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Epson launched SureColor P-Series SC-P10070 and SC-P20070

Epson recently launched printers that were targetted towards photographers with the announcement of the SureColor P-Series SC-10070 and SC-P20070. I started to have a stronger interest in photography printers ever since I ventured into producing my first photo book in 2015. Therefore, I would be sharing more on professional photo printers for home and commercial use whenever I have information on new photo printers.

If you are looking for professional photo printers that you can use in your fine art photography prints, do take a look at the Epson SureColor P-Series photo printers.

Let me share with you more information and details of the Epson SureColor P-Series SC-10070 and SC-P20070 –

Epson announced the launch of its high performance SureColor P-Series SC-P10070 and SC-P20070, utilising the most advanced imaging technologies for the display graphics and fine art photography markets. The SureColor P-series leverages an impressive 8,000 nozzle PrecisionCore MicroTFP print head, innovative media feeding system, and reformulated Epson UltraChrome PRO nine-color pigment ink system to provide unparalleled production speeds and unmatched print quality.

Up to 2.8 times faster than the previous model, the revolutionary 64-inch SureColor P20070 and 44-inch SureColor P10070 comes with an all-new Epson 10-channel PrecisionCore microTFP print head. Utilizing ten individual PrecisionCore ‘Blades’ for outstanding print speeds and extreme dot placement accuracy, the P-series printers provide true production-level printing without sacrificing print quality.

Epson SC-P20070

Epson SureColor-P20070

Epson UltraChrome PRO is the first pigment ink set to feature four-levels of gray ink technology, to provide seamless transitions with less visible noise and reduced bronzing for superior grayscale output. The ink provides more efficient ink use for a lower total cost of operations. Black pigments are 1.5 times denser than previous generation inks. In addition, the SureColor P20070 and P10070 utilizes improved Resin Encapsulation Technology for output with superior gloss uniformity, and exceptional overall contrast ratio and clarity.

Epson SC-P10070

Epson SureColor-P10070

The SureColor P-series redefines fine art and photographic printing with its new advanced capabilities in printhead and all-new inks that provide unsurpassed image quality at super-fast production speeds. The new printers are a breakthrough in delivering a new level of quality and performance, while keeping operations costs low to meet the business and needs of the industry,” said Ms. Tan May Lin, Epson Singapore’s General Manager (Sales, Marketing & Customer Service Division).

More About the new SureColor P-Series

Epson PrecisionCore MicroTFP Print Head Technology: Ten-channel print head offers high-performance and consistency to deliver high-production, high-quality output. Providing high resolution printing of 2,400 x1,200 dpi, printhead supports variable size ink droplet technology as small as 3.5 picoliters for remarkable print quality. New enhancements include Nozzle Verification Technology and automatic nozzle cleaning without the use of additional media.

Epson UltraChrome PRO Inks: UltraChrome PRO inks utilize the first four-level gray ink including Gray, Light Gray, Dark Gray, and Black pigments technology to produce outstanding grayscale prints. New yellow pigment formulation for up to twice the overall print permanence and longevity when compared with previous generation ink set. Individual ink cartridges up to 700 ml enable users to avoid production downtimes and maximize profitability. The SureColor P20070 and P10070 are designed exclusively for use with Epson ink cartridges.

Advanced Black & White Printing Technology: Utilizes a four-level black system to optimize black & white print quality and a unique screening algorithm for producing professional black & white prints. Dedicated Photo Black and Matte Black channels support automatic real-time black ink type switching.

New Advanced Media Feeding System: Featuring all-new CMOS sensors, the SureColor P20070 and P10070 captures photographs from the back side of the media in real-time and incorporates a pattern recognition algorithm to ensure accurate and precise media placement. In addition, new inductive rollers automatically load cut sheet media without a skew and protect media from scratches throughout the printing process.

Advanced Cut Sheet Media Handling: Ideal for softer fine art papers, such as the Epson Legacy Paper line, the SureColor P20070 and P10070 supports accurate cut sheet media loading for 13” x 19” up to 64” wide. In addition, the SureColor P20070 and P10070 supports straight-through poster board media up to 1.5mm thick from 17” to 64” wide. Border Free printing is also supported for a variety of media sizes.

Optional Internal Print Server: A secure, internal 320GB print server boosts workgroup productivity by quickly transferring print jobs to free-up workstations; adds print queue management, as well as print job save and reprint functionality.

