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N.E.mation! 10 Downtown Picnic! Time to Vote!

A bubbly and action packed downtown picnic, packed with young school students along with their friends, families and supporters from the community. This is the third edition of the N.E.mation! Downtown Picnic, the N.E.mation! 10 Downtown Picnic that took place at the The Plaza (Ground Floor) of the National Library Building in the Bugis district. Having been involved with N.E.mation! 6 till N.E.mation! 10 today, it had always been a very interesting and mind opening journey with all these different groups of young secondary school students over these few years, watching their short, interesting and talented animation clips.



At N.E.mation! 10 Downtown Picnic, it was a carnival, filled with fun, joy, performances and snacks! The Downtown Picnic had evolved and improved since the first Downtown Picnic in N.E.mation! 8, the Top 10 teams were innovative and they went all out to market their video clips, their stalls with decorations, displays and giving out sweets and snacks! The support from their families, school and friends were pretty strong too!

Soaking and immersing myself into the Downtown Picnic carnival atmosphere, I would like to introduce the Top 10 Teams of N.E.mation! 10 and the links to their video clips on YouTube!

Team C01 – The Building Bricks of Our Country


ASDFG from Jurong Secondary School

Team C02 – Our Everyday SuperHeroes


BAMM from CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School

Team C03 – Our Singapore Masterpiece


Cedar3 from Cedar Girls’ Secondary School

Team C04 – The Singapore Vision


Duck Duck Glucose from Cedar Girls’ Secondary School

Team C05 – In The Forces We Trust 


Duck Vaders from CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School

Team C06 – Our Unspoken Language 


MADEit by Cedar Girls’ Secondary School

Team C07 – Strength in Reflection


NEtitanxII from Beatty Secondary School

Team C08 – Light Bulb Moments


Rockin’ Tomato from Hua Yi Secondary School

Team C09 – The Big Puzzle


Spatium from CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School

Team C10 – The Soccer Match


ZLS from Guangyang Secondary School

After watching the Top 10 teams of N.E.mation! 10 on the stage during Downtown Picnic, with their video clips played to the crowds and listening to their pitches to rally for votes, it was pretty fun out there! Here’s where you can participate, support and vote for your favourite video clips from N.E.mation! 10

4 Ways To Vote !

You can visit N.E.mation! website for more details on the voting!

There are some pretty good video clips in N.E.mation! 10, each different season that I am involved in, producing a series of various talents, styles and video clips! Do give them the support, spread the word, share the videos and vote for your favourite video clips!

Good luck to all the Top 10 Teams of N.E.mation! 10 !! Congrats, great job to reach the Top 10 and you are already a winner!!

Points of Departure Photography Exhibition

Do you remember the places and surroundings that you grew up with 10, 20, 30, 4o years ago and beyond? What was it like last time and how different is it compared with today’s environment? At this very interesting and special photography exhibition titled “Points of Departure” by fellow photographer friend Juria Toramae (capturing all the photographs that you can see in the exhibition) in collaboration with another photographer friend of mine, Jerome Lim (who did the sound installation), Points of Departure seeks to explore and share about the experiences that the people faced in relation to their memories of their surroundings, the familiarity and displacement, and what was documented, kept and remembered.


I visited the Points of Departure Exhibition recently, supporting my photographer friends Juria and Jerome. The works were very interesting and unique, a combination of old photograph on current climate and landscapes. What used to be there, the sea activities and lifestyle, where have they gone to and how different is it compared to the current climate today? I remembered looking at my parents black and white photographs when they went exploring some of the islands in Singapore, the activities that they do during those days and how much changes it has gone through, the culture, the activities. When I looked at the various photographs on display at Points of Departure, I was kind of brought back in time to my parents time when they were young adults, their leisure and recreational activities with the seas and beaches of Singapore. Things have changed so much over the years!



Points of Departure Photography Exhibition is now currently on display at The Promenade, Level 10, National Library Building Singapore from 1st to 28th April 2015. More information can be found on their website and Facebook Page! Do drop by and visit the Points of Departure Photography Exhibition! It is definitely an eye-opener to see the old and current photographs coming together!

Made-in-Singapore Products Preview Exhibition

Made in Singapore, what are the different kind of products that comes into your mind? Do we have anything that is Made in Singapore? Is it food? Is it a machine? Is it a clothing? Is it an electronic device? Singapore is a small country and has a pretty short history compared to many of the countries in the world yet Singapore can be proud of her achievements, creations and inventions. What exactly are those Made in Singapore products?


