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Canon PowerShot N Review

The Canon PowerShot N, a very interesting and unique compact digital camera that I held it for the first time earlier in the year, in the month of April 2013. I had a first time hands on with the Canon PowerShot N and I shared my initial views of the Canon PowerShot N here! This compact digital camera was something that I was planning to get my hands on with it and I can do a review on the Canon PowerShot N. Recently, I managed to get hold of the Canon PowerShot N for a short period to review the camera and here I am, sharing my thoughts, views and photographs taken with the Canon PowerShot N.



The Canon PowerShot N was a fun and easy camera to use, however, given that I am more used to a different camera system (DSLR), I confessed that I struggled at times with the easy to use and simple functions of the Canon PowerShot N. Packed inside this cute little and powerful Canon PowerShot N are a DIGIC 5 processor, a highly-sensitive 12.1 megapixel CMOS sensor, and the new ZoomPlus technology, boosting the 8x optical zoom lens (28-224mm) to up to 16x zoom, making the PowerShot N a versatile companion in all situations. With the various shooting modes – Auto, Hybrid Auto, P, Creative Shot, Fish-eye Effect, Miniature Effect, Toy Camera Effect, Soft Focus, Monochrome, Super Slow Motion Movie, you can have a good time exploring and playing with the different modes!




  • Very small, lightweight and portable
  • It fits nicely into your palm
  • Wireless connectivity that allows you to take and share your photographs easily and quickly
  • 10 Reasons Why You Need The Hand (check out the photo below)
  • Small enough to hide it away while taking photographs
  • An alternative street photography camera from the rangefinders
  • 6 creative shots
  • 25 randomised filters in their Creative Shot mode
  • Creative and artistic fun
  • First dual-ring lens design which includes a zoom ring and shutter ring
  • Flipping up the LCD screen at 90 degrees angle allowing you to shoot from the hip level like a Twin Lens Reflex (TLR)
  • Tilt Screen is handy and easy to use
  • Easy to use Touch Screen
  • A fun toy camera to play with yet it comes in a sturdy body and built



  • Touch screen too sensitive
  • Shutter Ring too sensitive
  • Battery life is a bit weak
  • The size might be a bit small for those with big hands
  • Challenging to take photos in night/dim conditions

Which type/group of users would suit and love the Canon PowerShot N ?

  • Children/Kids
  • Photographers looking for a fun loving toy digital compact camera
  • Parents looking for a fun toy camera for their children to start learning photography (where the fun element of photography is the key)
  • Travel photographers (sometimes you need to use a small digital compact camera)
  • Social Media enthusiasts / bloggers attending media / blogging events
  • Photography enthusiasts that carry a camera out everyday inside their bag
  • Looking for a birthday gift for your friends/loved ones

The Canon PowerShot N is retailing at a price of $399. If you are keen to know more about the Canon PowerShot N, you can visit Canon Singapore website on the PowerShot N. There is also an interactive website for the Canon PowerShot N and you will be able to explore the Canon PowerShot N further!

*I would like to thank Canon Singapore for this wonderful opportunity to review the Canon PowerShot N and Ogilvy Public Relations for making the arrangements*

Canon EOS 6D Review

On 5th October 2012, the Canon EOS 6D was officially and proudly launched in Singapore, the world’s lightest full-frame DSLR for photography enthusiasts looking for an affordable full-frame image control and capturing experience. Equipped with a 20.2-megapixel 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensor with a precise 11-point Auto-Focus (AF) system, the EOS 6D is also the first EOS-series camera that offers built-in Wi-Fi and GPS support.


I was there to witness the launch event and the Canon EOS 6D left a great impression on me, since it is a full-frame DSLR that is affordable for photography enthusiasts and professionals to own it as their main or back-up DSLR. When the opportunity came forth to me for a review, courtesy of Canon Singapore and Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, I did not hesitate to welcome the Canon EOS 6D with open arms for two weeks. Overall, I had a wonderful and fun experience with the Canon EOS 6D and here are my stories, thoughts, views, opinions, mini comparison between Canon EOS 6D and Canon EOS 5D Mark III and target market suitability.

