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Light Up Your Passion with Jaybird Freedom

Jaybird Freedom, the smallest wireless ear buds in the earphones market, is packed with many features and incredible sound system inside this pair of wireless earphones. Is it only for the sporting folks? No, this pair of small yet powerful Jaybird Freedom wireless earphones are a great fit for everybody in their daily life, from leisure, day to day traveling, outdoors and sports.

How does the Jaybird Freedom wireless light up the passion and lifestyle of two good friends, one is a sporting person and the other is a café lover?

Sam – a sporty and outdoors girl

A sporty and outdoors girl, she plays rugby union and is now currently playing touch rugby and she’s also a fan of traveling and the outdoors. Running for Sam, is another form of her sporting regime to keep fit in between training sessions for her touch rugby training sessions and work.

Plugging in the Jaybird Wireless Earphones, turning the direction of the earphones upwards, with the cable hanging above the ear, fitting and snugging nicely above and behind. Sam switched on her Jaybird Freedom Wireless Earphones, opened the MySound app, searched for her favourite workout music setting. Adjusting the volume on the side control panel, she entered into her sporting world with music accompanying her, isolated from the noise of the outside world. This is one of the great features of the Jaybird Freedom, the awesome and powerful noise isolation.

This pair of Jaybird Freedom Wireless Earphones is a great fit for Sam and her sporty lifestyle, she can use it for her running exercise regime and for her daily travel to and fro from home to work.

Fiona – a café lover and avid reader

A great fan of visiting different café, trying out their different meals and coffee with friends and sometimes alone with her book to read and relax, while listening to music. Sometimes, visiting a café on her own is for her own personal time with reading books and listening to music, giving the mind and soul a boost through reading and music.

While Fiona was enjoying her coffee after her hearty meal, she switched on her Jaybird Freedom wireless earphones, plugged it in and started playing her favourite songs. Now inside the world of her own with the power and capability of the noise isolation from the Jaybird Freedom, reading her book and listening to her sound of music, sometimes she got hyped up and happy that she hummed and sang along with the tune of her music. The other folks at the café didn’t mind too, for they enjoyed Fiona’s voice and singing too.

The Jaybird Freedom is not only suitable for the sporty folks, it’s also just as suitable for music lovers in our daily life, at work or during leisure time. The wonders of the MySound app by Jaybird allows Sam and Fiona to switch around the style and tone of music for their songs selection to suit their activities and lifestyle.

This pair of Jaybird Freedom wireless earphones suits both a sporty and leisure group of music lovers. No matter what you do or where you go, the Jaybird Freedom wireless can be a part for most of your daily life, work, travel and sports. Let the Jaybird Wireless Freedom light up your passion and power your passion to greater heights.

For the tech and music geeks who would like to know more about the Jaybird Freedowm wireless earphones, head over to my personal blog for the tech review article that I did for the Jaybird Freedom Wireless Earphones.

I would like to sincerely thank these two gorgeous ladies, Sam and Fiona for taking their personal and precious time off from their busy schedule to assist (model for) me in my special lifestyle theme photoshoot!

Party Up With UE at Bugis Junction – 10th December 2016

Do you love to organise outings, gatherings, events and parties at your home or outdoors? Would you like to have portable speakers that give you a pretty good surround sound system and playing the music together at the same time (more than two, even more than 50 speakers together)? Imagine having a number of UE portable bluetooth speakers (where no other big music speakers can go) inside your home or outside, providing surrounding music for your parties and gatherings!

The Ultimate Ears waterproof (IPX7) and bluetooth speakers such as the UE BOOM, UE BOOM 2 and UE MEGABOOM speakers allow you to wirelessly connect them together with the use of their new app PartyUp. I have reviewed the UE speakers before and do check out my reviews on the UE MEGABOOM and UE BOOM that I wrote and shared previously!

Last weekend, I went down to Bugis Junction to catch the UE Party Up and I had a first hand view of many UE portable bluetooth players in action, playing music and accompanying the athletes exercising along with the music.

Party Up with UE would head into their final weekend at ION Orchard on Friday 16th December and Saturday 17th December. If you like to see, hear and feel how the UE portable bluetooth speakers combine and connect together to Party Up, head on down this coming weekend! If you are keen to own any of the UE portable bluetooth music players, they have some attractive promotions that are only available there during the Party Up with UE event! More information is available on their Ultimate Ears Facebook Page and Logitech Singapore Facebook Page!

