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New Year Eve Countdown Fireworks @ Marina Bay

The Marina Bay area in Singapore, was packed with lots of people, enjoying the festivities and celebrations around it, preparing to welcome and usher in the Year 2012 with a big bang of celebrations and fun at the Marina Bay, with the New Year Eve Countdown Fireworks being the highlight of the celebrations.

I dropped by the evening to have a feel of the atmosphere around the Marina Bay, walking from the Esplanade around 6pm, it was already starting to get packed with people with their cameras and picnic setup. The weather was great, beautiful clear blue sky and lovely sun, I waited patiently for the last sunset of 2011 and I wasn’t disappointed at all!

After capturing the last sunset of 2011, I waited for a while to capture the wishing spheres floating on Marina Bay to be lighted up, before going for my dinner and rest, waiting for reporting time at Singapore Flyer to capture the New Year Eve Countdown Fireworks! This was a special arrangement by Marina Bay Singapore division under Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and Singapore Flyer, who kindly made this very special arrangement for some of us photographers to capture the New Year Eve Countdown Fireworks from inside their capsule, a big Thank You to the organisations for giving us this wonderful opportunity! Do check out Marina Bay Singapore and Singapore Flyer for more information and exciting events!

Photo taken from Singapore Flyer
Thanks you Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Division of URA for this special arrangement.

Shooting fireworks from a rotating moving Singapore Flyer is very challenging and it was an awesome experience capturing the fireworks! The views of the New Year Eve Countdown Fireworks were simply awesome and breath-taking, gorgeous views of the Marina Bay and city skyline, accompanied by the beautiful fireworks lighting up the Marina Bay skyline!

Photo taken from Singapore Flyer
Thanks you Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Division of URA for this special arrangement.

Thank you Marina Bay Singapore and Singapore Flyer for this wonderful and exciting opportunity! I would also like to thank all my family, friends, supporters and readers for all your following and support! Good luck and all the best for 2012 !

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New Year Eve Fireworks @ Marina Bay

Year 2008 has arrived with a big bang of fireworks display @ the Marina Bay !

For this fireworks, I decided not to be around the Esplanade area and decide to head for an open field behind One Marina Boulevard, NTUC Centre, the future site for the Central Promontory, one of the viewing locations recommended by the organisers of Marina Bay Countdown Celebrations.

Borrowing my dad’s mini bus, I parked at Prince Edward Road carpark and slowly walked towards NTUC Centre. There were crowds heading to that location too and it wasn’t too difficult to find. Initially, I was worried that it would be super crowded but when I reached there, it wasn’t that bad. Sure, there were crowds but there was still breathing space. Observed the background of the Esplanade and Marina Square, I placed my stuff down, setup my tripod and DSLR, determined my “arc of fire” and make the compulsory preparations for taking fireworks photos.

Due to the fact that I reached there about 1.5 hrs before the countdown, there were a handful of people there already and there were at the front, near to the edge of the sea and my view was partially blocked by people heads. That explains for the heads you can see in my fireworks photos !

Do check out my New Eve Countdown Fireworks @ Marina Bay – A photoset on Flickr

At 0000 hrs….. the fireworks light up the sky ! 8 mins of pyrotechnics ! I was happily pressing my remote switch, snapping up the fireworks photos. When it was all over, people started to make their way out, as for me, I moved up to the front and take photos of the Marina Bay area, the Clifford Pier area and One Marina area.

It was a night of fun, especially taking fireworks photos ! Happy New Year 2008, folks !!

Happy New Year !!!

Dear folks !

Happy New Year !!!!!

With this New Year Eve Countdown fireworks photo (the Marina Bay Countdown), it would bless you all with showers of love, brightness and well-wishes for you and your family.

Thank you very much to all my readers, bloggers and supporters !

Let’s all usher in and warmly welcome Year 2008 ! Good luck & all the best in the journey that you choose to embark on !

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year !

Dear readers,

Thanks for dropping (regularly) by my photoblog to read and view my photos ! Hope you all enjoy my blog !!

Wishing all of you here Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year ! Many best wishes and all the best for the new year 2008. May this shining star below bless everybody with wisdom, blessings, well wishes and guidance, a guiding light for all.

Enjoy the festive holiday season, folks !