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Panasonic Asia – You Are Under Arrest Launch !

On the 3rd of September, I was “ordered to attend a court session” to face “my charges” for not being eco-friendly and responsible enough to the environment, at 1100 hours was our hearing …

Before I proceed further, I will like to assure all that I am not attending court, this was part of Panasonic Asia awareness program and campaign towards protecting and be friendly/concerned towards the society and environment. A group of bloggers were invited down to the You Are Under Arrest Launch, for an awareness campaign on being environmentally friendly and what we can do to save electricity, water, carbon dioxide emission and do our part to help save our precious Mother Earth. This new campaign by Panasonic Asia showcases that consumers should lead a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle and it can be done!

The You Are Under Arrest campaign is engaging and having more fans to their fans and supporters on the social media channels, do follow Panasonic Asia on Facebook , on Twitter and their Channel e website! Tell your friends, share and spread the noble cause, pay it forward, we all can do our part to save and protect our Mother Earth! You can also play “You Are Under Arrest” too, just follow the link here and “file charges” against your friends for not protecting the environment!

Overall, it was a great time to network with blogging and social media community friends, catch up and concurrently, to learn about how to lead a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle as shown by Panasonic Asia, from saving water to reducing electricity usage. Do check out some of the photos taken at the event! More photos on Facebook too!

These serve as a good reminder to us here and I will continue to spread the word, to be more environmentally friendly. Today, everyone of us here can take the first step to make a difference to the future of our home, Mother Earth!


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Channel e – Beauty & Beast Photojournalist

In a recent brunch event organised by Panasonic Asia and I was introduced to the world of Channel e, it’s not a tv channel by the way. Channel e is also not just about electronics products by Panasonic, it’s about caring for the Environment, focusing on eco-friendly products for the environment, a channel that can unite everybody and a voice for all to hear, feel and care for the environment. How dedicated and committed is Panasonic is, towards the Environment? Look no further, it’s here! My thoughts of the brunch event here and do check out Panasonic Asia Facebook Page and Channel e website for more information!

We can all make a difference to the world today and start sharing with people, how beautiful and wonderful how Mother Earth is and not forgetting how much damage we have inflicted on our Mother Earth. On Channel e, there are 2 interesting sections that you can contribute, show the world and make a difference, by being a Beauty or Beast or Beauty and Beast Photojournalist.

Beauty Photojournalist – Show the world what a Beautiful World our planet Earth is

Beast Photojournalist – Show the world what damages have been inflicted to our plant Earth

Go out, walk around, explore the beautiful greenery around you, the freshness and peacefulness. Be a Beauty and Beast Photojournalist of Channel e ! Share with your loved ones, friends and people around the world ! This is what Keropokman and myself feel about spreading the message to save the environment.


A Picture speaks a Thousand Words, bringing and spreading across powerful messages across and around the world. Today you can make a difference and influence others to do the same and make a difference. Take your camera out, start capturing your surroundings and together we all can make a difference to the world we are living in, our beautiful Mother Earth, it’s not just for us, it’s for our future generations too!

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Breakfast with Panasonic Asia

It was a busy Saturday on 2nd October, ShooUrTweeple in the afternoon and before that in the morning, I was invited by Panasonic Asia to a breakfast event with them, via XPR. It was a fun networking and tech toys event for me, therefore I would like to thank Panasonic Asia and XPR for the invitation, along with their kind and warm hospitality.

The breakfast event was held at Brotziet, 313@Somerset , nice food, location and restaurant. When I arrived, I saw a number of familiar faces, Hisham, Joe, Philip and Feliza and got to network with the marketing staff of Panasonic Asia and XPR staff as well. Networking and chatting, taking photos along the way, morning drinks, followed by breakfast.

During the breakfast event, we were shown a 3D movie, Ice Age 3 !! The 3D lens was the very first time I have a more hands on experience and when I put it on and watch the movie, Ice Age 3, it was really cool and very nice 3D !! I would write in more in-depth and keep a lookout for my post ! It would be coming soon !!

It wasn’t so much watching Ice Age 3 in 3D, this was an excellent opportunity to network with Panasonic Asia and have a chat with them more of their toys a.k.a products, other staff from XPR too, whom had been inviting me for technology events for the past 2 years and I am very grateful and thankful for their continuous support and engagements. Of course, last but not least, catching up with fellow bloggers, had met some of them quite often recently 🙂

Oh yeah, do join Panasonic Asia on Facebook and  Twitter ! Follow them for their updates and competitions ! Oh, not forgetting, thanks for the toys !