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Emirates Singapore Derby 2017

A fun Sunday afternoon, accompanied by beautiful fashion, great food and ambience, time well spent with friends at the Singapore Turf Club during the 22nd Emirates Singapore Derby on 9th July 2017. It was a great time, everyone of us were dressed, elegant dress worn by the ladies and smart looking suits for us gentlemen.

Prior to the Emirates Singapore Derby 2017, I visited their roadshow at Kallang Wave Mall atrium on 24th June, a fun and interactive roadshow with fun activities for adults as well as for young children, one of them was the art and craft activity that the children can learn about racing colours! It was fun to see the children using their creativity to produce colourful racing colours. There were also information boards to share on horse racing, history, culture and the corporate social responsibility activities conducted by the Singapore Turf Club for various local Singapore communities and organisations.

The weather was great, nice sky, pretty cloud formations over the Singapore Turf Club horizon, a good day to be at the race tracks and enjoy the carnival and festivities of the Emirates Singapore Derby 2017. The hospitality and service at the Emirates Singapore Derby were great, we had a fun and enjoyable time at the marquee, with food, drinks, friendship, networking and of course, the sporting action on the race tracks.

This wasn’t just about a racing carnival, it’s more than that! The Emirates Singapore Derby was a reminiscent of my days in Australia when I was studying there, attending the major racing carnivals whenever I am able to, learning much more about the history, culture, sports and festivities of a racing carnival. In between the races on Emirates Singapore Derby, besides enjoying the delicious food spread and drinks, listening to the live band performing, we had a fun time chatting and mingling among us. Our pretty lady friends were busy taking photos with fellow guests dressed beautifully while we gentlemen were the ones taking photos for our well dressed friends and chatting away.

Prior to the start of any races, we would go outside to the open air marquee and watched the sports racing action on the tracks, cheering them on when they raced past us at the marquee. After the race was completed, some of us would stay around and take photos with the grandstand and the race track behind them. Returning back to the marquee after each race, we continued with the fun, food and drinks, chatting and networking.


The highlight was Race 9 Emirates Singapore Derby, we made our way into the main grandstand building, visiting the parade ring to view the horses getting ready for the main race of Emirates Singapore Derby 2017, along with the owners, guests and trainer. An eye opener and a close up experience inside the parade ring, watching the horses going through their paces and warm up before the race jockeys entering into the parade ring,

Soon, the bugle was sounded and the horses with their jockeys were “Call to the Post”, making their way out to the race track. We waited patiently behind for all the race horses with their jockeys to leave the parade ring and into the race track before the owners, trainer and guests made their way to the front, getting ready to watch the main race, the key highlight race of the Emirates Singapore Derby 2017.

As they lined up into their starting gates, everybody was patiently and eagerly waiting for them to start the race. Once all the competitors were lined up inside the starting gate, in the blink of an eye, the race was on! This was a high octane race, full of adrenaline and excitement! When the racers made the turn for the final home stretch, they lifted their paces and burst for the finishing line, everybody wanting to be the champion for this race! As they made a final dash to the finishing line, the visitors at the Emirates Singapore Derby cheered and encouraged them on from the sidelines!

With the main race concluded, the jubilant owner and trainer were very excited and happy, waiting for their winning horse and jockey to return. While waiting for the prize presentation to formally began, they can be spotted giving media interviews. Soon after, the winning jockey joined the jubilant owner and trainer, joining them on stage for the formal prize presentation.

The main race of Emirates Singapore Derby 2017 was over and that also marked the end of the racing carnival and festivities for us, as we bade goodbye to Singapore Turf Club, for a wonderful and fun afternoon of hospitality, food, drinks and sporting action on the race tracks, at the 22nd Emirates Singapore Derby. Thank you Singapore Turf Club for the invitation to the 22nd Emirates Singapore Derby and showering us with your warm hospitality.

Emirates Singapore Derby 2016

A classic racing carnival in Singapore rich in history, heritage and culture, dating back to the first race in 1880. The Emirates Singapore Derby had come a long way into the 21st century. Emirates had been a valuable sponsor, partner and supporter of this classic racing carnival and Emirates Singapore Derby 2016 marked the 21st consecutive year of partnership for Emirates Singapore Derby.


Prior to the Emirates Singapore Derby 2016 racing carnival, Singapore Turf Club organised public roadshows as part of the latest 2016 edition of the Singapore Derby, with the roadshows taking place in central locations, Capital Piazza and CHIJMES. I visited the roadshow on 25th June 2016 at the Outdoor Plaza @ Capitol Piazza. The roadshow allowed the public to know more about the history and culture of Singapore Derby, there were opportunities for horse feeding and a golden photo opportunity with the horse! There were other fun and interesting activities that took place during the public roadshow too, fashion shows, appearances of Singapore Turf Club mascots.


On Emirates Singapore Derby 2016 racing carnival day, we went to the Marquee at Singapore Turf Club, located on the same level as the race track and it was close to the high octane adrenaline filled racing action on the track! Inside the marquee, we enjoyed a fun and warm hospitality, accompanied by delicious food, music performances, friendship and networking with friends and guests.



The ladies attending the Emirates Singapore Derby were gorgeous, their dresses, hats and fascinators were colourful, bright and striking. There was a mini fashion parade on-going out there during Emirates Singapore Derby Day! We, the gentlemen, didn’t lose out too much, we came in our suits and ties, looking smart, to complement the beautiful ladies present at the racing carnival.




At the marquee, there is an open air deck, that allows the guests to go out and get close to the racing action. Whenever there was a race, the guests would stroll out and catch the racing action, cheering their favourite horses and jockeys on! This was also a great opportunity for them to take lots of photos and enjoy themselves!