Party Up With UE @ ION Orchard

Dates and Time

  • Friday 16th December 2016 from 3:30pm to 5:30pm
  • Saturday 17th December 2016 from 12:30pm to 2:30pm

Come on down this weekend and have a fun party time with Party Up With UE!

Treasures of the Singapore Musical Box Musuem

The sound of music today, the MP3 songs, iTunes, Spotify, many of us today can be seen plugged into with our headphones/earphones, listening to music and songs while on the move or at home/office. I begun to think back in time when I have DVDs, CDs, LaserDisc, jukebox, cassette tapes, LPs, these were the types of music media that I grew up with.

What was it like before all these technological advancements came in? What was music like to people in the 18th or 19th century? How did the modern music came about? At the Singapore Musical Box Museum, I took a musical journey back in time to the 18th and 19th century, the world of musical boxes treasures. This was an amazing and beautiful sound of music journey, the history, heritage, conservation, preservation, culture, connections, evolution and education of how musical boxes came from, in a galaxy far far away, that helped to shape the music scene today.

A musical box to me is a small nicely designed box with beautiful artwork, open it and beautiful music will be played. Upon stepping into the world of treasures at the Singapore Musical Box Museum, I never realised that there were so much to learn about musical boxes, the history, evolution and influence in the music scene today. My visit to the Singapore Musical Box Museum wasn’t just an eye-opener, it was also an ear-opener, some of the most beautiful music to my ears, heart, mind and soul.



During our visit to the Singapore Musical Box Museum, we were hosted by Mr Naoto Orui, Founder, Singapore Musical Box Museum and along with this wonderful staff. My friends and myself were treated to a very enriching musical journey and education, of musical boxes. Each and every musical box, regardless of its size, style, history and significance, each has its own story to tell and share with the visitors. Mr Naoto Orui, shared with us about the mechanism, design and engineering aspects of a musical box. I strongly encourage you to visit the Singapore Musical Box Museum, have the experience to view and learn how a musical box works.



Let me share with you a video that I found on YouTube that explains how a musical box works.

The Singapore Musical Box Museum goes beyond sharing, telling and teaching the history and development of musical boxes to gramophone and musical dolls that can be viewed inside the museum. Inside this museum, we were able to learn and view a part of Singapore’s history and economic development in the early British Colonial days, when Singapore wasn’t just a trading port, she was also a leading country for technological development during that era. Hearing this story, the connections and how it managed to influence regional countries in Asia such as Japan and Hong Kong, it was simply amazing and mind blowing. We never knew Singapore played such a role, an important one, during her early days as a trading hub.

There was a very unique and special musical box, titled “China”, it was a musical box produced from one of the first collaborations between British and Singaporean craftsman. I knew that Singapore does have some significant brand names and products from her early manufacturing days, however, the musical box “China”, showed us that our Singapore’s early days as a thriving economy hub, not just as a trading port, from the British Colonial days.


The world of musical boxes, can be found in this newly opened museum in Singapore. With over 40 antique musical boxes in working conditions, visitors can be intrigued and mesmerised by the world and music of musical boxes, along with her history, influence and impacts that musical boxes had on the world, and how Singapore’s early days had benefited and rode along with it.



Take a break, visit the Singapore Musical Box Museum. Listen to the beautiful music and discover another small piece of history, fame and influence of Singapore that many of us did not know about.

I would like to thank National Heritage Board for arranging this visit and Singapore Musical Box for their warm hospitality and their in-depth sharing of musical boxes, the history, evolution and influence.

Key information and details on Singapore Musical Box Museum

Address: 168 Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068619

Website: http://www.singaporemusicalboxmuseum.org/

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm

Tour Schedule: Hourly tours starting from 10am, last tour at 5pm. Each tour duration is approximately 40 minutes.

