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A Sneak Preview of Halloween Horror Nights 5

Welcome once again to Halloween Horror Nights, this is year 2015, the 5th edition. I would like to warmly welcome you to a sneak peak of Halloween Horror Nights 5 at Universal Studios Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa, through my stories and photos.


Halloween Horror Nights 5 will take place from 2nd to 31st October 2015 on select nights. Let me bring you through the fun, horror and excitement that you are able to see, feel and enjoy at Halloween Horror Nights 5! There are 3 immersive scare zones and 4 haunted houses. Of the 4 haunted houses, 3 are locally themed and I am pretty sure you can relate to the local scary flavour and taste.Halloween Horror Nights 2015

Photo Courtesy of Resorts World Sentosa Singapore

Now is the time for you to purchase tickets online, here is the link! Before you start your Halloween Horror Nights adventure, remember to downloadthe digital guide or grab the 2015 survival guide!


Walking into the Universal Studios Singapore, the blood moon welcomes you to Halloween Horror Nights 2015, you are now ready to begin your horror and fun adventure (in the order of haunted houses and scare zones that you like). Take the first step inside to enjoy the aftermath of the blood moon, witness the chaos that the blood moon brought upon to the world, the evil and darkness worlds occupying Halloween Horror Nights 2015.

Haunted House – Siloso Gateway Block 50

The HDB heartland is an icon that many Singaporeans and visitors alike can relate to. At Siloso Gateway Block 50, the HHN-5 virus has turned the residents of the HDB Block into rampaging, flesh eating zombies! Are you able to get away in time from the zombies that want to eat your flesh?


Haunted House – Tunnel People

Hiding and living in the darkness, below the ground and in the passageways, the Tunnel People are getting ready to rise along with the rise of the Blood Moon. Can you feel your way out of the tunnels, can you spot them, can you avoid them?

Scare Zone – The Invaders

The Horde, a gargantuan ET race, has invaded Earth with the help of the eclipse. They are ugly looking and ruthless monsters. Can you spot their portal? Can you see them swamping our cities and laying waste to them?


Scare Zone – conTERMINATED

This is a secret colony, code-named Sector #5. It’s Top Secret! Set up by the Government to quarantine the deformed and the diseased. They are left behind to fend for themselves, to survive on their own and they loved their oppressors blood, they lust for them. The Blood Moon is raising their mood and strength to an all time high, they are now feverish and want more bloodlust. Are you able to walk through without being lusted upon by the people from Sector #5 ?


Scare Zone – Hungry Ghosts

They are always in the Seventh Lunar Month, eternally and forever, it can’t be changed, all thanks to the Blood Moon wreaking havoc on the Lunar Calendar. This village is forsaken and the villagers perform rituals of the Hungry Ghost Festival every night. Can you walk in and walk out of this village without getting stuck forever in the Seventh Lunar Month? Walk and you will know the answer to your question.


Haunted House – Hell House

A big and bright house welcomes you inside, everything is made of paper. Please remember to make yourself at home, the Paper Servants of the Effigy House are wide awake from the power of the Blood Moon. It is going to be very hot because everything inside is going to be burnt. Can you take the extreme heat?


Haunted House – True Singapore Ghost Stories: The MRT

The MRT train is a very widely used and popular public transport in Singapore. There is one underground train station built at a Malay burial site, there is a curse bestowed upon them. Now it has fulfilled and risen with the arrival of the Blood Moon. Toyols, hantu rayas and pontianaks are now exploring the MRT trains and tunnels, to stalk for victims. Walking along the tracks, you go back in time, to meet the author of the curse and his murderous henchmen. Can you walk back out and return back to the future safely?


Congratulations, you made it! You survived Halloween Horror Nights 2015! Time to continue your night of fun and excitement with the 10 rides, shows and attractions inside Universal Studios Singapore! Halloween Horror Nights 2015 has a good mix of both fun and horor, with a good mix of local scary flavour. Give yourself a good pat, hug your friends and continue to have fun at Resorts World Sentosa!

I would like to thank Resorts World Sentosa Singapore for the invitation to the preview of Halloween Horror Nights 2015.

