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Singapore Biennale 2016 – An Atlas of Mirrors

The Singapore Biennale 2016, with the theme “An Atlas of Mirrors”, was recently concluded on the 26th February 2017, having started on 27th October 2016. This was the fifth edition of the Singapore Biennale and I am glad that I managed to visit most of the artwork exhibitions present at Singapore Biennale 2016 before it ended. Looking back at my own personal Singapore Biennale visits, I covered four out of five editions, starting from year 2008, 2011, 2013 and 2016, with photographs that I took during my visits to Singapore Biennale curated and consolidated inside this Flickr collection.

The theme “An Atlas of Mirrors” for Singapore Biennale 2016, was on the instruments of vision and navigation to explore around the world used by the human race. The atlas was used by the human race to explore and venture all around the world, to discover the unknown and open up new chapters in history and time, not just in terms of landing on a new country, it’s also about the cultural, sociological and psychological revolution and evolution. As the human race used atlas and maps over centuries of exploration, scientific development and technology growth, coupled with more rapid and intense human movement around the world.

Do we know, how and where we see ourselves, see the world, see the future, from we we are right now? With the growth and boom of information technology, internet and social media, are we even learning more about each other from different parts of the world? Or have we retreated into mountains and caves, becoming even more isolated than the industrial revolution era? Do we need the mirror to constantly look at ourselves and ask ourselves questions?

Over my four visits to Singapore Biennale, from 2008 to 2016, they had always been an eye opener for me, not just for my eyes, also for my heart, mind and soul. There were times when some of the artworks by the artists were too deep and complex for me to understand and relate. There were also some artworks that clicked immediately with my mind, heart and soul. The Singapore Biennale is one mega arts event that allow me to explore and learn more about contemporary art in Singapore, the region and around the world.

Couple an atlas and mirror together, that’s the theme for Singapore Biennale 2016 “An Atlas of Mirrors”. While I can’t say that I have every answer to the things I said in my earlier paragraphs, at the very least, it pushed me to think beyond the views and experiences that I have inside me currently, in the business world, in my photography and in life.

Due to personal situations that happened in the last quarter of 2016 and early 2017, I wasn’t able to split my time and visit the Singapore Biennale 2016 a few times, to slowly absorb and understand the artists abstract artworks and the meanings behind them. I only managed to visit them just four days before her closing day. Nevertheless, I am very glad that I did it, feeding my my mind, heart and soul with contemporary art from Singapore Biennale.

Some of the artworks at Singapore Biennale 2016 connected with me in some ways or another, here are some of them

  • There are those who stay / There are those who go
  • The Great East Indiaman
  • Cooking the World
  • “If you can dream a better world you can make a better world or perhaps travel between them”
  • Black Forest 2016
  • History Repeats Itself
  • One Has to Wander through All the Outer Worlds to Reach the Innermost Shrine at the End
  • The Covenant
  • Melampaul Batas (Beyond Boundaries)
  • SONICreflection

Do visit my Flickr folder – Singapore Biennale 2016 and view more photographs that I took during my exploration and adventure of the contemporary art festival!

I leave you with this short video recording (that I did with the Canon EOS M5 review camera unit that I was reviewing during the time when I was at Singapore Biennale 2016) on the artwork produced by Melissa Tan from Singapore, titled “If you can dream a better world you can make a better world or perhaps travel between them”

As the Singapore Biennale 2016 concluded her fifth edition, have you ask yourself, from where you are right now, how do you visualise the world, and see for yourself where you are right now and into the future?

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Singapore Biennale 2013 – 26 Oct 2013 to 16 Feb 2014

Singapore Biennale 2013 – If The World Changed, the title of the 4th Edition of Singapore Biennale. In the 21st century, the pace of change, transformation and metamorphosis is at an unprecedented pace beyond any experience by any preceding generations. The changes are great and they are making changes to how we view our time and world in both the external and internal worlds of ours. Singapore Biennale 2013 explores this continuous changes with their artists line up through their own interpretations, meditations, reflections and making propositions through the displays of their artworks at Singapore Biennale 2013.


While this is the 4th edition of Singapore Biennale, this is the 3rd time I am following Singapore Biennale, with my first encounter in 2008 and second encounter in 2011. Here’s my Singapore Biennale photographs collection on Flickr! Singapore Biennale always intrigues me and I am amazed by the various artists artworks, their interpretations, thoughts, feelings and ideas through their marvellous and sometimes abstract artworks. In this constantly changing and evolving society, I am seeking to explore and capture the changes in Singapore’s history, heritage, architecture, landscapes and culture before they are changed into something else. Like the title for Singapore Biennale 2013 “If The World Changed”, I hope to seek inspiration and ideas from the various artists and their artworks to continue my own personal photojournalistic adventure in documenting, photographing, writing and sharing the old and new things in Singapore when it change.


I had just started photographing Singapore Biennale 2013 artworks and I hope to cover all of them during this exhibition period from 26th October 2013 to 16th February 2014. Along my journey during Singapore Biennale 2013, if I discover an artwork that strikes me deeply and emotionally, I will share it with my readers and followers here.

The artworks that I covered from 26th October 2013 to 2nd November 2013 were as follows (with the links to the respective artist’s bio and profile) –

Road to Nirvana


National Theatre @ 50

Toy (Churning of the Sea of Milk)

2243 : Moving Forward


Lumbung Ilmu

Among the initial artworks that I visited and photographed, the artworks Road to Nirvana, Wormhole, Bamboo-Bonsai-ing and National Theatre @ 50, gave me a lot to ponder, reflect and explore it further. How will these different intriguing, amazing and wonderful artworks be able to give me the ideas and directions to capture Singapore’s changes better? While I seek an answer or many answers, I will continue to explore and share about Singapore Biennale 2013 here with my photographs and thoughts.


