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Old Playgrounds: Watermelon Playground

The Old Watermelon Playground, located in the Tampines HDB Heartlands, the Eastern side of Singapore. This small and colourful playground belongs to the later era of the Old Playgrounds designs, that were dominated by the Dragon Playgrounds, Pelican and Dove Playgrounds in various parts of Singapore. The Watermelon Playground is also part of the newer HDB Housing Estates that emerged in the later part of the 1980s and early 1990s.


When we were exploring the Old Playgrounds in the Eastern side of Singapore, this was the third Old Playground out of four Old Playgrounds that we went to photograph and document during that day. The Old Bumboat Playground and the Old Elephant Playground are not too far away from Tampines HDB Heartlands, in the nearby Pasir Ris Heartlands. The Old Mangosteen Playground is the fourth Old Playground that is also located in the same area as the Old Watermelon Playground and I will write about it at a later point in time. At the Old Watermelon Playground, it’s no longer a sand pit and it’s a rubber mat instead. Climbing up the steps to play the slide and sitting on the swing, it sure brings back the fun and nostalgic childhood memories.



The Old Watermelon Playground, like the rest of the other Old Playgrounds that I photographed and documented over time in my Flickr collection. The Old Watermelon Playground may look small relative to the bigger Old Playgrounds, however, they all played a part in the growth and development of modern Singapore. The cultural spirit and lessons that the Old Playgrounds taught us cannot be underestimated and that is something so special about all the Old Playgrounds that still holds inside our hearts dearly.

For those who grew up along with the Old Playgrounds, how have they touched you in any ways?

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Old Romances – Coming Soon !

When we all grew up, don’t we all fondly look back in time, to the days when you were a young child, a teenager or as a young adult? What do you recall from your growing up days? What do you miss most? Were there anything that you would hang on dearly to your heart and soul, deeply entrenched in your memories, photographs or collection?

Photo courtesy of Royston Tan and National Heritage Board

When Royston Tan produced his first work, Old Places, his beautiful brought me back in time, to my childhood days, reminiscing those carefree days of fun, laughter, play and being stress free. His awesome production inspired to embark on my own personal exploration in covering, photographing and documenting Old Places in Singapore. Although I haven’t completed covering and photographing all of them, it brought me into a new dimension of my photography and writing, on heritage, history, preservation and conservation. Here’s my photography collection of the Old Places that I documented and covered. This new area of exploration, rediscovery, photography and documenting opened me up to photographing with a higher purpose.

Today, there is a second edition, known as Old Romances 《老情人》. What is all about?


There is romance in every corner we turn. In this sequel to the documentary, Old Places, Old Romances takes us on a journey to experience Singapore through the collective voices of ordinary Singaporeans.

Through their voices, we hear personal stories from members of the public who shared their anecdotes on radio. Everyday spaces come alive with these special memories, which are bonded forever with these places.

 Old Romances is a journal of love letters to places that we grew up with

Photo Courtesy of  Royston Tan and National Heritage Board 

“Old places are like old lovers to me, you never forget them.” – Royston Tan

Old Romances will be coming to you this Saturday 15th December 2012 and Sunday 16th December 2012, here are the details

Film Schedule

15 December 2012, Saturday

2.30pm: Old Romances followed by Q&A

16 December 2012, Sunday

2.30pm: Old Places followed by Q&A

4.30pm: Old Romances followed by Q&A

DVDs of the films will be on sale on both days with autograph signing.

The filmmaker will be donating part of his ticket proceeds to the charity Action for Aids.

Ticketing Information

S$11 per ticket (includes handling fees)

S$10 per ticket (Senior Citizen concession, includes handling fees)

Tickets can be purchased at TICKETBOOTH outlets or on the TICKETBOOTH website www.ticketbooth.com.sg


National Museum of Singapore, Gallery Theatre, Basement

Personally, I am looking forward to Old Romances! If you love to go back in time, to rekindle and touch your beautiful memories and days when you were young or you would like to know the lifestyle and culture of early Singapore that your parents or grandparents lived in, look no further, do not hesitate! Join us at the screening of Old Romances on 15th and 16th December 2012!