Let me bring you back in time, when you are young (if you are around my age group) … What is your favourite biscuit that goes along with your tea break in school or home? Do you remember the biscuit with a layer of sugar coating? This brand name Khong Guan, does it strike a bell with you? I loved Khong Guan biscuits when I was a kid and still is a fan of Khong Guan biscuits today, I love the Khong Guan biscuits kept inside the big metal tin container!


Another Made in Singapore product, a wonderful and miraculous medicated oil that seems to be able to cure my headaches, mosquito bites and stomachache, the Axe brand universal oil. This medicated oil is really universal and multi-functional, probably one of the most common and well known product being used in Singapore, the Axe brand universal oil bottle is small, light and handy, it can fit inside our bags or first aid kit easily!


As an avid photographer, close to 30 years of photography and starting off with a manual film SLR camera. I was happy to see a camera that was manufactured in Singapore from 1971 to 1981! It’s the Rollei 35 model series and the following models were manufactured in Singapore, Rollei 35, Rollei 35S, Rollei 35TE, Rollei 35SE, Rollei B35 and Rollei 35B! You can spot the words “Made in Singapore” on the Rollei camera models!


There are a lot more Made in Singapore products, we never knew they were Made in Singapore yet we had been using them faithfully over the past few decades. The National Heritage Board organised a Made in Singapore Products Preview Exhibition now on-going at the National Library Building from 20th August to 30th September 2014. There are 20 products that are part of the Made in Singapore Products Exhibition and it’s a prelude to Singapore 50th Jubilee Year 2015 whereby the full exhibition will feature 50 Made in Singapore products from 50 Singapore companies! The Made in Singapore Products Preview Exhibition will be visiting various library across the island over the next few months!

  Exhibition Venue Dates
1 National Library Building 20 August – 30 September 2014
2 Jurong West Public Library 2-30 October 2014
3 Bedok Public Library 2-29 November 2014
4 Bishan Public Library 2-30 December 2014
5 Queenstown Public Library 3-30 January 2015
6 Tampines Regional Library 2-27 February 2015
7 National Museum of Singapore (Full Exhibition) July 2015

If you would like to read more in details about the Made in Singapore products preview exhibition, the Straits Times have a great write up here! I strongly encourage you to visit the Made in Singapore products preview exhibition! This is for everybody, the children, young adults, our seniors and friends from abroad who would like to know more about the various unique brands that were Made in Singapore!

Visiting the Made in Singapore products preview exhibition is going to be heartwarming and nostalgic for some, especially the older generations whom grew up with them faithfully using the Made in Singapore products. This is a great time for the older generations to share with the younger generations and share with them many meaningful stories, memories and experiences with Made in Singapore products that we all can be  proud of! Do visit my Made in Singapore Products Preview Exhibition photographs on Flickr! 

I was planning to own a Rollei 35 camera and start to return back to my film photography roots, and start photographing my own SG50 stories. Oh yes, I found a Rollei 35 film camera at my local favourite camera shop where I always visit and hang out. I hope to share more of my new personal photography adventure soon!

See you there at the Made in Singapore Products Preview Exhibition, tell your family, loved ones and friends about it!

** I would like to thank National Heritage Board for the invitation to the Made in Singapore Products Preview Exhibition, information on the Made in Singapore products preview exhibition and the exhibition schedule **

Created with flickr slideshow.

Documenting Bukit Brown Exhibition

I first stepped into Bukit Brown on the 24th December 2011, joining Nature Society Singapore (here is my photography collection of Nature Society Singapore Public Walk @ Bukit Brown) on their public walk to know more about Bukit Brown, the history and heritage, the nature, flora and fauna. My first visit to Bukit Brown was an eye-opener since the news of the proposed expressway to be build across Bukit Brown, there were many many debates and discussions between civil groups and government agencies that took place over the years. This was indeed a sensitive topic that is still ongoing today.


When I went back home and spoke to my relatives about my visit to Bukit Brown, it slowly dawned upon me that I had ancestor roots buried at Bukit Brown Cemetery and I as started to learn and understand more about my ancestor roots, my maternal family side started to know more about what was going and wanting to return back to Bukit Brown Cemetery and find our ancestors. This started a personal heritage trail exploration that I didn’t write about much of it here, those were the few times when I wasn’t able to pen my thoughts and feelings down into words, along with extended family privacy that I have to respect and be mindful of. I wrote on my personal site in Dec 2011 – Saving Bukit Brown and May 2013 – My Heritage Adventure Round Up Summary. I am not going to hide away from the fact that I walked past my ancestor graves without knowing it when I first visited Bukit Brown on 24th November 2011 and I felt ashamed that I do not know that they were buried there.


