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View from 24th Floor

One of Singapore’s newest landmarks, known as the Pinnacle @ Duxton, the views taken from the 24th Floor, using my iPhone 3G moreLomo application.

In time to come, I would go up there again to the 50th Floor and spend more time there to do sunset photography, aerial and landscape photography !

Modern Bus Stop Signs of Singapore

I had been actively using the MoreLomo application on my 3G iPhone, taking street photography of Singapore daily landscape, in the heartlands.

A common sight in countries around the world, the bus stop sign, this is our Singapore’s modern bus stop sign

How different or similar is our bus stop sign compared to yours ?

1st time into Lomography via 3G iPhone

Taking photographs for many years, remembering my days when I was playing a manual film camera when I was a young boy playing with my dad’s Pentax SLR. Over a period of about 20 years, I was really going into other types of photography and was mainly using SLR, compact cameras before digital cameras and DSLRs.

Even hearing about Lomography, I wasn’t really knowing much about them and initially, they seemed so special/unique and wasn’t able to fully understand and appreciate Lomography. Therefore, what is Lomography ? Searching and increasing my photography knowledge, I came across this site and it gives an good insight into the history of Lomography.

Influenced by my blogger friends, I came across a Lomography application inside iTunes, known as moreLomo and this application really amazed me and got me hooked into a new field (for me) – Lomography ! I was basically walking around and trying out street photography with my Lomography application via my 3G iPhone !

Sharing some photographs taken using the moreLomo application today !! Hope to share more different Lomography photographs soon !!