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World Club Rugby 10s Singapore 2014

The newly renovated National Stadium in Singapore, a modern and beautiful state of the art sports stadium, recently hosted the World Club Rugby 10s Singapore tournament on 21st and 22nd June 2014. The Rugby 10s game is a mixed/balance between the Rugby Union 15 players code and the Rugby 7s code and it was my first time watching Rugby 10s in action! I went on the 2nd day of the World Club Rugby 10s Singapore, the experience shooting from the sidelines was simply awesome and breathtaking! Nothing beats being up close and personal to the high adrenaline action on the field! The rules are similar to the 15 players code, therefore, I was able to relate and understand most of the Rugby 10s action on the field!




Being a sports photographer on the sidelines of the new National Stadium was a dream come true, shooting from the sidelines inside this magnificent sports stadium! Not only was the rugby 10s action exciting, the view from the ground level of the National Stadium was really cool and awesome! It was a dream fulfilled to feel how a sports photojournalist felt like in a world class sports stadium and I am looking forward to more sports photography inside the National Stadium in the future!

I am very grateful to the social media folks of MCCY – Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth for the kind and wonderful arrangement to visit the World Club Rugby 10s Singapore 2014!

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Sports Hub Community Open House 2014 Fireworks

The Singapore Sports Hub has almost finish her transformation and completion! There is a Sports Hub Community Open House on Friday 27th June to celebrate One Year countdown to SEA Games 2015 festivities and on Saturday 28th June 2014, it is the SEA Games Sports tryouts and demonstrations. The new and transformed National Stadium at the Singapore Sports Hub has attracted a lot of new attention and with a fireworks extravaganza to celebrate One Year countdown to SEA Games 2015, many people flock to the surrounding areas to catch the fireworks in action and there were many visitors at the Sports Hub side and were part of the countdown festivities!


A fan of fireworks and supporter of sports, recreational and leisure healthy lifestyle in Singapore, I was there on the other side of the Singapore Sports Hub to capture the fireworks moments and celebrating the One Year Countdown to SEA Games 2015! It was great to watch the fireworks rising back again at the National Stadium and Singapore Sports Hub area. Here are my fireworks photographs from the One Year Countdown to SEA Games 2015 at Singapore Sports Hub!

Let’s all welcome back our new National Stadium and the Kallang Roar!

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Photos from Liverpool FC ~ I was sitting at The KOP End (The Kop Comes to Asia)

Sunday, 26th July 2009 – The Grand Finale

Singapore versus Liverpool FC at the National Stadium

It was a sea of Red Fans, easily identified with their Liverpool FC jerseys, shirts, caps and scarfs, on the trains and buses, traveling towards National Stadium, to be a part of The Kop Comes to Asia. Their loyalty, passion and pride of their favourite Liverpool FC can be felt across everyone of us attending the Grand Finale match. I met up with Edwin, a fellow same batch DSG and a die hard Liverpool FC fan like me at Kallang Leisure Park, bought Subway sandwich meal and went to queue up at the  East Entrance to enter National Stadium.


A sea of Red greeted us and the view was great ! After entering the East Entrance, we got our limited and special edition “The Kop Comes to Asia” Liverpool FC scarf  and made our way up to the stands. Since it was free seating, we tried to find some good vantage points, however, it was already quite filled up and we decided to go about three quarters way up in the middle segment instead of seating lower at an acute angle. After settling down, we rested, had our dinner and watched the 2 teams preparing, training and warming up. The atmosphere was slowly building up and we were slowly engulfed by Sea of Red Fans, probably around 50,000 supporters !


Great cheers came for the Liverpool FC and our Singapore team as well, with the singing of the Anfield anthem, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and with the scarfs flying high up above everybody’s head, it was very heart warming, goose bumps choking with emotions of pride, happiness and loyalty ! The match kicked off after the 2 teams were introduced to our VIPs for this evening, President Nathan and DPM Teo and it was a night of entertainment !


The final score was Singapore 0 Liverpool FC 5 and regardless of the final result, it was an awesome time for all Liverpool FC fans, watching Torres for about 30mins action and a goal too ! Xabi, with his beautiful and pin-point passing, Carragher, with his leadership and defence quality. For a breakdown of the Liverpool FC minutes by minutes, do drop by the Official Liverpool FC : Final Whistle Report !


When the match finished, it was euphoria of happiness and cheering ! Singing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” when Liverpool FC was doing their lap of honour around the National Stadium, acknowledging their fans support and presence ! Please do drop by my Flickr for more Liverpool FC photos !!


Liverpool FC, You’ll Never Walk Alone !