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OCBC Cycle 2015

Singapore’s biggest cycling festival, OCBC Cycle 2015 took place over two days recently on the 29th and 30th August 2015. Spread over two days, catering to different groups of cyclists, from the young children, social cyclists and competitive cyclists, there was something for the cycling community in Singapore to enjoy and have fun at Singapore’s biggest cycling festival.

On Saturday 29th August 2015, the morning belonged to the children enjoying the sporting and recreational fun of cycling with The Mighty Savers Family Ride and Mighty Savers Kids Ride.


There was a new cycling event at the OCBC Cycle 2015, the OCBC Cycle Speedway. This was the first time for this competitive cycling format to be implemented and it was a very interesting sports photography event for me to cover, photograph and share with my readers. There were two competitive categories, the OCBC Cycle Speedway Club Championship and OCBC Cycle Speedway S.E.A Championship.


Here’s a quick summary of the OCBC Cycle Speedway Championship competition details –

Number of riders per team: 4

Number of laps to be completed: 10

Competition course distance: 1km

The 4 riders in each team will ride a total of 10 laps in pairs around a fast and flat 1km course. The first 2 riders will ride 5 laps before passing a wrist band to their team mates, the second pair of riders to continue the remaining 5 laps. This competitive cycling format is the first of its kind in the region and possibly the world!



Our iconic Singapore Sports Hub played host to the inaugural OCBC Cycle Speedway Championships, spectators were able to watch and enjoy the fast and furious competitive cycling close up action from the sidelines of the road or a bird’s eye view from above at the overhead bridge. This format is not just about speed or cycling fast and furious, there are tactics to be discussed, the change over and handing over of the wrist band to your team mates.




From a sports enthusiast and a sports photographer perspective, this competitive cycling format is interesting and can have the appeal to attract more cyclists in future OCBC Cycle events since 2015 was the first time this racing format was being conducted. Even though this was the first year of OCBC Cycle Speedway Championship, the competitors were pretty competitive and fast, from both the cycling clubs and countries representatives!

Here’s a summary of the winners of the OCBC Cycle Speedway Championships

Club Championship

1st Place – Joyriders Racing Team 1 – 18mins 54seconds

2nd Place – Geylang Cycling Team – 18mins 55seconds

3rd Place – Specialised Mavericks 2 – 18mins 56seconds

S.E.A Championship

1st Place – Team Malaysia – 18mins 44seconds

2nd Place – Team Singapore – 22mins 44seconds

3rd Place – Team Brunei – 22mins 54seconds

On the 30th August 2015, the second day of OCBC Cycle 2015, the cycling community came down for a morning of fun, non-competitive cycling – the Sportive Ride (42km) and The Straits Times Ride (23km), starting at the Singapore Sports Hub and the finishing point was inside the National Stadium. 4600 cyclists took part in the Sportive Ride and 2200 cyclists took part in The Straits Time Ride, riding to iconic Singapore landscapes and sceneries such as the Marina Bay Sands, Gardens By The Bay, Singapore Flyer, East Coast Park and also a journey to the West side of Singapore via the Keppel viaduct. I didn’t get to participate in the community rides and I would love to do it in the future.




It had been a interesting and fun 2 days of cycling festival at the OCBC Cycle 2015, Singapore’s biggest cycling festival. Maybe next year, I should participate in the non-competitive community rides and take many photographs!

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OCBC Cycle Singapore 2014 – 29th & 30th March

A fun weekend of community cycling event on the 29th and 30th March drew to a close for the 6th edition of OCBC Cycle Singapore 2014. It was great fun covering and photographing the cyclists in action from the young children to adult cyclists during the weekend. The Professional Criterium happened on Friday 28th March and here’s my coverage of the cycling action on Friday!


On Saturday, 29th March was a great time for the families with their young children, cycling and having fun at OCBC Cycle Singapore 2014. Before the children cycling events started, there was the Ultimate Foldies Challenge where more than 1000 cyclists took part. The Ultimate Foldies Challenge was unique and special because the cyclists had to dash from the start arch to a designated “Unfolding Zone”, where they unfolded their bikes, pushed them through a “Mounting Zone” and rode 2.6km route around the F1 Pit Building for 20 minutes for the heats and 30 minutes for the final. Cash prizes were awarded to the top three male and female finishers, and prizes were also awarded for the top three Best Dressed cyclists. The Best Dressed cyclists definitely give OCBC Cycle Singapore more colourful fun, excitement and character on top of it being a cycling sports event!


