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My Basic Lighting Photography Setup

The art and world of photography is diverse and exciting with many different photography fields that a photographer will choose to embark on, to learn another skill segment or able to be specialised in that particular field of photography. In my long years of photography shooting, adventure and learning, this particular field of photography, is an area that I wanted to start learning a few years ago from my mentor, yet due to un-forseen circumstances during that point in time, I wasn’t able to learn the art of lighting photography from my mentor. This was thus delayed until I made plans to begin my basic lighting photography setup, after reading and researching on basic lighting, advanced lighting, indoor, outdoor, shooting with strobes, shooting with speed-lights to looking at 3-4 advanced lighting setup by professional photographers that I found in Profoto lighting books such as The Profoto Advantage: For Wedding and Portrait Photographers.

I started saving money, while reading and researching, on how to go about doing it, with tips from a fellow photographer Weili, a knowledgable, highly experienced and expert lighting photographer, who gave me a lot of help and advice on how to plan my basic lighting photography setup. I also received a lot of help and advice from the friendly folks at The Camera Workshop, Daniel and Uncle Nelson, who helped me in getting the whole setup done and giving me advice along the way. As I plan to learn and try out basic lighting photography, learning from my mistakes and accumulating my experiences, I hope to move upwards into advanced lighting photography, with 2-3 speedlights or strobes. This journey is probably going to take 1-2 years depending on how fast and the number of portrait shoots that I am able to do.



Therefore, what are the items inside my Basic Lighting Photography Setup ?

– 1 x Light Stand
– 1 x Umbrella Swivel Adaptor
– 1 x  2-in-1 Black Reflective + White Umbrella
– 1 x Luxi Incidental Light Meter (via Kickstarter)
– 1 x Canon 580EX2
– 1 x Trans-receiver FlexTT5 & 1 x Transmitter MiniTT1 by Pocket Wizard (Second Hand)
I was fortunate to find good quality second hand Pocket Wizard Trans-receiver FlexTT5 and Transmitter MiniTT1 at half their prices, the Luxi Incidental Light Meter was funded via Kickstarter, my Canon 580EX2 was bought sometime back and finally, my light stand, umbrella swivel adaptor and 2-in-1 Black Reflective + White Umbrella were new. My basic lighting photography setup took me a while because I haven’t decided on the transmitter and trans-receiver brand and model, however, it took off when my Luxi arrived and I found Pocket Wizard at second hand prices!
My Basic Lighting Photography learning journey had just begun, there is always something new and fun to learn in photography. I am planning to share my photographs and my experiences with my Basic Lighting Photography setup, hoping to encourage fellow photographers to go explore and learn new photography fields too!
Here are some of the links and videos that I used in my learning of basic lighting photography –
Adorama  TV – Small Studio Flash Tips 

A New Specs = A New Portrait !

4 years or even longer, that’s the possibility of how long I had my previous spectacles for. With corrosion and scratched lens on my spectacles, I was pondering on a new spectacles, to get a fresh and new look, giving myself a new beginning again, after my horrific accident and now on the route to recovery.

With a voucher given by The Lens Men that was inside 24seven Christmas Party in December 2009, I waited the very last day of the voucher and headed down to Centrepoint  branch of The Lens Men and decided to go for my spectacles makeover. The excellent service and professionalism by Farah, the optometrist who attended to me and helped me with my spectacles selection and eye testing.

Dear readers, presenting a rare appearance of my portrait ! A New Spectacles ! A New Portrait ! Thanks to Amanda for taking my portrait photo with my iPhone !

Do check out the extensive and wonderful collection of The Lens Men and I am looking forward to purchase another pair of spectacles from The Lens Men, known as the Traction Production 🙂

12-12 Help-Portrait

On 12th December 2009, a worldwide movement of photographers coming together to give their personal time, photography equipment and expertise, to take portrait photographs of those less fortunate during this holiday season.

Step 1 – Find Someone in Need

Step 2 – Take Their Portrait

Step 3 – Print Their Portrait

Step 4 – And Deliver Them

Do check out the sites here for more information !

Cute Neighbourhood Cat

This lovely cute cat can be seen in my neighbourhood, having a great fur coat and colours.


I would always play with and pat my neighbourhood cats, they are very friendly, well fed and taken care of. Taking cat portraits is not as easy, they don’t lie/sit still. Would be capturing more of my cute and friendly neighbourhood cats !

Cat Portraits

I am a dogs and cats lover, always making a diversion to stroke and pet a cat. My neighbourhood cats below my block were very friendly with their carers and over time, even though I don’t feed them, they would always come to me whenever I called for them.

Today, after coming back from the Dragon Scout Group Campfire ( I would be writing up soon), I decided to capture a few of my favourite cat portraits when I was under my block.

It would always be a challenge to take their portraits, always ready to move and not willing to sit or lie down, even getting their attention to look at my lense was a challenge. All the above photos were taken using my Canon EF 50mm @ f/1.8, utilising my prime lense more often and playing with the bokeh.

Hope you folks love cats too !