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“Demoncracy” arrives at Universal Studios Singapore for Halloween Horror Nights 4!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise and welcome Minister Jonah Goodwill for the inauguration ceremony! The Minister of Evil is going to take office and unleash to you, the scariest nightmares to life once again! The Minister of Evil is taking office for Halloween Horror Nights 4 and they will deliver the most number of event nights, the most number of haunted houses and scare zones for Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore!


Minister Jonah Goodwill is not unleashing Democracy but “Demoncracy”, it’s a new social order, an uprising of a something very special. The demons will be awakened, clowns and fairy tales will turn loony and urban legends come alive. When the Minister of Evil unleashes “Demoncracy” upon the park, the guests will have nowhere to hide!

Will you be ready for FOUR haunted houses and FOUR immersive scare zones for Halloween Horror Nights 4 this year? The haunted houses will be located across New York Zone and Lost World Zone. Coulrophobia strikes as guests enter the world of a loony killer clown at Jack’s 3-Dementia; bullying in school takes a nasty twist when the victim returns to torment any who walk through the corridors at Jing’s Revenge; soldiers are put through sadistic training at Mati Camp and to top things off, evil aliens designed to extinguish the human race are born in test tubes at The L.A.B(Laboratory of Alien Breeding).


More details and back stories of the haunted houses and scare zones will be unveiled over the next few days on the event website at www.halloweenhorrornights.com.sg. Not only will you, the fans of Halloween Horror Nights 4 have sneak peeks, you stand to win horrific prizes on their social media platforms.

Have you marked down the dates and details for Halloween Horror Nights 4? Here are the details below –

Halloween Horror Nights 4 runs for 13 nights over five weekends, from 3 – 5 October, 10 – 11 October, 17 – 18 October, 22 – 25 October, 31 October and 1 November 2014, from 7.30pm to 1.30am each evening. The theme park will close earlier at 6.00pm on event nights.

Selected rides and attractions will be open during the event, including TRANSFORMERS The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle and Shrek 4-D Adventure for guests looking to extend their day experience.


Early-bird special tickets, priced at S$60 (usual price S$68), will be available from 25 July onwards. To enhance the experience of the event, guests can choose to skip the queues with the premiere R.I.P Tour, escorted by a personal guide. Limited Early-bird R.I.P Tour packages are available at S$158 (usual price S$198), as well. The Frequent Fear Pass will also be making a comeback this year. Frequent Fear Passholders can revisit the event as many times as they like, on 7 of the 13 event nights (3 – 5, 10, 17, 22, 23 October) at a price of S$118.

Special pricing is also available for Resorts World Sentosa hotel guests, corporate and bulk purchases, Universal Studios Singapore Annual Passholders and daytime theme park guests. RWS INVITES members enjoy an exclusive ticket price of S$50, as well as a priority admission into the park.

** Halloween Horror Nights is a separately ticketed event and is not included with regular day admission to the theme park. Daytime guests who desire to “Stay & Scream” at Halloween Horror Nights 4 on the same evening may choose to upgrade their admission tickets at an additional S$50. **

For the convenience of outbound guests, RWS 8 shuttle bus services will be extended to 3.30am on event nights. Night Rider services continue to operate during weekends.

Advance purchase is strongly recommended and tickets are available from 25 July at   www.halloweenhorrornights.com.sg, www.rwsentosa.com, or call +65 6577 8899.


As we now officially welcome our new Minister Jonah Goodwill, the Minister of Evil for “Demoncracy” at Universal Studios Singapore, for Halloween Horror Nights 4. Are you ready to visit “Demoncracy”?

I would like to thank Resorts World Singapore for the invitation to Minister Jonah Goodwill inauguration ceremony! Do check out the photos here on my Flickr collection!

* Information and Details Courtesy of Resorts World Sentosa *

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iFly Singapore – Flying High Since 2011

iFly Singapore, this is one of the world’s largest indoor skydiving simulators, at a height of 56.5ft and width of 16.5ft, located at Siloso Beach on the sunny island of Sentosa. Founded in 2011, iFly Singapore had come a long way since her founding and she had been making good growth and expansion in their business along with their record breaking achievements and outreach programs to the schools and general public. I was recently invited to iFly Singapore media Christmas Party 2013, it was a fun event with lots of skydiving performances by the children and adults! Mr Lawrence Koh, Founder and Managing Director of iFly Singapore was sharing with us about iFly Singapore’s milestones, achievements and results during the past 3 years.



