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Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2017!

Today, on the 28th January 2017, marks the start of the new Chinese Lunar New Year, the Year of the Rooster! Let us all welcome the Year of the Rooster with the fireworks photo that I took during River Hongbao 2017, at the countdown on Chinese Lunar New Year Eve.

I would like to wish everybody Happy Chinese Lunar New Year, good health, wealth and prosperity for the year 2017.


This year 2017 is going to be a challenging year for everyone, we all can do it and overcome all the obstacles ahead! Good luck everybody!

River Hongbao 2016

River Hongbao, an annual event that I regularly visited during the Chinese Lunar New Year period. Looking back at my photography archives, I had been visiting this event from 2008 till now 2016 (and still counting), take a look at my collection on Flickr! One of the highlights that I liked about River Hongbao is photographing fireworks on Chinese Lunar New Year Eve to usher in the Chinese Lunar New Year, it’s like a big, bright, colourful and lucky welcome for the Chinese Lunar New Year!


The atmosphere was good with many visitors, it can be pretty crowded too, with extended family coming down to soak in the Chinese Lunar New Year atmosphere and not to forget our international visitors, the tourists visiting Singapore and enjoying Chinese Lunar New Year here!


River Hongbao 2016, the Year of the Monkey, the decorations and displays were more interesting for this year! There were also fireworks everyday during the period of River Hongbao 2016, thus allowing photographers like us to go back again to capture River Hongbao 2016 fireworks from a different angle and perspective! Along with the River Hongbao 2016 fireworks, there were laser light show display that accompany the fireworks performance!



The various lanterns and displays caught my attention, they blend in nicely with Monkey God and the story of Journey to the West! I wish I was able to capture each and every one of the lanterns and displays during my visit to River Hongbao 2016, however, there were a lot of visitors and they were busy taking photos too! Here’s my photo album of River Hongbao 2016 on Flickr and do check out my River Hongbao archives collection on Flickr too!

Chinese Lunar New Year 2016 celebrations are over, I would still like to wish everybody a great year ahead in the Year of the Monkey!

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Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2016 !!

Today marks the first day of the Year of the Monkey!! Let me wish all of you Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2016!!

Thank you very much for all the support that you have given me to my photography adventures and my sharing over the years! Here’s a Chinese New Year Eve fireworks from River Hongbao 2016 held at Marina Bay Singapore, ushering in the Year of the Monkey!




River Hongbao 2015

The year 2015 marks a significant year in the history of Singapore, celebrating 50 years of independence since her independence in 1965. River Hongbao 2015 was colourful and bigger, compared to the previous years. Looking through my collection, I photographed and covered River Hongbao from 2008 to 2015!


When you enter River Hongbao 2015 at The Float @ Marina Bay, it’s a lot more coloruful and bright! There were a number of displays showcasing Singapore’s 50years of independence with the SG50 logos and displays. The giant mural backdrop at the end of the floating platform showcased important and significant landmarks and history of Singapore, celebrating the hard work of the Pioneer Generation that brought Singapore to where and what she is today.



There were nostalgic displays of our history and heritage, from our old playgrounds e.g. Pelican playground and Old Dragon playground. There were also displays of the dollar notes of Singapore’s early days at the foot of the God of Fortune too! The iconic 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac were placed on our iconic wooden boats (known as tongkang) that ply our rivers and Singapore harbour during her early days!


On the eve of Chinese Lunar New Year 2015, River Hongbao 2015 welcomed and ushered in the Year of the Goat with a beautiful display of fireworks at the Marina Bay. This year, I decided to go up to the grandstand and capture the fireworks with the River Hongbao 2015 as part of my foreground and the Raffles Place CBD as my background. I always loved photographing fireworks and this was a beautiful set of fireworks to welcome in the Year of the Goat!



Let this be a great year for Singapore, celebrating SG50, a significant milestone! I would like to wish everybody a great year 2015, Happy Chinese Lunar New Year, with good health, wealth and prosperity for year 2015!

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Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 2015!

The Year of the Goat has arrived! I would to wish all my relatives, friends and supporters

Happy Chinese Lunar New Year !

祝你新年快乐,万事如意,恭喜发财,年年有余, 步步高升,



Thank you all for your support and encouragement! Let’s all take this festive period for a time of family and relatives reunion, friends reunion and catch up! Enjoy and have lots of fun! May the Year of the Goat be a bright and exciting year, like the River Hongbao 2015 CNY Eve Countdown Fireworks!


River Hongbao 2014

River Hongbao 2014 is back in Singapore to usher in the Chinese Lunar New Year 2014, to gallop in the Year of the Horse! It was held at The Float @ Marina Bay with many beautiful decorations and lightings, along with the fun carnival games that the children would love to play with! Reflecting back at my  River Hongbao adventures over the years, River Hongbao 2014 is my 7th year (2008 to 2014 and counting) visiting and photographing River Hongbao, do check out my River Hongbao collection on Flickr! I always love the giant 财神爷 at River Hongbao, it’s an iconic display!


