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A Morning With Coca-Cola’s Heritage

Coca-Cola, one of the most iconic and distinctive brand in the world, it’s also the most loved brand in the world today! I am a Coca-Cola fan, loved the beverage and the history of Coca-Cola collectibles, interesting and unique. Recently, I was invited by Ogilvy Public Relations for a casual meet with Ted Ryan, Director of Heritage Communications over a breakfast session at the Shangri-La Hotel, I was delighted and accepted the invitation.


Being a Coca-Cola fan, I was always fascinated to know the secret formula of the Coca-Cola drink, loved their bottle designs and their collectibles. It was a great informal session with Ted, whereby he shared a lot about his Coca-Cola heritage work, traveling around the world and meeting with Coca-Cola fans. This was also a time to know more about the Coca-Cola brand name, history and timeline, the title is “The Story of The Most LOVED Brand on the planet“. From this casual session, I got to know more about Coca-Cola through the interesting quiz with attractive Coca-Cola gifts as prizes! Besides Coca-Cola, I learned about the other beverages under Coca-Cola, do check out Coca-Cola Singapore website and you can see the various beverages under Coca-Cola! During the sharing, Ted shared about the history and heritage of Coca-Cola in Singapore and it goes a long way back to 1936, check out this link for more details!


There was also a charity auction during the casual meet, some of the Coca-Cola collectibles were auctioned off and bid by the guests. For the Coca-Cola collectors, it was definitely something that would love to add to their own private collection! While I did not buy or bid for any Coca-Cola collectibles, I would definitely be looking out for them when I travel overseas! During my travel to Japan in 2004, I can still recall walking into a shop in Harajuku, Tokyo, showcasing/selling Coca-Cola collectibles and nothing else!


Mr Ted Ryan with a Coca-Cola collectible

It’s pretty amazing and fascinating to learn and know more about the branding and reputation of the Coca-Cola brand name worldwide. Here are some useful Coca-Cola links that you might be interested in to find out more about Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Facebook Page

Coca-Cola Singapore

Coca-Cola Singapore Twitter


Photograph Courtesy of Renhao


Photograph Courtesy of Renhao

I would be scouting and looking around for interesting Coca-Cola collectibles around the world and slowly add them to my small humble collection (consisting of a few Coca-Cola glasses).

Life is Viewty-Ful with Microsoft Re-Imagine Life

Dear Readers, I would like to share a sneak preview with you on another very recent invitation by Microsoft Singapore via Weber Shandwick Singapore Office, to a sneak and exclusive preview of Re-Imagine Life.

What is Re-Imagine Life all about ?


Re-Imagine Life is a new revolution undertaken by Microsoft, transforming technology and integrating into our daily life, shaping how people (we ourselves) want technology to do, help and improve our daily life, work and play …… At the exclusive preview held at the Shangri-La Hotel, I was introduced to the following :

Windows 7: Windows 7, the newest version of the Windows operating system, has won rave reviews from media and analysts.  Built with great new features like multi-touch capability, Windows 7 snaps, swivels and shakes and will fundamentally change the way we interact with our computers.  It hits the stores in October, so do check it out.

Windows Live: Windows Live helps you bring your social network together with an online suite of services that touches lives in many different ways.

Internet Explorer 8: This is the new browser from Microsoft, designed for what people really do on the web to make searching, emailing, communicating, shopping, or just catching up on the world faster, easier, and safer than ever.

Office: A productivity tool currently in its limited preview stage, the Office 2010 release promises to deliver the best productivity experience across the PC, mobile phone and browser.   It enables people to use Office anywhere, work better together and bring your ideas to life

Gaming: Microsoft’s entertainment & devices team has made great strides to bring cool devices and gaming experiences with XBOX. Here’s your chance to see more about what’s in store in the future.

Source : Microsoft

This invitation would not be possible without Microsoft Singapore and Weber Shandwick Singapore and I would like to sincerely say a BIG THANK YOU to Verdayne Nunis, Communications Manager of Microsoft and Ashwin Seshadri of Weber Shandwick.


I would be writing on my experiences on the various upcoming Microsoft software and programs, do keep a lookout on my personal blog whereby a preview and short reviews would be posted, based on my hands-on and experiential experiences with Windows 7 !

Well …… It’s time to Re-Imagine Life !

Business & Alumni Networking Event

There is a saying “No Man/Woman is an island”. 

In today’s world, the pace and development that we are facing currently, it is very important that we help each other with opportunities, partnerships, businesses etc etc with the art of networking. Networking can take place in your industries, friends and one of the best networking avenue is alumni networking.

Being a former student a.k.a alumni of the Business, Economics and Law Faculty of The University of Queensland, it is always a great event to attend business and alumni networking events organised by them, getting to know more fellow alumni members and business networking and catching up with changes and developments back in The University of Queensland.

We had a Business & Alumni Networking Event at Garden Terrace, Shangri-La Hotel, attended by distinguished Professors and guests from The University of Queensland and fellow alumni, being a ex-co member of UQAAS, the local alumni branch in Singapore, we were there to grace the event and were given a great opportunity to introduce ourselves to all present.

A great networking event, looking foward to more alumni events in the future.