This was my first visit to iFly Singapore, even though I passed by this place a few times when I was in Sentosa. It was a pretty impressive indoor skydiving simulator and I hope to try out indoor skydiving next time when I visit again! At the iFly Singapore Christmas Party event, the skydivers were taking turns to fly/skydive inside the skydiving simulator! There were quite a number of young children too who were absolutely great in skydiving, somersaulting inside the wind tunnel, wonderful performances and breaking Guinness World of Records along with their adult counterparts!



iFly Singapore has big expansion and promotional plans for 2014 and one of their plans is to start expanding into Singapore’s education and sports sectors for the young ones with their Sports Education Programme. I personally find it very meaningful and a great idea to combine science with sporting activities and outdoor recreation for the young children. Not only can the young children learn about science, physics and aerodynamics, the young children can also pick up the sport and lead an active meaningful healthy lifestyle through skydiving! Learning a science subject by participating in a sports that teach you all of that and still having fun and being active sounds like a great combination to me! I hope to see more young children to be part of iFly Sports Education Programme!



iFly Singapore is also planning to launch their membership programme early next year 2014, providing a more attractive package for regular flyers who are considering taking up indoor skydiving more seriously. They are offering the proFLYER Basic and proFLYER Premium Membership Packages and do check out their website for more details and updates! If you are keen to start indoor skydiving with iFly Singapore, do check out their iFly Singapore Membership Packages!

iFly Singapore Membership Packages proFLYER Basic proFLYER Premium
Published Rate SGD $999/- SGD $7800/-
Early Bird (valid till 31st March 2014) SGD $899/- (Usual Price SGD $1,375/-) SGD $7500/- (Usual Price SGD $10,600/-)
Total Skydives Entitlement 20 Skydives – 90s per skydive, Off Peak timing only. 200 Skydives – 90s per skydive, Off peak timing only.
Top Up Rate Subsequent purchase of every block of skydives: SGD $700/-

For upgrade of usage to normal timing, for every block of 20 skydives plus SGD $250/-

Subsequent purchase of every block of skydives: SGD $575/-

For upgrade of usage to normal timing, for every block of 20 skydives plus SGD $200/-

Validity of Membership 12 Months 12 Months

For more information on iFly Singapore, here are their links

iFly Singapore

iFly Singapore Facebook Page

I would like to thank iFly Singapore and Cohn & Wolfe XPR for the invitation to iFly Singapore Christmas Party event!

*Information above courtesy of iFly Singapore and Cohn & Wolfe XPR* 

Welcome to Halloween Horror Nights 3!!

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Halloween Horror Nights 3!! This promises to be a scary yet very fun and exciting time to visit Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Singapore, located in the heart of Resorts World Singapore, Sentosa Island. I will bring you through the fun, scary, exciting adventures and experiences at Halloween Horror Nights 3!! There will be 3 immersive Scare Zones and 3 Haunted Houses, along with a Halloween Live Rock Musical.

Monster Rock: Halloween Edition (Pantages Theatre)

Do you remember the cartoon/movie Beetlejuice ? He’s coming to Halloween Horror Nights 3 at the Pantages Theatre with his fellow monsters/ghosts friends in this rock-n-roll musical! Featuring modern and classic rock songs packed inside this spectacular musical with lots of dancing and singing, accompanied by pyrotechnics and cutting-edge cinematic technology. This would be a good place to kickstart your Halloween Horror Nights 3 adventure!


ADRIFT (Sound Stage 28)

After the Monster Rock: Halloween Edition, proceed to your first Haunted House titled ADRIFT! A storm-battered ship is found mysteriously adrift after being lost at sea since 1910 (Does the Titanic strikes a bell? Do you think it is the  Titanic?) The crew has vanished, yet there is a very mysterious presence that cannot be explained. This mysterious presence still remains today and it is still lingering around the ship. This ship was thought to have disappeared in the dark depths of the ocean, it didn’t and now the past is now revealed when you step into the ship. As you explore and discover the stories and interiors of the ship, in the eerie darkness, the past is never truly dead and will come alive Just For You!