I usually visit River Hongbao on the eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year, waiting for the time to strike 12midnight and the fireworks will be launched to welcome in the new year! A few hours before the Chinese Lunar New Year Eve fireworks, I reached the Marina Bay Floating Platform and started snapping away. Looking at the crowds size, River Hongbao was busy and packed with many visitors that came down to soak in the festive atmosphere and fun! The lanterns and displays for River Hongbao 2014 were beautiful and nice in design, when I looked back at my collection over the past 6 years of River Hongbao, I like the lanterns and displays from this year’s River Hongbao 2014! How were the lanterns, lightings and displays like in previous River Hongbao?


Let me take you through a trip down memory lane –

River Hongbao 2013

River Hongbao 2012

River Hongbao 2011

River Hongbao 2010

River Hongbao 2009

River Hongbao 2008


Along with the lanterns, lightings, displays and the fun carnival games, there were also performances by Yunnan Opera Theatre, along with Handicraft Street and Food Street. These key highlights and performances attracted the visitors there to watch them perform and check out the artworks and of course, food! I met up with fellow photographers from the Mentographians group, that gathered to shoot the Chinese Lunar New Year Eve Countdown Fireworks, had a chat before we continued with taking photographs at River Hongbao 2014. DK also joined me at River Hongbao to shoot the fireworks too!


For this year’s River Hongbao 2014 fireworks, I decided to shoot from the Floating Platform (that’s a first for me!) with the lightings and display as my foreground. Standing together with friends from the Mentographians photography group, we lined up a few tripods together and at 12midnight, along with the guest of honour and performers on the stage, the countdown started and the fireworks were launched into the Marina Bay skyline, bright and colourful, ushering in the Year of the Horse, galloping in with style, stride and strength! Celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year is a two weeks event and do drop by River Hongbao 2014 and check out the festivities! River Hongbao 2014 is held from 29th Jan 2014 to 8th Feb 2014, at The Float @ Marina Bay.



I would like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a galloping year ahead in the Year of the Horse! Thank you all for the support!

祝大家新年快乐,万事如意,身体健康! 在马年,马上团圆、马上成功、马上发财、马上事成 !

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Happy Chinese New Year 2013 !

Let’s all welcome the Year of the Water Snake, marking the start of the new Chinese Lunar New Year! With a new start, I would like to thank all my supporters, fans, followers and  readers for all your support and encouragement in my photojournalistic journey throughout! It’s been an exciting and fruitful adventure for me, with many photographs and stories. Looking and moving ahead in 2013, I m striving to share more wonderful, exciting and unique stories, beautiful photographs on both my photo blog and personal blog. Let this be an new start for everybody! May the Year of the Water Snake be a fruitful and successful year for everybody!


Along with the bright and awesome fireworks at River Hongbao 2013, welcoming the Year of the Water Snake, wishing all of you a bright and prosperous year ahead in the Year of the Snake!




River Hongbao 2013

River Hongbao 2013 is back at Marina Bay Singapore, held at The Float @ Marina Bay from 8th February 2013 to 16th February 2013. This would be my 6th time covering and photographing River Hongbao, enjoying my time taking photographs and the fireworks on Chinese New Year Eve to welcome in the new Chinese New Year! Here’s my River Hongbao photographs collection from 2008 to 2013 on Flickr! Let me bring you back in time and recap together my River Hongbao adventures!

River Hongbao 2008

River Hongbao 2009

River Hongbao 2010

River Hongbao 2011

River Hongbao 2012


I went down to River Hongbao 2013 on their opening night, 8th February 2013. The River Hongbao 2013 was officially declared opened by the Guest Of Honour, President Dr Tony Tan and there was a 3 minutes fireworks to help warmly welcome the official opening! The displays and lanterns always lights me up with their colours and designs. There are troupe performances from Guangdong province that would be performing during the River Hongbao 2013 period, do check out the performance schedule listing and drop by to watch their performances! Besides performances, there are Guangdong handicrafts and Guangdong delicacies at River Hongbao 2013! Besides River Hongbao displays and performances, there are rides at the Amusement Park for the little kids to enjoy and have fun as well! If you are hungry, there is Food Street for you to grab some local food and Guangdong delicacies!