There are some key features inside the Canon EOS 6D that I would like to highlight to my readers. The Canon EOS 6D focusing is pretty fast and accurate, thanks to their new 11-point AF System. These 11 points boast of accurate focusing even in low light up to EV -3 rating (the first and lowest in the EOS range) for sharper photos. Moreover, exposure control in the EOS 6D is made incredibly precise due to a metering system called iFCL (Focus Color Luminance), which has a 63-zone dual layer metering sensor. After the AF system speedily determines the location of the main subject, this Automatic Exposure (AE) system then takes over to determine the optimal exposure setting for that subject. With both the AF and AE capabilities working in tandem, users will be able to take images that are sharp, focused, and with the desired level of brightness as per settings in the camera.

The feel and built of the Canon EOS 6D is good, firm and sturdy. Weighing at 680g (body only), it is not too heavy and quite manageable for most users. In addition, the EOS 6D is very durable as its magnesium alloy body is dust-proof and drip-proof, and has a long-lasting shutter unit that is able to withstand 100,000 shutter cycles.


Built-in Wi-Fi and EOS Remote

The built-in Wi-Fi is an excellent feature that the Canon EOS 6D possesses. Together with the EOS Remote app that can be downloaded into your smartphone or tablet, the combination of the built-in Wi-Fi and the EOS Remote is very useful and handy, for both photography enthusiasts and professional photographers. When you take photographs with the Canon EOS 6D, your photographs can be viewed immediately on your smartphone or tablet with the built-in Wi-Fi and EOS Remote both switched on and paired together. This wonderful combination will be very good for

–       Group Photo taking

–       Self portrait taking

–       With Live View, can check images from remote locations

–       Placing your Canon EOS 6D on a tripod to capture photography (e.g. wildlife, street, people) movements while you are at a short distance away to observe and take photographs via the EOS Remote and Live View shooting.

–       Commercial/Wedding Photographers in their studio or outdoor location shoot can view their photographs immediately and make the necessary adjustments.


The Canon EOS 6D built-in Wi-Fi feature along with the EOS Remote is excellent for viewing, downloading and sharing with friends and on social media platforms. For a social media enthusiast/blogger/reporter/writer attending events, imagine after shooting the photographs, you can choose and select which photographs to show your readers and the social media world in a relatively short time.

For a better understanding on how the EOS Remote works, do check out this link http://www.canon-asia.com/eosremote/ and they have diagrams showing how the steps on how to use EOS Remote

The built-in GPS function will help photographers build a more complete record of their trip by using the GPS logger function to track their route, which can be displayed using the supplied Map Utility software. Photos can also be geo-tagged with GPS data.


Here are some of my views and thoughts on the pros and cons of the Canon EOS 6D –


–       EOS Remote app allows the photographer to control the Canon EOS 6D ISO levels, Shutter Speed and Aperture during Live View Shooting.

–       Advanced features such as HDR Backlight Control, Multiple Exposure Shots, Silent Drive mode and a single axis electronic level accessed through the viewfinder or via the LCD screen.

–       At ISO 25,600, the noise level is low and grain is not really that visible (in my personal opinion). This demonstrates the strength and quality of the Canon Digic 5+ sensor.

–       Special Scene Mode is useful and handy for photographers who are starting off to learn more about the scenes, shooting modes and capabilities of the DSLR camera.

–       Lightweight and compact full-frame DSLR packed with strong functions and capabilities.


–       The built-in Wi-Fi interface, setup and pairing is not that smooth, users might take a while to get used to it.

–       The built-in Wi-Fi drains battery life on the Canon EOS 6D and you would need to prepare more spare batteries.

–       When the built-in Wi-Fi connects to your smartphone, you would not be able to use your cellular data network. One solution is to have another spare smartphone or tablet to do the job of viewing, downloading and remote shooting.

On 15th May 2013, Canon Inc and Canon Marketing Japan Inc announced that the Canon EOS 6D has been honoured in Japan with the coveted Camera Grand Prix 2013 “Editors Award”. The Camera Grand Prix, considered the most sought-after camera and lens product awards in Japan, is organised by the Camera Journal Press Club (CJPC), comprising of journalists from major photography and camera magazines in Japan.


For photography enthusiasts and photography professionals out there who are planning and considering which full-frame DSLR for their usage, they will research and read up on both Canon DSLR models and do a comparison between them. I have come up with my personal mini comparison between the Canon EOS 6D and Canon EOS 5DmkIII that might help in their choice of selecting between these two Canon full-frame DSLR cameras. I did a review on the Canon EOS 5DmkIII too and had great experiences with it! Do check out my review on the Canon EOS 5DmkIII here!