If you are visiting and exploring Singapore Biennale 2013, here are useful links and information for Singapore Biennale 2013

Singapore Biennale 2013 website

Singapore Biennale 2013 Facebook Page

Singapore Art Museum Twitter Account

Singapore Art Museum Instagram Account 

Singapore Biennale 2013 promisees to be an exciting and intriguing arts event and exhibition. Share it with your family, loved ones and friends, visit Singapore Biennale 2013 and explore “If The World Changed”. Do keep a lookout here on my photography site, Facebook Page, InstagramFlickr and 500px when I share my Singapore Biennale 2013 journey, photographs, thoughts and feelings, in my journey to explore “If The World Changed”.

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Singapore Biennale 2011 – The Merlion Hotel

The Marina Bay Singapore, an area that went through many transformations, changes, expansion and growth, along with Singapore’s prosperity and success. It’s not just a business hub now, new parks and leisure activities are coming up, the Marina Bay would be converted into a leisure lifestyle area with water and recreational activities, with the business and hospitality elements along with it.

For Singapore Biennale 2011, it was one of the 4 venues and this year, they made something very unique and exceptional to me and others, however, it has its critics too. There was this something special known as The Merlion Hotel! There were people asking, “Is there such a hotel?”, for the Singapore Biennale 2011, Singapore’s iconic landmark, The Merlion, was transformed by Japanese Artist, Tatzu Nishi, with his combination of art object and viewer experience, into a luxury hotel suite armed with a beautiful and panoramic view of the Marina Bay, from the Esplande Bridge to Esplanade, Marina Square, Helix Bridge, Marina Bay Sands and Marina Bay Financial District.

This experience of being so close to an iconic giant landmark (you are quite close to The Merlion head) and the feeling is, you are looking out, admiring the beauty of Marina Bay, along with The Merlion! For visitors who managed to book this special and unique suite for the night, I reckon they would have an awesome and very unique experience that would probably not be available again! On the last day of Singapore Biennale 2011, I was very lucky to squeeze into the last few batches of visitors (it was past their last entry time) to see, feel and touch The Merlion up close and personal!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to The Merlion Hotel!

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Singapore Biennale 2011 – SAM at 8Q

Singapore Biennale 2011 may have ended recently and I used the very last day to rush down visiting/touring the other venues of Singapore Biennale 2011, Singapore Arts Museum and SAM at 8Q, before the beautiful artworks would no longer be around. Similar to my Biennale experiences at Old Kallang Airport, I was just as impressed and mesmerised by the artists art works at Singapore Arts Museum and SAM at 8Q.

Some artists works were very tangible and abstract, while some others were imagery and media connectivity. Each displayed their own unique artistic views and displays, from their point of view, embracing their deep thoughts, ideas and emotions. With their own uniqueness, I greatly admired 2 local artists works, Tan Pin Pin and Koh Nguang How, they brought back part of my childhood and teenage memories of growing up, remembering the history and changes of Singapore during my period of growing up.

I shall rest my writing and let my photographs from the wonderful and talented artists of Singapore Biennale 2011 share their artistic adventures

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Singapore Biennale 2011 – Old Kallang Airport

The Singapore Biennale 2011, in its third edition, a very interesting and big eye-opener for the arts scene in Singapore. The theme this year is “Open House”, presented and hosted across 4 different venues in Singapore, Singapore Arts Museum, National Museum of Singapore, 8Q and Old Kallang Airport. What is “Open House” all about ? From the Singapore Biennale website, ” ….. ‘Open House’ brings together artworks that offer multiple perspectives and myriad creative approaches to questions of how we move across borders, see other points of view, and form connections with others.”

Of the 4 locations, my first stop was at Old Kallang Airport, I have been looking forward to visiting the Terminal building of Old Kallang Airport, to mesmerise myself with looking out from the viewing gallery/windows and admiring the landscape. More information on the Old Kallang Airport venue for Biennale 2011, can be found here. With a rich and old history, Singapore’s first civilian airport opened in 1937 to 1955, it is now an iconic landmark in Singapore. The exhibits and artworks at the Old Kallang Airport venue were placed inside the East Block, Garden, West Block, Hangar and Terminal Building. With an extensive list of artists line-up there, with the theme for Old Kallang Airport venue – of international air and sea ports fitting in perfectly for the venue.

My experiences and time spent at the Old Kallang Airport were awesome and fun. Some artworks and exhibits were intriguing, participative, challenging and mind opening, while the segment on Self-Portrait, Our Landscape was very heartwarming. I might not be able to cover all the artists artworks, exhibits and displays here or on my photos on flickr, nevertheless, the artists on the site of Old Kallang Airport deserves a big round of applause and recognition.

Personally, my most memorable experience at Old Kallang Airport was climbing up the flight of stairs of the Terminal Building control/lookout tower, intrigued by the words and exhibits of Nedko Solakov, it began an adventure of searching and finding words and phrases scribbled and written across at odd places while I am climbing up the stairs and if you looked hard enough and opened your eyes, observing very well, the rewards were simply great views of the landscape around the Old Kallang Airport.

Long words and stories do not do justice to the artworks and exhibits at Old Kallang Airport venue, I shall now let my photographs do the talking ……….

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