Optional True Adobe Postscript 3 Hardware Engine: Optional Postscript engine enables direct and hot-folder batch printing and support for secure PDF printing; and is fully compatible with the latest Adobe Creative Cloud software suites.

Optional Auto Take-up Reel System: User-installable and intended for unsupervised production of large print runs with roll-to-roll requirements.

The SureColor P-Series SC-P10070 and SC-P20070 are available for sale now and retail at S$11,960 and S$17,945 respectively. Please contact Epson Singapore for more details on product availability.

*Information and pictures courtesy of Epson Singapore and Asia PR Werkz*

Epson launched L805 Photo Printer

Epson launched a new photo printer, the Epson L805 Photo Printer a few months ago in January 2016. I have an interest in photography printers that are available in the market and I am planning to explore more in-depth into photography printing and printers in the future.

I would like to share with you more information on the Epson L805 Photo Printer from the press release information below –

Epson, a world leader in digital imaging and printing solutions, announced the launch of the L805, a 6-colour ink tank system photo printer that enables wireless printing from the mobile device while providing the lowest running costs in the market. Epson’s ink tank printers are the world’s first printers to use high capacity ink tanks instead of ink cartridges.

Powered by its award-winning Micro-PiezoTM printhead technology, the Epson L805 brings lab-quality photos to users with a resolution of 5,760 dpi. At SGD15.90 per bottle, each set of inks deliver an ultra-high page yield of 1,800 4R photos1, enabling low running costs and reducing downtime.

Epson L805

With a print speed of 12 sec per 4R photo, the L805 brings enhanced productivity. The L805 comes with a one-year warranty or for first 3,000 prints. The Epson warranty coverage includes the printhead, to cover for high-volume printing. The L805 also comes with direct printing for CDs/DVDs, and the Epson Easy Photo Print software for easy layout.

An improvement from the earlier L800 ink tank printer, the L805 now brings integrated wireless connectivity, enabling easy and flexible printing from mobile devices over a wireless network. Users can enjoy fast and seamless shared printing for multiple users with built-in support for Wi-Fi connectivity that comes with a suite of Epson Connect features.

“We have taken the established L800 printer to bring the new L805 that brings connectivity and convenience to photographers, who can now shoot and easily print photos directly from their mobile phones. With the ultra-high yields and low running costs, the L805 is the ultimate tool for unsurpassed photo quality for the photo enthusiast,” Ms Tan May Lin, General Manager (Sales Division), Epson Singapore.

Epson L805_1

The L805 ink tank system includes the following Epson Connect features:

  • Epson iPrint – Print directly from a smart device or online cloud storage devices. Users can use their smart device as a scanner to capture a document, format, enhance, and print it to a Wi-Fi-enabled printer wirelessly via the app.
  • Epson Email Print – Print to any Email Print-enabled Epson printer from any devices or PC with email access.
  • Remote Print Driver – Print to a compatible Epson printer anywhere in the world via the Internet, using a PC with Remote Print driver or from mobile devices via the Epson iPrint app.

The L805 retails at $449 (inclusive of GST), and is available now at all authorized retailers.

  1. Quoted yields are extrapolated based on Epson original methodology from the print simulation of Test Patterns provided in ISO/IEC 29103.

*Information and Picture Courtesy of Epson Singapore and Asia PR Werkz*

Canon PIXMA Pro-10 Review

For the photographers out there, whether you are a professional or enthusiast, when was the last time you printed out your photographs that you took instead of storing it in your laptop/desktop or hard disk? Before I started printing my photographs again recently, I asked myself this question too. Prior to preparing and writing my review article for the Canon PIXMA Pro-10, I wrote and shared on my thoughts and feelings on why we should go back to printing photographs. Printing my photographs brought back something to my photography that was kind of lost in time, since my younger days with a film camera. After printing 4R photographs in preparation for my draft Hokkaido Black and White Landscapes Photo Book, I decided to take one step further in my photography printing revival by learning to prepare my printing for my own personal photography exhibition in the near future.

The Canon PIXMA Pro series printers came into the picture and I decided to choose the Canon PIXMA Pro-10 printer for review since I am focusing on my black and white Hokkaido landscape photographs for my own personal photography exhibition some time down the road. I heard about the Canon PIXMA Pro-10 printer and its capabilities, however, with the mindset and trends of modern digital photography, we were busier sharing photographs instantly and then storing the rest in our laptops/desktops/storage systems. Printing was indeed lost and most recently, some photographers are starting to share their views and concerns on printing photographs or else we lose them to the digital Dark Age.


