set for myself, it’s about lifelong continuous learning, a field of personal development, growth and expansion that I strongly believe in. Quoting from the great Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955) Physicist & Nobel Laureate

Learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it” 

The art of learning is applied to my photography too, while I have been shooting many years since my film days when I was a young kid to the digital era today, there are still many skills, knowledge, experiences that I have not reached or learned yet. Learning from great photography masters is one of the methods that a photographer can seek to learn from and improve.

Photograph courtesy of Singtel & Ogilvy Public Relations

Singtel organised a sharing session “Shooting From the Heart” with Tay Kay Chin, a renowned documentary photographer, in conjunction with the the launch of the photography contest “Home Without Walls” campaign. This campaign is about inspiring Singaporeans to use the power of photography, to create powerful, real and meaningful connections with the people that matters most to them, the aim to create homes with no communication barriers, straight from the heart, both online and offline. More details on Singtel “Home Without Walls” photography contest can be found here.

During the sharing session, I was back to be a student in learning photography, it was a very insightful, meaningful and inspiring sharing by Kay Chin, where his photographs speak enormous volume about his style, ideologies, perspective, love for photography, capturing the moments, the essence of “Home Without Walls”.

Photograph courtesy of Singtel & Ogilvy Public Relations

Here’s some of the tips shared by Kay Chin during his sharing session

(1) “… The most ordinary things are the things that we always take for granted …” By Tay Kay Chin

This hit me very deeply, this applies to us everyday, every step of the way, in our life journey from young to old. We only start to miss the things/stuff/buildings/culture once it is on its way out / disappear from our life, then we start to complain about the demise and loss, yet we never fail to appreciate its presence, history, heritage, culture when it was still there.

Kay Chin’s masterpieces of photographing Singapore as his home when he was moving away to Missouri, thinking that he will not be back, venturing into the heartlands of Singapore to take photos of people and surroundings, that he wanted to keep as memories. Kay Chin’s masterpieces collection titled “Panoramic Singapore” were to him the most ordinary things we take for granted.

(2) “… Taking photographs of my family has proven to be the most difficult thing …” By Tay Kay Chin

I asked myself, how difficult can it be taking photographs of your own family ? Yes and No, it can be difficult if family ties are strained and not in harmony, a challenge that might not be easy to overcome. It could also be sticky situations such as sickness or accidents that had happened and how would you go about covering and photographing it ?

During Kay Chin’s sharing, there were some photographs and sharing that were very personal to the master photographer himself, that I also asked myself how to overcome it too. It’s about dealing with bereavement, photographing and documenting the final days/moments of someone on Earth, this leads me to remembering being asked by my Dad to take photographs at one of my Uncle’s funeral a few years back. I just can’t do it and I refused to do it, simply because I can’t overcome this first big major obstacle and the emotions inside me at that time. From Kay Chin’s sharing and my own personal experience, it dawned upon me the point that taking photographs of family, can be one of the most difficult thing (if not the most difficult thing).

From Kay Chin’s sharing, taking photographs of family members requires learning how to be objective behind the lens and trying not to be too intrusive. No amount of money and commercial value can be placed on family photographs, they are priceless. Photographing family members is simply Shooting From The Heart, as the sharing session suggests, it’s the genuine desire to capture moments and stories of your family members, passing it down to your younger and future generations and beyond.

After reading fellow photographer Andy Lee (of Sengkangbabies) post on Kay Chin’s sharing, I missed out on another story shared by Kay Chin, photographing and documenting the final days/months of his nephew with his terminally-ill dad together in outings and activities, we felt the emotions, the sadness, the pain from Kay Chin’s sharing, (it’s heart-wrenching to be honest), the photography and photographs are priceless, it’s very noble, heartwarming and filled with love from his dad to his son, via Kay Chin’s photographs, that in the future when Kay Chin’s nephew is grown up, the photographs taken by Kay Chin will help his nephew remember his father, just exactly what the father wanted.

Kay Chin shared on a point, reminding us not to assume human beings don’t want to remember those sad times, sometimes, human beings wanted it to be documented in their memories, which leads me remembering photographs of funeral procession corteges (from Bukit Brown archives), the funerals of my maternal grandmother, paternal great-grandmother, the sad moments/times are captured down in photographs for their future generations.

This is a reminder to myself, I have not been documenting and capturing many photographs of my family, it’s time to be more pro-active in taking photographs of everybody (as many as possible), from young to old before it becomes from the most difficult thing to impossible thing (when they are no longer around for me to photograph).

(3) “…When I looked at that picture, I wanted to be a father. That to me, is how powerful photography is and it became one of my goal in life – to make people want to do something…” By Tay Kay Chin

One of the most recognisable quote “A picture speaks a thousand words” amplify Kay Chin’s words of sharing, the photograph can be the best motivational tool to getting people into action and doing something that they really wanted to do, from the bottom of their heart, with the use of photography, to help other people out there. Kay Chin’s philosophy in photography is to be close to his heart, shooting from the heart, being original, true to your heart and not following blindly, not copying winning trend styles.

Some wise photography tips from the master photographer Kay Chin himself ~ Honest and Real expression of family / people. In my opinion, that’s a level that all photographers should try to strive and achieve, regardless of the level of expertise and experience that they are in currently.

Photograph courtesy of Singtel & Ogilvy Public Relations

This wonderful inspiring sharing event was conducted with the “Home Without Walls” campaign by Singtel, a photo contest aimed at the professional photography community, with the aim to inspire Singaporeans to make real and meaningful connections with the people who matter, with the aim of creating homes where there are no communication barriers and connect from the heart, both online and offline. I would like to thank Singtel and Ogilvy Public Relations for this invitation, it was indeed an enriching and great learning photography lesson.

Do check out fellow photographers friends sharing on Tay Kay Chin’s “Shooting From The Heart” Sharing

Andy Lee of Sengkangbabies