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The 10th Singapore Night Festival 2017 is here!

A milestone reached, the 10th year, this is the 10th edition of the Singapore Night Festival! Since making her debut in 2008, Singapore Night Festival 2017 is now into her 10th edition and it is starting tonight on the 18th August 2017, till 26th August 2017.

Following, documenting and photographing the 10the edition of Singapore Night Festival is also a milestone for me! I have been following, documenting and photographing Singapore Night Festival 2017 since her debut in 2008. Here is my collection of Singapore Night Festival photographs for you to go back in time to 2008 and observe what has changed over the past 10 years.

This is going to be my 10th year following, documenting and photographing Singapore Night Festival 2017 and a new photography album in my Flickr is now created to share my photos on this 10th magical year of Singapore Night Festival 2017!

The Night Lights will take place first on 18th August 2017, the performances will take place next week on 24th August to 26th August 2017.

I just want to share a few Night Lights 2017 artworks installations and I encourage you to come down with your family, relatives and friends to visit, explore and have fun at Singapore Night Festival 2017 starting from 18th August 2017 to 26th August 2017.

  1. Phosphene by Praxis + from Singapore @ Design Gallery 1, National Design Centre

2. The Tree That Blinked by Karel Bata from United Kingdom @ Banyan Tree outside the National Museum of Singapore

3. Nostos: Records of the Self by Aesop from Singapore @ National Museum of Singapore Gallery 10

4. Les Hommes Debout (The Standing Men) by AADN from France @ Singapore Art Museum

5.Tessellations of Time by LiteWerkz x 3M from Singapore @ Main Ground

6. Convolutions by EX3kiel from France @ National Museum of Singapore facade

Useful information and links

Do keep a lookout on my Instagram and Flickr, as I share my Singapore Night Festival 2017 photography adventures and stories!

Enjoy and have fun at a magical 10th year of Singapore Night Festival 2017!

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Singapore Night Festival 2015 – 28th & 29th August

The first weekend of the Singapore Night Festival 2015, 21st & 22nd August, was a huge success with massive crowds at the various Zones of the Singapore Night Festival 2015. People were enjoying themselves, watching the various arts and music performances, immersing themselves in the night arts and street performances. Of all the eight editions of Singapore Night Festival that I followed, documented and photographed since her inauguration in 2008, this year’s 2015 could probably be the biggest visitor attendance till date. This is the best testimonial to the growth, maturity and success of the Singapore Night Festival.

On the second weekend of the Singapore Night Festival 2015, 28th & 29th August. The anchor performance that many of the visitors were waiting for was Garden of Angels by Theater Tol from Belgium. I remembered Theater Tol when they came down to Singapore Night Festival in the year 2011, here’s a recap of their amazing performances during Singapore Night Festival 2011!




Therefore, on 28th August, after my work, I went to Armenian Street and waited for the Garden of Angels Parade by Theater Tol at 8pm before their main performance at Front Lawn of the National Museum of Singapore at 9pm and 11pm. Many visitors were there too, waiting eagerly and in anticipation for this parade. The part of the Armenian Street that was closed to traffic was packed with people! When the parade started, it was really up close and personal with the crowds, dazzling and entertaining us with their music, tango performers and dancing!

After watching and photographing the Garden of Angels Parade, I walked toward the Front Lawn at the National Museum of Singapore. The crowds there started to build up and I managed to find a spot behind the stage where Theater Tol was performing. Although it wasn’t the best location to watch their performance, considering the huge crowds that were waiting for the outdoor performance by Theater Tol.



Theater Tol gave a great spectacle and a night outdoor arts performance to the crowds at the Front Lawn, National Museum of Singapore. Their singing, dazzling and colourful angels, dancers and singers, combining a world of nature and fantasy, on the ground and in the sky, coming down towards the people on the ground. The aerial display was a wonderful performance and mesmerised many of us on the ground.


After catching the Garden of Angels wonderful performance, I walked over to the Festival Village at SMU Green. This zone was packed with people resting, eating and long queues for the food at the various food stalls! It was way too crowded, therefore, I decided to go home and rest since I had to cover OCBC Cycle 2015 on Saturday 29th August.

On 29th August 2015, I returned to Singapore Night Festival 2015 after covering OCBC Cycle 2015 in the afternoon. My initial plan was to find a spot to catch Garden of Angels by Theater Tol from a different location, facing the stage where will be performing. However, the crowds buildup were huge, making it inaccessible and very difficult to get a spot. After analysing the crowd situation, I decided that I wasn’t going to watch Theater Tol performing (luckily, I mananged to watch and capture their performance on Friday!) and walked towards National Design Centre for the Night Lights installation Pixels Wave again (to photograph from another different perspective). At the National Design Centre, I went up to the third floor of the building and photographed Pixels Wave from a top down perspective. The time photographing from the third floor was amazing, this was one of the more popular and well liked artwork installations.