Mini-table of comparison between Canon EOS 6D and Canon EOS 5DmkIII

Canon EOS 6D Canon EOS 5DmkIII
Built-in Wi-Fi N.A.
GPS Support N.A.
HDR (Simple) HDR (Advanced with more options)
11 points AF 61 points AF
4.5 fps 6 fps
20 megapixels 22 megapixels
97% viewfinder coverage 100% viewfinder coverage
1/4000 max shutter speed 1/8000 max shutter speed
Scene Modes N.A.
1/180 Flash X-Sync 1/200 Flash X-Sync
SD only SD and CF
RRP: SGD $2899 (Body only) RRP: SGD $4699 (Body only)

Which target segment would the Canon EOS 6D are suitable for?

In my humble personal opinion, they would be suitable for the following:

–       Photographers who wish to purchase their first full-frame DSLR at a lower cost.

–       Photographers who wish to own a 2nd camera for their travel and as a back up DSLR.

–       Enthusiasts from the social media/blogging and Press/Writers/Reporters that would like a high quality DSLR with live coverage and updates functions to their respective distribution channels (controlled, selective and high quality photographs)

–       Photographers who are starting off in the industry especially in the commercial/editorial/fashion/portraits photography, for the affordability and capabilities of the Canon EOS 6D.

–       Dedicated landscape photographers who love and want the full-frame DSLR.

–       Travel photographers

If given a choice, which DSLR would I choose between the Canon EOS 6D and Canon EOS 5DmkIII? Personally, I would choose the Canon EOS 6D because the DSLRs combination that I am planning (in an ideal scenario that I hope to achieve some day in the future) to eventually build up to is

–       Canon EOS 1DmkIII (current DSLR model)

–       Canon EOS 1DX (hopefully someday in the future)

–       Canon EOS 6D (hopefully someday in the future and if my budgeting allows)

–       Canon EOS 100D (hopefully someday in the future and if my budgeting allows)

–       Collection of EF L lenses (hoping to add 24-70mm L and 200-400mm f/4 L to my existing setup of 17-40mm f/4 L, 70-200mm f/4 L, 300mm f/2.8 L)

For those photographers who wish to own a full-frame DSLR camera, the Canon EOS 6D is definitely a worthy consideration for you to add on into your current DSLR camera setup. Do check out my Canon EOS 6D review photographs on 500px and Flickr!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

A Morning With Coca-Cola’s Heritage

Coca-Cola, one of the most iconic and distinctive brand in the world, it’s also the most loved brand in the world today! I am a Coca-Cola fan, loved the beverage and the history of Coca-Cola collectibles, interesting and unique. Recently, I was invited by Ogilvy Public Relations for a casual meet with Ted Ryan, Director of Heritage Communications over a breakfast session at the Shangri-La Hotel, I was delighted and accepted the invitation.


Being a Coca-Cola fan, I was always fascinated to know the secret formula of the Coca-Cola drink, loved their bottle designs and their collectibles. It was a great informal session with Ted, whereby he shared a lot about his Coca-Cola heritage work, traveling around the world and meeting with Coca-Cola fans. This was also a time to know more about the Coca-Cola brand name, history and timeline, the title is “The Story of The Most LOVED Brand on the planet“. From this casual session, I got to know more about Coca-Cola through the interesting quiz with attractive Coca-Cola gifts as prizes! Besides Coca-Cola, I learned about the other beverages under Coca-Cola, do check out Coca-Cola Singapore website and you can see the various beverages under Coca-Cola! During the sharing, Ted shared about the history and heritage of Coca-Cola in Singapore and it goes a long way back to 1936, check out this link for more details!


There was also a charity auction during the casual meet, some of the Coca-Cola collectibles were auctioned off and bid by the guests. For the Coca-Cola collectors, it was definitely something that would love to add to their own private collection! While I did not buy or bid for any Coca-Cola collectibles, I would definitely be looking out for them when I travel overseas! During my travel to Japan in 2004, I can still recall walking into a shop in Harajuku, Tokyo, showcasing/selling Coca-Cola collectibles and nothing else!


Mr Ted Ryan with a Coca-Cola collectible

It’s pretty amazing and fascinating to learn and know more about the branding and reputation of the Coca-Cola brand name worldwide. Here are some useful Coca-Cola links that you might be interested in to find out more about Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Facebook Page

Coca-Cola Singapore

Coca-Cola Singapore Twitter


Photograph Courtesy of Renhao


Photograph Courtesy of Renhao

I would be scouting and looking around for interesting Coca-Cola collectibles around the world and slowly add them to my small humble collection (consisting of a few Coca-Cola glasses).

