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VAS SG Beach Volleyball Open Championships 2011 – Day 2

Day 2 of the Volleyball Association of Singapore Beach (VAS) Beach Volleyball Open Championships, it just got hotter and more exciting beach volleyball action at the fun and sunny island of Sentosa! The day was great, so was the weather, simply awesome along with the beautiful clear blue sky and clouds, it was just perfect for Beach Volleyball action.

Hot fiery octane 2-on-2 action just got more intense and exciting along with the rise in temperature, showcasing a level of beach volleyball action showcase that presents the beauty and sporting moments of precision timing and teamwork, with teams from Indonesia and Oman, leading the way. Our local boys are good too, giving the big boys a run for their money and a good fight on the beach volleyball courts!

The quarter finals, semi-finals were a great sporting spectacle before the grand final and it’s an awesome sporting event, signifying the growth and popularity of beach volleyball in the world and here too in Singapore, just look at the beach volleyball crowds during the weekends on Sentosa island. The volunteers and organisers did a great job to organise the 2011 Beach Volleyball Championships, well done folks!

The VAS Singapore Beach Volleyball Open Championships 2011 is getting bigger and it would get bigger in the future!! Beach volleyball here in Singapore is going to metamorphosis into a mega sporting spectacle event! Meanwhile, sit back, relax and enjoy some of the beach volleyball action photography!


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VAS SG Beach Volleyball Open Championships 2011 – Day 1

Beach Volleyball (and of course, volleyball) lovers, may I have your attention please!

The Volleyball Association of Singapore (VAS) is currently having an Open Championships on 23rd July and 24th July 2011, held at Siloso Beach of the fun and sunny island playground Sentosa! Day 1 is completed, however, more exciting and high octane action is in Day 2, on the 24th July 2011 from 9am to 6pm!

Do come down, enjoy the sun, sand and beach volleyball competition, with teams from overseas countries gracing our Singapore Beach Volleyball Open Championships 2011! Great and exciting future volleyball talents producing great games for all to watch and enjoy! See you there at Siloso Beach for more Day 2 Beach Volleyball action!!

Here’s some snapshots of the VAS SG Beach Volleyball Open Championships 2011 Day 1 


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