As time progressed, I wanted to know more about my maternal family ancestors trail and realising that my maternal Great-Grandfather and two Great-Grandmothers had to be exhumed due to the construction of the expressway, we did whatever we could to document and photograph the tombstones for memories before their exhumation recently. While I was not present during the exhumation, I hope that my ancestor heritage trail documentation prior to that is able to make amends and to know my maternal family ancestors more in detail. Here is my photography collection of my Ancestor Heritage Trail @ Bukit Brown on Flickr.


During the period of time when discussions and talks were on-going between civil groups and government agencies, there was a team that tirelessly researched and documented the heritage of Bukit Brown, led by Dr Hui Yew Foong, lead researcher at Bukit Brown Working Community. Over the years of research, documentation and compilation, they managed to gather a diverse range of documents, photographs and objects on Bukit Brown, to be displayed at an exhibition at the Level 9 – Promenade, National Library Board until Friday 10th October 2014 and the Bukit Brown Exhibition news was also on Channel News Asia website. I saw the Channel News Asia news and decided to visit the Bukit Brown Exhibition on the 19th July 2014, it’s a very interesting exhibition for us to know more about our Bukit Brown Heritage and History.


The topic on Bukit Brown still is and will continue to be a topic for debate and discussion, now and into the future. Let us take this time to learn more about our Bukit Brown, the History and Heritage, the roots and connections it had with Singapore’s early development to the early days of Singapore’s modern history and growth. The Bukit Brown Exhibition is a good place for you to start knowing more about them, do drop by and visit the exhibition!

Recent Sharing on Old Playgrounds

In the past few weeks, there was a number of news on some of Singapore’s Old Places, namely, Tanglin Halt Estate, Dakota Crescent and Sungei Road and I did a recap and wrote it down in a post on my personal site!

During the last week of July, I  did a sharing on my Old Places and Old Playgrounds, to a group of Secondary 2 students at Singapore Chinese Girls School at the invitation of their History department. It was an honour for me to be sharing my photographs and experiences in exploring Old Places and Old Playgrounds. However, I would like to apologise if I wasn’t speaking smoothly during my sharing session, stage fright got into me since I haven’t been addressing/speaking to a big group for quite a long time!

On the 27th July 2014, I attended a National Library Board (NLB) talk – The Public Library Mural Project: Placemaking Talk with Khor Ean Ghee @ Programme Zone (Level 1), Ang Mo Kio Public Library. Mr Khor Ean Ghee was the person behind Singapore’s Old Playgrounds and he gave a talk about the history, stories and thoughts behind the various Old Playgrounds designs and plans in Singapore! It was also an honour to meet Mr Khor in person, I grew up playing at the Old Playgrounds he planned and designed and the Old Playgrounds was a personal project of mine as part of my Old Places exploration and documentation! I even saw some of the Old Playgrounds that were gone into history books even before I started my Old Playgrounds documentation and photography, the Old Playgrounds types/model number and their blueprints from Mr Khor’s works! Listening to Mr Khor speaking and sharing about the Old Playgrounds he designed, the inspirations, ideas where it came from, the stories, it was very enlightening, heart warming and interesting!


Playground Type E was below my block during my childhood days!

After the talk was over, I had the chance to meet and had a chat with Mr Khor, it was like a fanboy meeting the star. I was meeting the person behind my wonderful childhood memories at the Old Playgrounds that I grew up with. I was honoured that some of my humble collection of my Old Playgrounds was used by Mr Khor in his Old Playgrounds presentation sharing when NLB approached me for permission to use my Old Playgrounds photographs for Mr Khor’s sharing!


The last week of July, was a humbling and happy week, that my Old Places and Old Playgrounds documentation and photography was part of sharing and outreach to different groups of people. It’s another small achievement unlocked and this also inspires me to continue with my Old Places and Old Playgrounds exploration, documentation and photographing them.

I will continue to play my part, even though it is a small part, to continue exploring, documenting and photographing Old Places and Old Playgrounds in Singapore.

N.E.mation! 8 Watch, Vote and Win Prizes!