As I left the National Design Centre for home, it marked the end of my Singapore Night Festival 2015 adventure! The crowds were really massive, making it a big challenge to photograph the various arts performances and lightworks installations. I might have missed out one or two lightworks installations and couldn’t catch all the performances. Nevertheless, Singapore Night Festival has established itself over the years and now attracts many people towards the museums, the arts and performances in Singapore during the Singapore Night Festival. 8 years of Singapore Night Festival coverage and counting, looking forward to Singapore Night Festival 2016!

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Singapore Night Festival 2015 – 21st & 22nd August

The first weekend of Singapore Night Festival 2015 is over and completed with a huge crowd turnout on both days, 21st and 22nd August 2015. It was amazing and this showed Singapore Night Festival had grown and expanded a lot over the years since her inception eight years ago. In my personal humble opinion (from documenting and photographing eight editions of Singapore Night Festival) the Singapore Night Festival has now established itself as a modern fun arts festival that stands out for both locals and international visitors alike, something for all to come down, participate and enjoy.

When I went down after work on Friday 21st August 2015 and saw the crowds on a Friday night at Singapore Night Festival 2015, I knew it had built for herself a reputation and following as a modern arts festival in Singapore. There were lots of people visiting the Singapore Night Festival!

My first stop on 21st August 2015 was the Armenian Church, I was looking forward to view the Night Lights installation titled “Hanami” by Cie Mastoc Production from France. Inspired by the Japanese tradition of celebrating the beauty and tranquility of cherry blossoms each spring, the Amernian Church grounds provided an ideal and suitable venue for this light installation. When I was photographing the “Hanami” light installation, three interesting and brighly lighted up characters walked into the venue, some of the visitors to “Hanami” light installation were treated to a quiet sharing of whispered poem or a word on love from them, this was “Embruns De Lune” by Cie Mastoc Production.



My next stop was Armenian Street, behind Armenan Church. People were dancing and singing at Armenian Street (Zone 2), it was lively with street and stage performances such as “The Peranakan Museum Variety Show” by The Main Wayang Co. and Singapore’s first New Orleans-style brass band entertained the crowds to a great night out.


Walking towards Zone 1 where the National Museum of Singapore is located, I stopped at Main Ground, National Museum to photograph, Night Lights artwork installation “Drawn in Light” by Ralf Westerhof. This was another crowd attraction too, with many people taking photographs of the constantly moving artwork hanging in the air. Although I had photographed it earlier in the week during the media preview, I wanted to go back and take more photographs of this artwork from a different angle and perspective, using a different lens.



At the iconic location, the Banyan Tree, National Museum, you can’t miss the three Big Birds on the tree above. That is the “Le Desir Et La Menace” by Cedric Le Borgne from France, it’s an interesting artwork with lighting projection on them to make it look special.


The Anooki Celebrate Singapore is a big crowd favourite, just by looking at the number of people watching around the front lawn of the National Museum of Singapore and along the footpath across the road at the SMU campus ground. In my earlier article, I had a fun time watching them and I just had to stop by and take photos of the cute Inuits running, jumping and having fun entertaining us!


Continuing across to Zone 4, the Festival Village at SMU, there was another huge crowd of people eating and buying food from the varous food stalls at the Festival Village, enjoying the various stage live performances. I dropped by to say hi to my friend, The Quarters, at the Festival Village! Remember to visit their food stall, taste their Durian Crème Brulee and other local fusion dishes!



Spark! By World Beaters Music (UK) is a group of five mysterious perfectly choreographed LED-lit drummers roving and marching around the Singapore Night Festival 2015 in the Bras Basah Bugis precinct. Where the Spark went, the crowds follow them, wanting to watch them close up in action. I managed to catch them on Friday 21st August night at Armenian Street and 22nd August at the Festival Village.



Starlight Alchemy from Singapore is another huge crowd favourite and attraction at Singapore Night Festival. I didn’t manage to catch them on 21st August and only managed to catch their second act on 22nd Angust. Due to the crowds, I was standing at the SMU campus ground, opposite SAM, using my telephoto EF 70-200mm f4 L USM lens to capture their wonderful performances!



