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Celebration of Photography Exhibition by ION Art and Leica Galerie Singapore

ION Orchard is celebrating their 8th Anniversary this year and in conjunction with this celebration, ION Art is proud to present Celebration of Photography Exhibition, in partnership with Leica Galerie Singapore. This is the fourth edition of the annual ION Art Photography Series and I remembered visiting ION Art for a photography exhibitio by fellow photographer friend, Aik Beng Chia.

For this particular Celebration of Photography Exhibition, they will feature eight collections of photography works by eight oustanding and talented Singapore-based photographers, each of them specialist in their own photography fields and genres. During the media session on the morning of Friday 6th October 2017, I had a short tour of this amazing Celebration of Photography Exhibition with a short sharing and presentation by each photographer, on their themes, thoughts and synposis behind their photography works on display.

From photography genres, portrait, architecture, lifestyle, travel, documentary, sports and street photography, visitors can view the various photography works by the eight Singapore-based photographers, from all walks of life. When I walked through the various photography works on display, they were more than just excellent and amazing, they each tell a story behind the photograph, through the unique and special vision of each photographer.

Being a photographer myself, taking on both commercial photography work as a small business and personal photography, each and every of the eight photographers works resonates something with me, in my heart, mind and soul. Viewing photography exhibitions of such high standards and quality, does give me the encouragement to rekindle my passion for my personal photography projects when commercial photography takes a huge part away from it. This photography exhibition was also an excellent opportunity to view the quality of Leica cameras and lenses, shot entirely from the legendary Leica M series, professional systems such as the Leica S and SL, to versatile and compact cameras such as the Leica Q, TL2 and Sofort.

Now, let me introduce to you the eight photographer featured in this exhibition:

KC Eng

Laxmi Kaul

Andrew Lum

Francisco Marin

Justin Ong

Eric Sawitoski

Marc Tan

Yuey Tan & Claire Jedrek

No matter which level of photography you are at, or you are a fan of the photography, arts and creative field, do drop by and visit Celebration of Photography Exhibition by ION Art and Leica Galerie Singapore.

Celebration of Photography Exhibition by ION Art and Leica Galerie Singapore

Venue: ION Art Gallery, ION Orchard Level 4

Date:7th to 15th October 2017

Opening hours: 10am to 10pm daily

Photography Talks

Venue: ION Art Gallery, ION Orchard Level 4

Saturday 7th October 2017

  • Justin Ong – 10.30am to 12.00pm
  • KC Eng – 2.00pm to 3.30pm
  • Andrew Lum – 4.00pm to 5.30pm

Saturday 14th October 2017

  • Francisco Marin – 10.30am to 12.00pm
  • Laxmi Kaul – 2.00pm to 3.30pm
  • Eric Sawitoski – 4.00 to 5.00pm


Admission to the photography talks is complimentary and it is limited to 40 people per session. Visitors can register via

Singkarpor – A Photography Exhibition by ABC

Singkarpor? What kind of word is that? Is ABC a photographer?


Master photographer Aik Beng Chia a.k.a ABC, a fellow photographer friend that I had the honour to work with in a few photography assignments together. His photography artworks are widely recognised and well known, not just in Singapore! Aik Beng is one of the friendliest, a down to earth and humble photographer that I know.



I followed his works a lot on his Instagram, Aik Beng’s eye for things, details and photography are very powerful and sharp, he truly stands out along with the masters of photography. My photography style is a journalistic and story telling approach, I can relate to Aik Beng’s photography artworks.

Singkarpor, is a photography exhibition by Aik Beng. Singkarpor is about our home, Singapore. Through the eyes, heart and soul of Aik Beng, you can see and feel the life of everyday ordinary heartlander Singaporeans. Singkarpor is now held at K+, Scotts Square #03-14/15, till 4th October 2015.



Come on down, to take a look at the amazing and heartwarming photographs of everyday ordinary Singaporeans, their lifestyle, the hearts, stories and souls that tell what Singkarpor really is.

Congrats Aik Beng on a wonderful and amazing photography exhibition, an inspiration to us all! Here’s Aik Beng and myself, with me holding an autographed Singkarpor photo book!