Canon EOS M is available !

Today, on the 20th October 2012, the long awaited Canon EOS M is officially available at authorised Canon dealers. The Canon EOS M was announced to the public on 23rd July 2012 and I was part of the milestone event witnessing Canon’s addition to the wide and diverse range of the EOS family. Here is a recap of the Canon’s milestone event that I attended and today, the Canon EOS M is now available!

For the Canon fans out there who are eagerly waiting for the pricing and availability, here’s the good news and information for the EOS M pricing and packages!

1.             EOS M Kit: Body with EF-M18-55mm f3.5/5.6 IS STM lens (Body available in Black or Red) – S$1,149 (inclusive of GST)

2.             EOS M Kit II: Body with EF-M22mm f/2.0 STM lens and EOS M adapter (Body available in Black only) – S$1,219 (inclusive of GST)

3.             EOS M Kit III: Body with EF-M18-55mm f3.5/5.6 IS STM lens, EF-M22mm f/2.0 STM lens and 90EX flashlight (Body available in Black, Red, White and Silver) – S$1,349 (inclusive of GST)

I am looking forward to do a hands-on review of the Canon EOS M someday soon and share my experiences with my readers and supporters! Enjoy and have fun shopping and photographing with the Canon EOS M !

Canon 5D Mark III Photography Adventure

A photography adventure with the Canon 5D Mark III, a one week adventure that brought me a mini success story of photography recognition. Not only was I admiring the beauty of the excellent state of the art modern technology Full Frame Digic 5+ sensor, I had a great time testing and reviewing the Canon 5D Mark III in of the rehearsals during the Singapore Arts Festival 2012 and Gardens By The Bay Preview.

How was my experience during the Canon 5D Mark III photography adventure? It was simply awesome and great fun to test/play/review one of the latest Canon DSLRs in their line-up. Here’s a quick look into the technical specifications of the Canon 5D Mark III –

EOS 5D Mark III Specifications Summary:

  • Dimensions: 152 x 116.4 x 76.4mm
  • Weight: 860g (body only)
  • Image sensor: 22.3 effective mega-pixel 36 x 24mm CMOS sensor
  • Imaging processor: DIGIC 5+
  • ISO speeds: 100-25600 (expandable to L:50, H:51200, H2: 102400)
  • AF system: 61-point high-density reticular AF system

– Max 41 cross-type sensors

– Central 5 points: Diagonal cross-type sensors

  • Continuous shooting speed:  up to 6 fps
  • Release time lag: approx. 59 ms
  • Viewfinder: Approx 100% coverage, 0.71x magnification, 21mm eyepoint
  • LCD: 3.2”, 1.04 million dots Clear View LCD II
  • Shutter durability: 150,000 cycles
  • Recording media: CF + SD
  • Battery: LP-E6

Here’s my personal thoughts and views during my photography adventure with the Canon 5D Mark III –


  • Excellent state of the art modern technology Digic 5+ sensor
  • Full Frame
  • 22.1 Megapixels
  • In built HDR (High Dynamic Range) Shooting
  • 61-point High-Density Reticular AF System found in Canon’s flagship EOS-1D X
  • High native ISO sensitivity of up to 25,600 (expandable up to ISO 102,400)
  • Detailed and informative LCD Monitor from the new 3.2” tempered glass 1.04 million dot Clear View LCD II monitor with a wide 3:2 aspect ratio
  • Multiple Exposures function and capabilities
  • ISO at 100 is “very sweet” and very beautiful to work with
  • ISO 25,600 on the5D Mark III is equivalent to an image taken at ISO 6,400 on the 5D Mark II, a two-stop improvement.
  • You can use both SD and CF cards (best of both worlds)
  • Professional filmmaking functionality


  • Pricing is on the high side and might not suit everybody’s budget
  • For photographers who are very familiar with APS-C sensor (1.6x crop factor), the full frame sensor of 5D Mark III might be a bit challenging during the initial stages
  • ISO at 25,600 is a bit grainy and the acceptability would depend on individual preferences and shooting requirements
  • The 61-point High-Density Reticular AF System is not as fast compared to the Canon EOS-1DX (in my personal opinion since I tested both DSLRs)
  • While the functions and controls of the Canon 5D Mark III are state of the art technology, there are times whereby too much technology hinders your photography or helps you in your photography