Do not worry too much! It’s a little bit scary only! It’s fun and exciting! You will definitely walk out of the ship alive and can start to explore the other Haunted Houses and Scare Zones!


Attack of the Vampires (New York) 

The town of Whittemore, once a charming town, it is now a graveyard of pale, fang-bearing living dead. The Daughter of the Undead has turned the rosy-cheeked residents into blood-thirsty Vampires! They are all around, on the streets, in a corner, somewhere out there, scary, silent (sometimes) and ready to consume you! Be careful, walk fast but don’t walk too fast and you miss saying Hi (or screaming) to the Vampires! You have been encouraged (warned) to look passionately into the eyes of the Vampires!


Convention of Curses (Ancient Egypt)

After leaving the town of Whittemore, enter into Ancient Egypt whereby you can witness the magical and the unimaginable convention comprising of witches, wizards, and practitioners of the Dark Arts, gathering at the 366th Annual Convention of Curses. Remember to watch their beautiful (ghastly) rituals, you will be mesmerised by them! Mind your manners, don’t stare too eagerly or else a curse might befall on you!


Songs of Death (Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure Back-of-House)

After leaving the Convention of Curses, it’s time to enter the house, known as Songs of Death! This house promises to be a very exciting (a bit more scary too!) journey into the world of opera troupe, the singing and the tragic stories behind what happened to all of them in the opera troupe. A starlet’s songs of vengeance turn into a spine-chilling requiem for her troupe. Enter into the world of a once flourishing Chinese Opera Academy and re-live the bloody massacre by a vindictive prima donna – The Maiden of the Opera.

Do not worry too much! It’s a little bit more scary only! It’s very fun and exciting! You will definitely walk out of the Chinese Opera Academy alive and can start to explore the other Haunted Houses and Scare Zones!


Forbidden Forest (Lost World)

Before entering into the Haunted House – Possessions, you have to walk across the Forbidden Forest. In this special Forbidden Forest, only the brave ones like you venture through the woods of the Forbidden Forest after sunset. The Kingdom of Crone lies on the land of the forsaken and the forgotten, on the outskirts of the town. Look out for the Grand Dame of Black Magic, she eternally prowls the night for unsuspecting visitors’ souls to whet her insatiable appetite. The dark shadows are vicious, tread swiftly (don’t miss the fun too!) across the Forbidden Forest, remember that the morning is only a fool’s dream!


Possessions (WaterWorld)

The grand finale, the third and final Haunted House, your last Halloween Horror Nights 3 adventure if you follow my Halloween Horror Nights 3 journey! This particular House, number 13, is for sale and do you want to buy it? You are invited to view the House no. 13 and they will tell you that the occupants of this crumbling mansion are recluses, however, the ghostly horrific truth is …. that they are imprisoned inside the House by evil spirits! This house viewing experience is so unique and interesting that you cannot miss/skip it! Their dream home is just a memory and do not be afraid to enter for a house viewing!

Do not worry at all! I survived the House no. 13 viewing experience! It’s just a little bit scary, that’s all!!

Halloween Horror Nights 3 was really very fun and exciting for me! It was scary at certain segments of the Haunted Houses and Scare Zones though! Overall, it was a great adventure! Call your friends, tell them about the fun and scary times that you can have at Halloween Horror Nights 3 and head down to Universal Studios Singapore to enjoy the Halloween Horror Nights! I loved the Haunted Houses, ADRIFT, Songs of Death and Possessions, it was a bit scary, however, I had an awesome adventure inside! Don’t worry too much! You will have as much fun as much as you are being scared!

Here are some key information and details of Halloween Horror Nights 3 at Universal Studios Singapore

Halloween Horror Nights website

– Tickets Prices and Packages 

– Event Nights: 11, 12, 18, 19, 25, 26, 31 October & 1-3 November

– Frequent Fear Nights: 11, 12, 18, 19, 31 October & 3 November

– Opening Hours: 7pm – 1am

– Monster Rock: Halloween Edition at Pantages Theatre – Show Times 8pm, 10pm and 12am

I would like to say a big Thank You to Universal Studios Singapore for inviting me to the media preview of Halloween Horror Nights 3, with warm hospitality and awesome scary Halloween Horror Fun!