If you like to follow/stalk Aik Beng’s photography, here are the URL links –

TwentyFifteen.SG – The Exhibition

20 very talented Singapore photographers, each of them producing and showcasing 15 photographs. This was the key idea behind TwentyFifteen.sg, a project to showcase the works of Singapore photographers on the subject of Singapore, celebrating Singapore’s Golden Jubilee in 2015. The TwentyFifteen.sg photography works were curated by PLATFORM.sg since 2013, with a folio published for each of the selected 20 photographers.



The 20 photographers showcasing their wonderful works at TwentyFifteen.sg exhibition were some of those that I really respect a lot. At the opening reception of TwentyFifteen.sg exhibition, it was great to catch up with photographer friends to view their works on display at Jendela (Visual Arts Space). The photography works on display at TwentyFifteen.sg photography exhibition are kindly and proudly sponsored by Epson Singapore and the photo prints quality are really good.

Some of the photographers can be pretty abstract and mind boggling, while I can relate closely to some of the photographers works because of my interest in the particular fields of photography too. As a photographer myself, I can relate, feel and see what the photographers see and feel through their eyes, heart, soul and camera. The 20 talented photographers show a side of Singapore that we take for granted or our vision were “shield away by our own blinkers”.



When I was viewing the photographs on display at the TwentyFifteen.sg photography exhibition, I asked myself, how much have I know about Singapore, the people, the society? As I walked out of the TwentyFifteen.sg photography exhibition, I was in deep thoughts … Singapore may be a small country, a little red dot as some countries describe us, yet, we have grown and developed our little own red dot, with its own character, culture, society, history and norms. Have we fully understand ourselves in our Golden Jubilee SG50 year?

Take a walk down the TwentyFifteen.sg photography exhibition and feel for yourselves, what is about being Singaporean, in the Golden Jubilee SG50 and what can we do for our country’s future, our own future?

Exhibition Venue

Jendela (Visual Arts Space)

Level 2 Esplanade Mall

Exhibition Dates

7th August 2015 to 3rd January 2016

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 11am to 830pm

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays 10am to 830pm

Points of Departure Photography Exhibition

Do you remember the places and surroundings that you grew up with 10, 20, 30, 4o years ago and beyond? What was it like last time and how different is it compared with today’s environment? At this very interesting and special photography exhibition titled “Points of Departure” by fellow photographer friend Juria Toramae (capturing all the photographs that you can see in the exhibition) in collaboration with another photographer friend of mine, Jerome Lim (who did the sound installation), Points of Departure seeks to explore and share about the experiences that the people faced in relation to their memories of their surroundings, the familiarity and displacement, and what was documented, kept and remembered.


I visited the Points of Departure Exhibition recently, supporting my photographer friends Juria and Jerome. The works were very interesting and unique, a combination of old photograph on current climate and landscapes. What used to be there, the sea activities and lifestyle, where have they gone to and how different is it compared to the current climate today? I remembered looking at my parents black and white photographs when they went exploring some of the islands in Singapore, the activities that they do during those days and how much changes it has gone through, the culture, the activities. When I looked at the various photographs on display at Points of Departure, I was kind of brought back in time to my parents time when they were young adults, their leisure and recreational activities with the seas and beaches of Singapore. Things have changed so much over the years!



Points of Departure Photography Exhibition is now currently on display at The Promenade, Level 10, National Library Building Singapore from 1st to 28th April 2015. More information can be found on their website and Facebook Page! Do drop by and visit the Points of Departure Photography Exhibition! It is definitely an eye-opener to see the old and current photographs coming together!

Home Store-ies Photography Exhibition

The Singaporeans storeroom is a unique feature, lifestyle and forms an integral part of our lifestyle today. To many of us, it seems very uninteresting, boring and messy, especially for some of us when we looked at our own storeroom. Have it ever occurred to you how does your friends or strangers storerooms look like? Are you curious about it? Are their storeroom like yours?


Zinkie, a very talented photographer friend, embarked on a personal photography project to photograph and document the photographs and stories behind the storerooms in Singaporeans home. There were 20 photography works on display at The Arts House 1 Old Parliament Lane Singapore 179429 from 3 April – 17 April 2015 10am – 10pm (17 April: Till 12PM).  Zinkie’s photography works can be pretty abstract at times, yet, her Home Store-ies Photography Exhibition is a little bit abstract yet you can sense and relate the stories behind the photographs, the human touch in them.



If you are interested to know and see what kind of things are being stored in other peoples’ storerooms, drop by The Arts House and visit Home Store-ies Photography Exhibition!

Do check out Zinkie’s works on her website and Facebook page!