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Action from 64th SCC Rugby 7s

Rugby 7s at the Singapore Cricket Club (SCC), in its 64th year of play, a great sporting event in Singapore that has gained international recognition and following. Over 3 days of high octane, fast, furious, passionate and beautiful attacking rugby 7s action at the Padang, Singapore was treated to a great festival of rugby and sporting carnival.

Starting on a Friday, 4th November 2011, the pool action kick started till Saturday. It wasn’t just the big boys in action, the ladies teams were playing, along with the school boys, providing continuous sporting action on the grounds for the crowds to enjoy. Besides the sports, there’s the sideline carnival festivities of food and drinks.

Many teams from different parts of the world coming back to Singapore to play in the 64th SCC Rugby 7s, although one of the crowd favourites, the South Africa Vipers wasn’t able to join this year, some teams returned back to Singapore playing in the SCC Rugby 7s again, the Swedish Vikings with their awesome Viking Hats whenever they ran on to the pitch! The French connection consisting of French Development and NAPTHA Pyrenees7s, this was their maiden debut in the SCC 7s competition! These teams provided more flair and spectacle to the SCC 7s!

Shot over 2 days, Saturday and Sunday, great to watch and enjoy the rugby matches at the same time. Check out my sports photography of the 64th SCC Rugby 7s on my Flickr , SCC Rugby 7s 2011 – Day 2 and SCC Rugby 7s 2011 – Day 3. For more information into the history and heritage of the SCC Rugby 7s, do drop by their website and the information is available there!


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The Ablitt Cup Competition, fought between Daveta and Borneo Eagles, was a great game that lived up to the reputation of fast flowing attacking Rugby 7s, hard fought, passionate, fast paced, fierce and competitive. Daveta from Fiji came up tops and they are the 64th SCC Rugby 7s Ablitt Cup holders! Congratulations to them for a great fight, sporting spirit and passion! Let’s all look forward to the 65th year of SCC 7s in 2012 and will love to watch Daveta coming back to defend their crown!

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64th SCC Rugby 7s is here from 4 – 7 Nov 2011 !

Welcoming back a great and exciting sporting spectacular to Singapore’s sporting calendar, the 64th edition of the Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) Rugby 7s ! The SCC 7s will be starting today, Friday 4th November 2011 at the Padang, with many great rugby 7s teams from all over the world coming to Singapore for this exciting and wonderful competition !

I was invited to the SCC International Rugby 7s press conference on 2nd November at the Padang, an opportunity to meet Captains from defending champions HSBC Penguins, French National team, Fiji team Daveta, listening to their views of the upcoming SCC 7s and autographing a rugby union ball and a SCC 7s 2011 jumper too! Quality, talented and exciting rugby 7s teams would be in Singapore and they would be providing great sporting action to all here and around the world too! It’s a great line up with high octane action on the fields !

The draw has been made and here is the draw for the Pools

Source : Singapore Cricket Club International Rugby 7s 

The Pools competition schedule for the 64th SCC 7s can be found here in pdf format. For more information, here are the links

– Official Website : Singapore Cricket Club International Rugby 7s

– Facebook : The SCC 7s


This is an exciting weekend ahead for sports fans! Here’s some photos on Flickr that I captured during the 60th SCC Rugby 7s  at the Padang! For more exciting and adrenaline sporting rugby 7s action, head down to the SCC 7s at the Padang from 4 to 6 November 2011 !

2nd SCC Twenty-20 International Club Cricket Tournament

The game and sports of cricket was something of a late entry learning sport/game for me, when I was a young kid, I was brought up watching football and basketball, playing vividly in both sports. When I went over to University of Queensland, Australia for my university studies from 1998 to 2002, I immersed myself into their local cultures and activities, one of the offspring was learning and enjoying the game of cricket, along with rugby union, rugby league and aussie rules.


Aussies are simply crazy about their sports and cricket is like a staple diet, a must have for them! Therefore, I slowly learned about the game, rules, lingo and terms, till date, I am still learning more about this sport. Recently, I was invited by the friendly folks of thePRelement, to attend the 2nd Singapore Cricket Club (SCC) Twenty-20 Cricket international tournament, that was played at the Padang, a venue of historical significance in Singapore’s history, heritage and sports.


Although I wasn’t able to watch all the matches, I was able to catch a game on Saturday afternoon and the finals on Sunday. The weather was great on both days, hot and sunny, with beautiful sunshine, great for watching cricket games! Since this was my maiden attempt in capturing cricket sports action, I was changing locations at every few overs to capture different perspectives, angles and composition of the cricket tournament. Given the size of the oval and my lens focal length (70-200mm f4 on a 1.3x crop body), it was a new learning and challenging experience for me! Some spots around the oval field works still alright for my lens, overall, a 300mm or 400mm telephoto lens would definitely be more ideal for capturing cricket action (and most of the other sports action too)

Action wise, Twenty-20 cricket is more fast paced action as compared to the 5 days Test Cricket and 50 overs format. There were good fielding, bowling and a few batsmen were powerful with their 4s and 6s. Being my maiden attempt at capturing cricket action, adding on to my sports photography portfolio, a very good learning experience and love watching live sports action so close to them! The tips & tricks for shooting cricket especially the bowlers in action needs to be more researched and experimented more in the future! For more SCC Twenty-20 International Club Cricket Tournament photos, check them out here on my Flickr!


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