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NDP 2010 Rehearsal – NE Show 2

After my adventure at Singapore Garden Festival 2010, I proceed to catch a glimpse of National Day Parade (NDP) 2010 rehearsal – National Education Show 2, from the sidelines of Suntec City. This year, NDP 2010 would be held at the Padang and there would be a mobile column display, once every 5 years !

When I reached side of the main road, the Leopard tanks were preparing for their mobile column display entry and the crew were seen checking their equipment. Many onlookers from the side of the road were seen admiring and taking photos of the Leopard tanks, as well as other military vehicles formed up behind the Leopard tanks too.

Once the command was given, the mobile column formation started their engines and moved nearer towards the Padang, the crowds that formed up beside the road were seen snapping away as the convoy of military vehicles started moving off. After watching them moving off, I walked down the road towards the Esplanade Bridge, searched for my ideal location to capture the National Flag flypast, Presidential Salute,  aerial display and fireworks.

Decided on my ideal spot, setup my tripod and waited for the National Flag flypast and Presidential Salute by F15 fighter jets, a rest before the aerial display and the weather was great ! Managed to capture the various flying machines in high octane flying action ! When the aerial display ended, it was for me to rest and wait for the fireworks to start, in between the wait, took sunset and night landscape scenes of the new look Marina Bay with the presence and completion of Marina Bay Sands.

The fireworks started and it was always exciting for me since I am a fan of fireworks and loved capturing fireworks, considering that it had been a while since I captured fireworks, I was a little bit rusty for a start and as the fireworks got along bigger, brighter and better along the way, I managed to capture the fireworks more.

Oh yeah, sharing the NDP 2010 Theme Song – “Song For Singapore” by Corrinne May !

National Education Show 1 – 2008

In my previous posts, you had seen the photos of F16 fighter jets flying and performing in well rehearsed display of aerial powers, a heart shape in the sky, the floating platform, “giant balloon”.

Well, these were just leading up to our NDP 2008, and on 5th July 2008, we had our National Education Show 1 , for about 27,000 people and having 10,000 Primary 5 students inside, watching the preview of the upcoming NDP 2008, more details were released inside the Straits Times Article.
The National Education Show is funded by the Ministry of Education (MOE). It aims to instil a sense of pride and patriotism in our younger children and it builds on the common space that MOE has provided as part of the national school system” – Official Link HERE

There were a lot of action and people in a sea of red colour at the Marina Bayfront Floating Platform but before that I was at the Suntec City, wa
tching the ceremony whereby the ceremonial flags colour party contingent were unveiled in a traditional and proper ceremony. For those who understood and appreciate ceremonial parades, this is very important and significant. I grew up with a highly respected Dragon Scout Group with a rich and long history and flag break and flag lowering ceremonies were observed and executed with important traditions and significance.

Thereafter, I moved over from Suntec City to the Esplanade and I was there to continue practicing my photo shoot, firstly capturing the parachuters arriving from the skies, the National Flag fly past and for the awesome F16s Black Knights, I thought I was ready for them but the timing changed !!!! It was a real test for photographers like us, quickly snapping photos of the high octane flying performances.

I felt that I was able to capture the F16s Black Knights better (lesser blur images), nevertheless, still a lot of room for improvement. While the performance w
as going on the floating platform, I prepared my tripod and got myself ready for the fireworks, one of my favourite photography interests. Finally, the grand finale came and I was very happy to be there and be to capture the fireworks display, love watching fireworks !!!!

Folks, there would be more action coming up in the weeks ahead ! Do keep a lookout here !