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Xperia by SONY presents Fashion TV Beach Festival

Xperia by SONY presents Fashion TV Beach Festival Singapore 2013, held at Tanjung Beach Club on Sentosa Island. The festival was a fun and exciting party with a White dress code, accompanied by dance music on the beach. It is one of the most extravagant outdoor events held in the world and the celebration of luxury. The Fashion TV Beach Festival showcased fashion labels from local and overseas fashion designers such as Gnossem, Armoire, Innerdesire, Vilasere, HOM and Zardoze. At the Fashion TV Beach Festival, they were able to view the Xperia smartphones there were on display.


The biggest and most luxurious beach party in Singapore, thirty models from five countries walking down the fashion walkway “on the water” and spectators were able to view the swimwear that costs more than SGD$6,000. The party continued with different DJs spinning the music away on the beach dance floor through the night till the early morning.


The gorgeous and handsome models showcased the various fashion designs of the different fashion labels participating in Fashion TV Beach Festival, watched, admired and photographed by the spectators and photographers. There were many gorgeous and handsome people too inside the crowds, enjoying, relaxing and dancing away.


We had a fun time photographing the fashion catwalk from different locations, angles and perspectives. The best time for me was during Vilasere and HOM fashion labels fashion showcase during the evening, with the sun setting, giving it a nice blue hour skyline glow that allows me to capture the beautiful female models in their sexy lingerie outfits and the handsome male models in men’s underwear and leisure wear.


I would like to say thank you to SONY Singapore for the invitation to Fashion TV Beach Festival presented by Xperia By SONY.

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Wonderful Brunch at Sabio By The Sea

Sabio By The Sea, a beautiful restaurant located in a great location, filled with warm hospitality and nice ambience. It is a Grill Restaurant and Tapas Bar located in Sentosa Cove. Sabio By The Sea is the 8th Restaurant concept opened by Deliciae Hospitality Management in Singapore.


The original Sabio on Duxton inspires Sabio By The Sea; the Spanish concept of dining is now applied and brought to the sea. They prepared some of the best Spanish dishes such as grilled meats and fishes together with Tapas, in a laid back, cosy, spacious and airy location in Sentosa Cove, surrounded by the marina, yachts, pleasure boats and the beautiful Sentosa Cove residences. Inside the Sabio By The Sea, you would be dazzled by artistic artworks and masterpieces of both traditional and modern pieces. Traditional Spanish design features are combined with contemporary elements. The artworks on the walls have the same painted traditional Catalan tiles and hand carving inspired by a 200 years old bar in Seville.


The menu available at Sabio By The Sea is really exquisite and extensive, for the full menu; please click here for the link to their Facebook Page! During our enjoyable time at Sabio By The Sea, we were treated to their All Day Weekend Brunch, an awesome selection that would leave you wanting to come back for more Brunch and trying out their full list of exquisite dishes on their menu.

What did we have for the Brunch at Sabio By The Sea? Here’s the list –

El Pulpo – Grilled Octopus leg, “Viola” Mash Potato, Sauce Paprika

El Cerdo – Herbs Marinated Pig Shoulder Served With Sauted Potatos

Grilled Ribeye (120g), Chachouka, Fried Egg And Grilled Mushrooms

Grilled Olive Bread Stuff With Manchego Cheese And Serano Ham, Baby Spinach Salad

Chachouka With Chorizo Sausage, Two Fried Eggs, Toasted Brioche And Green Salad

Fluffy Omelette, Roasted Potatoes , Manchego Cheese, Serano Ham, Basil And Grilled Cherry Tomatoes

Churros – Crunchy fried dough Spanish doughnut

– Espuma de turron – Spanish Nougat Mousse

Piña asada – Roasted marinated pineapple served with vanilla ice cream

– House ‘s Signature Dessert – Pastel de Mantequilla Salada

– Carmelo Lava – Salty Butter Caramel Lava Cake

What I can say about the Spanish dishes above is – You have to visit Sabio By The Sea and try it out for yourself! Bring your family and friends there for a weekend Brunch! I shall let my photos speak for the wonderful Spanish dishes at Sabio By The Sea, do check them out here on my Flickr!