Admission Charges:

Adults: $12.00

Students (with valid student pass) : $6.00 (for citizens and permanent residents only)

Seniors (60 years and above with valid ID) : $6.00 (for citizens and permanent residents only)

Telephone: +65 6221 0102

Email: smbbmbox@gmail.com

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Asia Style Collection 2013

Asia Style Collection 2013, a big night of fashion and music extravaganza. It was held at the Singapore Expo on 23rd June 2013, with guests, models and celebrities from Japan, Korea and Singapore, showcasing their fashion and music. The Asia Style Collection was action packed, starting off with performance by members of AKB48 and SNH48. They started the ball rolling and the crowds excited for more exciting performances to come later. Next up was the Tokyo Girls Collection, featuring brands such as Azul by mousey, KIKKA THE DIARY OF, MURUA and OLIVE des OLIVE. The latest fashion trends in Japan were showcased and they were beautiful and attractive, always an eye-opener on fashion brands and styles in other countries! Thelma Aoyama was up next and she’s a bubbly great singer, rocking the crowds up!





I couldn’t continue catching the rest of Japanese performances in action because we went backstage for a press conference by 2NE1 (something that I will not miss attending). The girls from 2NE1 were very pretty and very friendly, I leave the questions to the rest of the media folks at the press conference while I concentrate on photographing the beautiful and gorgeous 2NE1 girls! Here’s a photograph of Dara during the press conference! Do check out my 2NE1 collection on 500px and Flickr! After the press conference was over, we went back to the concert hall again. The action continued with the Korean wave, Ride The Hallyu Wave! The K-Pop Collection was hosted by the pretty and gorgeous Shauna Koun Han, she’s really mesmerising and a great host! The audience were treated to a feast of the upcoming and latest Korean fashion trends from JADE, DINT, TOM & RABBIT and Qnigirls. Their brands, style and designs caught my attention and it was a fun time photographing the sweet and pretty models showcasing the various Korean fashion brands!



Next up was 2NE1, the girls rocked the house down and the crowds were on their feet, cheering, waving their fan boards, light sticks, cheering, screaming and singing with one of their favourite K-Pop bands! The talented and beautiful 2NE1 delivered a high octane and high energy performances in this special segment with their hit songs and also from their upcoming album too! I loved their performance and I recalled the last time I saw 2NE1 in action was at Clarke Quay when 2NE1 came down for a surprise pre-concert performance, do check out the photos here! We were standing at the side of the stage watching 2NE1 perform since we were preparing to head backstage for another press conference. There was a priceless moment when CL of 2NE1 danced and walked to the side of the stage that I was standing, singing and engaging the crowds at my side, I managed to capture CL’s beautiful and sweet smile!


We were back again for another press conference, this time by Girls Generation!! There were 8 beautiful and gorgeous girls, Sooyoung didn’t join them this time due to her commitments back home in Korea. Being a fan of Girls Generation, I am like a fanboy and I can get close to my favourite Girls Generation members, Jessica, Taeyon and Tiffany! After the press conference and taking photographs, we returned back to the concert hall to continue watching the fashion and music extravaganza. We missed some parts of the Singapore segment, Style In The City earlier, however, we managed to catch the local Singapore Celebrity Models such as Zoe Tay, Tay Ping Hui and Jeanette Aw wearing creations from Depression, Mash-Up and Zenchi walking the fashion runway!


The Grand Finale to close Asia Style Collection 2013 Fashion and Music Extravaganza, making a tribute to the first ever fashion and music collaboration between Singapore, Korea and Japan, was a Grand Finale performance by Girls Generation. They are one of the Korea’s favourite K-Pop bands and  they definitely brought te house down when they appeared on stage! The crowds were on their feet again, cheering, waving their fan boards, light sticks, cheering, screaming and singing with one of their favourite K-Pop bands! Do check out more photographs from my Asia Style Collection 2013 coverage here on 500px and Flickr!

Do drop by my friends posts for more stories and photos of Asia Style Collection 2013 !

Joe Teh – 2NE1 Media Conference at Asia Style Collection & Photos : Girls Generation at Asia Style Collection

Justin Ng – 2nE1 and Girls Generation in Style X Style Asia Style Collection 2013 

Sue Fang – Photos : Asia Style Collection – Fashion Show / Walk 

I would like to thank SK Planet and SG Story for the invitation to Asia Style Collection 2013. SK Planet, a subsidiary of South Korea’s largest Telecommunications company SK Telecom recently launched Pickat SG in Singapore, do check out my post for more information on the location-based social application!