During the Singapore Derby, there were a few races when their starting barrier was right in front of the marquee, a perfect opportunity for the guests to view the preparation and action by the jockeys and ground staff to get the horses into their barrier gate position. There was a heart warming moment for me, when one of the guests there cheered and shouted to a jockey, “ Come on Bossy!”. I turned to my side and smiled, inside my heart, I knew he’s a Aussie, probably a Queenslander too, cheering for his fellow countrymen in the race, jockey Glen Boss. I was absolutely stoked to hear this cultural interaction at the Singapore Derby racing carnival!

Having immersed myself in racing carnivals while studying in Brisbane, Australia. The feeling was good, to be back again and be a part of a great racing carnival right here in Singapore. A racing carnival goes beyond the horse racing, the hospitality, ambience, atmosphere and also not forgetting the gorgeous fashion displays! As the sun sets over the Singapore Turf Club horizon, marking the end of a successful and exciting 21st edition of Emirates Singapore Derby 2016.

I would like to thank Emirates and Singapore Turf Club for the invitation and warm hospitality at the Emirates Singapore Derby 2016 racing carnival.

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Emirates Singapore Derby 2016 Roadshow

The Emirates Singapore Derby 2016 is taking place on 10th July 2016, a classic run on Singapore racing calendar. In celebration of the Emirates Singapore Derby, roadshows were organised over two weekends giving the public to visit and know more about history of racing in Singapore, getting up close and personal with a horse, allowing you to pat and feed them (at certain allocated timing).

I went for the Emirates Singapore Derby roadshow on 25th June 2016 at Capital Piazza, Outdoor Plaza. There were a few interesting activities that took place during Emirates Singapore Derby Roadshow that visitors to the roadshow can take part in such as the horse pitching competition as well as horse feeding and patting. Besides that, I also learn and know more about the history of the Emirates Singapore Derby from the information boards! One of the highlights from the event for me was the horse patting and feeding session! Check out some of the photographs that I took during the roadshow last Saturday!

Photographs from the Highlights of the Event:

  • Horse Pitching Competition
  • Horse patting and feeding


  • Fashion Show

I didn’t manage to catch the fashion show parade due to time commitments, check out SG Turf Club Instagram for the photos!

  • Appearances of Singapore Turf Club Mascots, Racer and Clover


  • History of Emirates Singapore Derby Exhibition


  • InstaPhoto Booth ~ Fun time to take group photo with family and friends at the roadshow


Look out for this cute Emirates teddy bear!

Just a shoutout for this cute Emirates teddy bear soft toy! Buy this cute bear home and you would also be supporting a charitable cause too!


Snap, Tag and Win!

There is also an Instagram contest that you can participate in and you can stand a chance to win a set of premium gift from Emirates! The theme is Red in Fashion with Emirates! Check out the information in the flyer attached below! Check out SG Turf Club Instagram account for more photos updates!


Source: Singapore Turf Club

There is another (bigger) roadshow taking place this coming Friday 1st July 2016 and Saturday 2nd July 2016 at CHIJMES, The Lawn. Check out their website for more details and updates! Do drop by visit Emirates Singapore Derby Roadshow and experience the fun carnival if you are able to!


Source: Singapore Turf Club

Remember, 10th July 2016 is Emirates Singapore Derby 2016!

Longines Singapore Gold Cup 2015

My first hand experiences attending a horse racing carnival started when I was studying in Australia. Initially, I didn’t know much about horse racing as a sports and cultural festival event. During my 4 years of stay in Australia, learning and assimilating into the local culture, I started to know and learn about Melbourne Cup, its roots, festivities, sports and horse racing. This is a huge horse racing carnival and this is a race, the race that stops a nation. That was my maiden entry into experiencing a horse racing carnival.

Upon returning to Singapore, I didn’t go back into attending horse racing events. I was busy building up my business career, business networking, social media networking and also my photography portfolio. Singapore has major horse racing carnivals and they were regularly featured in the papers. In the year 2015, I stepped back into the horse racing carnival and festivities again, with the Longines Singapore Gold Cup 2015. I was invited by Singapore Turf Club to the prestigious horse racing event and it felt like my good old undergraduate days in Australia, suited up smartly for the Longines Singapore Gold Cup 2015.

The Longines Singapore Gold Cup 2015, a prestigious Group 1 racing event on the Singapore racing calendar. It was a fun and interesting time at a glamorous sporting event in Singapore, feeling good to be part of the Longines Singapore Gold Cup 2015 racing event. I took the Longines signature cocktail, the Longines Blue, to the viewing deck and prepare to watch the supporting racing action.


Longines is the sponsor for Singapore Gold Cup and we had an opportunity to view the beautiful Longines watches on display at the lounge. The exquisitive range of Longines watches, a well known luxury watch brand globally. They are the perfect time pieces and time keepers for the people who love watches and for those who love sporting events. A perfect combination and partnership for Longines and the Singapore Gold Cup.




The beauty and elegance of the Longines watches, represented by world famous celebrities. It’s not just an attitude, it’s also an aura of pride and confidence.

Watching a sports event live and up close, it is spectacular and exciting, to see, to feel and to enjoy the racing adrenaline, with supporters cheering them on from the sidelines.



At 5:55pm, the main race, the Longines Singapore Gold Cup 2015 begun with high speed racing action, cheered on by the crowds as they raced towards the finishing line.

It was a close race, a fight to the finishing line, to determine who is the champion for Longines Singapore Gold Cup 2015. Although there can only be one winner, the rest of the racers behind the pack made it a memorable sporting racing spectacle to watch and enjoy for all.


As the sun sets over the horizon, marking the end of the Longines Singapore Gold Cup 2015. This was a fun time for me at the races, it’s great to be back again enjoying the festivities and fun of a racing carnival.

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