During our Brunch tasting session, Chef Damien Le Bihan, Group Executive Chef of Deliciae Hospitality Management Group came out and chatted with us for a while, answering our queries although we were too happily enjoying his wonderful dishes that not many of us asked much questions! Chef Bruno Menard of La Cantine and &Made also dropped by and chatted with all of us there! We were indeed very honoured with two famous Chefs at our Brunch tasting session!

Everyone of us there had a great time there, the food was lovely and delicious. The atmosphere was relaxing, ambience was awesome and we had great views of the marina, great weather. The whole group of us, friends from the social media circle and networks, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, chatting, networking and making new friends too! Inside this group, we were all camera crazy and we all went a bit like paparazzi, taking photos of Chef Damien, Chef Bruno and Ms Helene (Marketing and PR Director).



If you love a weekend Brunch with your family and friends, Sabio By The Sea is the food destination for you! For more information on Sabio By The Sea, do check out the information below –

Website and Links

Sabio By The Sea website

Sabio By The Sea Facebook Page


31 Ocean Way


Singapore 098395

(Next to W Hotel Singapore)


From Beach Station

Sentosa Bus 3 to Sentosa Cove Arrival Plaza from Beach Station

(Every 30mins daily from 8am to 10.30pm)

From Harbourfront Interchange

Sentosa Cove Shuttle Bus from Harbourfront Bus Terminal to Sentosa Cove Arrival Plaza (more information here)

Operation: 7.30 am to 10 pm daily


By Car

Admission to Sentosa is at $2 during lunch (12 to 2PM) and dinner (after 5PM) on weekdays


Open Daily

Monday to Thursday 12PM to 10PM

Friday 12PM to 12AM

Saturday 10AM to 12AM

Sunday 10AM to 10PM


Phone number: 6690 7568

Email: SBTS@sabio.sg


Group Executive Chef Damien Le Bihan


Laurent Tracol

This food tasting event would not be possible without the organization and coordination by Belinda and hosted by Sabio By The Sea. Both of them organized this great food-tasting event for us to taste and enjoy and I would like to say a very Big Thank you for organizing and hosting us with your warmest hospitality and delicious Spanish Tapas and dishes! I would also like to Thank Ms Helene Denaiffe, Marketing and PR Director for providing us with the information above and hosting us during our Brunch tasting session at Sabio By The Sea!

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Happy 40th Birthday to Sentosa !

On 1st September 2012, Sentosa celebrated her 40th birthday with many interesting and exciting activities on the sunny adventure island Sentosa. Visitors to Sentosa were given free access for one day on 1st September 2012 and many visitors flocked over to Sentosa for the fun and festivities.

There is a Sentosa history exhibition/showcase at Vivo City, on the third floor where Sentosa Station is located, near to the entrance for Sentosa Express. It was going back in time for many of us, who had very vivid memories of Sentosa in the past such as the Sentosa Monorail. It was a good time to look back in time, the changes and transformations that Sentosa went through. The 40th Anniversary Exhibition ends on 30th September 2012, do check them out before you cross over to Sentosa!

There was a special feature that happened on 1st September 2012, first-ever outdoor ice slide by the beach in Asia, located at Palawan Beach. There were two slides, one was 5m and the other was 8m. The ice slide was popular especially with the young children. At Palawan Beach, there were many more fun activities for the children and there were performers to entertain them! Flea for Good was held at the Sentosa Boardwalk on 1st September 2012 too! Part of the proceeds from the flea market goes to an adopted beneficiary.

The Sentosa Buskers Festival was back again in conjunction with the 40th birthday celebrations too! They would be in action from 1st to 8th September 2012, do visit Sentosa and catch them in action! More information on the Buskers Festival can be found here! There are many more activities and events happening during Sentosa’s birthday month.  Do drop by their website and check out more on their events schedule and what’s happening on Sentosa! 

Happy 40th Birthday Sentosa!! Have a great celebration!! 

Enchanted Spring at Sentosa Flowers 2012

The Sentosa Flowers 2012 is back with a big bang to welcome the Year of the Dragon 2012 with their theme of Enchanted Spring on Sentosa island. The Sentosa Flowers promise to dazzle and amaze you with many beautiful flowers galore, along with many Dragon sculptures to usher in the Year of the Dragon!