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Mint Showcase II – Media Preview

Mint Leong, she’s a very bubbly, very friendly and very nice little girl. I remembered her when I first met her during Singapore Social Media Day 2011, whereby I was helping out in a photography sharing session and she was part of the organising committee. Mint also performed during Singapore Social Media Day 2011 too with her singing, mesmerising the crowds with her vocals and talent. Meeting her and listening to her singing for the first time, I felt that she had a great music and singing talent inside her.


Photograph courtesy of Mint Leong 

Recently, Mint invited me to her upcoming Mint Showcase II – Media Preview, performed at All About Eve Bar. Mint and her band performed 6 songs from her upcoming Mint Showcase II during the Media Preview, giving her loyal friends and supporters a glimpse of her upcoming Mint Showcase II concert. Listening to Mint and her band performing, it was really awesome and I liked it a lot! I am a supporter of music rock bands that play in pubs, the feeling of live rock unplugged music. Mint and her band’s singing reminds me of the good old days of 新谣 (xin yao) music, with artists like 梁文福, Eric Moo etc … Their music and songs sings into our heart and soul.

During her Mint Showcase II – Media Preview, I didn’t take many photographs because my photography gear were at another location in preparation for my evening photo shoot event. After her rousing performance, I had to rush off and couldn’t stay behind and chat with Mint, as well as fellow friends from the social media/blogging scene.

poster A2

Photograph Courtesy of Mint Leong

Mint shared the history and beginnings of Mint Showcase II –

The humble beginnings of Mint Showcase started in January 2011, when Mint and Band performed for a sold-out crowd of 100. Mint Showcase I consisted of 10 original songs, all of which were written & composed by Mint herself. Mint and Band would like to thank everyone who helped to make Mint Showcase I possible.

Following the success of Mint Showcase I, Mint and Band started preparation for Mint Showcase II, 5 months before the actual performance dates. Mint Showcase II promises to be bigger and better than the first. This time round, they are performing a total of 12 songs, comprising of 6 originals from Mint Leong  (from Mint Showcase I),  1 original from Desmond Wong and 5 cover songs with the theme, Dreams & Support: 我是一只鱼,感动天感动地,我的未来不是梦,你还是要幸福 and 红蜻蜓。All the performing songs are produced & arranged by Won, the owner of All About Eve Bar.


Here are the details for Mint Showcase II 

Dates:                      12th (Saturday) and 13th (Sunday) of January 2013

Time:                       1pm to 4pm on both days

Venue:                     All About Eve Bar

144 Arab Street #02-01, Singapore 199829

(Opposite Golden Landmark Hotel)

Ticket Prices:      Online purchase $22.00 per ticket (for 1 day),

At the door on performance days $25.00 per ticket (for 1 day)

Visit http://tinyurl.com/MintShowcaseIITickets to register for your tickets online.

For more in-depth information of Mint Showcase II, do drop by Mint’s blogpost here! Mint is a great local music talent and let’s all support our local music talent, spread the word and share with your friends about Mint Showcase II happening soon!

I would like to wish Mint and her band all the best for her upcoming Mint Showcase II !! Your heart, voice, musical talent and passion will shine through during your Mint Showcase II performance !! You will rock the scene and house down !! 


Sennheiser announces Sound Heroes in Asia

The power of music and sound, brought to you by a world famous audio specialist Sennheiser. They have been a key industry player in the audio specialist market and Sennheiser is celebrating her 20 years of presence and growth in Asia. Sennheiser decided to celebrate this special 20 years milestone by selecting 11 Sound Heroes across Asia to showcase their audio solutions and products, and to advance its brand messages. The Sennheiser Sound Heroes programme is part of a broader “The Pursuit of Perfect Sound” marketing campaign which was launched this year in line with the company’s 20th anniversary celebration.

I was invited to be part of Sennheiser’s 20th anniversary celebrations at Zouk last Friday on the 16th November 2012. The guests present at Sennheiser’s 20th anniversary celebrations at Zouk were introduced to e Sennheiser Asia Sound Heroes. Here’s the list –

Sennheiser DJ Sound Heroes

         1. DJ Goldfish from Zouk Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2. DJ Blink from Zouk Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
3. DJ Ghetto from Zouk Singapore
4. DJ Eclipse from Zouk Singapore