There were more than 900 participants that took part in the kids and family rides The Tricycle Ride, The Mighty Savers Kids Ride and The Junior Challenge. The Tricycle Ride was a very interesting cycling event for the young kids, who were enjoying themselves during the 100m and 150m dash, with their enthusiastic parents at the side of the track accompanying, taking photographs and cheering their children on. It was a beautiful sight to see parents participating with their children and letting their kids to have fun in cycling! For the Mighty Savers Kids Ride and Junior Challenge, the older children were pretty competitive and fast in cycling, they definitely will not lose out to the adult cyclists! There were scenes of support and cheering from the sidelines by the parents for their children riding the Mighty Savers Kids Ride and Junior Challenge, it was great!



On Sunday 30th March, it was a pretty big turnout of 10,000 cyclists, starting in the early morning, uniting to take part in the mass ride categories – The Super Challenge (59km), The Challenge (40km), The Business Times Charity Challenge (40km), The Foldies Community Ride (27km) and The Community Ride (27km). The cycling event was not just confined to the tracks, with fun activities at the carnival village. Check out my OCBC Cycle Singapore 2014 photographs here on Flickr!

During OCBC Cycle Singapore 2014, there was a very unfortunate event whereby a cyclist passed away from his injuries sustained in an accident. This was very sad news and here is the link for the news report on Channel News Asia.

OCBC Cycle Singapore 2014 – 28th March

OCBC Cycle Singapore 2014 kickstarted on Friday 28th March with the Masters’, Women’s Open and Men’s Open Criterium events. Benjamin Paul Arnott from the United Kingdom won the Masters’ Criterium. Sarah Jeanne Fraser won the Women’s Open Criterium. Tjarco Cuppens won the Men’s Open Criterium.

In addition, Team Osteo Health was crowned champion of the Corporate Category and Team Ben-Pete-Nick-Bevan was crowned champion of the Open Category of The Berocca Challenge after an exhilarating Final, and each team earned a trip to the Gold Coast Festival of Cycling in Australia in October. Team Ben-Pete-Nick-Bevan received help from Professional Criterium guest rider Bernard Sulzberger of Drapac Professional Cycling Team.


OCBC Cycle Singapore continued with The Parade of Hope, a 20-minute ride around the F1 Pit Building aimed at raising awareness and funds for the official charities of OCBC Cycle Singapore 2014: Dover Park Hospice, Singapore Children’s Society, SingHealth Transplant TRUEfund and the SportCares Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the Singapore Sports Council.  The Parade of Hope was open for public registration for the first time this year, and also joining the ride were Professional Criterium riders Ed Clancy (Rapha Condor-JLT), Aidis Kruopis (ORICA-GreenEDGE), Rico Rogers (OCBC Singapore Pro Cycling Team) and Shem Rodger (New Zealand national team), as well as Team Singapore cyclists Ho Jun Rong, Benedict Lee, Noel Teh and Travis Woodford and Team Singapore sprinter Gary Yeo.

The OCBC Singapore Pro Cycling Team’s Rico Rogers came within a split-second of giving the roaring home fans a victory to remember, as Drapac Professional Cycling Team’s Wouter Wippert edged Rogers by a fraction of a bicycle length to win the OCBC Cycle Singapore Professional Criterium on Friday at the F1 Pit Building.


Still, the second-place finish was the OCBC Singapore Pro Cycling Team’s best-ever result at its home race. Cameron Bayly gave Singapore’s only professional cycling outfit further reason to cheer by capturing the Cycle Asia King of the Sprints crown, the second year in a row the team has captured the accolade. Rapha Condor-JLT’s Graeme Briggs, the 2011 British national road race champion, finished in third place.

Ho Jun Rong, the only Singaporean in the field, finished in 26th place, 18 seconds behind Wippert, to become the first local rider since 2010 to complete the challenging Professional Criterium. Terengganu Cycling Team’s Mohammad Saufi Mat Senan earned the Best Asian Rider title by crossing the line in 21st place.

* Information and details above Courtesy of OCBC Singapore and Black Dot Pte Ltd *

It was good to be back covering OCBC Cycle Singapore cycling event, Day 1 action is over, now for Day 2 – 29th March and Day 3 – 30th March for more fun and community cycling events! This is my third time covering OCBC Cycle Singapore and I covered OCBC Cycle Singapore 2011 and OCBC Cycle Singapore 2012! If you are participating and cycling, have fun and enjoy yourselves! Do come down to OCBC Cycle Singapore village for Attractions Off The Track and check out the Sports and Lifestyle Expo, there will also be fun and activities for the children!


The Parade of Hope cycling event, an earlier event before the Professional Criterium race, showed the fun and community side of cycling, recreation and fun, from the different kind of bicycles to the little children pushing their bicycles instead of riding their bicycles, cycling along side with their parents. With such fun and interesting cyclists in action, the community rides on Sunday is going to gather more interesting cyclists, wondering how they will come to OCBC Cycle Singapore dressed up as? Maybe fictional cartoon characters like Spiderman, Captain Marvel or somebody else? Check out my photography coverage of OCBC Cycle Singapore 2014 here on Flickr! 