At the National Design Centre, in Zone 5 of Singapore Night Festival 2015, there is an lightwork installation that I really liked a lot. The artwork is titled “Pixels Wave” by Miguel Chevalier in collabration with Carolyn Kan and Depression, co-presented with Design Singapore Council. Pixels Wave is a giant light carpet with changing colours, designs, patterns and forms. Visitors to this artwork enjoyed it a lot, from their actions when they were on the “carpet floor”, taking photos, enjoying the changing and moving Pixels Wave and even chasing the Pixels Wave.



The first weekend of Singapore Night Festival 2015 had concluded, the Night Lights 2015 are still ongoing towards the second weekend of Singapore Night Festival 2015 on 28th & 29th August, whereby the action continues to dazzle, rock, entertain and allowing the visitors to have fun at the Singapore Night Festival 2015.

During the week, you can still come down to Bras Basah Bugis precinct to visit and check out the Night Lights artwork installations! Check out my Flickr collection on Singapore Night Festival 2015 for reference!

I am looking forward to the second weekend when Theater Tol (they participated in Singapore Night Festival 2011) from Belgium arrives in Singapore for the second weekend of Singapore Night Festival 2015!

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Singapore Night Festival 2015 – A Sneak Preview

It all started in the year 2008, a humble beginning of an awesome night festival event in Singapore. The Singapore Night Festival grew and expanded over the past seven years and in the year 2015, let’s all welcome the eight edition of Singapore Night Festival to the Bras Basah.Bugis precinct.

The Singapore Night Festival 2015 returns to light up our cityscape with another awesome line up of acts, performances and light art installations. In conjunction with Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, the theme for Singapore Night Festival 2015 is “Glitz and Glamour”.

Till date, I have attended all the seven editions of Singapore Night Festival since her birth in 2008! Let me share with you a sneak preview of Singapore Night Festival 2015 and some of the artists/artworks/performances participating in Singapore Night Festival 2015! There are many events, performances, activities and also delicious food at Singapore Night Festival 2015. Remember to bookmark their website www.nightfest.sg for information, details, updates and the all important festival map and events schedule for you to soak into the fun, interesting and exciting Singapore Night Festival 2015, located in the heart of Bras Basah.Bugis precinct. There is something for everybody, tell your friends and come on down to the Night Festival!

For the first weekend of Singapore Night Festival 2015 (21st and 22nd August 2015), there is a very cute and fun looking light art installation under Night Lights, they can be found at the façade of the National Museum of Singapore. The world’s smallest and beloved Inuits – Anoo and Nooki, are going to run amok all over the façade the National Museum of Singapore, dancing and singing along with their tunes and actions, enthralling the crowds! You cannot miss this awesome light art installation, it’s great for the family and the kids will love it! This is a specially created façade projection by French graphic designers David Passegand and Moetu Batlle for the Singapore Night Festival 2015 and Singapore’s Golden Jubilee.




During Singapore Night Festival 2015, here’s a preview of some of the light artworks installation and performances that you can watch and enjoy, don’t miss them (and you can’t miss them!)

A Little Nonya’s Dreams – Brandon Tay (Singapore), Stephanie Ronzon (France) and Fred Multier (France)

Salon, Level 1, National Museum of Singapore



Alchemy – Starlight Alchemy from Singapore

Friday 21 and Saturday 22 August 2015 @ 830pm, 930pm and 11pm

Singapore Art Museum, Front Lawn



Le Desir Et La Menace – Cedric Le Bornge from France

Banyan Tree

National Museum of Singapore


Drawn in Light – Ralf Westerhof from Netherlands

Main Ground, National Museum of Singapore


And So They Say – Louge, The Raffles Photographic Society and Shang (Singapore)

Concurse Level 1, National Museum of Singapore

Advisory Level 1, National Design Centre

School of the Arts (SOTA)



Lost Vegas – Frankie Malachi from Singapore

Friday 28th and Saturday 29th August 2015 at 7pm


Goldies – Goldies (Singapore)

Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd, Friday 28th and Saturday 29th August 2015 at 830pm

Admission $15


Fields in Bloom – School of the Arts (SOTA) from Singapore

West Plaza Steps, SOTA


Lorong Boys

Friday 21st August 2015 at 915pm

Saturday 22nd August 2015 at 745pm

Festival Village, SMU Green


The eight edition of Singapore Night Festival is going to be another exciting and fun Night Festival, I am looking forward to attend, watch, enjoy, photograph, document, write stories and share Singapore Night Festival 2015!

Here are some key information and links on Singapore Night Festival 2015

Dates: Friday and Saturday, 21 & 22 Aug 2015 and 28 & 29 Aug 2015

Time: 7pm – 2am

Location: Bras Basah.Bugis

I would like to thank National Heritage Board for the invitation to the media preview of Singapore Night Festival 2015!