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Happy 40th Birthday to Sentosa !

On 1st September 2012, Sentosa celebrated her 40th birthday with many interesting and exciting activities on the sunny adventure island Sentosa. Visitors to Sentosa were given free access for one day on 1st September 2012 and many visitors flocked over to Sentosa for the fun and festivities.

There is a Sentosa history exhibition/showcase at Vivo City, on the third floor where Sentosa Station is located, near to the entrance for Sentosa Express. It was going back in time for many of us, who had very vivid memories of Sentosa in the past such as the Sentosa Monorail. It was a good time to look back in time, the changes and transformations that Sentosa went through. The 40th Anniversary Exhibition ends on 30th September 2012, do check them out before you cross over to Sentosa!

There was a special feature that happened on 1st September 2012, first-ever outdoor ice slide by the beach in Asia, located at Palawan Beach. There were two slides, one was 5m and the other was 8m. The ice slide was popular especially with the young children. At Palawan Beach, there were many more fun activities for the children and there were performers to entertain them! Flea for Good was held at the Sentosa Boardwalk on 1st September 2012 too! Part of the proceeds from the flea market goes to an adopted beneficiary.

The Sentosa Buskers Festival was back again in conjunction with the 40th birthday celebrations too! They would be in action from 1st to 8th September 2012, do visit Sentosa and catch them in action! More information on the Buskers Festival can be found here! There are many more activities and events happening during Sentosa’s birthday month.  Do drop by their website and check out more on their events schedule and what’s happening on Sentosa! 

Happy 40th Birthday Sentosa!! Have a great celebration!! 

Crane Dance at Resorts World Sentosa

Crane, a bird of elegance and beauty, known for their gracefulness and dancing in the wild, a pair of love (crane) birds crane dancing is  good showcase of their expression of love and affection for each other.

Imagine the cranes today, in the form of mechanical birds instead of those actual cranes, performing the magical love story in the night. This is the story of the Crane Dance at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), a ten minutes ground breaking performance of light, water, mechanical and music effects, bringing Crance Dance to the visitors of Sentosa and RWS. For more information on the Crane Dance at RWS, check them out here !

Let my photographs bring you through the magical performance of the crane dance …….. Sit back & enjoy !

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Flowers Galore at Sentosa Flowers 2011 !

A beautiful sea of many different flowers, of different colours and varieties, spread around and displayed for the visitors to admire, it was flowers galore at the Sentosa Flowers 2011, known as Spring Wonderland. The flowers festival event held at Sentosa was back again and it was great to visit the flowers festival, with many opportunities for flowers/macro photography.

The Sentosa Flowers 2011 was a big hit with the locals and tourists, especially with the extra long Chinese Lunar New Year holiday weekend, stretching from Thursday to Sunday, thus many visitors to Sentosa during that long holiday period, for the fun, relaxation and to visit the Sentosa Flowers too!

I chose to visit the Sentosa Flowers on the 2nd last day, 12th February, the flowers were well maintained, blooming beautifully and surviving our harsh hot humid tropical climate. Starting from the Sentosa Boardwalk, the flowers were already in bloom, welcoming the visitors who were walking over to Sentosa. Once inside Sentosa, it was quite packed, nevertheless, still have room for flowers photography and it was a shutter happy time!

Many interesting flower landscapes, with the rabbit year theme, along with the other animal zodiac signs of the Chinese calendar at Resorts World Sentosa. Walking along, enjoying the fun, relaxation and taking photographs of the different flowers. Had a fun time there taking photographs, the different themes were great and I felt they were pretty well planned and structured with the Year of Rabbit theme and getting the visitors through with their proposed walking route to view and enjoy the flowers.

Hope you all enjoy the flowers and the Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations ! Happy Year of the Rabbit !

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Sentosa Boardwalk is opened !

Sentosa, an island of fun off the Southern part of Singapore, a destination for both locals and tourists alike. It’s not just the beaches and rides,  that’s also the integrated Resort World Sentosa of theme park fun, eating and of course the casino.

Getting to Sentosa, is easy, you can use the bus, Sentosa Express, self-drive, cable car and finally, you can walk across to Sentosa ! Remembering my days when I was able to walk over to Sentosa, with massive construction going on, walking over was not allowed for quite a few years. However, with the official opening of Sentosa Boardwalk, I am finally able to walk over again ! Back to the good old days !

Sentosa Boardwalk was officially opened on the 29th January 2011, with big fanfare, events and activities. Although it was pouring, it didn’t dampen the festive spirit and festivities. I was surprised to watch some low level fireworks to mark the Sentosa Boardwalk Official Opening too !

I feel this new icon, Sentosa Boardwalk, fits in nicely, great place to relax by the sea, travel to Sentosa. The weather has been quite wet recently, I will be looking forward when I return with good weather for some landscape sunset photography of Sentosa and Vivo City and night landscape sceneries as well.

Oh yeah, looking forward to Sentosa Flowers from 3rd February to 13th February and walking over to Sentosa via the Boardwalk & adding more photographs to my Sentosa Boardwalk collection on Flickr !

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