The Canon 5D Mark III is a very beautiful and powerful DSLR with great functions packed inside it. With state of the art modern Digic 5+ sensor and it’s full frame, this is like going back to the good old film days of the 35mm format. Armed with high megapixels and on a full frame, you are going to get a lot more details and information for your photograph. The Canon 5D Mark III suits both professional and advanced amateur photographers as well as independent filmmakers. I am not a filmmaker and I hardly do video recording on the DSLR therefore, I wasn’t able to test the professional filmmaking functionality of the Canon 5D Mark III and share with my readers here. The full frame of the Canon 5D Mark III makes it really sweet and lovely for travel lovers because we don’t need to take a few steps back to capture the whole landscape image (as compared to a APS-C sensor camera).

The Canon 5D Mark III was loaned to me for a one week review, courtesy of the special arrangement by Canon Singapore and Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide. Thank you very much for this wonderful arrangement that gave me an opportunity to test and try it out during the one week stint. This Canon 5D Mark III review post had been backlogged for a while due to work and commitments, my sincere apologies for the delay. It was with great pride and honour that one of my photographs selected for Gardens By The Bay Roving Photography Exhibition and Official Opening was taken using the Canon 5D Mark III that was on loan during that period! That’s my photograph below that was selected for Gardens By The Bay Roving Photography Exhibition and Official Opening!

I had a great time photographing with the Canon 5D Mark III and here are some of my photographs taken –

The Canon 5D Mark III will be an awesome DSLR especially for those who have started off in the entry level DSLRs and planning to upgrade to the next level in their photography adventure. It’s ideal for portrait, product, landscape and architecture photography, as a main DSLR or a back up DSLR and even as a replacement DSLR for some photographers out there. It’s definitely a worthy consideration to own this beautiful Canon 5D Mark III especially if it meets your needs and demands in your daily photography work and usage.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

A New Milestone : Canon EOS M

On the 23rd July 2012, I was invited by Canon Singapore and Ogilvy Public Relations to witness a new milestone in the history of Canon’s legacy of cameras. It was a great event to be there and being able to witness a new milestone, the arrival of the Canon EOS M, the smallest camera in their EOS family. The event was held at the Stellar @ 1-Altitude, with great food and hospitality, a great time to chat and catch up with fellow friends from the social media circle and friendly staff of Canon Singapore’s marketing and corporate communications department.

Before the official announcement of the Canon EOS M, Mr Andrew Koh, Senior Director and General Manager of the Consumer Imaging and Information Products Group, Canon Singapore, showed and shared the timeline of the EOS camera system from 1987 to 2012. Finally, the Canon EOS M was revealed by Mr Andrew Koh and this marked the start of a new milestone in Canon’s history.

While lunch was being served, we were given a short introduction on the technical specifications and functionalities of the Canon EOS M. During the main course, we were all eagerly waiting to grab hold of the Canon EOS M and wanting to feel, touch and play with the latest toy! When the Canon EOS M finally made its way to our table, we had a fun time photographing with the latest addition of Canon EOS family. We also had a glimpse of a new series of EF lens for the Canon EOS M, the EF-M 18-55mm f3.5/5.6 IS STM and the EF-M 22mm f/2.0 STM.

The EOS M bears the EOS lineage not only by name, but also by containing the best features of its larger DSLR cousins. With the powerful combination of an 18.1-megapixel APS-C-sized CMOS sensor and the DIGIC 5 image processor packed inside the Canon EOS M, it is also able to access Canon’s entire arsenal of EF/EF-S lenses. The Canon EOS M has Phase-difference AF and Contrast AF built into a Hybrid CMOS AF system, the EOS M is able to achieve high speed and high precision focus in both still and video modes. There is also the Multi FlexiZone method where the EOS M divides the scene into 31 AF zones as well as the Single FlexiZone where users can move the AF point via the LCD touchscreen. It’s definitely a small lightweight camera with powerful features along with great support and accessories from the EOS family!