The highlights for me at River Hongbao would definitely be the lanterns and colourful displays, along with the fireworks on the opening night and Chinese New Year Eve to welcome the new Chinese New Year! I would photograph every one of the twelve animal signs of the Chinese Zodiac, they always make it an interesting collection of photographs for me to collect and keep over the years that I attended River Hongbao! I felt that the other lanterns and displays at River Hongbao 2013 is interesting and unique, it would be a great event for families to bring down their children to attend and share with them more on our Chinese New Year celebrations and culture! With Chinese New Year Day 3 being a public holiday off-in-lieu since Chinese New Year Day 1 falls on a Sunday, it would be a event that you can bring your family and loved ones there or with your friends to enjoy the Chinese New Year festivities.



Here’s some useful links on River Hongbao 2013 whereby you can find more information and updates!

River Hongbao website

River Hongbao Facebook

On Day 2 of River  Hongbao 2013, Chinese New Year Eve, the River Hongbao 2013 was very lively and busy with many people. From the seats at the Floating Platform, overlooking The Float @ Marina Bay whereby River Hongbao 2013 action was happening. There was a sea of people and action around the lanterns, displays and watching performances. At 12 midnight, everybody there at River Hongbao 2013 ushered in the Year of the Snake together, watching the fireworks display! I was there to capture the fireworks too with fellow Marina Bay AmBAYssadors!

After 2 days of covering River Hongbao 2013, I began to look back at my 5 years of River Hongbao and this is my 6th year photographing, writing and sharing this wonderful event. This has always been an event that I like to photograph, sharing the colours and festivities. There are bright and colourful, that can be seen through my River Hongbao 2013 photographs collection. Do visit River Hongbao 2013 to enjoy the Chinese New Year festivities and welcome the Year of the Snake!

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River Hongbao 2012 – Ushering in Year of the Dragon

With its origins dating back to 1987, River Hongbao has come quite a long way since the maiden event. Over many years, River Hongbao has transformed and changed a lot over the years, getting bigger and having more programs, activities and performances. River Hongbao is a fun event that helps to promote Chinese Lunar New Year, appreciation of the Chinese Lunar New Year culture and traditions, a destination for both locals and international visitors to enjoy during this festive season, moreover, it’s a great place and event for the parents/grandparent to bring their children/grandchildren to and enjoy the event together!

River Hongbao 2012 has many different Dragons for me to photograph and being born in the Year of the Dragon, this is very significant to me, symbolic and important! There are some great event highlight at River Hongbao 2012, here’s some of them –

– Martial God of Wealth at River Hongbao

– Collaboration with Guangxi, China

– Largest Lantern Display by Chengdu lantern masters

I met up with James and we went around snapping photos of River Hongbao 2012 before finding a spot to capture Chinese Lunar New Year Eve Countdown fireworks. This was supposed to be my sharing session with James on taking fireworks, the year of the Water Dragon truly lives up to the Water Dragon title, with a heavy downpour before the countdown fireworks start, it was so challenging with the rain hitting on the lens glass, DSLRs, winds blowing quite strongly, last but not least both James and myself, drenched while braving the downpour to capture the Chinese New Year Eve Countdown Fireworks !! The final fireworks photographs results were interesting, silky, wet with water droplets and a fuzzy feeling!! Check out more photographs from River Hongbao 2012 here on my Flickr!

It was a very wet welcome to usher in the Year of the Water Dragon !! Huat Ah !! Wishing all my readers and supporters



步步高升,财源滚滚,事事顺利, 心想事成

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Welcome Year of Rabbit @ River Hongbao 2011 !

It’s the time of the year when the handover starts, Goodbye Tiger , Welcome Rabbit ! Ushering in the Year of the Rabbit 2011, with the festivities and events running in Singapore, locals and tourists alike have a taste of the Chinese Lunar New Year spirit here in Singapore, an important festival for the Chinese community.

There were those who were busy shopping in the Chinatown district, for Chinese Lunar New Year goodies to welcome their relatives and friends who would be visiting them during Chinese New Year. At the Marina Bay Floating Platform, in the heart of Marina Bay, an annual event that I regularly attend, it’s River Hongbao 2011 ! This year, it’s different for me because I am a tour guide ! I hosted my uncle and dad’s employees, they hail from China and they were not going back to their hometown for Chinese New Year Celebrations, therefore, it would be good to bring them around during Chinese New Year period to let them have a look at the festive celebrations.

Rain coming and going, did dampen a bit of the spirits, having to find shelter and unable to walk around the Marina Bay Floating Platform. My friends went to purchase their hometown food from the food stalls there and they were able to introduce which are the nicer and tastier China cuisine and dishes. The rain finally stopped, just in time for the fireworks to be launched at 12midnight, welcoming to usher in the Year of the Rabbit. The fireworks were beautiful and it was great to enjoy capturing fireworks again ! Joining up with my friends from China, went down to the Floating Platform and continued taking photographs of the displays and them posing for me with the different displays.

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Wishing all of you 恭喜发财 !万事如意 !财源滚滚