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Mini Moo Moo Mini

Moo cards, my previous experience with them had been great, love the quality of the Moo Business cards and they allow 50 different photographs to be printed on the Moo Business Cards !

This time round, I decided to produce a set of Moo Mini Cards for a change, something that would be easier for name cards exchange during social media networking events or bloggers events and as a special and unique name card to give away to people.

Presenting to you my Moo Mini Cards collection !

If you are ever considering whether to give Moo cards a shot, go ahead, try it out, you won’t regret it ! 🙂

Check out my MOO Business Cards !

Since I started blogging from April 2006, the journey started in a simple concept, evolving into a field that brought in great pride and joy, with small success stories, networking, testimonials, new friendships and followings.


That was a time whereby discussions and debates were raised on whether bloggers have their own name cards ? Well, since I am a blogger, photographer, writer and tapping into internet marketing, social media networking and consultancy. The quest for a photojournalist business card came became even stronger and I started searching for printing services that suits my needs, demands and expectations.

It was through Flickr that I stumbled upon Moo.com, checked out their site and found their customised business cards printing services that allows up to 50 different images to be displayed on my business cards and this suits me perfectly ! All I have to do was to choose 50 photographs from my Personal Favourites Flickr Folder, submitting it to the interactive and easy to use Moo platform, my MOO Business Cards were born !!


When my MOO Business Cards finally arrived from UK, it was a delightful moment, I finally have my photoblogger business cards ! The quality was great and with my 50 different photographs printed on my Moo Business Cards, the impressions that left on my friends (blogger, public relations companies, social media companies, entrepreneurs, business owners) were good and lasting !

Love my MOO (Photoblogger) Business Cards !!

Life is Viewty-ful – MOO (Photo) Business Cards

There came a time not too long ago, I decided that Business Cards were needed for my Photography and Blogging requirements. Searching through Flickr, I came across MOO Cards, allowing me to print Business Cards from my Flickr Photos. After experimenting for a few days, I decided to test out my Free Business Cards Trial Pack of 10 Business Cards and I was really impressed with their work. Sharing with my friends, there were good reviews and comments !


Photo taken with LG Viewty Smart GC 900

Life is Viewty-Ful, planning to make my 50 pack Business Cards from MOO with 50 different photographs from my Flickr collection !