Here are some key specifications of the Canon EOS M –

  • 18.1MP APS-C-sized CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5 image processor
  • Full EF/EF-S compatibility with the largest range of interchangeable lenses and accessories
  • Available in four stylish colours: black, white, red, silver
  • Weight: 265g
  • Dimensions: 108.6 x 66.5 x 32.3mm in size
At this current point in time as this post is being written, the EOS M, EF-M lenses, EOS-EF M mount adapter and Speedlite 90EX will be available from early October at all Canon authorized dealers. As for the pricing, it will be confirmed at a later date.
What do I think of the Canon EOS M ? Here’s my initial impressions and thoughts on the Canon EOS M from my short stint handling the Canon EOS M during the official launch –
– Lightweight and portable
– Suits existing EOS users with EF/EF-S lenses and Speedlites
– Ideal second camera for backup or daily carry around usage
– No viewfinder (photography purists especially those from the film SLR era would not like that)
There are many views, debates, enquiries and thoughts on Canon’s entry into the mirror less market with the Canon EOS M. In my personal humble opinion, I feel that the Canon EOS M can attract a new group of consumers and also from their existing pool of EOS, digital camera users. I will share more about the Canon EOS M once I have the opportunity to have a review set on loan and share my experiences here with my readers. Maybe if my budgeting and photography planning allows, who knows, I might own a Canon EOS M someday!

Learning “Shooting From the Heart” with Tay Kay Chin

There is a personal mantra, my personal philosophy that I set for myself, it’s about lifelong continuous learning, a field of personal development, growth and expansion that I strongly believe in. Quoting from the great Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955) Physicist & Nobel Laureate

Learning is not a product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it” 

The art of learning is applied to my photography too, while I have been shooting many years since my film days when I was a young kid to the digital era today, there are still many skills, knowledge, experiences that I have not reached or learned yet. Learning from great photography masters is one of the methods that a photographer can seek to learn from and improve.

Photograph courtesy of Singtel & Ogilvy Public Relations

Singtel organised a sharing session “Shooting From the Heart” with Tay Kay Chin, a renowned documentary photographer, in conjunction with the the launch of the photography contest “Home Without Walls” campaign. This campaign is about inspiring Singaporeans to use the power of photography, to create powerful, real and meaningful connections with the people that matters most to them, the aim to create homes with no communication barriers, straight from the heart, both online and offline. More details on Singtel “Home Without Walls” photography contest can be found here.

During the sharing session, I was back to be a student in learning photography, it was a very insightful, meaningful and inspiring sharing by Kay Chin, where his photographs speak enormous volume about his style, ideologies, perspective, love for photography, capturing the moments, the essence of “Home Without Walls”.

Photograph courtesy of Singtel & Ogilvy Public Relations

Here’s some of the tips shared by Kay Chin during his sharing session

(1) “… The most ordinary things are the things that we always take for granted …” By Tay Kay Chin

This hit me very deeply, this applies to us everyday, every step of the way, in our life journey from young to old. We only start to miss the things/stuff/buildings/culture once it is on its way out / disappear from our life, then we start to complain about the demise and loss, yet we never fail to appreciate its presence, history, heritage, culture when it was still there.

Kay Chin’s masterpieces of photographing Singapore as his home when he was moving away to Missouri, thinking that he will not be back, venturing into the heartlands of Singapore to take photos of people and surroundings, that he wanted to keep as memories. Kay Chin’s masterpieces collection titled “Panoramic Singapore” were to him the most ordinary things we take for granted.

(2) “… Taking photographs of my family has proven to be the most difficult thing …” By Tay Kay Chin

I asked myself, how difficult can it be taking photographs of your own family ? Yes and No, it can be difficult if family ties are strained and not in harmony, a challenge that might not be easy to overcome. It could also be sticky situations such as sickness or accidents that had happened and how would you go about covering and photographing it ?

During Kay Chin’s sharing, there were some photographs and sharing that were very personal to the master photographer himself, that I also asked myself how to overcome it too. It’s about dealing with bereavement, photographing and documenting the final days/moments of someone on Earth, this leads me to remembering being asked by my Dad to take photographs at one of my Uncle’s funeral a few years back. I just can’t do it and I refused to do it, simply because I can’t overcome this first big major obstacle and the emotions inside me at that time. From Kay Chin’s sharing and my own personal experience, it dawned upon me the point that taking photographs of family, can be one of the most difficult thing (if not the most difficult thing).

From Kay Chin’s sharing, taking photographs of family members requires learning how to be objective behind the lens and trying not to be too intrusive. No amount of money and commercial value can be placed on family photographs, they are priceless. Photographing family members is simply Shooting From The Heart, as the sharing session suggests, it’s the genuine desire to capture moments and stories of your family members, passing it down to your younger and future generations and beyond.

