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A 7:07:59pm Sunset in Singapore

This sunset was taken from Faber Point, at 7:07:59pm on 17th January 2009, Mount Faber in Singapore, overlooking the southern part of Singapore. I was there with my alumni group, the Dragon Scout Group who were there at the top of Mount Faber, for the end point for their amazing race event.

I would be writing up on the Dragon Scout Group Amazing Race 2009 soon ! Keep a look out here !

Meanwhile, do drop by my flickr for more photos of the sunset from Mount Faber !

Night Photoshoot @ Mt Faber and Kent Ridge Park

Today was a nightshoot with my friend Sam from QP Wedding Works (do check out his webpage too !) & Sam also brought another friend along. Coincidentally, all three of us are former Boy Scouts …. something in common after all.

Picked the 2 guys up from the Redhill MRT Station and we proceed to Mt Faber to start our night shoot, testing out our DSLRs to the ISO test and the resilence of our tripods. We began shooting pictures, and just relaxing and enjoying the sceneries as well. As for my photos, some were not too good. I would need to purchase a stronger tripod to hold my Canon 300D with battery grip. Nevertheless, we had fun taking photos.

After that, we proceed to Kent Ridge Park to shoot another night sceneries, it was really beautiful and the photos would tell people around the world (& in Singapore) that Singapore do have nice and beautiful night sceneries; for all to enjoy the nature, panoromic landscape, peacefulness and tranquility in a very busy city state.

Packing up, we went for a nice supper and call it a day. We would be planning to have night photoshoots down the road and we would be looking at shooting our city centre and bay landscape!

Till then, happy viewing !