This is my third year running that I am involved with the N.E.mation! movement, starting from N.E.mation! 6 to N.E.mation! 8 today. What is N.E.mation! all about? Here’s a recap – N.E.mation! is an annual inter-school animation competition for students from secondary schools, junior colleges and centralised institute(s) to express their thoughts on Total Defence (TD). More than 9,500 students have participated in N.E.mation! since its inauguration in 2007. The theme for N.E.mation! 8 is “Because You Played A Part” and all of you can play a part in the N.E.mation! 8 adventure too, just by Watching, Voting and you can stand to win attractive prizes!


I was happy and honoured to be invited and be part of N.E.mation! 8 journey, starting with “Are You Ready to Kick Start?“, a rally call to students out there to step forward and be a part of N.E.mation! 8. I visited the top 10 teams of N.E.mation! 8, with a behind the scenes and the making of adventures during their intensive preparation of their animation clip. The experience was very fun, speaking to all the 10 teams of N.E.mation! 8, listening to their stories and experiences, understanding more about their ideas and choice of animation style. I think that when each team had to present, share and chatted with John and myself during the visit, it also helped them prepare for their Downtown Picnic event!


On the 18th January 2014, N.E.mation! organised a Downtown Picnic at The Plaza, National Library Building. The top 10 teams of N.E.mation! 8 were there to introduce themselves to the public and supporters, sharing their stories, experiences and to showcase their final product, the animation clip from their 3 weeks of intensive preparation! Joining me at the N.E.mation! 8 Downtown Picnic were fellow social media friends, DK, Sue, Andy and John who also came down to support the N.E.mation! 8 adventures! I took the time to revisit the top 10 teams again and it was nice chatting with them again especially those that still remembered me from my visit during their 3 weeks of intense preparation!

For the past two seasons N.E.mation! 6 and 7 (and including this season, N.E.mation! 8), I witnessed and experienced first hand the quality and talents of the young and future generations of Singapore. From having zero experience in animation, the final products, their animation clips produced by the students, were really impressive and heartwarming. Likewise, N.E.mation! 8 promises to be just as exciting and when you start to watch all the 10 animation clips, you might have a hard time (which s a good problem to have!) to vote for your favourite 3 clips! There are exciting prizes to be won and let me share with you the information and steps for you to vote and what are the exciting prizes to be won! Drop by N.E.mation! website  and my previous post to check out the Top 10 Teams and their impressive animation clips! Remember to vote after watching all the Top 10 animation clips! Voting ends on 15th February 2014!

4 Ways to Vote !

4 Ways to Vote

Picture Courtesy of N.E.mation!

Attractive Prizes !

Top PrizesPicture Courtesy of N.E.mation!


To all the Top 10 Teams of N.E.mation! 8, great job and well done! Everyone of you that participated in the N.E.mation! 8 journey is a winner! Good luck and all the best in your future endeavours! 

SIN – A Singapore Instagram Exhibition

Instagram … I have long been wanting to share my stories and adventures using this wonderful application. It all probably started with the trend of using smartphone as our daily camera that we can carry around to snap daily photographs of our daily life and surroundings, with more users having a smartphone, along with improved camera phone technology, supported by many application developers designing many camera applications, smartphone photography or iPhonegraphy is the new phenomenon.

Imagine yourself with a polaroid camera, taking instant photographs and giving it away or sharing it with your friends and loved ones. This was how Instagram came about, read more about their story here! Capturing the magical moments/places/events and sharing it instantly with various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr!

Being an avid (or hardcore) Instagram user, I love the various filters available and it’s a great way to go on a happy go lucky street photography shoot, making new friends from all over the world through my Instagram photographs and sharing. Instagram users have also form their own photography/social community in their respective cities and countries. A testimonial to Instagram, the growth, expansion and phenomenon, in Singapore, we are having SIN – A Singapore Instagram Exhibition, to celebrate Singapore, in its daily life, people, places and food. This exhibition will be held at National Library Singapore.

More details here –

SIN – A Singapore Instagram Exhibition

Venue : Level 8 – Promenade in National Library Building, 100 Victoria Street

Date : Saturday Sep 17, 2011 – Sunday Oct 30, 2011

Time : 05:00 PM – 09:00 PM
Do visit this interesting Instagram Exhibition if you have the opportunity, to view the works/views/perspectives of how Singapore is seen through the eyes of her people. Instagram is all about fun, taking photographs and sharing with your friends and loved ones. Look no further and welcome to the world of Instagram ! Check out my Instagram Photographs collection on Flickr!


Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.