After reading fellow photographer Andy Lee (of Sengkangbabies) post on Kay Chin’s sharing, I missed out on another story shared by Kay Chin, photographing and documenting the final days/months of his nephew with his terminally-ill dad together in outings and activities, we felt the emotions, the sadness, the pain from Kay Chin’s sharing, (it’s heart-wrenching to be honest), the photography and photographs are priceless, it’s very noble, heartwarming and filled with love from his dad to his son, via Kay Chin’s photographs, that in the future when Kay Chin’s nephew is grown up, the photographs taken by Kay Chin will help his nephew remember his father, just exactly what the father wanted.

Kay Chin shared on a point, reminding us not to assume human beings don’t want to remember those sad times, sometimes, human beings wanted it to be documented in their memories, which leads me remembering photographs of funeral procession corteges (from Bukit Brown archives), the funerals of my maternal grandmother, paternal great-grandmother, the sad moments/times are captured down in photographs for their future generations.

This is a reminder to myself, I have not been documenting and capturing many photographs of my family, it’s time to be more pro-active in taking photographs of everybody (as many as possible), from young to old before it becomes from the most difficult thing to impossible thing (when they are no longer around for me to photograph).

(3) “…When I looked at that picture, I wanted to be a father. That to me, is how powerful photography is and it became one of my goal in life – to make people want to do something…” By Tay Kay Chin

One of the most recognisable quote “A picture speaks a thousand words” amplify Kay Chin’s words of sharing, the photograph can be the best motivational tool to getting people into action and doing something that they really wanted to do, from the bottom of their heart, with the use of photography, to help other people out there. Kay Chin’s philosophy in photography is to be close to his heart, shooting from the heart, being original, true to your heart and not following blindly, not copying winning trend styles.

Some wise photography tips from the master photographer Kay Chin himself ~ Honest and Real expression of family / people. In my opinion, that’s a level that all photographers should try to strive and achieve, regardless of the level of expertise and experience that they are in currently.

Photograph courtesy of Singtel & Ogilvy Public Relations

This wonderful inspiring sharing event was conducted with the “Home Without Walls” campaign by Singtel, a photo contest aimed at the professional photography community, with the aim to inspire Singaporeans to make real and meaningful connections with the people who matter, with the aim of creating homes where there are no communication barriers and connect from the heart, both online and offline. I would like to thank Singtel and Ogilvy Public Relations for this invitation, it was indeed an enriching and great learning photography lesson.

Do check out fellow photographers friends sharing on Tay Kay Chin’s “Shooting From The Heart” Sharing

Andy Lee of Sengkangbabies

Welcoming the Canon EOS-1D X

Today on the 18th October, at 1300hours local (Singapore) time, I was very privileged and honoured to be invited by Canon Singapore and Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide to a media event, amont the first few in Singapore, to view and witness the arrival of a new generation of professional DSLR by Canon.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s give a warm welcome to the Canon EOS-1D X !

Before I proceed to extract some key facts and specifications for your perusal, let me give you my first hands on experience with Canon EOS-1D X, in simple English language (pardon the tone), it’s a monster ! Armed with the latest 18 Megapixels Digic 5+ censor and it’s full frame! A marriage of the legendary Canon EOS 1Ds and 1D series, the sweet letter “X” marks the spot, the sweet spot, in a new era of Canon EOS DSLR !

12fps at ISO 25,600 and high speed continuous shooting at 14fps, that’s the dream combination for a Formula One Night Race shooting (in Singapore of course!), along with other high end performance sports that are played in the night too! That’s not all, with the latest and unprecedented high performance technology, sporting next-generation Auto Focus (AF) system, sporting a 61 point high-density reticular AF (41 cross-type points) that offers wide, auto focus coverage at high precision as well as enhanced subject tracking capability. Source : Canon Singapore 

Inside the monster powerful Canon EOS-1D X, it lies 2 more new systems, namely –  EOS iSA (Intelligent Subject Analysis) System that employs a 100,000-pixel RGB Metering Sensor and AE-dedicated DIGIC 4 image processor. This innovation recognizes a subject’s color and face, in addition to movement, to make Intelligent Tracking and Recognition (iTR) possible, offering reliable and continuous tracking of the subject. These two technologies work in tandem to deliver better focusing capability in lower light.  – Source : Canon Singapore

Personally speaking, the 2 new systems inside the Canon EOS-1D X is going to be very helpful to sports photographers (like myself) especially in sports with very fast paced action and capturing the first few crucial action photographs are important. I believe it would make the focusing faster and allowing us to capture more live sporting action!