I was invited by Sentosa to a preview of the Sentosa Flowers, on Saturday 21st January 2012, thank you very much to Sentosa for their kind and warm hospitality! Sentosa Flowers 2012 starts from 22nd January 2012 to 29th January 2012 and this beautiful event promises great photography opportunities for flowers and nice for family gathering events too! There are many interesting flora and fauna on display at Sentosa Flowers – Enchanted Spring, let me take you through some of the highlights there, they are my favourite highlights of Sentosa Flowers 2012 !!

The Pink Floral Zodiac Dragon 

Located at the Merlion Plaza, you can’t miss this beautiful, cute, giant Pink Floral Zodiac Dragon, located in front of the Merlion, this is going to be a huge attraction for visitors, local and international, wanting to get a photograph of it!


This is definitely going to be another “hot” location at Sentosa Flowers, visitors would be queuing up to take a photograph of this exotic Dragon sculpture! You would be able to hold a big brush and “touch” the eye of the Dragon, when your brush gives it a touch, it would “come alive”.

Dance of the Dragon 

Located at Imbiah Lookout, you can’t miss this great piece of artwork/sand sculpture, a Dragon sand sculpture, surrounded by beautiful colourful flowers, dancing around them, ushering in the Year of the Dragon, bringing prosperity and good fortune to all!


My personal favourite at Sentosa Flowers 2012 !!! You must go there and find those cute dinosaurs!!! They are located at Dinoland, on the route up from Merlion Plaza to Imbiah Lookout!!!

There are more highlights too at Sentosa Flowers 2012, do check out the information here! Flowers galore too at Sentosa Flowers and do spot them along your tour of Sentosa Flowers Festival 2012!! There is a fun photography competition – Magic Moments, during Sentosa Flowers too, do check them out here!

For more information, check out Sentosa Flowers website for more details and information! Grab you cameras, visit Sentosa Flowers 2012 and have fun! Check out more photos here from my Flickr collection!

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VAS SG Beach Volleyball Open Championships 2011 – Day 2

Day 2 of the Volleyball Association of Singapore Beach (VAS) Beach Volleyball Open Championships, it just got hotter and more exciting beach volleyball action at the fun and sunny island of Sentosa! The day was great, so was the weather, simply awesome along with the beautiful clear blue sky and clouds, it was just perfect for Beach Volleyball action.

Hot fiery octane 2-on-2 action just got more intense and exciting along with the rise in temperature, showcasing a level of beach volleyball action showcase that presents the beauty and sporting moments of precision timing and teamwork, with teams from Indonesia and Oman, leading the way. Our local boys are good too, giving the big boys a run for their money and a good fight on the beach volleyball courts!

The quarter finals, semi-finals were a great sporting spectacle before the grand final and it’s an awesome sporting event, signifying the growth and popularity of beach volleyball in the world and here too in Singapore, just look at the beach volleyball crowds during the weekends on Sentosa island. The volunteers and organisers did a great job to organise the 2011 Beach Volleyball Championships, well done folks!

The VAS Singapore Beach Volleyball Open Championships 2011 is getting bigger and it would get bigger in the future!! Beach volleyball here in Singapore is going to metamorphosis into a mega sporting spectacle event! Meanwhile, sit back, relax and enjoy some of the beach volleyball action photography!


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VAS SG Beach Volleyball Open Championships 2011 – Day 1

Beach Volleyball (and of course, volleyball) lovers, may I have your attention please!

The Volleyball Association of Singapore (VAS) is currently having an Open Championships on 23rd July and 24th July 2011, held at Siloso Beach of the fun and sunny island playground Sentosa! Day 1 is completed, however, more exciting and high octane action is in Day 2, on the 24th July 2011 from 9am to 6pm!

Do come down, enjoy the sun, sand and beach volleyball competition, with teams from overseas countries gracing our Singapore Beach Volleyball Open Championships 2011! Great and exciting future volleyball talents producing great games for all to watch and enjoy! See you there at Siloso Beach for more Day 2 Beach Volleyball action!!

Here’s some snapshots of the VAS SG Beach Volleyball Open Championships 2011 Day 1 


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