Sennheiser Band Sound Heroes

        5. Trisno Trio from Singapore

Sennheiser Gaming Sound Heroes

       6. Team Euro from South Korea

Sennheiser Campus Sound Heroes

       7. Sim Min Jung, a sports girl and social media specialist from South Korea
8. Im Seo Yeon, a violinist from South Korea

Sennheiser YouTube Sound Hero

       9. Clarence Liew (CLO) from Singapore

Sennheiser Sports Sound Hero

      10. John Virgino from Philippines

Sennheiser Sound Site Sound Hero

      11. KBS Broadcast Station from Seoul, Korea

For more information on the Sennheiser Asia Sound Heroes, please visit: www.YouTube.com/SennheiserAsia or www.Facebook.com/SennheiserAsia

The guests present at Zouk were treated to great sounds, music and performances by the Sound Heroes. They showcased their love and passion for music and beautiful perfect sound. Sennheiser Asia has acquired a strong foothold in the region for all its business segments, which include music/theatre, broadcast, film/studio, consumer, conference, audiology, aviation and call centre. For more information, do check them out here on their website at www.sennheiserasia.com !!

Congratulations to Sennheiser on their 20th Anniversary Celebrations! Looking forward to more perfect sound and devices !

2NE1 Surprise Pre-Concert in Singapore!

A famous Korean superstar girl band, arriving in Singapore recently to give their fans an unexpected surprise amazing concert performance. Knowing the K-Pop craziness and following in Singapore, Singtel brought in Korean Superstars 2NE1 into Singapore and they gave an awesome live performance at the Read Bridge in the Clarke Quay area.

I was invited by Singtel and was very honoured to be part of this awesome surprise and special performance, close to the stage and watching the beautiful 2NE1 gave an outstanding and rocking outdoor performance. The atmosphere was amazing, many 2NE1 fans packed on the Read Bridge at Clarke Quay, screaming and singing along with 2NE1 songs. This performance by 2NE1 was unannounced and as word of 2NE1’s appearance quickly spread online, more than 1000 excited K-Pop fans flocked to the bridge to watch their idols perform a high-energy set, which included smash hits: I Love You, Fire, I Don’t Care, Can’t Nobody and Clap Your Hands. Crowds also gathered to watch the performance live on giant outdoor screens at Knightsbridge, Bugis Junction, JCube and Toa Payoh Hub.

This surprise concert was broadcasted live too with the use of apps and social media. SingTel leveraged its multimedia capabilities to stream live footage of the performance through its new Amazapp mobile app (You can download them on iTunes or Google Play). The cutting-edge app also offers exclusive unreleased videos that give fans a behind-the-scenes peek into the lives of band members. SingTel also aired the showcase live via mio TV, as well as its website and Facebook page, thus providing fans with several ways to experience the event. Fans can download recordings of the performance through SingTel’s award-winning AMPed music service, as well as a variety of mobile ringtones and wallpaper.

Photographing a Korean Pop music concert was a first time for me! It was very fun and challenging with the space constraints, nevertheless, I enjoyed the concert by 2NE1 a lot and managed to get some nice photographs of 2NE1 superstars singing and dancing! During the performance, the leader of 2NE1, CL, asked the fans to jump and wave while singing along! The bridge was rocking to 2NE1’s magical performance and her fans dancing along with the beat and flow! Dara/ 다라 of superstars 2NE1 was performing quite a lot in front of where I was standing, therefore, I was able to capture quite a number of beautiful photographs of her!

2NE1’s surprise concert performance was magical and amazing, when they are back on 1st December for their first full concert tour in Singapore, I am sure they will rock the world and bring the house down! Stay tuned to the Singtel Facebook Page for more Amazing updates!

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Jazz Encounters of The Russian Kind @ SOTA Concert Hall

The beautiful Jazz music, rhythms and blues, a music that most people would usually relate it to USA with Jazz music originating from the beginning of the 20th Century in black communities in Southern USA (source: Wikipedia). Therefore, when I was first invited to watch and cover a Russian Jazz concert performance, my first reaction was, the Russians are into Jazz music? With a curious mind, I waited for the day to come whereby I was able to watch and photograph the performance “Jazz Encounters of The Russian KInd” at School of the Arts (SOTA) Concert Hall on 27th September 2012. I was there with fellow photographer friends, Belinda, Jerome, CK and David.