Have you ever wonder how the new AF Focus looks like inside the Canon EOS-1D X, here’s my bird’s eye view of the 61 points through the viewfinder –

Being a Canon EOS-1D MK 3 user myself, I am a big fan and supporter of the new 1D series and I really welcome the arrival of the Canon EOS-1D X, when I held on to it, it was like a dream made in heaven, pressing the shutter down using its 12fps and 14fps in action, the sound is very smooth and not noisy at all ! For more detailed information, please visit the press release site for the Canon EOS-1D X by Canon Singapore here!

While the pricing and availability of the Canon EOS-1D X is yet to be announced, I am dreaming of the day whereby I would be shooting with Canon EOS-1D X with the EF-300mm f2.8 II IS L lens at the Singapore F1 GP !

Canon Mid Autumn Festival Gathering

The 8th month of the Lunar Calendar, is always one of my favourite, with many beautiful lanterns, festivities and eating mooncakes, all done together in the company of friends to chat and relax. I was invited by  Canon Singapore,  to an early Mid Autumn Festival Gathering at Artichoke Cafe and Bar, a very cosy restaurant with nice ambience and opened by my fellow alumnus from the University of Queensland.

A gathering of Singapore blogging community friends, some whom I have known for some time and also getting to know more new friends from the social media networks and blogging community in Singapore. Chatting, networking and catching up with our friendly Canon Singapore folks and PR friends from Ogilvy Public Relatios Worldwide. The delicious food served at Artichoke were really wonderful and delicious, transforming into a lively and heart warming gathering with lots of chatting on camera equipment on my table with Kevin, Callan and Jingwen.

What’s a Mid Autumn Festival gathering without mooncakes ? We were presented with different varieties and styles of the mooncakes, I really like the alcoholic ones, taste really “powerful” and I don’t take durian so I cannot accept durian mooncakes! This gathering was warm and cosy, lots of chatting and eating, many thanks to Canon Singapore and Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide for the awesome Canon Mid Autumn Festival Gathering! Do check out some of my photos taken during the gathering !


Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Hands On Experience with Canon 600D (Part 1)

Digital SLRs, a market that has grown significantly over the past 5 years, with prices, competition and costs of production getting lower, more manufacturers/brands coming into the market. There are a lot more people owning and using a Digital SLR nowadays and Digital SLRs are getting more features packed inside the body and easier for people to learn and use.

Canon has been a market leader in Digital SLRs and I was recently invited to the Canon Blogger Event, courtesy of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide and Canon Singapore, whereby I was given a Classroom – Back to School, introduction to Canon latest range of products, from digital cameras, to Legria Camcorders and Digital SLRs. There’s also a new school known as Canon Imaging Academy !

Callan taking photo of the model with his iPhone !

With my experiences in Canon’s range of Digital SLRs, I had the opportunity to test out Canon 1100D and 600D and some new lens too! For this sharing today, I would be going into my short hands on experience with Canon 600D. For a start, the technical aspects and dedicated website for Canon 600D can be found here and they also have a microsite too! If you are a first timer into Digital SLRs, you can consider the Canon 600D, with its power-packed functions and advanced capabilities such as Full HD video recording and brand new Scene Intelligent Auto functions. These functions give users an opportunity to have a more in-depth and wonderful photography experience for both the beginners, hardcore users and even the professionals too!

Pretty and cute model !

The DIGIC 4 image processor, 18 megapixel CMOS sensor, is great and is able to deliver beautiful photographs with the additional assistance of the Basic+ settings of “Warm”, “Soft” and “Vivid”. The new Feature Guide is available for the beginners, helping them to understand and know more about how to use Canon 600D, functions, settings and terminology. The Vari-Angle Clear View LCD Monitor, useful and innovative, it can be folded out and swivelled; you will never know when and how useful it can be for you in taking photographs.

Glenn and Claudia

For the creative  photographer in you, the advanced creative filters are available for you, with 5 new filters allowing you to apply special effects – Soft Focus, Toy Camera Effect, Miniature, Grainy Black & White and a Fish-eye Effect to your photos, that you can make it even more creative to your wonderful photographs that you take! As I shared some photographs taken using the Canon 600D during Canon Blogger Event, looking forward to play with Canon 600D and share with all of you more of the wonderful functions and features of Canon 600D. Remember this …..

“Rule Out Your Competition”