Here are the key social media links and events information for OCBC Cycle Singapore

OCBC Cycle Singapore website

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OCBC Cycle Singapore Facebook Page

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Today, 29th March is Fun Time for the Kids and Family with the Tricycle Ride, Mighty Savers Kids Ride and The Junior Challenge, do drop by OCBC Cycle Singapore at F1 Pit Stop Building and catch the action! Have a fun sporting and cycling weekend at OCBC Cycle Singapore 2014 and see you there!

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OCBC Cycle 2012

3 days of riding festival, showcasing a popular sport, in Singapore, the OCBC Cycle Singapore 2012 was back in action from 2nd to 4th March 2012. It was a great weekend for both professional and leisure cyclists from around the world, showcasing Singapore to be a great venue/location for major sporing events, held around the Marina Bay region. Recalling my coverage during OCBC Cycle Singapore 2011, I was glad to be part of this wonderful event and covering this major cycling event again!

On Friday 2nd March, I photographed and covered the Professional Criterium from 8:30pm onwards, shooting from various locations around the circuit, giving my readers and followers different perspectives, angles and views of the professional cyclists in fast octane action! Since I am also a cyclist, I was happily admiring their professional, top-end and “powerful” road racing bikes and I hope my bike could be slowly improved and be upgraded too, down the road ! The racing was fast, competitive and under the night lights, it was fun to watch and photograph the professional riders zooming past you and feeling the wind across my face (that’s how fast the professional riders were riding!).

I was back on Sunday 4th March, to photograph and cover the Super Challenge, Challenge and Community Ride riders in action, looking at the number of riders and bikers along the roads, F1 Pit Stop Building and around Marina Bay area, it’s a testimonial on the popularity of cycling in Singapore, with the potential to become even bigger, with emphasis of leading a healthy and sporting recreational lifestyle in Singapore! It’s not just the young adults, we have a wide range of age group from the senior citizens to the young kids riding on Sunday! From the Channel News Asia report, there were over 10,000 riders in action on Sunday, reinforcing the growing participation and interest in cycling as a sporting, leisure and recreational activity in Singapore over the years! For more photos of OCBC Cycle 2012, check it out here on my Flickr !

Looking ahead in the future, let’s hope cycling gets more followers, riders and interest, with more Singaporeans adopting a healthy, active, sporting, leisure and recreational lifestyle in Singapore!

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OCBC Cycle 2011

A big cycling event and carnival in Singapore, OCBC Cycle 2011, into its 3 year since its birth in 2009, a time of cycling fun for the community, promoting healthy and active lifestyle, from the big turnout of cyclists for the 60km, 40km and 20km routes. The professional racers too were in the thick of action, with a night Criterium race on Saturday.

With my media pass, courtesy of Spectrum Worldwide and thePRelement, I was able to get close to the racing/cycling action, wearing a media vest and becoming a sports photojournalist. Overall, it was a great learning experience for my sports photography, learning the ropes on being part of media, interacting with fellow media, photographers and PR staff. Many thanks to Ben & Kelvin of thePRelement for their assistance and support during OCBC Cycle 2011.


On Saturday 5th March 2011, covering the different criterium races, giving me a chance to learn more about professional cycling competition, it is a great spectacle too! Cycling is not just your road cycling or off-road cycling events, that’s a lot more! Watching the professional riders, racing in the night, under the flood lights around the F1 Pit Stop Building and Singapore Flyer, it’s a mini F1 race. The kids races in the afternoon were of great fun and joy, capturing the various happy, carefree, cute and funny faces of the kids cycling. It’s awesome and wonderful that these kids learn and have fun with cycling as a sports and recreational activity.

On Sunday 6th March 2011, with the exception of the 60km route, the 40km, 20km and iFlyForHope races were community based, that emphasis on active healthy and sporting lifestyle and the overall turnout was awesome. The riders were split into different waves, avoiding “riders/cyclists bicycle jams” and that was a great idea by the organisers. The atmosphere and spirit was nice, with good vocal support from the sidelines.

A special mention to the iFly Singapore Cycle of Hope race, a fund raising ride organised along with National Cancer Centre, to spread the awareness on cancer patients, cancer treatment and their experiences they went through. This special race was graced, participated and supported by staff of National Cancer Centre, cancer survivors and supporters for the fund raising event. Among the supporters was Dr William Tan, a person who is a great role model despite his physical and medical condition. It’s great to see OCBC Cycle, a major sporting event in Singapore, supporting a noble social cause and their movement.

Looking forward to another great OCBC Cycling event in 2012 !

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