Yakov Okun,a respected Russian jazz pianist, together with his band, the MosGorTrio (Makar Novikov on bass and Alexander Mashin on drums) along with Sergey Golovnya, widely considered to be the most talented saxophonist that has emerged from Russia in the last 20 years, and Anna Buturlina, one of Russia’s most promising jazz stars. Together, they put together 3 sets of beautiful Jazz musical performances for the audience at the SOTA Concert Hall. It was their first time visiting Asia except for Alexander Mashin, who visited India (during our conversation, we found out that he’s a photographer too!). They were all very talented Jazz musicians, mesmerising and amazing performances that captivate the audience. After watching them in action, I felt that the Russians were just as good in Jazz music with their USA counterparts, led by Yakov Okun and his band, the MosGorTrio.

After their rousing performances, we went down and have a chat with the musicians themselves, up close and personal. During our short conversations, we had a better understanding on Jazz music scene in Russia, their experiences touring and performing in Asia. With a successful performance here in Singapore, we hope to see them back here in action again! This would also help to spur and build the Jazz music scene in Singapore too!

It was an honour to be part of their first performance in Asia, photographing, covering and enjoying their maiden Jazz performance here in Singapore. I would like to say a big Thank You to Yakov Okun and his band, for having us during their Jazz concert performance in Singapore and this will not be possible without the invitation, facilitation and coordination by Belinda and Yelyn. If you keen to know more about Russian Jazz music scene, check out this Russia Jazz website here (in Russian language) and their YouTube channel. Here’s some of the concert photographs uploaded to Facebook, hope you all enjoy the photographs taken!

Here are my fellow photographer friends write ups and photographs, do check them out too !

Jerome – The Russians have landed

CK – Jazz Encounters of the Russian Kind


Baybeats 2011

The night of live outdoor rock and roll music performances held annually at the Esplanade was back with a big bang, happened on 19th August to 21st August 2011, with a larger list of bands line up from different parts of the region, a time for rock fans to savor and enjoy the rock festival carnival.


While I wasn’t able to attend all 3 nights in a row, I was there on Saturday, 20th August, catching a few awesome performances from the local bands and the overseas bands as well. Growing up in an era of rock and roll music, missing my good old days as a teenager when rock and roll music was popular before the boy and girl pop bands took over the scene.


I caught the following bands there, from Turbo Goth from Philippines, Cheating Sons from Singapore, Moscow Olympics from Philippines and Buddhiston from Japan. They were great live rock band performers and the crowds loved them! They were electrifying, rocking and bringing joy to their rock fans and supporters on the grounds.

 Buddhiston rocked me out with their performances and singing, hearing that they are back in Singapore for the 4th time in 7 years speaks great volume about them, their support and love for Singapore! When they finished their regular time rock performance, the fans on the grounds were screaming for them to come out again for a grand finale encore and they obliged with a rousing grand finale performance for the fans out there!

A night of live rock music performances, it was great and I am looking forward to BayBeats 2012! Bring it on! Rock & Roll! Meanwhile hope you all enjoy some of the photos taken here!

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Chijmes Jazz Festival 2009

An annual Jazz Festival was singing and rocking her Jazz music and festival at Chijmes, whereby great jazz bands and singers came down together for Chijmes Jazz Festival 2009, CHIJazz 2009 Concert – Jazz Talkin on 1st November 2009.


The wonderful line-up consists of

– Dylan Foster

– Ruth Ling

– Richard Jackson

– Natasha P

– Hazrul Nizam

– Special performance by Raffles Institution Jazz Band


The Jazz singers, with their great vocals and singing, along with their jazz bands, brought in a lively and heartwarming atmosphere to the crowds dining at the restaurants and pubs surrounding the marquee at the Chijmes Lawn. Singing the night away with their beautiful voices and ballads, people relaxed and enjoyed the musical jazz performances.


Jazz Talkin was kick started by Raffles Institution Jazz Band, followed by the cast of brilliant jazz singers in the list above, mesmerising the crowds around Chijmes, a magical and beautiful night of some of the finest jazz music festival from both the local and international jazz stars.


Chijmes had always been a great venue for restaurants, pubs and shops, an awesome place for locals and tourists to chill out, enjoy fine dining and beautiful events such as the Chijmes Jazz Festival 2009. Besides, it’s a great venue to catch sports events too especially football fans ! Do drop by Chijmes for your dining and leisure experiences ! Do drop by my Flickr for more photos of CHIJazz Concert 2009 !