Let me first share with you, my readers, on the Canon PIXMA Pro-10 printer. The Canon PIXMA Pro-10 printer is a high speed and high performance printer that is able to produce professional quality A3 prints in the comfort of your home. It contains improved technologies such as the Chroma Optimiser and Lucia ink, packed inside the PIXMA Pro-10 to produce professional quality prints. The PIXMA Pro-10 uses a 10-ink pigment based system to achieve smooth tonal gradations and colours that meet the needs, demands and standards of a professional photographer.

For black and white photography lovers, the PIXMA Pro-10 will definitely be suitable for your needs (in my personal humble opinion). There are three different monochromatic inks – Photo Black, Matte Black and Gray, combine it with the Chroma Optimiser, this not only improve the tonal gradations in monochromatic prints, it also increases the accuracy of the colour reproductions for darker colours. With this system of the Chroma Optimiser and three different monochromatic inks, the blacks are denser, reduced bronzing, enhancing glossing, thus producing sharp and high quality prints.

The PIXMA Pro-10 also use Canon’s FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) technology, which results in finely-detailed printouts with resolutions of up to 4800 x 2400 dpi at minimum ink droplet sizes of 4 and 3 picolitres respectively. The Optimum Image Generating (OIG) system mixes different coloured inks to an optimum level. The OIG system works by analysing the intended colour, and determines the optimal combination of colors by balancing factors such as tonal gradations, black density, graininess, and glossiness. The PRO Mode included in the PIXMA PRO-10 improves accuracy from screen to print. This provides ideal screen parameters to adjust the color gamut of monitors to match the exact color range of the printers. PRO Mode is ideal for users less familiar with ICC Profile Perception. The Print Studio Pro software is a plugin that optimizes fast and efficient printing on the PIXMA Pro-10 printer, eliminating complicated processes, resulting in fast and easy workflow (Information: Canon Media Press Release).

I used the following types of photography paper during my review of the Canon PIXMA Pro-10 printer

20 x Photo Paper Pro Luster – A3

20 x Photo Paper Pro Premium Matte – A3

20 x Photo Paper Pro Platinum – A4

20 x Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss – 4R

I would like to give the Photo Paper Pro Luster a special mention. This paper is a semi-gloss paper that holds colours consistently under display lighting. This makes the Pro Luster paper ideal for studio exhibitions and special events. I love my prints produced by the Photo Paper Pro Luster using the Canon PIXMA Pro-10 printer! The Canon PIXMA Pro-10 printer produces excellent quality prints, vibrant, sharp and accurate in colours. The Pro Luster prints dry pretty fast too!


With regards to costing, the price of a Canon PIXMA Pro-10 cartridge is $21.90 (from Canon website) total cost would be $219 for all 10 cartridges inside the PIXMA Pro-10 (prices correct at time of writing this article). Prices of various photo paper types and sizes can also be found on Canon website.

During my printing journey with the PIXMA Pro-10, I had a fun yet challenging time with this wonderful printer. There is no issue on the print quality, the sharpness and colours! It’s about selecting which photo paper to be suitable for your photographs. I shared with my fellow photography friends on this finding and it probably takes time to learn and know more about the different types of photo paper available and which photo paper would suit your style of photography works.

The Canon PIXMA Pro-10 printer is suitable for photographers to print from the comfort of their home, from the small 4R prints to A3 prints, you would be able to print your own photographs on demand and also for your own photography exhibition at home or in places such as a studio or gallery! I personally feel that it is a worthy investment for professional photographers and serious enthusiast/semi-professional photographers to have the Canon PIXMA Pro-10 printer with them in their home or office.

I would like to thank Canon Singapore and Ogilvy Public Relations for the opportunity and arrangement to review the Canon PIXMA Pro-10 printer.

2 weeks with EPSON Stylus Photo TX720WD

During a short period of 2 weeks, I was given an opportunity to test and review the EPSON Stylus Photo TX720WD by XPR, it was a good experience for me as an avid photographer to test out a photo printer for home usage and admiring my works produced and printed out on EPSON glossy premium photo paper to share with my friends, supporters and business/social media partners.

Photographs courtesy of EPSON

Do check out my introduction and short technical specifications post here and the review post which I did recently after completing my 2 weeks review of the photo printer. Overall, it was a great experience and I am happy with my photography print outs and sharing around!