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World Press Photo 2014 Singapore

World Press Photo 2014 Singapore is back in Singapore! The successful World Press Photo Exhibition 2014 Singapore is held at Raffles Hotel from 10th January to 1st February 2015. There are 151 award-winning photographs on display at World Press Photo Exhibition 2014 and they are some of the most powerful, moving and sometimes disturbing photographs of the year from around the world.


The winning shots were selected from 98,671 photographs submitted to the contest by 5,754 photographers from 132 different nationalities. The shortlisted photographs are presented in a yearlong exhibition touring more than 100 cities in over 45 countries. World Press Photo Exhibition started in 1955 and billed as the “Oscars” of photojournalism. The photographs were definitely of the highest quality and standards.

At the official opening ceremony of World Press Photo 2014 Singapore, I recalled attending World Press Photo 2013 Singapore, my first time attending World Press Photo Singapore. It was an eye opener and at World Press Photo 2014 Singapore, it was great to see the powerful and high levels of photojournalism around the world and the issues that the photojournalists covered. Award winning photojournalists at World Press Photo 2014 Singapore opening ceremony shared their stories and experiences on stage. it was a real eye-opener and humbling to hear from them, the passionate photojournalists on their commitments and ground work, to bring their visual stories and photographs to the rest of the world.


While I am not in the field of news/press/issues photojournalism, I followed and embraced photojournalism as my style of photography in covering events, travel and my personal projects on heritage, history, conservation and preservation.


The photojournalists were the best storytellers with their powerful, emotional and impactful photographs. Their works, style, passion and eye for photojournalism are great for me to learn and improve my own photojournalism style, how I want to tell and share my stories with my photographs. When I embark on my travel adventures or my heritage and conservation photojournalism projects, I can improve and produce a higher level of photojournalism works.


There are outreach programmes for the public and students during World Press Photo 2014 Singapore. Fore more information, do check out more information on their website!

Photographers and especially those who love photojournalism do drop by and visit World Press Photo 2014 Singapore at Raffles Hotel from 10th January 2015 to 1st February 2014.

World Press Photo 13 – Singapore

The World Press Photo Exhibition 2013, the “Oscars” of photojournalism, is currently now in Singapore from 8th to 30th March 2014. They will showcase 154 prize-winning photos by 54 of the world’s top photographers and Singapore is the last stop in a world tour that took them across 95 different countries. Of the nearly 6,000 photographers from 124 countries who submitted entries for this 56th World Press Photo contest, 23 came from Singapore. There were four Southeast Asian winners among them.


I always like to go and visit photography exhibitions by local or international photographers and World Press Photo is about inspiring understanding of the world through quality photojournalism. It was indeed very inspiring and definitely an eye-opener for fellow photographers whether you are an amateur or professional photographer. The photographs on display at World Press Photo 13 in Singapore tell many stories in other parts of the world, a photograph definitely speaks a thousand words.


For me, I learned my photography through the eyes and words of National Geographic Magazine, where my style of photojournalism, coverage and writing was heavily influenced by them. As I walked through the World Press Photo 2013 Exhibition in Singapore, held at Raffles Hotel, maybe my photo stories someday can make a difference too and let the world knows and understand about themselves better. Viewing the exhibited photographs at World Press Photo 2013, it’s a good time to learn, view and feel from the eyes and hearts of the talented photojournalists around the world.



The World Press Photo 2013 Exhibition in Singapore is definitely worth your time to visit and be mesmerised by the powerful photojournalism photographs that tell you stories far and beyond. If you a photographer, fan of photography or a photojournalist, this is definitely a Must Visit for you!

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